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"We’ll Meet Again"
Season 5, Episode 4
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Air date July 1, 2012
Written by Alexander Woo
Directed by Romeo Tirone
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"We’ll Meet Again" is the fourth episode of Season 5 of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' fifty-second episode overall.


Bill and Eric fear for their lives and wonder who else knew about how and where they disposed of Russell. Pam does her best to be a good maker to Tara but wonders about the relationship to her own maker, Eric. With a traitor still at large, Roman and Salome go on a hunt. Andy and Jason go to an exclusive party with a judge. Terry experiences a flashback while hunting with Patrick for a former comrade. Old friends visit Sam. Lafayette causes problems for Sookie and Alcide breaks the news of Debbie's death to her parents.


"Pamela. I renounce the ties of our blood and my dominion over you as my progeny.
As your Maker... I release you.
You are my child as I was the child of Godric.
You were born into greatness.
And you're a Maker now... our blood will thrive."
― Eric Northman, releasing Pamela Swynford de Beaufort

Pam stops Tara from killing herself

Pam gets to the "Curl Up and Fry" salon just in time to stop Tara from killing herself in a tanning bed. Tara asserts that she cannot live as a vampire and attempts to turn the bed back on despite Pam telling her not to. As Tara's maker, Pam commands Tara not to ever do it again. An angry Tara is compelled to turn off the tanning bed.

Sookie tries to apologize to Alcide as he drives out of the Merlotte's parking lot. Lafayette runs over to Sookie and learns that she told Alcide everything. Sookie tells Lafayette that they can't keep lying or they'll keep digging themselves deeper. Lafayette says that he doesn't enjoy the lies, but expected Sookie to keep quiet about murdering Debbie after the multiple times he has covered for her. Sookie tells Lafayette that she didn't tell Alcide about him being involved, but Lafayette refuses to listen. Sookie tries to reason with him, saying that they have to start doing right and that it'll be okay. Lafayette says Sookie will survive, as usual, but she always leaves a trail of bodies behind as a result. Lafayette then calls Sookie the angel of death and leaves her crying.

Bill and Eric climb out of the back of a jeep on a deserted back road. The guards that dropped them off throw them a set of car keys and drive off. Bill and Eric discuss who could have freed Russell. Eric says only four people knew where he was, him and Bill included. Bill hits the key's alarm to locate the car and tells Eric that he'll drive.

Salome offers Roman Tru Blood and he refuses while he lays on their bed watching Nora's continued torture on his laptop. Roman still believes that Nora is holding back information. Salome suggests continuing her torture until she breaks. Roman says that he would rather have Salome speak to her as Nora sees Salome as a sister. Salome asks Roman what will happen if she doesn't. Roman answers that they will execute her publicly as a warning to the Sanguinistas that the Authority is just as willing to kill for their beliefs. Salome tells Roman that she can be very persuasive.

Sookie confesses killing Debbie to Jason.

Sookie pounds on Jason's door. When he opens it, she barges in and admits to killing Debbie. Jason doesn't believe her until she reveals the details of what happened. Jason tells her that he doesn't want to hear another word and demands she leave. He asserts that their conversation never happened. Sookie tells Jason that she has already told Alcide and begs Jason to put her in jail. Jason refuses and tells Sookie to act normal tomorrow while he figures out what to do for her. He asks if Alcide is the only one who knows and Sookie admits that Lafayette and Tara were also there. She explains that Tara was shot and raised as a vampire; Jason is appalled and disbelieving. Sookie rationalizes that she didn't have time to think and had to act or Tara was going to die. Jessica comes out of Jason's bedroom after hearing everything, also shocked to learn about that happened to Tara.

Eric returns home to Fangtasia.

