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You're No Good
Season 6, Episode 3
Air date June 30, 2013
Written by Mark Hudis
Directed by Howard Deutch
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"You're No Good" is the third episode of Season 6 of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' sixty-third episode overall.


Irate over Burrell's blatant aggression towards vampires, Eric takes matters into his own hands. After dangerously testing the limits of his powers, Bill enlists a Tru Blood innovator to synthesize a new type of blood--but has difficulty finding the right donor. Sookie begins to learn why Warlow is after her. Sam receives unexpected help from Nicole and her Vampire Unity Society (V.U.S.) associates. Steve finds his past ideals turning into a current nightmare.


"It's savage ass shit like that,
that makes humans hate us."
― Tara Thornton, to Pamela Swynford de Beaufort

Eric in Willa's room

The episode opens with the Governor's daughter being glamoured by Eric. He asks what her name is and she replies Willa. He then asks her if she is considered to be "Daddy's little girl" to make sure that it would devastate Governor Burrell to lose his daughter, which she confirms. Eric then tells her that since she is a God-fearing woman that she is dying for the sins of her father, not her own, and she will not scream as he kills her. He stops glamouring her to begin draining her when she speaks up quickly saying she knows things about her father and the "experiments" he is doing on vampires. Eric hears the Governor's men approach and escapes through the window, taking Willa along.

Bill and Jessica are watching the news when Bill has a vision of many vampires burning. Jessica asks about Bill's statement that "They're all gonna burn," wondering who in particular is burning. Bill deflects the question by answering, "Many of them." Jessica probes further, but Bill only says that Lilith has asked him to stop these events. Jessica tells Bill that he cannot be expected to change something that has been shown to have happened. Bill finally admits to Jessica that she and all the vampires they know were in the vision but that he vowed to change that.

Niall and Sookie helping Jason

Sookie practices using her faerie magic while Niall and Jason sit in the living room. Jason goes to the kitchen to take some medicine for a headache, and hears Niall jump up and say the name Warlow. Niall runs out of the house after the vampire outside the house. Jason runs after him but is stopped by the debilitating headache. Sookie runs outside to help Jason up. Niall sees that Sookie is outside and tells them to get back inside the house before using his faerie abilities to teleport them all inside the house. They carry Jason to the couch as he asks if anyone got Warlow, obviously disoriented. Niall condescendingly assures Jason, which irritates Sookie. Niall tells Sookie that she should fear Warlow and not to underestimate him. She says she won't and Niall says he is going to leave to take the fight to Warlow. Jason attempts to stand up but collapses back on the couch, holding his head in pain. Sookie asks Niall why Warlow wants her since she's barely a halfling. Niall tells her it is because her blood is royal, and leaves without saying more.

Eric enters Fangtasia and introduces Willa to Pam and Tara who are not thrilled to see the Governor's daughter in the bar. Pam insists that she be killed, and Tara insists that she be glamoured and sent back but Eric tells them both that he needs information from her and that they need to grab anything they value from Fangtasia because they are leaving. Tara tries to get Pam to stand up to Eric. Pam starts to but then backs down and leaves Willa and Eric alone. Eric begins to try to glamour Willa but she stops him saying that he didn't have to glamour her because she is as sick about it as he is. He asks what she knows and she tells him that her father has been arresting the vampires but not taking them to jail, instead, they are studying the vampires, everything about them and torturing them in order to find it out; also her father had been using government money to illegally fund his experiments. Eric then asks Willa where this "Camp" as her father calls it is, but Willa swears she doesn't know and begs Eric not to kill her and that the only reason she knows any of this is because she herself has been spying on her father.

Steve Newlin at "Camp"

At the "Camp" we see a vampire cuffed with silver and a black bag over his head being pulled from a van by two SWAT team members. They bring him into a room and pull the black bag off to reveal the vampire to be blood-tear soaked, gagged Steve Newlin. He looks around obviously confused to see what looks like a human doctor standing in front of him putting on plastic gloves. Steve attempts to talk through the gag to no avail so the Doctor tells one of the guards to un-gag him. Steve, obviously unaware of the downfall of the Authority or his own stance with the public, threatens the doctor who scoffs at him.

