Pam in season 5th

"I am wearing a Wal-mart sweatsuit for ya'll, if that's not a demonstration of team spirit I don't know what is."
Pam arrives at Sookie's house looking for Eric. Upon seeing a dead Debbie Pelt and Tara, she smirks and is about to turn to leave before Lafayette stops her. He asks her to turn Tara into a vampire. Pam says she doesn't even like Tara, so why would she turn her. Sookie says she will "owe her one" however. All Pam is concerned about is having her relationship mended with Eric, and Sookie agrees. Pam bites her wrist and let's her blood drip into Tara's mouth.
WearingSWeatsuit Pam 5x1 Gif

Pam going to ground with Tara (click for animation)

Later, she holds Tara while in the ground. Lafayette and Sookie cover them with dirt. The following night Pam emerges first, then Tara. ("Turn! Turn! Turn!")

Laughing at the situation with Tara, she finally helps Lafayette and Sookie by pulling Tara off of Sookie's neck. She then orders her, as her maker, not to bite either of them. She puts Tara into the house before returning to Fangtasia. She cannot find Eric. She begins to recall their first meeting. Pam is seen running a brothel as a Madam in 1905 San Francisco. When one of her girls does not return, she enters the room to find her slain in bed.
Pam-and-Eric-Authority Always Wins

Pam recalls Eric saving her life.

Later, while walking during the night alone, she is attacked. The man puts a knife to her throat, and as he does, Eric swoops in and takes him out- slashing his throat. He is obviously smitten with Pam, telling her how lovely her dress is. He apologizes for the mess and gives her money to cover the cost of it. She says "Thank you Mister", before he vanishes in vampire speed.("Authority Always Wins")

Sookie approaches Pam at Fangtasia, begging her to summon Tara. However, Pam is more worried about Eric who has been missing for days, violently rejects Sookie's request (saying that she doesn't care about Sookie or Tara), and throws her across the room. Sookie uses her fairy powers to throw Pam across the room, retaliating.

S05E03 Pam's debt

Pam pays her debt to Eric.

She is later seen sleeping and dreaming about her early life when she first met Eric. In her flashback, Pam shows Eric many of the whores to choose from at the brothel, but he responds by telling her he came for her. A little later, a newly turned Bill is seen devouring a woman who has been glamoured by Lorena. Eric busts in and throws Lorena against the wall, smashing a mirror. Pam observes from the doorway. Bill tries to attack Eric but fails since his newly acquired vampire strength is not as powerful as Eric's. Eric is fascinated that Lorena has "procreated" and is surprised by how protective Bill is of her. This is the scene where Bill and Eric first meet: Bill asks Eric who he is, and Eric responds with "Eric Northman, but to you... the True Death." Lorena intervenes, begging Eric to spare Bill as he is new and doesn't understand. Eric complies and reprimands Lorena for not teaching Bill how to "respect his elders"; Lorena thanks him and Eric tells her to thank Pam instead. Pam tells them they owe $500 for every girl they've drained, Lorena apologizes yet again, and she and Bill both leave. Pam tells Eric they "have a debt to settle" and Eric passionately kisses her. Back in the real world, Pam is seen crying blood during her sleep.
S05E03 Pam's cuts

Pam forces Eric to turn her or watch her die.

Later, while making more than friendly conversation with a customer at Fangtasia, she recognizes Hoyt and speaks with him. She tells him he's trying too hard, and that the people at Fangtasia are going to "eat him alive." He tells her that's what he wants, and she has another flashback to her past. In the flashback, her and Eric are cuddling in bed, implying they've just had sex. She inquires him about life as a vampire and tells him that she will have an unhappy life once she gets older. She asks him to turn her into a vampire, and he rejects, telling her that it is a huge responsibility. She persists and he continues to reject the idea. In a desperate act of attention, she cuts her wrists, telling Eric he can either turn her or he can watch her die. After some serious internal debate, he decides to turn her.

In the final scene of the episode, Tara breaks in to a tanning salon, and attempts to burn and kill herself, because she'd rather be dead than to be a "monster." Pam senses that she is in danger and says out loud, "You stupid bitch," as it cuts to black. ("Whatever I Am, You Made Me")

S05E04 Pam and Tara

Pam stops Tara from killing herself

Pam shows up at the salon just in time to save Tara from killing herself. Tara tells Pam that she cannot live as a vampire and attempts to kill herself again when Pam warned her not to do it again. As Tara's maker, Pam commands Tara not to ever do it again. An angry Tara turns off the tanning bed soon after. Pam heads back to Fangtasia with Tara. She screams at Ginger for closing earlier than the usual time. When she asks in asking where everyone was, Eric was sitting on his chair, telling Pam it was him who closed early. Pam shook with relief seeing her Maker back and says no apologies necessary between the two from their previous problems and let bygones be bygones. After noticing Bill was present, Pam told Eric of her new progeny, Tara, and told him he was a grandfather. Disinterested, Eric asks Bill a moment alone with Pam. Eric interrogates Pam, calls her a liar and demands to know where Russell is. Pam assures him that she would never betray or hurt Eric and would die a thousand times before she would do such a thing. Eric calls her a fool, saying he trusts no one and that she shouldn't either. Pam says that if she means so little to him, then why keep her around. Pam demands Eric to release her if he is more trusting of Bill and Alcide rather than her.
S05E04 Pam and Eric

Eric releases Pam.

