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Steve Newlin

Steve Newlin
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
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29 episodes (see below)
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Biographical Information
Also Known As
4 months (made vampire at 31)
Turning age
Vampire age
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Date turned
Date of death
August 2009 (made vampire)
Fellowship of the Sun Reverend (formerly)
Spokesperson of the AVL
Christian †
Sanguinista †
Family Information
Theodore Newlin - Father (deceased)
Yvette Newlin - Stepmother (deceased)
Bethany Newlin - Sister (deceased)
Sarah Newlin - Ex-wife
Unnamed Female Vampire - Maker
Nancy Crabtree - Ex-mother-in-law (deceased)
Paul Crabtree - Ex-father-in-law (deceased)
Amber Mills - Ex-sister-in-law (destroyed)
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"I love you. . . JASON STACKHOUSE!!!"
―Steve Newlin's final words[src]

Steven Newlin, generally referred to in short as Steve Newlin, was a televangelist on the HBO original series True Blood. Played by American starring actor Michael McMillian, Steve makes his debut on the episode "Mine" in the series' first season. Playing the role of a televangelist, and spokesman for the American Vampire League, Steve played a recurring role through the series' first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons. The son of anti-vampire advocate Theodore Newlin, Steve initially continued his father's work after the murder of his entire family, causing him to serve as the secondary antagonist of the series' second season. A fanatic and firm believer that vampires were 'ungodly creatures' who knew no 'humanity', Steve seemed to relish the undead when he himself was turned into a vampire in the series' fifth season.

First presented as somewhat of a well-spoken man with a friendly disposition that, while a little odd at times, is altogether cheerful, as the series progresses, we see that most of this is a front for his hatred for what happened to him and his family. Shown to be unstable and unhinged beneath his amiable facade, as a vampire, this tendency seems even more pronounced. A believer in the Sanguinista movement, Steve meets an untimely demise in the Season 6 episode "Life Matters". Appearing as an apparition coming to haunt former wife Sarah Newlin, Steve appears two more times, making his final appearance in the series' finale episode, "Thank You", at the end of the series' seventh, and final season.


Like virtually all members of the Fellowship of the Sun, Newlin was a Christian zealot who openly demonized vampires. This is difficult to evaluate, as many of the vampires in the show really are fairly destructive, while even the "nice" ones like Jessica and Bill are guilty of crimes that would earn any human the death sentence. But as most humans don't seem to realize that most vampires have no real regard for human law, have their own government, and condone killing, it's possible that his opinion is just based on prejudice. His inflammatory speeches earned him much criticism. He is also under investigation by the IRS, indicating that he was always less than honest. After being made vampire himself, his viewpoint changed dramatically. He now relishes in being a vampire and has stated that his faith as a Christian has been strengthened due to his new status. Newlin is also gay and is attracted to Jason and later to Russell, whose death devastated him. It is obvious however that he will sell out anyone when it comes to saving his own skin as he reveals all the vampires' secrets from the knowledge he acquired while working for the Authority to the vampire death camp run by Truman Burrell and his ex wife Sarah Newlin. He is often self-conscious in himself leading to him aligning himself with anyone who has more power than him. Sarah often intimidates him, possibly by her drive. As a human he showed brave defiance in the face of death, but as a vampire, he was petty and cowardly.  



A group of Dallas vampires murdered Steve's father, stepmother and baby half-sister in 2008, and this fueled his hatred of vampires. He is the husband of Sarah Newlin and believes their marriage is perfect. He is unaware of his wife's unhappiness with him. He is a closeted homosexual.

Season 1[]


Steve's father is killed in the first season, an event he blames on vampires; an accusation that Stan later confirms. ("Timebomb")

Season 2[]

Steve on TBBN

Steve is shown using the Fellowship of the Sun organization to engage in what he believes is a war between vampires and humans. He strongly believes that all vampires are evil and should be destroyed. While the kidnapping he arranges for Sookie Stackhouse when she arrives in Dallas is unsuccessful, he later takes her hostage.

