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Spells are the medium by which witches and maenads use magic. On the HBO original series True Blood, they are featured prominently in the series' fourth season. One of the main components of witchcraft is the ability to cast spells; a "spell" being the word used to signify the means employed to carry out a magical action. This allows users to magically alter reality to a wide number of effects or to evoke forces to change their surroundings. A spell could consist of a ritual action, a spoken component, a verse, a gesture or any combination of these. A spell may require the use of certain tools, ingredients (herbs,stones and minerals) or the use of additional power such as from celestial events or a specific kind of magic.

Although majority of the spells are spoken in ancient languages (i.e. Latin), some spells may be cast in the native language of the witch (e.g. Jesus Velasquez recited his spells in Spanish and Holly Cleary recited hers in English). Spells can also be cast non-verbally, but the caster must concentrate on the incantation and recite it mentally.[1]

For reasons unknown, the majority of spells used by practitioners of witchcraft can be broken or temporarily interrupted by fairy light.[2][3] Such spells are also bound to the witch who cast them; once the witch who cast the spell dies, the spell itself is broken.

Spells and RitualsEdit

  • Elemental Conjuring Spell: A spell invoking the elements for protection.
    • Incantation: Elements of the night, elements of the dead, come this way we call upon you, we summon ye!
    • Requirements: A magic circle.
    • Used by: This spell was cast by Holly and the rest of the coven in an attempt to save Marnie from Eric.
  • Fog Concealment Spell: A spell to summon foggy mist.
    • Incantation: Dea, Abscondite Nos!
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by Marnie/Antonia to call up the fog in the graveyard and conceal the witches as they went into battle with the vampires.
  • Fire Conjuration: The generic spell to conjure fire.
    • Incantation: Incendia
    • Requirements: None
  • Ring of Fire: A spell to summon a ring of fire. The flames in this spell hover roughly and inch or two above the ground, and slowly close in around a victim, moving inward until it burns them alive.
    • Incantation: Occlude de Elemen Incarcerem Flamerum, Circule Incarcera!"
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Marnie to enclose Sookie in a deadly ring of flames and keep the wiccans trapped close the walls.
  • Conjuring Pyre Flames: A spell to ignite a pyre.
    • Incantation: Incendia de sanctimonia!
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by Marnie to conjure flames on a pyre that would ultimately burn Eric and Bill at the stake.

  • Resurrection Spell: A spell capable of resurrecting the dead. Once the resurrected individual, human or beast, leave the circle in which the ritual is performed, they return to death once again.
    • Incantation: Guardians of life, shadows of death, we summon thee. (Repeat) Guide Minerva from our realm to yours. (Repeat) Restore within her the spirit of life. Evocare lemures de mortuis, and return her to the plane of the living! Hic en spiritus, sed non incorpore, evocare lemures de mortuis, decretum espugnare de angelus balberith en inferno erem meablis.
    • Requirements: A coven of witches
    • Used by: The Moon Goddess Emporium coven to resurrect Marnie's bird, Minerva.
  • Healing Spell: A spell to induce healing in a target.
    • Incantation: Que Yemaya te proteja y te cure con las aguas de la mar de la vida. Que las olas de su irradiación te limpien.
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Tio Luca to heal Jesus's Rattlesnake bite, once he possessed Lafayette.
  • Termination Spell: A spell to abort an unborn child. Holly stated that the spell wouldn't be 100% because "if the spirit is meant to be born, it will be born".
    • Incantation: Great mother, I invoke you, blessed be.
    • Requirements: Athame, herbal tea concoction, circle of candles, circle of salt, to drink the tea several times a day for the next five days.
    • Used by: This spell was cast by Holly in an unsuccessful attempt to rid Arlene of her unwanted, unborn child. She did this by invoking "The Great Mother" and having Arlene drink an herbal tea with a drop of Arlene's blood she concocted.
  • Incantation of the Sun: A spell that draws out vampires into the sun against their will.
    • Incantation: Inferiorum facere homo scelestus, Animal ex mors, Flamma velle capere tuus, Admodum spiritus!
    • Requirements: A coven of witches
    • Used by: Antonia Gavilan while being burned at the stake during the Spanish inquisition to draw out all vampires within a twenty-mile radius. Later used by Marnie while being fully possessed by the spirit of Antonia to draw out the vampires of Louisiana and burn them alive.
  • Vampire Decaying Hex: A spell that causes a vampire to ridly rot from the inside out.
    • Incantation: Morior, mortuus, moriturus! Liquefactum, et calesco putridas!
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Marnie Stonebrook while being possessed by the spirit of Antonia Gavilan. While trying to restore Eric's memory Pam grew impatient with Marnie and was about to attack her, Antonia possessed Marnie and used the spell for self-defense.
  • Vampire Enslavement Spell: A spell that gives the caster dominion over a vampire.
    • Incantation/Gestures: Make the sign of the horns to the vampire and say "Existo meus mancipium!" With the other hand, now make the sign of the horns again, saying, "Pareo mihi!" Now turn the hand with the horns downwards.
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Marnie Stonebrook whilst being possessed by Antonia Gavilan de Logrono. When Father Luis Patiño moved to attack her she raised her hand to stop him. After the spell was cast, Luis was completely under her control.
  • Spell of Subservience: A spell that hypnotizes several vampires at once into an obedient stupor unto the will of the caster.
    • First Incantation: Es meus servus. Genu mihi, servus.
    • Second Incantation: Erratus Mihi Exactum, Compre Gavo, Omnes Vosi Nevo Se Deductev Mihi, Hinc Porro, Egos Honos Tibi Domine!
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Antonia to cause Eric to become subservient to her and her every command, even though he was fully conscious of his actions.
  • King-Killing Spell: A spell to force a vampire to kill their "king".
    • Incantation: Necare Rex!
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Marnie to cause Kirsch to get up and attack Bill Compton.
  • Vampire Drawing Spell: A spell to drag vampires towards the caster.
    • Incantation: Bente Mei Me Liberi, Vent Lute Mori Destitut!
    • Requirements: A coven of witches
    • Used by: Marnie and the coven at Moon Goddess Emporium to drag the vampires, Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica, across the street and into the burning barrier against their will.
  • Spirit Connection Spell: A spell to connect with a spirit in a host body.
    • Incantation: Que Yemaya ilumine el filo de tus recuerdos. Que te restituya para que tu espíritu pueda pasar allende de este mundo.
    • Requirements: One candle and other unknown materials
    • Used by: Jesus Velasquez to connect with the spirit of Mavis trapped inside of the medium, Lafayette.
  • Spirit Freeing Spell: A spell to free a person from being possessed by a spirit.
    • Incantation: Tu amor veo ya resolverse y apartarse de mi vida y de mi corazón. Mavis déjale en paz, para siempre y vete ya! (repeated twice)
    • Used by: Jesus Velasquez to free the spirit of Mavis from Lafayette's body, and her baby from the corpse.
  • Spirit Binding Spell: A spell to bind a spirit to the caster.
    • Incantation: Occio me facinus honum!
    • Used by: .Marnie to bind Antonia's spirit to her permanently against Antonia's will.
  • Spirit Unbinding Spell: A spell to break or reverse a spirit binding spell.
    • Incantation: Espíritus de mis ancestros, oigan mi llamado. Gran Espíritu, libera al espíritu de Antonia Gavilán de Logroño de la tiranía de Marnie Stonebrook, disuelve la alianza impía, libérala y concédele paz. En el nombre del Espíritu que da vida a todo, la impía alianza debe terminar: apártalos, sepáralos, desátalos.
    • Requirements: Hands tied with something from the witch and a demon within one's body.
    • Used by: Jesus to break the binding spell Marnie used on Antonia's spirit.
  • Calling Forth the Ghosts of Samhain: A spwl that uses the spiritual gateway provided by Samhain to summon spirits.
    • Incantation: Spirits who watch over us, friends, family, ancestors, guardians of the gates. (Repeat) With this rite we invoke thee. Through the veil of Samhain, we call thee forth. (Repeat) Spirits who watch over us, friends, family, ancestors, guardians of the gates protect us help us blessed be. (Repeat)
    • Requirements: A fresh dead corpse. Sink the finger in the blood. Recite while drawing a line over the heart with the blood and then, lick the blood.
    • Used by: Holly, Tara and Sookie to call forth the ghosts of Bon Temps, using the spiritual gateway provided by Samhain.