Pam brings Tara to Fangtasia and finds the bar shut. She screams at Ginger for closing earlier than the usual time. She enters to find, Eric sitting on his chair. He says that he closed early. Pam shakes with relief seeing her Maker back. She says that no apologies are necessary between them and asks if they can let bygones be bygones. Pam notices that Bill is also present and explains that Tara is her progeny. She tells Eric that he is a grandfather. Disinterested, Eric asks Bill a moment alone with Pam. Bill takes Tara with him to the offices. Bill tries to reassure Tara about her new life and asserts that her impulses to kill herself will pass. Giving her a bottle of Tru Blood, Bill asks if Sookie knows and if she's safe. Tara says that she does know, but that he needs to stop worrying about her above everything else and that he needs to move on. He asks again if she's safe. Tara says she is, as always, and that there's always someone there to take a bullet for her - like Tara did.

Eric interrogates Pam, calling her a liar and demanding to know where Russell is. Pam assures him that she would die a thousand times before betraying him. Eric calls her a fool, saying he trusts no one and that she shouldn't either. Pam asks why he keeps her around if she means so little to him. Pam demands that Eric release her if he trusts Bill and Alcide over her.

Eric walks into his office, and Tara calmly leaves. He tells Bill that Pam is innocent. Bill asks if Eric told anyone else about Russell, including his sister, offending Eric. Bill tells him that Russell is a great martyr for the Sanguinistas and if Nora is behind this, then Russell would be very useful to her cause. Eric says if she was planning something he would've known about it, and even then he wouldn't give her Russell. Eric then asks Bill if he told anyone, including Jessica. Bill says that if he did, he would have gone to her first. He then suggests they go to ground and keep searching the following night.

Alexander Drew is tracking both Eric and Bill on his laptop from the authority headquarters. He assumes that they're doing nothing to track Russell down. Kibwe Akinjide wonders if anyone believes that Eric and Bill did indeed kill Russell a year ago. He suggests that this is a plot to give themselves more time before being killed. Dieter posits that it might be a hoax to rally the Sanguinistas. As they continue their debate, Dieter tells everyone to turn the channel watching Nora. Nora is shown praying to God and Lilith to protect her. Dieter hits the switch to the ultraviolet lights in Nora's cell and ridicules her prayers. Dieter asserts that the Vampire Bible is merely a book and that he knows the author, and that they were high on drugs when they wrote it. Rosalyn laughs and reminds him never to say that in front of Roman. Dieter says that Roman is not there for them to worry about.

Andy is at the Bon Temps Police Station flirting with Holly on the phone. Judge Clements walks in and teases Andy about his nude picture on Facebook while also thanking him for clearing a speeding ticket on behalf of his son, Ronny. The Judge then invites Andy and Jason out for the night to celebrate, pointedly excluding Deputy Kevin. Judge Clements than says he will meet them at the police station later that night, teasing Andy once more as he leaves.

Arlene tells Sam that his friends Suzanne and Emory are asking for him in the bar. The shapeshifters ask him why he hasn't been coming around. Sam says that he has been under a lot of stress lately. They beg him to shift and run with them again. Sam says that it is not a good idea because he and Luna aren't on speaking terms. Suzanne reveals that Luna said the same thing, so they chose Sam over her. Sam agrees to meet them later that night.

Lafayette curses Sookie's car.

Holly walks in on Sookie in the bathroom by mistake and apologizes. As she waits, Sookie hears her thoughts. Holly thinks about how she can get through her shift around Sookie after what she did to Tara. Sookie returns to the restaurant, hearing everyone's thoughts, as they blame her for what happened to Tara.

Lafayette steps out of his car behind Merlotte's and notices Sookie's car. He begins speaking in tongues and holds both hands out lifting Sookie's car from the ground. His demon suddenly emerges, placing a spell on the vehicle.

Alcide lies to Debbie's parents about her murderer.