Steve and his wife

When Sookie infiltrates the church in order to investigate the disappearance of Godric, Eric Northman's maker, she is kidnapped. After Sookie escapes with the help of Godric, who was preventing her from being raped, she and Eric seek to escape the Fellowship of the Sun through the main Church. However Steve apprehends them and reveals that he has set yet another trap in place.

He has the duo quickly surrounded by some of the cadets. After Eric offers himself as a sacrifice in place of Godric, Steve has him chained down to a table with silver where he then plans to execute him at dawn while debating whether to have Sookie killed alongside him. When Bill Compton storms the church, Steve pulls a gun on Sookie and threatens to kill her, but, before he can say more than a few sentences, he is shot in the hand by Jason Stackhouse.

Steve drops the gun. Jason shoots him in the head with a paintball gun incapacitating him long enough for Bill to get to Sookie which allows her in turn to rescue Eric. Eric quickly makes a grab for Steve who is writhing on the ground in pain. Eric slams him into the stairs by the altar and seems to contemplate draining him before Godric makes an appearance.

He offers the Reverend a peace treaty saying that, if he stands down, so will the vampires who had just stormed to Fellowship of the Sun with the intention of murdering everyone. Steve declines the offer claiming he doesn't make deals with people who are less than human. Godric, saddened by this, takes a hold of Steve and holds him in front of his 'flock', asking if there is anyone present willing to die for his madness.


Steve's missing poster

All of the cadets exchange uncertain glances before leaving Steve who can do little but plead for them to stay as he watches them abandon him. Godric drops Steve to the floor and orders all the vampires to leave without causing anymore bloodshed. Steve is then punched by Jason but not before being informed about his wife's affair and infidelity. He is left, crouched on the stairs, in pain and alone. Luke McDonald later arrives at the vampire meeting, announcing that he has a message from Reverend Newlin. He then detonates a bomb strapped to his chest and kills three vampires, including Stan, and two humans. ("Timebomb")

"I Will Rise Up"[]

Steve is later seen giving and interview on TBBN with his wife, sporting a rather large red bruise on his forehead. The two are arguing their point and trying to defend themselves about the accusations of the suicide bomber then sent to kill Godric. The two are unable to hold up their front in public anymore, make quick snaps at each other and end up arguing among themselves rather than arguing their point. ("I Will Rise Up")

Season 3[]

"I Got a Right to Sing the Blues"[]

On a show named "Sunday Morning with McCafferty", that hosts a debate about the "Vampire Rights Amendment", it is revealed that the Steve Newlin is divorcing Sarah Newlin and is under scrutiny by the IRS. ("I Got a Right to Sing the Blues")

Season 4[]

"And When I Die"[]

A newly made Steve Newlin

In an interview Congressman Charles Bunn mentions that Steve has been missing for six months. A missing person report from the Fellowship of the Sun reports that,“The Rev. Steve Newlin went missing under suspicious circumstances after attending a pray-in on January 15,” the site says. “His car was found abandoned on route 43, with his wallet and keys left inside.”

"Trick or treat?"
―Steve to Jason[src]

Steve arrives on Jason's doorstep, and reveals that he has been turned into a vampire. ("And When I Die")

Season 5[]

"Turn! Turn! Turn!"[]

" Do not pity me, love me!"
―Steve, to Jason[src]

Steve prepares to sink his fangs into Jason.

Jason refuses to let Steve into his house, or to look him in the eye in order to avoid being glamoured. Steve explains to Jason that he was "turned" against his will by a female vampire who immediately abandoned him without teaching him how to glamour. Steve informs Jason that he has no one else to turn to, and that his legions of former followers will no doubt kill him when they discover what has become of him. Jason's pity gets the better of him and he looks Steve in the eye, who immediately reveals his deception, and glamours Jason into inviting him into his home. Once inside, he makes Jason sit down and tapes his mouth shut. Steve tells Jason that before he UN-tapes his mouth, he wishes to talk to him. Steve apologizes for his past, somewhat murderous behavior, and explains that he wasn't upset because he found out that his wife slept with Jason, but due to the fact that he wasn't able to have Jason himself. He then "comes out" as a gay Vampire-American, and declared his love for Jason.