Pam and Tara come back into the main room of Fangtasia with the last box of stuff that wasn't stolen by Burrell. They take one last look at Fangtasia although Eric plays off his true feelings of sentiment by saying "Its just a bar." As they begin to leave Eric announces that Willa is coming with them. Pam and Tara are upset and demand to either kill her or glamour her. Eric tells them that they have to take her because she is the only piece of leverage he has against Burrell, and if the world is changing they have to change with it.

Sam and Lafayette wake up in Sam's trailer to find Nicole and her boyfriend and co-founder of V.U.S (Vampire Unity Society), Jessie. They tell them they watched them get beat up and just helped them inside. Jessie and Nicole talk about the werewolves and Lafayette tells them if they know whats good for them they should just forget ever hearing the word werewolf. Nicole and Jessie say they are going to leave but before they do Nicole offers to help Sam with getting Emma back. Sam begins getting ready and Lafayette asks Sam if he needs help, and Sam says thanks but no thanks when Lafayette says plainly that Sam has helped him far too many times for him to just leave him.

Tara and Pam at Ginger's

We see Eric at Ginger's house under the pretense that they were going to have sex if she invited him in. Ginger does, whereupon Eric's party - Willa, Pam, and Tara - reveal themselves to her disappointment. Eric announces that he and Willa would be sleeping in the coffin bed and Pam and Tara will be sleeping in the cubby. Pam protests that they should all sleep together and Willa should sleep somewhere else, but Eric says he will not take the risk of Pam killing Willa.

Bill burning in the sun

We see an excited Bill standing on the porch of his house as the sun is coming up. He tells Jessica he is convinced he can walk in the sun because of the fact that in the vision he was in the sun. Jessica protests that even though he has survived other things that vampires can't that he shouldn't try it and she cannot lose him because he is her whole world. She also brings up the fact that meeting the sun is how Lilith died but Bill does not listen and forces Jessica back inside before standing on his front lawn ready to meet the sun convinced he will be okay. The second the sun touches his skin he becomes covered in flames. He barely finds his way back to the front door and Jessica pulls him in and puts the flames out. A shocked Bill cries out in pain and confusion in Jessica's arms.

Niall Channeling Natures memory

We see Niall enter Hot Wings, only to find the place destroyed with pools of blood everywhere. He begins using his fae abilities to channel Nature's magic, revealing that Warlow had killed everyone in the club. As he is investigating he sees that Warlow had been hit because apparently Warlow's blood glows under fae magic. He hears a whimper from the side of the room and he goes to find Claude lying in a pool of blood. Seeing that he is weak Niall asks Claude to tell him what happened in his thoughts to not waste his strength. Claude tells him telepathically that he didn't know how the vampire got in, but he was very old and very strong and he killed everyone. Claude then asks Niall to spare him the pain of waiting to die. At first Niall refuses, but at Claude's insistence, Niall places a hand on his chest and uses fae magic to end his suffering.

Sookie comes to check on Jason who was napping in her room and they begin talking. Jason claims that it's just a concussion, but Sookie questions that if it is a concussion then why isn't he getting better; Jason says he is because he's not hallucinating anymore. Sookie had not realized he had been hallucinating, and Jason confesses what was really going on in his head during the attack on the Authority and that he hates remembering his parents that way. Sookie tells Jason that no one is perfect even if we want to remember people that way and that he shouldn't be ashamed or guilty and they will always love their parents.

Andy and Holly practicing shooting

Andy is at the Bon Temps Police Station checking out the newly issued anti-vampire weapons when Holly comes in to complain about the vampires hanging out at the hotel at night scratching at the windows. Andy introduces Holly to his daughters who appear to be about 13 years old now. Andy offers to help Holly and asks if he would take a ride with her. She reluctantly goes along.

Rikki runs into Martha's house to tell her, and Alcide, who have Emma, that the cops have shown up. Emma refuses to shift to her werewolf pup form while the cops question Rikki and Alcide. The cops then demand to see Martha, and won't leave without talking to her. Martha leaves Rikki with Emma and distracts the cops, while Rikki scares Emma into shifting. Because of the latest politics against vampires, the cops don't need warrants to search the house. They find Rikki in the house with a werewolf cub on the bed, and decide there is no reason to stay. They leave, and Rikki freaks out about the trouble that has been brought to this pack by taking Emma but realizes she has no say since Alcide is the packmaster and Alcide insists that Emma stays with them.