  • Season4ForceField
    Sun Barrier Spell: A spell that harnesses the power of the sun to creat an energy barrier.
    • Incantation:Moenia Sursum!
    • Requirements: Unknown
    • Used by: Marnie/Antonia to reawaken the sun barrier protection around Moon Goddess Emporium.
  • Protection Spell: A simple charm to bypass the burning barricade hex.
    • Incantation/Gestures: A type of Mudra (hand gesture) slightly shown as Marnie holding her left forearm towards her stomach, the right elbow on top. Speak the words "Protecto mihi." as you drop your right arm and safely exit.
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Marnie used to by-pass her own magic entrapment on Moon Goddess Emporium.
  • The Burning Barricade Hex: A spell that seals all entrances and makes cause them to burn anyone who touches them.
    • Incantation: Incendia Servo E Sanctus Fortunatos Plori Tuum!
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Marnie/Antonia to lock the doors and windows of the Moon Goddess Emporium.
  • Protective Circle: A protective circle drawn with salt.
    • Incantation: Sink all evil, thrice around the circle's bound. (repeated several times)
    • Requirements: A circle of salt
    • Used by: Holly to repel Marnie in Lafayette's body so that he could not penetrate the circle. It conjures a powerful blue force field.

  • Memory Removal Spell: A spell that is used to remove the memories of others.
    • Incantation: Jam tibi impero et praecipio maligne spiritus! ut confestit allata et circulo discedas absque omni strepito, terrore, clamore et foetore, asque sine omni damno mei tam animae quam corporis!
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Marnie to erase Eric's memory while being possessed by the spirit of Antonia.
  • Vanishing Spell: A spell to fade from sight.
    • Incantation: Defluo!
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Marnie/Antonia to cause herself, Roy and the vampire sheriffs to disappear.
  • Liberation Spell: A sell to weaken or break an imprisonment spell.
    • Incantation: Fractis vallum, rumpe te cumulus, liberave servos, retexo communis dea precatio!
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Holly and Tara to free them from Moon goddess Emporium by breaking the burning hex on the doors and windows.
  • Silencing Hex: A spell to silence another.
    • Incantation: Silem!
    • Requirements: None
    • Used by: Marnie through Lafayette's body to silence an enemy.
  • Invoking the Demon Within: The spell used by Jesus to invoke his inner demon magic.
    • Incantation: Santísima Muerte, Señora de las Sombras, Ogoun Feray, Ogoun, Shango, Nago Piman, muestra mi cara verdadera.
    • Requirements: Innate demonic magic.
  • Vehicle Hex: This spell was used by Lafayette (who was under the influence of the demon) to curse Sookie's car, which nearly killed her.
    • Incantation: Santa Muerte, ¡ven a mí!
    • Requirements: None

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