After un-taping Jason's mouth, Jason tells Steve kindly that he's flattered but "doesn't bark that way". Steve grows angry that Jason will not return his affections and attempts to bite him. However, Jessica arrives in time to claim Jason as her own. Steve is enraged, but Jessica, being older and stronger easily subdues him. Jason then rescinds his invitation, forcing Steve to fly out the door, but not before declaring his love once again. ("Turn! Turn! Turn!")

"Authority Always Wins"[]

"Of course I've seen it, why do you think I'm offering $10,000?"
―Steve on Jason's butt.[src]

Jessica haggles with Steve.

After the incident at Jason's house Steve gives a television interview, publicly revealing himself as a Christian-vampire, although he keeps his sexuality secret. He later crashes a party being hosted by Jessica. Steve offers Jessica $10,000 in exchange for Jason, and attacks Jessica when she mocks him. Jessica once again overpowers Steve, and evicts him from the premises. She warns him against returning, as her maker is the king, to which Steve smugly replies "not anymore". ("Authority Always Wins")

"Whatever I Am, You Made Me"[]

Roman puts his trust in Steve.

Steve travels to the Authorities headquarters in New Orleans to meet with Roman and Salome, who unveil him as the new spokesperson for the American Vampire League.

Roman informs Steve of Russell Edgington's continued existence, and explains that should Russell embark on another killing spree the Authority will need a friendly vampire face in the media; a task which Steve gladly accepts. ("Whatever I Am, You Made Me")


Salome stages a coup on behalf of the Sanguinista movement, releasing the recaptured Russell. Russell overpowers and kills Roman. ("Hopeless")

"In the Beginning"[]

Steve is present at a ceremony orchestrated by Salome in the chambers of the Authority. He agrees to join the Sanguinista movement and drinks Lilith's blood along with the other members. Later he is seen in the city with the other vampires appearing to be "high" and they feed on a room of innocent humans. ("In the Beginning")

"Somebody That I Used to Know"[]

The vampires crazy night comes to an end. They return to the headquarters the majority of them still high and reveling in drinking Lilith's blood.

At a meeting of the new vampire hierarchy they decide how to start flexing their muscles. It is suggested they simply start killing mainstreaming vampires, but Bill thinks a better move would be destroying the True Blood factories. ("Somebody That I Used to Know")

"Everybody Wants to Rule the World"[]

The relationship between Russell and Steve develops a little more. They travel to Shreveport together and Russell tells Newlin some of his history with werewolves. Newlin says he's never had a pet. They walk into a barn and Russell greets JD and the entire pack. Russell bites his own wrist and the wolves flock to him for a drop or two. He notices Martha Bozeman, who is holding Emma Garza. When Martha says she'll never drink from Russell, he grabs Emma and gives her to Newlin as his first pet. ("Everybody Wants to Rule the World")

"Gone, Gone, Gone"[]

The television news reports that the manufacturers of Tru Blood have promised to rebuild all the destroyed Tru Blood plants. Steve is interviewed; he claims that Homeland Security are looking for the people responsible for the destruction (despite his involvement).

The Authority has Molly brought before them; she is handcuffed and an i-Stake is attached to her chest. Salome gives Molly one last chance to join the Sanguinistas or face the True Death. Molly says that even if she accept their beliefs, they would kill her anyway. Bill admits that she is right; because she hacked their security systems the Chancellors agreed for the true death as punishment.

Molly flips off her judges and says that they are destroying the world because of a thousand year old bible. She says that their behavior is the opposite of evolved. Rosalyn says that Molly has been a good employee and they don't care when she dies. Bill executes Molly with her own creation, leaving a bloody mess. Steve overreacts as it is the first time that he has seen a vampire staked. The Chancellors bless Molly's remains. Russell asks if anyone is hungry and goes to leave with Steve. Salome objects because Steve has an important TV appearance the next day. Russell argues that the Book Of Lilith instructs them to hunt and feast, not sit around reading index cards. Rosalyn agrees that Russell and Steve should be allowed to have their fun.