Andy teaches Holly how to shoot a gun while his four tween daughters zap frogs in the grass with their fae powers, or as Andy calls them, "hand lasers." As they continue shooting you can tell that Andy and Holly have some chemistry left over from their recently ended relationship. Andy asks Holly if he could be the one to protect Holly one day when she can forgive him. She is vague, neither agreeing nor disagreeing, and continues shooting.

Willa attempting to drink Eric's blood

Eric and Willa are laying in the coffin bed when Willa removes the tape from her mouth. Willa wakes Eric up to talk, telling Eric that she can tell him more about her father. She reveals the embarrassing fact that the true reason her mother left her father was because she had an affair with a vampire even though Burrell had told the press that he was the one who cheated. Her mother and this vampire moved to California and have a bar much like Fangtasia. Eric stops her and tells her there is only one Fangtasia and follows that by asking her if she is just trying to prove that she loves vampires. She tells him that it's really because she doesn't know how long she has left but that she does love vampires. She then notices Eric has the bleeds, and surprisingly leans forward wiping the blood from his ear and attempts to drink it but he stops her, licking his blood off her finger before telling her to put the tape back on and go to sleep, shutting her down coldly.

Ben walks to the field where the fae club is when he runs into Niall who tells him that everyone is dead in the club and the vampire who did it is Warlow. Ben recognizes Niall as the King of the fae and bows to him. Niall tells Ben that he came to the club to find an army of fae so he could hunt Warlow down but instead he found only Ben, which means he is the only one who can help him deal with Warlow.

Jessica talking to Professor Takahashi

Bill says he needs to leave and that Jessica needs to stay home. She tells him that she needs to be involved this time if she is going to stay. After some coaxing and pleading, Bill lets Jessica help by having her go get professor Hido Takahashi who works for a University in Louisiana and is rumored to be the man who created Tru Blood. He also tells her to dress inappropriately because the Professor has a weakness for young women. Jessica shows up to the Professor's class in a "naughty" school girl outfit. She waits for class to be over, and pretending to be a student, flirts with the professor as the class files out of the room. As soon as the room is empty Jessica grabs the professor.

Sarah and Steven Newlin at Camp

We see Steve in the camp and he gets a visit from the last person he ever expected to see, his ex wife Sarah Newlin. At first he thinks she is there to save him but she finds that apparently she didn't fall too far from their old views of mayhem and destruction to all vampires and that she works for the facility as well as dabbling in writing and politics right now in order to push her anti-vampire agenda. Steve pushes back as much as he can verbally by being rude to her and she reveals to him that her plan is to eradicate the vampire race and its perfect that Steve is a vampire now as the head doctor Dr. Overlark returns to the room. Sarah leaves and the doctor asks Steve to tell him everything he knows about Eric with some persuasion.

Bill in Sookie's house without invitation

Sookie hears a knock on the door and tells Jason to stay in bed as she answers it. She finds Bill on the other side of the door, and tells him to leave. He tells her that he needs her help and if she doesn't every vampire she knows will die, explaining he has glimpsed the future. She tries to slam the door in the face but he pushes his way in without an invitation. Sookie yells for Jason who runs down the stairs with his gun out but before he can do anything Bill pins him to the wall with his mind. He chases Sookie into the kitchen and demands she come with him to give him her blood so he can synthesize it in order to save the vampires, and also make himself truly invulnerable to the sun. Sookie tells him no way and to get the hell out of her house, he tells her that she needs to reconsider, and when she stands by her statement Bill tells her that she is now dead to him and leaves the house. As he leaves,  he releases Jason from the wall, and Jason flies down the stairs hitting his head again.

