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Who Are You, Really?
Season 6, Episode 1
Who Are You, Really Main.jpg
Air date June 16, 2013
Written by Raelle Tucker
Directed by Stephen Moyer
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"Who Are You, Really?" is the first episode of Season 6 of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' sixty-first episode overall.


In the wake of Bill’s blood-soaked reincarnation, Sookie, Eric, Jason, Jessica, Tara, Pam and Nora flee the Authority compound as Sam, Luna and Emma dodge swarming guards. Now packmaster, Alcide discovers that the job comes with unsavory side dishes, but other major perks. In Bon Temps, Andy deals with parenting four newborn human-faerie hybrids. Meanwhile, Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell vows open season on vampires. Jessica returns to Compton Place as Jason hitches a ride with an eerie stranger. 


"You boys are? Let me guess...
Male strippers?"
― Pamela Swynford de Beaufort

Sookie in Billith's eyes.

Viewers get to see inside the mind of Billith, aka Bill Compton. He drank all the blood in the vial, which was believed to contain the first ever vampire Lilith's remains. It seems that Bill can now tell species apart from sight not just smell anymore as he can see the light coming from Sookie's mouth as she speaks. Eric and Sookie run for their lives as they see Bill die and be reborn from a pool of blood. They attempt to take the elevator but get stuck when the new Bill starts to destroy the Authority building. Sookie quickly uses her fae powers to illuminate the dark elevator, so Eric can find an escape route. Bill easily kills the guards left inside.

Jason, Jessica, Tara, Pam and Nora escape through the stairwells. As they are leaving, the building explodes. Jason wants to go back for Sookie just as Pam wants to go back for Eric. Nora however, insists that they must keep moving.

Luna's death.

Luna, carried by Sam, and Emma come running out of a side hatch of the building but Luna is far too sick to continue. She tells Sam to leave her behind because it's the only way they can escape alive. She makes Sam promise to take care of Emma from now on because that's how she feels it should be. Sam begrudgingly makes the promise before Luna dies and has no choice but to continue running to save Emma and keep his promise to Luna. A few moments later an authority guard confirms Luna's death.

Eric and Sookie pull up next to the compound in a stolen authority SUV and pick up Nora, Pam, Jessica, Jason, and Tara in order to escape. Before they leave, the compound explodes. They see a blood covered Bill fly out from the burning wreckage just before speeding off themselves.

Sookie and Eric pull up to save Nora's tiny rag-tag group.

As they continue their escape they hear an important news report on the radio from Governor Truman Burrell. He states that since the terrorist attacks on the Tru Blood factories, over 200 human lives have been lost in the state of Louisiana. He is instating a vampire curfew as well as closing down any vampire owned businesses. He urges the humans to arm themselves and stock up on wooden bullets because his first concern is for human safety and nothing else. Nearing the end of his speech one of the occupying girls throws a blood bag at Truman and she is quickly seized and dragged from the crowd by Burrell's security forces.

As Pam hears the news she flips out and declares about Truman "If that slimy suit comes anywhere near me or any of my shit...." starting another argument between Nora and Pam. This causes Eric to stop the car at a desolate beach, saying he needs to speak with Nora in private. Pam gets out of the car questioning Eric about Nora's involvement only to find out that Nora is Eric's sister. She feels like Eric doesn't tell her anything while she has told him everything about her life. She is snubbed by Eric saying "Get over it and have my back or get out of my face."

Sookie protects Nora from Jason.

Eric talks to Nora about the Vampire Religion wondering if anything in there speaks of a resurrection. Nora admits she has read the book a thousand times but has never heard of such a thing. She adds that if Lilith is on the earth again, it means destruction and mayhem for both humans and vampires. Meanwhile Tara goes to help Pam, who is obviously upset with Eric. Sookie goes to speak with Jessica to console her since Jason refuses. Nora confronts Jason about Warlow. When he refuses, Nora glamours Jason to find out what he knows. Jason tells Eric and Nora that Warlow killed his parents. It turns out Nora only knows Warlow from the book of Lilith as her progeny. Nora loses the connection to Jason and he frustratedly pulls a gun on Nora in anger at being glamored. When Sookie steps in front of the gun, Jason turns on her as well and storms off.

As Jason leaves the scene, Jessica begins to look sick and cries out in pain. She realizes Bill is summoning her, somehow, and this summoning is obviously more powerful than a normal one. When Eric tries to stop Jessica from answering Bill's call, Jessica begins to puke blood all over Eric and drops to the ground, convulsing. Jessica screams for Bill to stop and says it feels like his hands are crushing her heart so she rips her shirt revealing a dark black wound appearing on her chest. Sookie, not wanting Jessica to die, demands to take Jessica to Bill, which even Eric isn't a big fan of. He declares that Sookie can take Jessica to Bill by herself. Tara attempts to go with Sookie to protect her but Eric quickly thwarts her plan. He tells Pam to go to Fangtasia with Tara and he and Nora will meet them there later.

Alcide about to shift.