Alcide goes to the Inn where Debbie's parents Gordon and Barbara Pelt are staying. He tells them that he wasn't honest about Debbie's whereabouts. Alcide reveals that Debbie is dead, but lies that it was Marcus who killed her. He claims that he got revenge by snapping Marcus' neck, covering for Sookie. Gordon moves to attack Alcide, showing his werewolf eyes, but Barbara stops him. Alcide doesn't fight back and says if they want to turn him into the police, then he won't argue. The Pelts instead begin to cry and mourn for Debbie, telling Alcide to get out.

Sookie drives down the highway and notices her car picking up speed. She realizes that her brakes aren't working while the gas pedal is pushing down by itself. The vehicle continually picks up speed. Sookie panics and jumps out of her car just before it crashes into a pole.

A horrified Terry looks at the pile of bodies.

Patrick and Terry are en route to South Dakota searching for their squad mate Brian Eller. Patrick asserts that if they don't find him, Terry is driving them back home. Terry says that they'll find him and won't leave until they do. Terry has a flashback to their tour in Iraq:

They prepare to camp out on a Muslim prayer tower, in open defiance of the building's religious significance. Patrick shows the others that he has acquired a couple of bottles of Jack Daniels to celebrate the Fourth of July. Todd Jeffries holds up a bag of pills and Patrick adds that they have "candy". Patrick gives Eller a miniature bottle and places him on watch duty below the tower. The platoon enjoy themselves by getting drunk and high and watching fireworks. They sing together and are enthralled by the light show. Their revels are interrupted by an Iraqi Teen walking toward the tower. Eller argues with him and Corporal Jemarcus Kessler orders Eller to get rid of him. Eller misinterprets the order and shoots the civilian dead. The people of town are drawn out by the shot and harangue the squad for the unnecessary violence. An Iraqi insurgent shoots at them and Eller opens fire on the crowd before being hit on his bulletproof vest and knocked to the ground. The rest of the squad take cover behind their Hum Vee. During an exchange of gunfire, Terry spots the attacker and points him out to Patrick, who kills him. As they check on Eller, Terry sees that the Iraqi civilians have been killed by the gunfire. A shocked Terry falls to his knees in horror. Patrick then wakes up Terry from his nightmare and tries to calm him down.

Sookie arrives home and roots through her liquor cabinet for a drink.

The Pelt family calls Andy at the station to say that they no longer wish to search for Debbie. Jason says that's great as now they can close the case. Andy refuses and says he'll try to get a search warrant from Judge Clements to search the homes in the vicinity of where Debbie's car was found. He reassures Jason that he will not have to participate in the search of Sookie's house. Jessica runs in and glamours Andy into forgetting about the case. Jason is relieved and tells Jessica that she really is a good friend to have.

Eric releases Pam.

Pam wakes up in her coffin. Eric comes downstairs to talk with her. They sit on the stairs and he tells her that searching for Russell is a suicide mission. He says that even if they find Russell, he and Bill will still be facing treason charges. She asks about Eric's friends within the Authority and Eric tells her he had a friend, but she can't help him anymore. Eric warns her that either Russell or the Authority will end him and says that he doesn't want her there. When she says that she wants to fight beside him, he still denies her and says that he has to release her. He says that it not because he doesn't trust her but because she is his only progeny and he needs her to live after he dies to secure his legacy. Pam begins to cry but says that she understands and accepts. Eric hesitates, but releases her from their blood bond. Pam begins to cry and hugs Eric. Eric says that she is still his child and that she was born into greatness. He reminds her that she is also a Maker now and that their blood will continue to thrive. Eric kisses Pam's forehead and holds her as tears fall from his eyes.

Judge Clements, Andy, and Jason get into a limousine with three beautiful women Delilah, Angelica, and Lilianne. As they sit, bags are placed over their heads. Jason and Andy grow paranoid, but Judge Clements assures them that it's okay and seems to be enjoying it. One of the girls tells the chauffeur to drive.