Nicole after being attacked by Alcide's pack

Nicole and the rest of the Vampire Unity Society pull up Alcide's private pack lands to talk about their plans to out all the supes but as Nicole talks the more wolves come circling and become more and more aggressive. Nicole sees that they are becoming aggressive and says they should go but before they can leave Alcide catches a glimpse of the camera hidden the glasses of one of the humans and the pack becomes angry and threatens to kill them. Alcide tells them to give them all their cameras and leave, when one of the guys yells at Rikki and she shifts causing others to shift as they begin attacking all the humans. Sam has been watching the whole scene as an owl flies down to Martha's house and grabs Emma to escape but as he is doing so he hears Nicole scream and decides to stay and help Nicole.

Ginger stupidly answers Eric's cellphone. She wakes up Eric and Willa as Pam and Tara enter the bedroom and Eric angrily takes the phone and leaves Willa with Tara. Eric tells Burrell that he is going to kill Willa and he doesn't get to say goodbye when Burrell traces the call. Eric hangs up knowing Burrell is coming for them and finds the bedroom empty. Pam flies out the window after Tara and Eric glamours Ginger to stay on the phone and know nothing when the Governor arrives. 

Niall showing how Warlow's blood glows

Niall and Ben show up at Sookie's house and Niall tells them of what happened at the club and shows them what Warlow's blood does under fae magic. Jason worries for his cousin Hadley but Sookie says that they left the night Russell showed up, but everyone else was dead and Sookie feels like it was her fault. At the same time, she feels Ben reading her mind and confronts him about it. However, Niall tells her to be hospitable, and she says she's going to go clean something to keep her mind of stuff. Sookie goes into the kitchen and begins sweeping up the glass shattered on the floor from throwing plates at Bill. Ben walks in and asks if he can help. They begin talking about random stuff since the Bill topic is off limits. Sookie wonders why she can feel Ben in her head but not any other faerie and Ben says that he can feel Sookie reading his thoughts too. As they clean they hear a noise outside and Niall runs out thinking its Warlow. He runs out and catches the vampire he thinks is Warlow but it ends up being Nora who was lurking around because she herself was looking for Warlow. Jason screams and Nora runs away. Sookie and Ben run over to Jason who is unconscious on the floor.

Jason passed out on the floor

Bill is walking when a cop car pulls up and it ends up being Andy. He tells Bill that he doesn't believe in this stupid anti-vampire mess but he is just doing his job and Bill is out after curfew. Bill apologizes and says he was just visiting Sookie when he smells a faerie and realizes its coming from a toy in Andy's squad car. Bill questions Andy about the stuffed toy when Andy reveals to Bill that he has had kids. Bill smiles and tells Andy he is heading straight home and walks away with a plan brewing.



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Memorable Quotes

Sookie Stackhouse

  • "No sweetie the King of all faeries did not get him either."(Sookie to Jason)
  • "Well then don't be all condescending to my brother and you won't have to hear it."(Sookie to Niall)
  • "I do know that Grandpa Niall, but you gotta realize I can barely remember the last time I wasn't in danger. Danger is a fact of life for me, so if I get worked up every time I'm in trouble it's like I'm crying wolf to myself. So I try to keep an even keel, I take regular danger in stride and that way I still have a real healthy fear inside me for when the shit really hits the fan."(Sookie to Niall)
  • "Grandpa Niall, why does it have to be me, there are plenty faeries out there and percentage wise I don't even have the right to call myself a halfling, why does he want me?"
  • "Sometimes, when people pass on, we forget all the bad stuff and only remember the good. We like to make them perfect in our memories. No, I'm saying that they had their faults just like the rest of us."(Sookie to Jason)
  • "For starters, Mama was scared of me. I mean she loved me, but she couldn't accept that I was different. She was afraid of me up till the day she died."(Sookie to Jason)
  • "Same way I know everything I know. Thinking they were perfect was working for you. It made you try harder at everything you did."(Sookie to Jason)
  • "I just don't want you to feel guilty or ashamed or like you're somehow cheating on the memory of Mama and Daddy just 'cause a little reality burst into the fantasy. We can still love them even if we recognize that they ain't perfect."(Sookie to Jason)
  • "No sweetie, I just haven't had as many concussions is all."(Sookie to Jason)
  • "I kinda doubt Warlow would knock."(Sookie to Jason)
  • "This is all happening because of you drinkin' the Lilith's blood, I'm closing the door now. I'm not inviting you in. How are you doing this?"(Sookie to Bill)
  • "You've had my blood, remember? More than your share."(Sookie to Bill)
  • "Listen to yourself, you really believe you're god? You're not god Bill! You're just an asshole!"
  • "My blood is not for you to synthesize or turn into medicine or whatever it is you are planning on doing with it!"(Sookie to Bill)
  • "Okay, I get it, you have special powers and I can no longer command you to leave, but if what you and I shared ever meant anything would you please get the fuck out of my house!?"(Sookie to Bill)
  • "And now they're all dead because of me, Stay the fuck out of my head Ben I can feel you in there."(Sookie to Ben)
  • "Can't you tell? My ex swung by. Yes Ben, Bill and if you sense the tone I'm not in the mood to talk about it."
  • "Maybe Niall was right, I suppose I could stand to be a little more hospitable. Especially since I suffer from the same nasty habit myself."(Sookie to Ben)
  • "You know it's funny, I've been around more than my share of faeries and halflings over the past few years, why can I feel you listening when I can't feel the others. Can you feel me?"(Sookie to Ben)