We find Alcide taking over his pack as they eat the latest packmaster, J.D. One of the werewolves brings an arm over to Alcide so he can inherit the flesh and truly become the new packmaster. He takes a bite out of the arm and is now the new packmaster. Danielle, a young woman from the pack, shifts from wolf to human and tells Alcide that she is more than willing to serve him in any way he needs. While this is happening, Martha tells Rikki that Alcide is still on the blood, while watching Danielle and Alcide. Rikki doesn't look too happy about it, but Alcide enjoys the attention because of the vampire blood in his system.

Andy finds himself overwhelmed with four new babies to take care of. Terry and Arlene help Andy with becoming a new father.

Lafayette and Sam talk.

Sam comes to Merlotte's and immediately hears a noise. He quietly places Emma in a booth and grabs a cue only to be scared by a half drunk Lafayette who was sleeping off all the alcohol he drank earlier by resting in Sam's office in the back. Lafayette swears to not tell anyone that he saw Sam or Emma and takes Emma in the back to get some food.

Jason walks aimlessly down the street completely worn out and confused. A car stops for him and he takes the ride happily. The eerie stranger who picked him up seems to know Bon Temps from a long time ago saying he had family there although they are mostly dead now. This stranger claims he wants to hear about Jason's story just to pass the time.

Bill has a new power: stake-resistance.

By the time Sookie gets Jessica to the Compton house, Jessica is falling apart. They follow bloody footprints inside the house only to wander to the back patio...and find Bill sitting peacefully in a rocking chair. Bill claims he just wants to talk when Nora and Eric fly in to kill him. Bill easily throws Nora across the porch and is close to killing Eric, easily overpowering him, when Sookie stakes him. To everyone's shock, rather than exploding in a puddle of blood, Bill pulls the stake from his chest like it were nothing. He says again he means no harm. Sookie tells him if that is true then he should leave and never come back. Before Bill can say anything, Jessica turns on the group for choosing to kill Bill rather than ask questions first, and tells them all to leave, Bill adds in by shaking the ground with his power to get them to leave.

Governor Burrell speaks with one of the heads of the Tru Blood drink product. After some persuasion, he convinces the Tru Blood representative to use his facility to make more Tru Blood and as a silent partner he can cash in on the deal for his next election.

Alcide and Danielle getting caught.

As Alcide's pack of werewolves go for a run, Danielle comes to Alcide alone. Naked, she offers herself to him. He gives in because the drugs are still in him and gets caught by his girlfriend Rikki kissing this other werewolf. Instead of being angry she brings the other girl in to their relationship sexually, she bites the back of the girl's neck showing her that she is above her and tells Alcide "I am your number one bitch, don't ever forget it."

Pam and Tara make it back to Fangtasia. Tara confronts Pam's actions regarding Eric judging Pam that she is Northman's punching bag. As they argue about Eric there is a knock on the door, which happens to be the American government giving Pam her notice of the closing of all vampire businesses. Pam tries to play coy with one of the humans who raises his gun to her face and tells her to get on her knees. Seeing this enrages Tara, causing her to threaten the soldier. Without a thought he shoots Tara with some sort of the new anti vampire weapon and she falls behind the bar screaming in agony.

Eric walking Sookie home.

Eric walks Sookie home and they speak of old times, when they had first met. When they reach her home Eric gives Sookie her house back in a contract of blood and promises he will send the actual deed to her house in the mail. She thanks him and rescinds his invitation. They say goodbye through the door to each other, which Nora witnesses. As they leave Nora confronts Eric about his love for Sookie and says "I don't know about Bill's weakness but I may have just found yours" to which Eric replies "Nora, my darling sister, do not stir this pot."

Andy wakes up to a surprise when he realizes his four infant fae babies have now grown significantly overnight to what seems like three year old children. Terry and Arlene are awoken by Andy's shock and scream themselves to find four grown children in their house.

Bill manifests telekinesis, to save the falling cup.

Jessica, in Bill's house, is getting ready for bed when Bill knocks on her door. He offers her a bottle of old Tru Blood that he had found. Awkwardly she sips the blood and speaks of how much better it tastes when there isn't much left, she places the cup on the table next to her. It begins to fall to the floor, but before a drop is spilled the cup and the liquid stops in mid air and floats back onto the table. Jessica questions Bill's powers and tells Bill that he needs to hear what she has to say. Her fear permeates the air as she confesses her feelings. Bill tells her that even though he does not know what he is and doesn't have answers, he is trying to figure out what his new powers are. He also states he needs Jessica to be there for him to keep him honest because Jessica is the only one he can trust.

Jason about to shoot "Warlow."

Jason has spilled his entire bizarre life in Bon Temps to the stranger giving him a ride. As he finishes his story to the stranger about how he has gone crazy and all he really needs is to keep Warlow away from his sister, the stranger says "You cannot keep Warlow away from Sookie." Jason realizes he had not told the stranger his sister's name and believes that the stranger is actually Warlow. Jason pulls his gun out and points it in the stranger's face only to find the stranger laughing. He pulls the trigger and in a flash of light the stranger is gone.

The bullet goes through the window leaving Jason in the passenger seat of the moving vehicle. Meanwhile, at Sookie's house the contract begins to shine as Sookie sleeps unknowingly in her bed.

