Top Favorite and Least Favorite lists have always been an interesting way to decipher opinions.

When it comes to True Blood, I don't like any of the useless romantic relationship material as most of that is just used as a device to lure audiences into liking the main vampires, which doesn't hold any moral or psychological conflict on the battlefield. The only vampires I like are also the ones who die in the process of maintaining their beliefs. I prefer almost all the antagonistic characters in True Blood and the ones who die with their beliefs as opposed to succumbing to equal rights. I strongly dislike most vampires in the show and love the evil humans who try to take them out at all costs. The humans prove that even without "powers" they are truly more sinister and villainous than an entire civilization of vampires put together, and I love them for it.

PrinceZarbon's picks

Favorite True Blood Characters

1. Rene Lenier

2. Steve Newlin

3. Luke McDonald

4. Bud Dearborne

5. Eddie Gauthier

6. Elijah Stormer

7. Gabe

8. Jorge Alonso de San Diego

9. Talbot Angelis

10. Franklin Mott

11. Luis Patiño

12. Roy

13. Royce Williams

14. Jesus Velasquez

15. Dieter Braun

16. Kibwe Akinjide

17. Cavanaugh

18. Benedict Talley

Least Favorite True Blood Characters

1. Maryann Forrester

2. Amy Burley

3. Lorena Krasiki

4. Tommy Mickens

5. Joe Lee Mickens

6. Melinda Mickens

7. Felton Norris

8. Faerie Elder

9. Lilith

10. Godric

More lists are welcome. I'm waiting to see what everyone else thinks.