Ben Flynn

  • "My name is Ben, I heard there was this faerie haven close by. Is this Tippidow field right? I've been searching for this place since yesterday and I can't find it."(Ben to Niall)
  • "Yeah, I was also attacked by a vampire, I was looking for a safe place to rest but I couldn't find the club, been searching for it all night. Were there any survivors?"(Ben to Niall)
  • "This vampire you speak of is his name Warlow?"(Ben to Niall)
  • "Oh shit forgive me your highness, I just realized; you're Niall, you're the king of the fae right?"
  • "Sorry about listening in again, its just like I said a habit."(Ben to Sookie)
  • "I feel you right now."(Ben to Sookie)
  • "Whoever she is, she is not Warlow."(Ben to Niall)

Bill Compton

  • "You were there too Jess, burning in the sun, you were one of them. I don't know why, or how or when, but I saw it. You, Eric, Pam, Tara. So help me I will not lose you Jess, I will stop this."
  • "Lilith gave me the answer, I only had to realize it. When she came to me, when we talked, it was daylight, We were standing in the noon day sun. I could feel the warmth on my skin, I could literally feel the rays and I did not burn."(Bill to Jessica)
  • "Sookie drove a wooden stake through my chest and I pulled it out like a splinter from my finger. I walked through fire. I'm having visions, prescient visions. I am Lilith's prophet, I feel like I can...I feel immortal."(Bill to Jessica)
  • "There is a curfew out there Jess, and you are in peril. I can't take the risk."
  • "There is a professor, he's a scientist, his name is Hido Takahashi. He works at the University of North Louisiana. Most people think that he is the man responsible for synthesizing Tru Blood. Oh and Jess, you should wear something inappropriate, Takahashi has got a thing for young women."(Bill to Jessica)
  • "I need your help Sookie, and if you don't give it to me Eric and Pam and Jessica and countless others, even Tara, they are going to die the true death."
  • "I play by a different set of rules now Sookie."
  • "I need your blood Sookie, this is different I promise I'm not going to hurt you. There is a scientist who can synthesize your blood. I would prefer it if you came with me willingly but understand this you will be coming with me. This is what my progeny needs, this is what is demanded of me!"
  • "You are sure you won't reconsider? You are dead to me now Sookie Stackhouse."
  • "I have not heard that, congratulations. Children, what a blessing."(Bill to Andy)

