The TB Encyclopedia 2017-001

Hello, everyone! Can you believe that after all of the regular blog posts in 2014 and 2015 I didn't post a single blog in 2016!? Sorry about that! Most thoughts go on my profile page. But I felt it was time for a new blog entry.

I'm still here, every day. The series will always live on in my heart and mind, as it will most fans, although some gave up on the series after the somewhat lackluster finale. Me personally? I blame Anna Paquin for getting pregnant and thus cutting Seasons 6 and 7 short, thereby sealing the series' fate. The series started with the premise that each season would be based on a novel in the The Southern Vampire Mysteries series of books. And for the first several seasons the show did just that. There were 13 novels however, implying that there should have been 13 seasons. But alas it was cut short. It could have went so much farther.

But that doesn't take away from my love for the series and this wiki in particular. The wiki has always strived to create the ultimate online resource guide to the series, although many aspects still have yet to be covered. While the series may be dead in the eyes of former fans, new fans to the series are inevitable, and they can count on the wiki to prove the most definitive and comprehensive online coverage of the True Blood franchise. I've always aspired to help create the ultimate online True Blood Encyclopedia. And I'm sure everybody knows that by now. My profile page and my blog entries are riddled with information prevalent to my cause.

I know, I gotta get back to the swipe. I will. I promise. I've just got so much other stuff on my mind. Mainly in terms of the show's entire "Expanded Universe" section. I added pages for all of the series' official "companion websites", as well as its comic books, games, and trading cards. I still have certain things to finish, but for the most part the pages are complete. I've also gone through (as I've mentioned before) the deleted pages and files (or at least half of them), undeleting all of the ones originally deleted due to lack of licensing information or for being an "Out of Universe" character/article in a time before the "Out of Universe" category was created.

But I have so much more in store. Yes, comic book characters need pages too (they are, after all, part of the overall True Blood mythos) but so do other pages. I uploaded DVD boxart images years ago, but the wiki has never possessed any real information on the DVDs or any of its soundtracks. I've been adding pages for all of the DVD releases, where their features and other information can be catalogued for posterity. I feel it's necessary to ensure the most complete coverage of the series is provided. I'm also going to be adding information on soundtracks and songs used (for instance all episodes a song appears in) as well. The "Expanded Universe" or "Out of Universe" category will be completely revamped and added to. There is so much information I still plan to add.

Also, just as I've gone through and revamped each and every infobox, I plan on doing the same with all of the navigation tables. There will be a lot more of them when I'm finished. I want to comprehensively document and cover every aspect of the series, and navigation tables will help provide the backbone to keeping all of the relative content easily accessible. I'm working on various aspects to try and ensure the most complete True Blood user experience possible. When everything is said and done, the True Blood Wiki will be most complete True Blood Encyclopedia around. You should never have to go anywhere else for any True Blood related content. Everything you could ever possibly want to know about the series will be a part of this wiki.

...And then I'm doing what I said and printing everything out and storing all the information in page protectors, in binders, to "complement" my True Blood collection. It'll be awesome.

I could go on forever but for the sake of not wanting to bloviate (brevity was never a strong point of mine, but I'm sure you all know that by now) I'm going to call it quits until my next entry. Take care, contribute to the wiki if you can, and binge watch the series, starting with the first episode. You'll be happy you did! See ya next time! - Adamantoise (talk) 02:33, April 6, 2017 (UTC)