Bill and Jessica search his office for listening devices. Jessica asks if Bill is still the King of Louisiana. Bill responds that he is until he either meets the true death or the Authority change their minds. Bill finds a marijuana roach on the coach and holds it up Jessica. She nervously states that she had a few friends over, but no one was eaten or drained. Bill smiles and says that it is her home too and that she can take care of herself. He then sniffs the roach and says that it was low quality. Jessica smiles as Bill continues his search. She asks him if he is going to go see Sookie, explaining that she has had a rough time because of Debbie and Tara. Bill says that Jessica has already taken care of Sookie's problem by glamouring Andy, but to not make a habit of doing that for her. Jessica says that Sookie is falling apart and asserts that Bill and Sookie is different than Sookie and anyone else. Bill hugs Jessica and says that she should take care of herself first. Looking at her, he tells Jessica that he has done well as a Maker. Jessica smiles as Bill walks away.

Nora tells Roman and Salome of a second traitor.

Salome and Roman enter Nora's cell. Salome releases Nora's manacles. Roman asks if she accepts the true death for her treason. Nora struggles to her knees and accepts her fate. Salome says she refuses to see Nora die for the other Sanguinistas and to tell her who is gathering others to bring the Authority down. Roman derisively says that Nora is not a leader. Nora responds that they have seared and sliced every inch of her body and she has nothing else to say. Roman asks if she cares about Eric and Bill if not herself. Nora says they will be killed whatever she does. Roman asks if he should kill them now and pulls out his phone, showing his application to activate the iStakes. Nora looks terrified and asks how she can trust in their safety if she reveals who the Sanguinista's leader is. Salome bites her wrist and smears blood in a cross on both her chest and Nora's. Salome offers her most solemn vow that if Nora tells them who the leader is then Eric and Bill will be spared. Nora collapse in Salome's arms and begins to cry.

Andy, Jason, and Judge Clements are still wearing bags over their heads as they are walked into a field by the girls. Their escorts open a portal to the fairy world and take the three men inside. The bags are removed so that they can take in the nightclub setting. Judge Clements leaves with one girl and Jason hooks up with another, Leda. Andy is recognized by Maurella. He wonders if he was dreaming their first night together and she assures him that he wasn't. He asks if this is a dream. She kisses him and asks what he thinks. Andy says he doesn't care and walks away with her.

Sookie drunkenly sings along with music alone in her living room. Lafayette calls and asks if she's okay after finding her wrecked car. Lafayette nervously says that he is coming over and Sookie assures him that she is okay. Sookie hears a knock on her door and sees Alcide, telling him to come in. Sookie asks Lafayette to call and have her car towed to a mechanic. Lafayette tries to confess what happened but Sookie hangs up. Alcide explains to Sookie that he lied to Debbie's parents, covering for Sookie while satisfying their need to find out what happened to Debbie. Sookie is grateful and apologizes for involving him. She offers him a drink and he accepts.

Terry and Patrick search Eller's barn at night. Terry notices a hidden trap door. They both climb down into the basement and find pictures taken and drawn of homes on fire. Eller then appears, aiming a shotgun at them.

Sam visits Suzanne and Evory's home and finds them dead. They've both been shot in the head.

Pam teaches Tara how to feed without killing.

Pam wakes Tara up and introduces her to a human named Melanie. She tells Tara to feed on her. Tara refuses, but Melanie says it's okay and she doesn't mind. Tara is resolute, but Pam commands Tara to feed. Tara is compelled to bite Melanie and Pam shows Tara how to properly feed without killing. Pam also soothes Tara and says that she is now on top of the food chain and no human can hurt her anymore.

Roman kills Alexander.