Eric Northman

  • "Are you daddy's little girl Willa? Does he love you more than his own life? So if I tear you apart, right down here, would that devastate him and would it rip his fucking heart out?"
  • "Are you a god fearing girl Willa? Then know you are about to die for your father sins and not your own, but you are going to die and you will not scream, do you understand?"
  • "None of this is ours anymore, Burrell already took it and we have nothing to negotiate with, we have nothing to fight him with. All we have is her. The girl lives. The world is changing Pam, and we have to change with it."
  • "Sadly, Ginger, no we will not be fucking on this occasion. However the night will come when we do, this I promise you."
  • "Who she is is no concern of yours, that she is and I are taking over your coffin is."(Eric to Ginger)
  • "Let's not be petty Tara. Now the sun is coming it's time to go to ground."
  • "The girl is sleeping with me as I don't trust you not to kill her."(Eric to Pam)
  • "Ginger would you please escort Pam and Tara to your shitty little underground cubby?"
  • "I'm a vampire; I'm meant to be dead during the day. No, thank you, put your tape back on."(Eric to Willa)
  • "Is this your way of trying to convince me that you don't have a problem with vampires? That you're open minded like Mommy?"(Eric to Willa)
  • "It's okay Ginger, I understand, you're stupid."
  • "I won't now and here's why, your Willa will not be alive long. Now the only reason I haven't killed her yet is I'm trying to decide on the best way to do it. Should I drink her? No. I think she might enjoy that, see she's developing a little thing for me. I have a friend here who thinks I should decapitate her, that's always fun but messy, and I'm wearing a three-thousand dollar suit. I don't know; maybe I should just take it to the internet and let the people decide. One thing is for certain though, I am going to kill her and I'm not going to put her on the phone to say goodbye to Daddy."(Eric to Burrell)
  • "You are my assistant, Ginger, and as my assistant your job is to stall for me. The girl is very tied up and I am extremely bad at untying people. Whatever you do keep them on the line and once the Governor storms in here you never saw any of us."

Willa Burrell

  • "Killing me will not stop him, but I know things, I can tell you about the experiments."(Willa to Eric)
  • "You don't have to glamour me, I want to help you, I don't like what my father is doing anymore than you do."(Willa to Eric)
  • "It's horrible. Do you remember the ballot measures last year? None of that money went to the highway system. He used it to build a camp, its part prison and part research facility. The vampires that they are arresting, they aren't taking them to prison: they are studying y'all."(Willa to Eric)
  • "I don't know. I don't! I don't! the only reason I know any of this shit is because I've been snooping around. Please don't kill me. Please don't kill me."(Willa to Eric)
  • "Mister? Mister? I thought you might want to talk or something."(Willa to Eric)
  • "I can tell you more about my dad. You know how Blast Hermit had reported that he had that affair on my mom and that's why she left? It's actually the other way around, she had the affair with a vampire. He owns a bar out in Hollywood kinda like yours. Anyway, I really wanted to move out to California to live with them but my dad had his Lt. Governor to squash the petition plans."(Willa to Eric)
  • "I'm just talking to you. I guess I'm trying to distract myself from the fact that I might not have too much longer to live but to answer your question, I do like vampires, very much."
  • "He'll be tracing the call."(Willa to Eric)

Jessica Hamby

  • "I admit I don't understand exactly what is happening to you but I know you are still vampire and I know that the can't, you just can't."(Jessica to Bill)
  • "Maybe you are, but what if you're not? You are my world, Bill. You are my father, my maker, my friend please don't do this to me. No Jesus Christ Bill! The sun killed Lilith, then you meet the sun and you're wrong?"
  • "The night Sookie staked you I stayed, I was scared of you but I stayed because you said you needed me, you said I was the only one you could trust. Now that we know it's about my survival you can't ask me to stay here like a little girl. Don't shove me out, you have to let me help."(Jessica to Bill)
  • "Oh, it has to be tonight."(Jessica to Prof. Takahashi)

Pamela Swynford de Beaufort

  • "You kidnapped the governors daughter? Promise me you are going to kill her."(Pam to Eric)
  • "Because, human lover, her daddy fucked up my bar, and glamouring is boring."(Pam to Tara)
  • "We've finished packing up. Everything her father didn't steal or destroy, fits in this box."(Pam to Eric)
  • "I beg you, cut off her head and rest it on her stomach and when he the governor storms in here again, he'll have that lovely memory seared in his memory forever, either do that or what my prude progeny suggested, but do not bring her with."(Pam to Eric)
  • "Why don't us three sleep in the coffin and the girl can sleep..."(Pam to Eric)
  • "Isn't this sweet, you and your human sittin' up in a coffin together, its like Sookie all over again."(Pam to Eric)

Nora Gainsborough

  • "Of course I'm not Warlow, I'm fucking looking for Warlow!"(Nora to Niall)