Pam wakes up from her coffin. Eric comes downstairs and has a talk with her. As they sit on the stairs, he tells her that searching for Russell is a suicide mission and even if they find Russell, he and Bill will still be facing treason. When she asks about Eric's friends within the Authority, Eric tells her he had a friend, but she can't help him anymore. Eric then tells her that either Russell or the Authority will end him and doesn't want her there. When she says he wants to, he still denies her and says that he has to release her, but not because her doesn't trust her but because she was his only progeny and needs her to live once he dies. Pam begins to cry saying she understands and accepts. Eric then hesitates, but eventually releases her from their blood bond. Pam begins to cry and hugs Eric. Eric says that she is still his child and that she was born into greatness. He reminds her that she is also a Maker now and that their blood will continue to thrive. Eric kisses Pam's forehead and holds her as the tears begin to fall from his eyes.
S05E04 Pam and Tara002

Pam teaches Tara how to feed without killing.

Pam then wakes Tara up. Pam has a human girl named Melony with her and tells Tara to feed on her. Tara refuses, but Melony says it's okay and doesn't mind being fed on. She continues to refuse, but Pam commands Tara to feed on her. As Tara begins to feed, Pam shows Tara how to properly feed without killing her. Pam also soothes Tara and says that she is now on top of the food chain and no human can hurt her anymore. Tara continues to feed. ("We’ll Meet Again")

At Fangtasia, Tara's seen admiring the atmosphere, wearing some of Pam's clothes. Pam takes note of this. Pam makes Tara the bartender as Fangtasia now belongs to Pam and they're understaffed. A heavy set vampire then asks Tara for a TruBlood while a human girl tries to flirt with Tara after she exposes her fangs. Tara suddenly snatches and feeds on her, to which Pam immediately stops Tara, pinning her against the wall. Pam demands Tara to never feed on humans in public ever again as it brings the risk of being reported to the Authority. Pam reminds Tara she saved her life by making her a vampire but if she were to ever do anything to mess with Fangtasia, she'll silver Tara and stick her in a coffin to rot for the next millennium. Meanwhile, Jessica is watching the entire thing happening as Pam loosens her grip on Tara and walks away. ("Let's Boot and Rally")


Tara and Jessica are in a knock-down fist fight, which Pam watches for a bit with an amused smile before calling it off. Tara barks at Jessica for attacking her in "my house," which Pam doesn't like one bit. She drags Tara into the back and reminds her progeny that Fangtasia is her house, that Tara just works there. But then she smiles. "You did good out there, the fighting. Made me proud," Pam says, adding, "proud the way a human is proud of a well-trained dog. Nothing more." ("Hopeless")

Lettie Mae goes to see Tara at Fangtasia. Tara is no longer working as a bartender but as a pole dancer and she is very good at it. Pam watches her from the stage smiling. But when Lettie Mae comes in he tells Tara she's a minister's wife she can't have a daughter being vampire and she's there to say good-bye. Tara shows her fangs and Lettie tells Tara she's not afraid for she's god on her back. Pam watches interested from the side and Tara tells Lettie that she'll see her again and lets her leave.


Pam tries to console Tara who is crying in the office feeling down about her mother. Tara says she hates her mother but yet she's crying for her. Pam then comforts Tara and tells her that Lettie Mae is not Tara's mother. Tara then looks up at her vampire mother Pam and quickly hugs her. Pam hugs her back then after a few seconds Pam says that's it and tells Tara to get back on the pole for she's very good at dancing. ("In the Beginning")

Pam wears an oriental themed outfit for work in Fangtasia. Pam listens as Tara is insulted by Tracy Topps, a racist white trash clothing store owner. Tracy is pretending to be nice but everything she says is an insult, for example telling Tara that as a Vampire she is now "a member of two minorities".

Tracy insists that Tara has mixed her the wrong drink, blatantly changing her order after the drink has been poured. She calls Tara lazy and uppity. Tara swallows the insults then warns that they're not in high school anymore and that if Tracy persists with her racism she will "rip out [her] heart and fry it with grits and collar greens". Pam speeds over to the bar, scolds Tara and apologizes to Tracy, offering her the drink on the house.

Tracy insults Tara again, saying that she never could connect with people. Tara counters that she connected enough with Tracy's boyfriend to fuck him. Pam smirks with a hint of glee. Tracy claims that her life is great while Tara is just a barkeep. Tara responds "fuck you." Tracey moves on and Pam tells Tara that is enough and not to get uppity with her either.