Roman meets with his chancellors and shows them a stake made from the Judas Tree, tipped with the thirty pieces of melted silver that belong to Judas. He considers it the holiest of holy weapons. Dieter attempts to discuss other matters. Roman says that he can't do that as he's having all of the Authority's member's quarters searched. Kibwe says that isn't necessary as all of them are loyal. Roman counters that they know that there are others who still refuse to accept mainstreaming and if one chancellor can be turned into a Sanguinista, then why not two. A pair of guards enter with a laptop and a note. Roman reads the note and Salome asks if it's true. Roman places the note down and confirms that there is another traitor. Roman then places the laptop in front of Alexander and plays a video of Alexander feeding on a human. Alexander tries to plead his case, but Roman reveals the video has been sent to all of the Authority's enemies. He stakes Alexander, covering himself in blood. Roman asserts that there will be no more rebellion or opposition to his cause and they will all fall in line.

Sookie kisses Alcide.

Sookie gives Alcide a drink that Tara used to make for her. He takes a sip, says it is horrible and laughs. Sookie tries to make him to drink it again. Alcide refuses and Sookie straddles him saying he'd to anything for her and that he loves her. Alcide tells her to go screw herself, smiling. Sookie then begins to make out with Alcide.

Bill is watching Sookie from outside her window. Eric arrives and says that they should be looking for Russell. Bill says that they are and believes Sookie can be useful in their search. Eric says Sookie might not want to help, but Bill says they won't give her the choice.

Faeries attack Andy and Jason.

Jason is making out with Leda in the Faerie nightclub. She stops and says that he's thinking about someone else - a vampire. Jason wonders how she read his mind and asks where he is. He is surprised to see his cousin, Hadley, when she calls his attention. They happily greet one another. Jason tells her that Sookie is alive and asks Hadley if Sookie knows that she's at the club. Hadley asks if Jason is a refugee from vampires. He says no, then deduces that he's in a fairy refuge from vampires. Hadley says that Sookie needs to be there with them. Jason disagrees, noting that Sookie suffered the last time she got mixed up with fairies. Jason believes that she is better off staying with vampires. Hadley says that they should get Sookie to safety before she is killed by vampires, just like Jason and Sookie's parents were. Leda is angry with Hadley for speaking out of turn. Jason says that his parents were killed in a flood, but starts to wonder if what he was told is true. Hadley mutters that she's said too much and leaves. Jason tries to catch up to her, but other Faeries separate them. Andy intervenes and tries to help Jason. They are thrown out of the fairy safe house. They look around and realize that they are in the middle of a field. Andy notices two male fairies appear in front of them. Andy and Jason scream as they are hit with beams of light projected by both Faeries.




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Bloopers and Continuity Errors

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  • Terry has a flashback to his time in Iraq. Terry, Patrick, and their team party in a prayer tower. They are confronted by civilians and eventually by hostiles. In the melee all of the civilians are killed, to Terry's horror.


  • There are no miscredits that occur in this episode.


  • "Whine Whine Whine" - Teresa James (plays as Alcide pulls up outside Merlotte's.)
  • "Pocket Change" - Alabama Shakes (plays as Emory and Susan pay a visit to Sam. Holly walks in.)
  • "Lines On The Road" - Kristin Diable (plays on Sookie's car radio.)
  • "Move On Down The Road" - Sugaray (plays in Patrick's truck.)
  • "Bring It On" - Slur-P (plays as Terry has a flashback to the war in Iraq.)
  • "Sleep Isabella" - Abney Park (plays as Jason and Andy are at the fairy club.)
  • "Escape (Pina Colada Song)" - Rupert Holmes (Sookie is drunk and singing along to her Gran's old records.)
  • "The Bar I Call Hope" - Big Bad Johns (plays as Sookie and Alcide get drunk.)
  • "We'll Meet Again" - Los Lobos (plays over the end credits.)


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Memorable Quotes

Dieter Braun: "What a lunatic. It's like she means it. Wake up, sister. It's just a book! I know the guy who wrote it and he was high the whole time."

Eric Northman: "Pamela. I renounce the ties of our blood and my dominion over you as my progeny. As your Maker... I release you. You are my child as I was the child of Godric. You were born into greatness. And you're a Maker now... our blood will thrive. You understand?"