Lafayette Reynolds

  • "Oh that mangy bitch had a mean night."
  • "Water? Oh no no hun-tee, I need something a little stronger than water."(Lafayette to Nicole)
  • "Hey Harvard, whatever, you need to erase everything you saw and heard out there, um in fact erase the word 'werewolf' from your memory if you know what's good for you."(Lafayette to Jessie)
  • "I'll bust you in your fucking face with this bottle', now that's a threat. What I just gave you was some more than good advice."(Lafayette to Jessie)
  • "Now, Sammie, before you turn into a snake or bear or some shit that I can't have a conversation with, what insane plan do you got cooking in that pretty little head of yours?"(Lafayette to Sam)
  • "Look, that girl was right about one thing, everybody need help, especially you and especially now. Now I'm going to only say this once because I'm not into all that mushy shit but you gave me a chance when nobody else would, hired me when I really needed a job and you always treated me with respect. So yes, I is in and I'm asking, what's the mother fuckin' plan, boyfriend?"(Lafayette to Sam)

Sam Merlotte

  • "Well she can get in line."(Sam to Lafayette)
  • "The plan is, I take care of this mess and you go home."(Sam to Lafayette)
  • "Head straight to the woods. We gotta help her, come on we'll be alright."(Sam to Emma)

Niall Brigant

  • "No hotshot you didn't get him..."(Niall to Jason)
  • "How come you're not afraid of Warlow?"(Niall to Sookie)
  • "You should be more afraid he's not coming after me you know?"(Niall to Sookie)
  • "Warlow is the proverbial shit hitting the fan. Don't underestimate him."(Niall to Sookie)
  • "Because, my dear, the faerie blood that courses through your veins is royal, we are royalty. What is it they say? Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown."(Niall to Sookie)
  • "I am sending you home."(Niall to Claude)
  • "The vampire who did this, I hunted him across the centuries, across millennia. You see, he drained my entire village and reduced my parents to a pile of dust."(Niall to Ben)
  • "Well Ben Flynn, because of a mistake one of my sons made many years ago Warlow believes he's entitled to my granddaughter Sookie."(Niall to Ben)
  • "I came to this club, Ben Flynn, in the hopes of assembling an army of fae so I could hunt Warlow down and I found you. Are you prepared to return Sookie's kindness?"
  • "You couldn't have seen what I saw. This is no ordinary vampire that did this. Look at this, you ever see blood do this? There are a few things we don't know about this Warlow."
  • "How do you even know about Warlow?"(Niall to Nora)

Jason Stackhouse

  • "No. Sook, I already told you I don't need a god damned hospital. You have any idea how many concussions I got back in my playing days?"(Jason to Sookie)
  • "I am getting better, the hallucinations are gone...I think."(Jason to Sookie)
  • "Like a motherfucker! Sook, the other day when we were at the Stake House and I was arming up to go into the authority, you didn't wonder why I was acting all crazy and more racist than usual?"
  • "That's because as far as I was concerned, Mama and Daddy were right there whispering all kinds of hateful stuff in my ear. Encouraging me to kill vampires, like they was giving me some kind of pre-game pep talk."(Jason to Sookie)
  • "You know what I wish? I wish that I had been hallucinating about somebody else, that anybody else was whispering all that hateful shit in my ear and I hate that I put all those ideas on Mama and Daddy because they don't deserve it."
  • "So Mama and Daddy were racist? Oh, what kind of faults?"(Jason to Sookie)
  • "Don't say Warlow, 'cause you ain't goin' anywhere."(Jason to Sookie)
  • "Sook, you are, a lot smarter than I am."(Jason to Sookie)

Tara Thornton

  • "Fuck Pam, what do you gotta kill her for? All we gotta do is glamour her, 'none of this shit never happened business' and send her back home!"
  • "It's savage ass shit like that, that makes humans hate us."(Tara to Pam)
  • "Pam you just gonna roll over like that?"
  • "Why does he get the coffin?"(Tara to Pam)
  • "I already told you I don't want no part in this."(Tara to Eric)