Russell and Steve dance together amongst the bloody corpses of an entire fraternity. Russell suggests that they could walk in the light together. Steve asks Russell to take him along. Newlin and Congressman Finch argue over the purpose of the attack on the Tru Blood factories for their televised debate. Finch correctly suggests that an anti-mainstreaming vampire faction is responsible. Newlin claims that he is surviving on a personal stock of Tru Blood. Rosalyn watches off camera from the set.

Luna and Sam use their shifter abilities to infiltrate Steve's dressing room and are disappointed to learn that he has not brought Emma. They hide in his bag, ensuring that he takes them with him to his next destination.

Steve returns to the Vampire Authority and is met by Chelsea, the receptionist. She shows him that Emma has returned to her human form. He angrily admonishes her, telling her that he doesn't like it when she is human. Sam and Luna scurry out of his bag in mouse form.

Steve as spokesman of the AVL

The authority meet to discuss spreading their message. Russell brings up the possibility of day walking using the blood of faeries. He believes they should attempt to synthesize faerie blood just as they have done with human blood. Salome calls the suggestion blasphemy. Russell attacks her and announces his superiority over all of them, his native accent returning as he loses control of his emotions. He declares that they will not constrain him and speeds out of the room. ("Gone, Gone, Gone")


Obsessed with daywalking Russell travels to Bon Temps, with Steve in tow. They 'acquire' Jason Stackhouse and glamour him into taking them to Sookie. Arriving at Hot Wings, Russell can smell the fairies but can't see them. The crazed vampire threatens to kill Jason if Sookie doesn't come out. He is confronted by the faery elder who blasts Steve into the trees. Russell subdues the powerful fae and drains her dry. Now able to see all faeries present Russell moves to attack them. ("Sunset")

"Save Yourself"[]

Russell is ambushed by Eric just as he is about to enter the nightclub. Eric takes advantage of the situation and manages to stake Russell bringing him the True Death, satisfying a long held lust for revenge. Steve looks on in horror as his boyfriend is staked and then runs off into the woods. ("Save Yourself")

Season 6[]

"The Sun"[]

At the "Camp" we see a vampire cuffed with silver and a black bag over his head being pulled from a van by two SWAT team members. They bring him into a room and pull the black bag off to reveal the vampire to be blood tear soaked, gagged Steve Newlin. He looks around obviously confused to see what looks like a human doctor standing in front of him putting on plastic gloves. Steve attempts to talk through the gag to no avail so the Doctor tells one of the guards to ungag him. Steve, obviously unaware of the downfall of the authority or his stance in the public itself, threatens the doctor who basically laughs at him and has the guards re-gag him.

"You're No Good""​[]

We see again Steve Newlin in the camp and he gets a visit from the last person he ever expected to see, his ex wife Sarah Newlin. At first he thinks she is there to save him but finds that apparently she didn't fall too far from their old views of hate and violence towards all vampires and that she works for the facility as well as dabbling in writing and politics in order to push her anti-vampire agenda. Steve pushes back as much as he can verbally by being rude to her and she reveals to him that her plan is to eradicate the vampire race and its perfect that Steve is a vampire now as the doctor returns to the room. Sarah leaves and the doctor asks Steve to tell him everything he knows about Eric Northman with some persuasion. Steve initially refuses, but caves as soon as the doctor produces a mysterious syringe. ("You're No Good")")

"F**k the Pain Away"[]

Truman Burrell is met by Sarah Newlin at the vampire camp and is brought into a room with a two way mirror, showing into another round cell. Sarah reveals that her ex-husband, Steve Newlin, has given the LAVTF a wealth of information that would prove to be in the Governor's favor. Truman speaks to Eric through an intercom and reveals that he has sent Willa to the camp, much to Eric's disbelief. They then open a door in the chamber, revealing a wooden stake. Eric picks up the stake and tells the Governor he has no problem killing more vampires. The opposing door opens, revealing that the Governor wants Eric to fight Pam. Pam and Eric freeze in a state of shock, initially refusing to fight. ("F**k the Pain Away")

