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Ruby Jean Reynolds

Ruby Jean Reynolds
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  • Ruby
  • Ruby Jean
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Christian †
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Mae - Great-grandmother
Winnie - Grandmother
Lafayette Reynolds - Son
Tara Thornton - Niece (destroyed) †
Lettie Mae Daniels - Sister

Reverend Daniels - Brother-in-law
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  • All human abilities
  • Mediumship
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Ruby Jean Reynolds is a medium, series' regular Lafayette Reynolds' mother, and Tara Thornton's aunt on the HBO original series True Blood. Played by American special guest starring actress Alfre Woodard, Ruby Jean makes her debut on the episode "Beautifully Broken" in the series' third season. Playing a recurring role through the series' third and fifth seasons, Ruby Jean lives in a convalescent home, and was last seen in the Season 5 episode "Hopeless".


Ruby Jean currently stays at a mental hospital where she is taken care of all day round. Although she herself does not think she is crazy, her behavior proves otherwise. She is often rude to everyone around her, including those she cares for. On one occasion she scolded her son for his homosexuality, while asking him to visit her again at the same time.

Like her son and sister, Ruby Jean possesses the abilities of a medium. Unlike her son however, she does not seem to be in control of her gifts. This inability to control her abilities might be a contributor to her erratic behavior.



Ruby Jean Reynolds is Lafayette's mother, and Tara's aunt.

Season 3[]

"Beautifully Broken"[]

Lafayette and Tara visit Ruby Jean

Ruby Jean is visited by her son and his cousin, Tara, at the hospital. When the two enter her room she explains to them that the man feeding her, an orderly named Jesus, is the actual Jesus. ("Beautifully Broken")

"Night on the Sun"[]

A few days later after Tara and Lafayette's visit, Ruby Jean leaves the hospital when she is left unattended. She goes to her son's house to protect him from those who would harm him. She claimed vampires and witches were after Lafayette because he had power and he was special. When Jesus comes to get her Ruby threatens him with a knife, saying she won't go back to the hospital and she's not crazy. Jesus talks her into giving him the knife and into just watching some TV.

She is later taken back to the hospital. Before she leaves, she notes that Lafayette and Jesus (who had spent the night together) seem unusually happy, and speculates that "maybe God loves fags!"("Night on the Sun")

Season 5[]

"Let's Boot and Rally"[]

Ruby Jean awakes in the night and to her shock sees Jesus Velasquez's severed head on her dresser. Although his lips are stitched shut, she understands him and assures him she will tell Lafayette, and begins shouting for her son immediately. ("Let's Boot and Rally")


Lafayette is summoned to visit Ruby Jean. She tells him that Jesus appeared to her too and wants to talk to him. Lafayette asks why she saw him, and she says that she doesn't know, adding that "the electricity" has always run through her. She tells him to save Jesus, sending him on his way with a few anti-gay epithets delivered in a loving voice. ("Hopeless")

Memorable Dialogue[]

  • Jesus Velasquez: [as Tara & Lafayette enter] Can I help you?
    Ruby Jean: [clearly out of it] No. That's just my son, Lafayette.
    Lafayette Reynolds: Hi momma.
    Jesus: [to Ruby Jean] You told me your son passed away.
    Ruby Jean: He did. God killed him, 'cause he's a faggot. But he keeps comin' back.
  • Jesus Velasquez: [to Ruby Jean] You almost done in there? It's time for us to go home.
    Ruby Jean: [Ruby Jean walks in all made up] You have got an excellent selection a cosmetics, I give you that.
    [to Jesus]
    Ruby Jean: I'm ready for you now. Ain't nothin' gonna hurt me when I got on my warpaint.
    [to Lafayette]
    Ruby Jean: Somethin' different about you.
    Lafayette: I don't think so.
    Ruby Jean: Y'ain't got your mask on.
    Lafayette: That's 'cause you've been in there hogging all my stuff.
    Ruby Jean: I can see you. My son is shining through.
    [about Jesus]
    Ruby Jean: Did he do this to you?
    Lafayette: No. Yeah. I guess you could say that.
    Ruby Jean: I'll be damned. Maybe God LOVES fags!
    Jesus: That sounds like a compliment. Ruby, we gotta go. Come on. You need to bless the jello so everyone can eat. Come on!
    Lafayette: All right now, you go 'head. Without my ring, thank you.
    Ruby Jean: Come see me, LaLa.
    Lafayette: All right, Miss Lady, eat your vegetables.
    Jesus: So I'll see you?
    Lafayette: I'll see you.



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