Governor Truman Burrell

  • "You took my Willa. Is she still alive?"(Burrell to Eric)
  • "Oh Mr. Northman, please we can negotiate."(Burrell to Eric)
  • "Mr. Northman please I am begging you, I am begging you I will reverse course. I will rescind the curfew, I will publicly apologize, please I am begging you."(Burrell to Eric)


  • "Well well well, if it isn't Eric Northman whose come a knockin' on my door."
  • "Come on in, you big bad vampire!"(Ginger to Eric)
  • "Does this mean we're not fuckin'?"(Ginger to Eric)
  • "I hope its alright I answered your phone, its the Governor on the line! Wait, what did I do?"(Ginger to Eric)

Andy Bellefleur

  • "Unbelievable, these are contact lenses to keep you from getting 'vamp hypnotized'. Fuckin' science."
  • "Yup, it's weird right? They are growing up so fast, so goddamn fast."(Andy to Holly)
  • "Right now I'm just using numbers, seems to work."(Andy to Holly)
  • "Damn it girls! How many times I have to tell you? Hand lasers off!"(Andy to his faerie children)
  • "There are plenty of places I could have taken you today, places closer to town but this place I brought you to Terry and I practically grew up here, called it Fort Bellefleur. It was always a safe place, a sanctuary. We don't have to ever get naked together again if you don't want but, I would like to be your Fort Bellefleur. Not now, one day, when you're ready. Just don't say no."(Andy to Holly)
  • "I hate doing this especially since you're kin and all but the thing is there is a curfew enforced for your kind."(Andy to Bill)
  • "Oh belongs to one of my daughters, you probably haven't heard: I got kids now, four of them. Super cute."(Andy to Bill)

Steve Newlin

  • "I am a spokes-vampire for the AVL, if you don't let me go you will have vampires crawling up your asses!"(Steve to Camp Doctor)
  • "Oh Sarah thank you so much for coming to save me!"(Steve to Sarah Newlin)
  • "Sarah, I'm so fuckin' scared, what is this place?"
  • "Yeah but then you wrote a book about it. Which I read by the way. Didn't paint me in the best light, but considering those sales numbers you're doing okay now."(Steve to Sarah)
  • "Seriously? Well that's a huge pay cut you know?"(Steve to Sarah)
  • "You were always so smart."(Steve to Sarah)
  • "Eric Who? Ohhh Eric Northman...I'll tell you all about him."(Steve to Camp Doctor)

Sarah Newlin

  • "Oh that's good, you're funny as a vampire, you were never funny as a human being."(Sarah to Steve Newlin)
  • "You hurt me Steve, you embarrassed me, and then you disappeared along with all our friends and all our money."
  • "This place is everything that we used to dream about. It's what the Fellowship of the Sun has all been leading to. God's master plan to save the human race by eradicating the vampire race. And the best part is, you, Steve, are a vampire."
  • "What I've realized is you can't effect the kind of change, I mean the real kind of change that you and I were looking to effect from the pulpit. The truth is if you really want to do god's work you have to be in politics."(Sarah to Steve)
  • "Don't bullshit a bullshitter, I am in politics now" (To Steve)

Alcide Herveaux

  • "Would you run inside and wake poor Martha up? Tell her that the sheriff's department is here."(Alcide to Rikki)
  • "That's enough! Now she's got no mother and no father thanks to me. We protect our own. I'm the packmaster, she's wolf, she stays."(Alcide to Rikki)
  • "We want peace too, which is exactly why you, and your little friends are going to give us all your fucking cameras and get the fuck outta here right fucking now!"(Alcide to the V.U.S)
  • "Rikki don't! Stand down! Stand down!"(Alcide to Wolves)


  • "They need to talk to you Martha, now. Oh, and you have emphysema."
  • "I don't fuckin' care if you're scared, you're gonna fuckin' shift right fuckin' now!"(Rikki to Emma)
  • "I told you takin' her was a stupid fuckin' idea. All you did was bring trouble into this pack, trouble we don't need."(Rikki to Alcide)
  • "There won't be a pack, Martha. They're this fuckin' close to figuring out who and what we are, and when they do, if you don't think they aren't going to do us what they are doing to the vampires then you are an even stupider bitch than I thought."
  • "I fucking told you!"(Rikki to Alcide)




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