"Don't You Feel Me""​[]

Eric and Pam face each other at Burrell's Camp, with Truman Burrell, Sarah, Steve Newlin, the psychiatrist, and Dr.Overlark watching on the other side of a two-way mirror. At first they are reluctant to fight. Pam asks if it is true that Eric had made a new vampire and he tells her he has. They start to levitate and appear as though they are going to strike each other. They, however, fly past each other and open the vents where armed guards are hiding. They pull them through the slots and kill them. They stake one of the guards through the two way mirror creating a hole. Eric looks through the hole and sees Steve Newlin, learning he is responsible. Guards then come and separate them.("Don't You Feel Me")")

"Dead Meat"[]

In the male population they are giving out the contaminated Tru Blood and Steve Newlin goes to get his own bottle of Tru Blood. A random vampire tries to bully Steve out of his Tru Blood but Dr.Overlark who is observing from above says that all vampires get their own bottle. Steve thanks Dr.Overlark and then goes to sit down next to James. He admits he hasn't been this unpopular since he was in 7th grade and tells James about his embarrassing past with bullying. As he is about to drink his bottle of Tru Blood James stops him and tells him not to drink the blood and Steve heeds James' warning.

Steve crying over the fact he sold his friend out and he might die in there.

Sarah Newlin arrives at Vampire Camp and seems confident until she is told that several vampires refuse to drink the contaminated Tru Blood. Sarah knows her ex-husband is one of them, but asks anyway confirming it. She has him running on the giant hamster wheel and threatens him with U.V light if he doesn't tell them why he and the others aren't drinking the Tru Blood. He caves quickly revealing that they know about the Hep V. After time, Steve reluctantly tells her that James is the one who told him about the tainted Tru Blood. While exiting, Sarah informs him that the room doesn't have a U.V Light in it. Steve and James are escorted to a large circular room. Pam, Jessica, Violet, Willa, and Tara join James and Steve Newlin in the white circular room as they are the ones who have refused the contaminated blood. Jessica announces to them all that they are all going to meet the sun in that room, with everyone looking up. ("Dead Meat")

"Life Matters"[]

Bill arrives and allows all of the Vampires to feed on him so that they will consume some of Warlow's blood and will be able to withstand the sunlight. Steve complains that he hardly got any of the blood and when he attempts to get more, Jessica pushes him away. Sarah, as the last surviving staff member of the facility, runs up the stairs above the room quoting a Bible verse and begins turning a wheel on the roof. This wheel causes the roof to open, exposing the Vampires within to the sun. Steve runs to the side, realizing that he is the only one still harmed by the sun and attempts to escape the room. Eric grabs him and states that every time someone he loves has died, Steve has been there. Steve begs for his life but Eric picks him up and holds him in the sunlight. Sarah looks down, horrified that none of the Vampires are being harmed. Steve's last words are "I love you... JASON STACKHOUSE!!" which causes Sarah to scream in anger as Steve decomposes into a pool of blood. ("Life Matters")

Powers and Abilities[]


Steve has the common powers and weaknesses of a vampire such as an infinite lifespan, superhuman strength, speed and healing. He has a natural affinity for glamouring and was able to glamour Jason. Due to his age, he is far weaker than his superiors such as Pam and Jessica. However, he has shown himself capable of at least challenging his elder, Jessica, using a combination of strategy (pulling Jessica's hair) and his own enhanced vampire speed and strength. And was able to overpower Jason, a well-built young man, with ease. Steve was able to smell the Faerie blood in the air. His weaknesses include a stake to the heart, silver and fire. Sunlight will slowly kill a vampire of his age. He is also shown, like most vampires, to have weaknesses when it comes to Photokinesis.



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