Later, Pam goes behind the bar and tells Tara that they need to talk about her attitude. Tara is just about to make a customer a Margarita, Pam effortlessly glamours him into desiring a "Flat half empty beer" and slide's a discarded pint to him. He drinks contentedly while Tara looks amused and impressed. Pam says to follow her "now" and Tara looks slightly scared.

Tracy is barefoot and spread eagle chained to the wheel in the basement of Fangtasia. Pam tells Tara that Tracy is hers and that she owes her after all the shit she was saying to her. Tara says that she though Pam was Mad to which Pam replies "You don't know me that well, my mad face and my happy face are the same."

Pam effortlessly glamours Tracy just as she did the customer.

You, are worthless. Your only purpose is to serve Tara Thornton. You will worship Tara. Everything about her is a revelation. You exist only for Tara's nourishment. You will consider it a privilege to have your racist Peckerwood blood shoot into her gorgeous cocoa mouth. You are an unpaid food whore, a slave. And Tara is your master.

Pam looks at Tara and tells her to have fun. She ascends the stairs back to the club and smiles as Tara makes Tracy beg to be drained. ("Somebody That I Used to Know")

Pam and Tara talk about Fangtasia only having a few weeks worth of Tru Blood on hand. Tara points out that it will be a bloodbath when their supplies run out. Pam wants to stay out of the politics, telling Tara that it is one of two things that she stays away from, along with people that eat a lot of fish. Tara has noticed that Pam is concerned about Eric and offers to talk, but Pam brusquely tells her to get back to work. Tara angrily replies "suck me, vampire barbie" and leaves. Alone again, Pam looks at an old photo of her and Eric; Tara was right about her worries.

Pam tries to stop a vampire (Elijah) from feeding on a human in Eric's throne. He tells her that the ban on public feeding has been lifted. He announces "Northman's history" and that he is the new sheriff of Area 5. He throws Pam across the bar. ("Everybody Wants to Rule the World")

Elijah counts his cut from Fangtasia and is disappointed with $600. Pam feigns surprise that he can count past five. Elijah demands the rest of the money. Tara explains that there is nothing legal for vampires and humans are not exactly flocking in. Elijah asks how Pam is paying her employees and Tara replies that "she doesn't". He suggests that Fangtasia should have a peep show where a human would pay $20 to put a body part of their choice through a door where a vampire will have 30 seconds to feed. He suggests that such an attraction usually makes $2000 an hour. He insists that they need to make more money as the protection of their sheriff is not cheap. He gives Tara and Pam back their cut. As Tara is leaving he says that they have orders from the Authority to create 30 new baby vampires in their area by the end of the year. Pam dissents and Elijah warns that if she doesn't comply he is authorized to take her assets including her progeny.

Pam tells Tara that there is not one person in the bar that she would want to turn. Tara suggests that she will turn two, adding "I always wanted kids". Pam rebuffs her idea and tells her they should procreate because they want to, not because they're told to. Tara asks if she's going to let Elijah take everything away including her. Pam tells her that he can have the bar, because at this point it is not worth much, while they will live together in the wind, like she did with Eric.

Pam hears Ginger screaming, and speeds in to see that Tare has destroyed Elijah, using Ginger as bait. Tara wipes Elijah's remains off the sword and says "No one fucks with us in our house". Pam regards her with a hint of pride. ("Gone, Gone, Gone")

Pam examines the desk in her office as Tara explains that she's cleaned all of Elijah's blood off of it. Pam warns Tara that the Authority won't be happy about Elijah's murder. Pam explains that the Authority have the power to do anything they want to any vampire. Pam commands Tara not to speak of Elijah ever again and storms out. Pam runs into Jessica in the bar and Jessica pleads for Pam to hide her. Pam refuses initially, but eventually relents after Jessica tells her where Eric is.

In the basement of Fangtasia, Tara, Jessica and Pam discuss Bill and Eric's behavior. Pam believes they have been affected by living in the Authority nest and drinking tainted blood. Jessica and Tara chat, as Jessica asks Tara if she "like" likes Pam because of the way she looks at her. Tara gets defensive and upset that Jessica is getting in her business. Jessica explains that she has no friends, and they make amends, solidifying their bond.

Rosalyn comes to Fangtasia knowing that her progeny Elijah was killed. She attacks Tara and accuses her. Pam claims that she killed Elijah. Rosalyn arrests Pam and takes her to the Authority headquarters. As they are leaving, Rosalyn senses Jessica and takes her in as well. ("Sunset")

Tara works with Eric and Sookie to infiltrate the authority headquarters. Pam and Jessica are freed by Sookie and Tara while Eric disables the security system. Pam passionately kisses Tara as they are reunited. Eric meets the group at the elevator. After they share a brief moment, he sends Pam and the others up warning them to expect more guards, then takes Sookie to find Bill. ("Save Yourself")