I honestly thought THIS last ending season was MUCH better than the previous season. I just couldn't get into last season and thought that "True Blood" was running on empty. The story lines of that season were AWFUL! The last season wasn't so bad in my opinion. However the LAST episode left us lacking. LIKE: just who in the blazes did Sookie wind up marrying? C'mon, we deserved at least that much. All I saw was Sookie kissing a man who had his back to the camera.

I've also read the books... was a HUGE Sooke fan and loved the book series. One knew almost immediately that the tv series was 'loosely' based on the "Dead Until Dark" series. Tara was white in the book, and not too close to Sookie. I actually thought what the series did with Tara made her much more interesting. Making Tara cousins with Lafayette was also pretty smart. But readers know that Lafayette was only a temporary character in the book, who managed to live until the end of the series.

After watching a few episodes of TRUE BLOOD, I realized that they HAD to create so many new characters and make secondary book characters into primary characters. They did this because Sookie couldn’t be in EVERY scene… and she’s the one that told the stories by using first-person in the books. That’s why the series is so different from the book series.

Here’s how I thought they’d end it. Bill caught the Hep V. virus from Sookie. As the story progressed, it seemed like Bill was becoming more human again. Bill stated he felt more human… Sookie became able to read Bill’s mind. I actually believed that Bill was going to die from the Hep V. virus and transform into human, due to his infection being caused by Sookie… who was also part fae. In fact, by the end of the series, I was sure that she was already pregnant with Bill’s baby. That’s how I thought it would end. Then Sookie ended up staking Bill in the graveyard and he burst like a giant balloon filled with blood.

Anyway, Bill never died in the book series. I actually don’t remember who Sookie ended up with, but I know Bill became lovers with another vampire who looked almost identical to his dead wife. Last I read, Bill was very much in love with his vampire wife.