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Pao G. is a vampire featured on, a human-vampire dating website created to complement the HBO original series True Blood. He is at least 400 years old, works as a Professional Fighter, and speaks Portuguese. Profile #11[edit | edit source]

Pao G.
AGE: 409
OCCUPATION: Professional Fighter

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My Ideal Match
A sexy, full-figured human woman. Doesn't matter if you're gifted with Portuguese blood or not. A woman who will come to my fights and not be afraid to touch my wounds. I promise no submission holds.

A LITTLE ABOUT ME:[edit | edit source]

I've done everything. Recently, I've been touring Rio de Janeiro and fighting in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. But, really, I've done everything. I was a welder for 50 years. Before that, I worked in a shipyard, off-loading graveyard shift cargo at the docks. That was my first job upon moving to Brazil. Brazil was the second country of my long life.

My first country was my home country, Portugal. I lived in Portugal for nearly 300 years. Because of my longevity, I served as an officer in the Portuguese Army, worked at a horse stud farm as an attendant, worked at a paper mill and even spent time as a nighttime street sweeper. That's where I get my nickname, The Sweeper.

My immortal life started after our Portuguese village rioted in 1578, when Phillip II of Spain took over Portugal and declared a union of the two countries. During the riot, I was taken into the shadows by an unknown man and turned. Looking back, it was the greatest day of my life.

I'm reserved, but I don't take crap from anyone. I've seen too much blood on the battlefield and in ring to care about melodrama so don't bring games or histrionics.

I'm anxious to meet a great human girl. I never thought the day would come when I could be myself around a human girl.

INTERESTS:[edit | edit source]

I only love what I do. Mixed Martial Arts. It's not the blood, but the art of fighting that lures me. The money isn't too bad either.

TURN ONS:[edit | edit source]

Passion. My language (Portuguese). Women who know what they want and ask for it.

TURN OFFS:[edit | edit source]

Actors. Boats. Name-calling. Bichanos.

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