Memorable Dialogue

Tara Thornton: "Shut the fucking lid!"
Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "Shut up."
Tara Thornton: "I can't live like this."
Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "I said shut up."
Tara Thornton: "Leave me alone! I'm done with you."
Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "Oh, my god. Don't ever try that again."
Tara Thornton: "Fuck you! You have no right!"
Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "As your Maker, I command you. Do not try it again. Ever."
Tara Thornton: "Goddammit."

Sookie Stackhouse: "Alcide, I'm sorry!"
Lafayette Reynolds: "Don't fucking tell me you..."
Sookie Stackhouse: "He knew. He already knew."
Lafayette Reynolds: "Bullshit!"
Sookie Stackhouse: "I can't keep lying. We're gonna dig ourselves deeper."
Lafayette Reynolds: "You think I enjoy it? Hm? I could've sold your peach pie ass out so many times, I done lost count. And the one motherfucking thing I needed from you, Sook, is to zip it! And this is how you do me?"
Sookie Stackhouse: "I didn't mention you!"
Lafayette Reynolds: "No, you can save that for another day."
Sookie Stackhouse: "Lafayette, please! We did so many terrible things, the only way to crawl out of this hole is to start doing right. It's how Gran raised me, if you do the right thing it'll be okay!"
Lafayette Reynolds: "Oh yeah, baby, you survive. You always do. But goddamn, do you leave a trail of bodies behind. You know what? You're the fucking angel of death."

Roman Zimojic: "I need you to talk to her. She loves you like a sister. You and only you can get her to open up, give us the names."
Salome Agrippa: "And if she doesn't?"
Roman Zimojic: "Then fuck it. We execute her publicly. Let the Sanguinistas know that we are willing to kill just as much as they are."
Salome Agrippa: "You know I can be persuasive."

Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "I'm gonna fucking kill her! Ginger, we're open 'till four! Bleach bucket! Where is everyone?!"
Eric Northman: "I sent them all home."
Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "Oh, my god! Sookie fucking did it... well, no need for apologies, right? Certainly not waiting for one; barely remember what we got all head up over. Let bygones be bygones; bi-girls be bi-girls."

Sookie Stackhouse: "Finish your orange marzipan!"
Alcide Herveaux: "I don't want any! It's disgusting."
Sookie Stackhouse: "But I made it for you!"
Alcide Herveaux: "I don't give a fuck."
Sookie Stackhouse: "C'mon, you'll do anything for me! You're in love with me."
Alcide Herveaux: "Screw you! That's what you think, huh?"

Eric Northman: "Awkward time for a drop-in, Bill."
Bill Compton: "Jessica mentioned Sookie had a rough go of it."
Eric Northman: "Hm. She seems to be recovering nicely. Can we go back to looking for Russell now?"
Bill Compton: "We are looking for Russell. Clearly without any success. Sookie could be useful."
Eric Northman: "I don't think she wants anything to do with us again."
Bill Compton: "I don't think we give her the choice."

Hadley Hale: "She can't be around vampires. One day, they're gonna turn on her! I know it, they will kill her! Just like they did your parents!"
Jason Stackhouse: "What?"
Leda: "Hadley..."
Jason Stackhouse: "No, my parents were killed in a flood... weren't they?"

Tara Thornton: "I can't look at another person like she's dinner. Look... you seem..."
Melanie: "Delicious?"
Tara Thornton: "I was gonna say nice but ok. It's not you, I just don't wanna..."
Melanie: "No it's fine, I don't mind"
Tara Thornton: "I can't do it"
Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "You have to"
Tara Thornton: "No!"
Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "Do it"
Tara Thornton: "No!"
Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "I'll say it"
Tara Thornton: "Please don't"
Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "Do it or I'll fucking say it"
Tara Thornton: "No! Please no!"
Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "As your Maker I command you, bite her!"
(Tara bites Melanie)




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