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A bottle of Tru Blood

Tru Blood is a brand of synthetic bottled blood engineered by Japanese scientists. Catering to the vampire population, the release of Tru Blood was the main catalyst for the Great Revelation - when vampires "came out of the coffin" and revealed their existence to the world.


Tru Blood is marketed as an alternative blood source for vampires and supposedly meets all their nutritional needs. However, many vampires have found Tru Blood to be revolting compared to human blood. Sam Merlotte notes that it is, at best, like a human giving up a favorite food in favor of drinking a SlimFast shake. It comes in as many flavors as there are blood types (e.g. B Negative, O Positive). It has been seen to be as expensive as $45 a bottle in hotels.

Tru Blood is intended to be served warm, with most preferring it at 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 F) much to the disgust of Hoyt Fortenberry after deciding to try it. It can be consumed cold or at room temperature, though most vampires will enjoy the drink even less at those temperatures.


Tru Blood was developed on the orders of the Vampire Authority, as part of Guardian Roman Zimojic's "mainstreaming" agenda. The finest scientific minds in the vampire community, including noted 19th century French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur worked for decades on its creation, as a synthetic blood source was key to the Great Revelation Zimojic planned. Yakonomo Corporation engineered and marketed Tru Blood to the vampire community.

After Zimojic's death and the subsequent takeover of the Authority by the Sanguinista movement, the newly converted Chancellor Bill Compton suggested bombing the Tru Blood factories as a quicker and more effective alternative to the rather complicated PR stunts suggested by Chancellors Salome Agrippa, Nora Gainesborough, Kibwe Akinjide and Rosalyn Harris. Chancellor Agrippa adored the new plan and organized the bombing of the factory in Kuwait immediately.

It is not immediately clear if all five factories were successfully destroyed, but in the wake of the Authority's own subsequent destruction, the Yakonomo Corporation entrusted with Tru Blood production was desperately working to rectify the situation, even sending Ms. Suzuki to meet with Truman Burrell to discuss the lease of new facilities in Louisiana. However, Truman and Sarah Newlin contaminated the Tru Blood with Hepatitis V, and it was shipped out, causing a massive outbreak and bankrupting the corporation.


Tru Blood has a very aggressive ad campaign.



Tru Blood Ad

  • "All flavor. No bite."
  • "Because you don't need a pulse to make hearts race."
  • "Friends don't let friends drink friends."
  • "Real blood is for suckers."
  • "Suck on this."
  • "Who ever said Tru Blood was only for vampires?"

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The ingredient list comes from the "Tru Blood" beverage that was created to complement the series.

Blood Orange Carbonated Drink
Enliven yourself with this uniquely carbonated, slightly tart, lightly sweet blood orange drink.

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8-52196-00200-5 - Bar Code found on bottles when sold individually.

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