Bill and the three Liliths.

Bill sits in his study reading the Book of Lilith. As he is reading and questioning his very existence he feels pains as if he is being whipped by burning leather in his mind. He begins to hear voices again calling his name. He stands looking around only to see three women in his study covered in blood. Before he can react the three women seem to rush into Bill. Instead of colliding with him they disappear inside him and Bill gasps.



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Memorable Quotes[]

Arlene Fowler Bellefleur: "Well I got news for you Andy, life ain't fair, and there ain't no Santa Clause neither, and when you stick Mr. Happy inside somebody's hoo ha without a raincoat on babies come out!"

Bill Compton:

  • "I brought you here tonight so you could see for yourselves, I am no monster. I do not wish any of you harm but if you force me to defend myself again you will be sorry."
  • "I am Bill Compton, though clearly, I am something more.  I see that now, I see everything so differently now."
  • (to Jessica) "I don't know what I am, I don't know why I am, which is why I need you now more than ever."
  • (to Jessica) "Powers that I don't even understand, I need you to keep me honest, to tell it to me as it is, because surviving a staking is some heady fucking shit and you're the only one I can trust."

Eric Northman:

  • (to Pam) "Bill is out there and he could be coming for us, the state of Louisiana basically just declared war against us. This is not the time!"
  • "All those years in the authority on your knees praying to that bitch and you don't know?"
  • (to Sookie) "You staked Bill to save me. I didn't expect that from you."
  • (to Sookie) "Apparently our siblings don't get along, the only reason yours is still alive is out of courtesy to you."
  • (to Sookie) "Well, to me you'll always be that girl in the white dress, the one who walked into my bar."
  • "Nora, my darling sister, do not stir this pot."

Jason Stackhouse:

  • "Unless he is flying over our heads like a naked, evil, superman."
  • (to Nora) "I am sick as fuck of you bloodsuckers brain raping me against my will, so you are going to tell me where Warlow is or I'll put a wooden bullet through your dead stinkin' heart, so help me Jesus!"
  • (to Sookie) "You love these vamps more than you do your own blood. As far as I'm concerned you're as dead to me as they are."
  • "It's not much like that movie anyway, I don't see all dead people, just my parents, telling me to do stuff, and they've gotten kinda racist and scary since they went to heaven..."

Jessica Hamby:

  • (to Sookie) "But if Bill is gone, then I am completely alone."
  • (to Sookie) "He's my maker you will never understand!"
  • "You don't know that, you can't know that, none of you know anything! All you want to do is kill and ask questions later. You told me you loved him and then you tried to stake him. How could you?"
  • "When you summoned me Bill, you almost tore me apart. Please don't, I want you to hear me because when we left you at the authority that was not Bill Compton that we were leaving, you were a fucking monster. And when your pull lead me here, I had no idea what I was going to find, I had no idea what I was walking into and I still don't."

Luna Garza: "You take Emma and you run! Sam please, take her and protect her. She belongs with you. Promise me?"

Nora Gainsborough:

  • (to Eric) "One drop of blood is all it took for me to turn my back on my family and against the world. He drank the whole fucking thing. If Lilith is walking the earth in any form, we have to destroy her."
  • (to Eric) "So the brother who has never read a book does know more than you?"
  • "I can't tell you where Warlow is because I have never laid eyes on him, he's in the Book of Lilith, the vampire bible. He was Lilith's progeny, one of the first of our kind."
  • "Lilith incarnate will bring death and destruction to humans and vampires alike."
  • (to Eric) "I don't know about Bill's weakness but I think I may have just found yours."

Pamela Swynford de Beaufort:

  • (to Nora) "I don't know about the world but I'm about to end your face!"
  • "Whatever Billith is, he's not worth dying for."
  • (to Tara) "Oh, honey, this isn't going to be some epic fucking love story, you can't replace him and you never will."

Sookie Stackhouse:

  • (to Jessica) "Bill was my first, everything. Loving him is just in my blood now."
  • "I saw him die Jess, and then I watched him turn into something else. Whatever that thing is, it's not Bill."
  • (to Bill) "That's right, Bill Compton is gone, he died. I felt it. So whatever the hell you are, if you really mean us no harm, then prove it. Stay away from Jessica, and all of us, leave Bon Temps tonight and never come back."
  • "I never expected it myself, Bill is not the only one who's changed. My life is so different from how I thought it would turn out, I'm not who I thought I'd turn out to be."
  • "Eric, I want to be that girl again, the one in the white dress. I want my life back, which is why I am rescinding your invitation to my house."

Tara Thornton:

  • (to Pam) "You know love doesn't have to be a competition between you and everybody else."
  • (to Pam) "You want to be Eric Northman's punching bag for the rest of eternity, that's up to you, but I didn't sign up for that shit!"
  • (to SWAT Team) "Take that thang out of her face before I rip yours off!"

Memorable Dialogue[]

Jason Stackhouse: "About damn time someone did something about you all."
Sookie Stackhouse and Tara Thornton: "Shut up Jason."




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Episode Ratings[]

Episode # Episode Title Viewers (in millions)
#6.01 (61) "Who Are You, Really?" 2.40

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