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"Night on the Sun"
Season 3, Episode 8
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Air date August 8, 2010
Written by Raelle Tucker
Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter
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"Hitting the Ground"
"Everything Is Broken"

"Night on the Sun" is the eighth episode of Season 3 of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' thirty-second episode overall.


Shaken and disillusioned, Sookie rethinks her relationship with Bill. Queen Sophie-Anne takes up a new residence in Mississippi as Russell plots his next move. Jessica and Bill reconcile, Bill spars with her to teach her how to fight; Jason throws down the gauntlet in hopes of saving Crystal; Lafayette gets a surprise visit from his mom, Ruby Jean; Sam tries to keep Tommy in check; Merlotte's gets a mysterious new waitress; Hadley delivers Eric's warning to Sookie; Eric proves the depth of his allegiance to Russell.

Sookie shares a moment with Alcide, and finds herself in a vulnerable position when he needs to deal with a family emergency. Eric finally has his revenge by killing Talbot, and finally takes back his father's Viking crown.


"They killed my Cooter!"
― Debbie Pelt

Sookie breaks up with Bill

Awakened by Sookie's screams, Alcide and Tara tell Bill to back off while Jason rushes to Sookie's side. Sookie asks to speak to Bill alone. Sookie and Bill come to terms with the fact that they can't have a life as a normal couple. He tells her that he wants her to be able to lie in the sun, have kids and grow old with someone but that he can't give her that. Bill pledges his eternal love for Sookie before taking the IV going into Sookie out of his wrist and leaving the hospital.

Sophie-Anne moves into Russell's estate. Talbot's fed up with all the craziness that has been happening and becomes even more agitated when Russell tells him it may get even crazier because he killed the Magister. Eric interrupts their conversation to inform Russell that a "were-bitch" is in his study, who turns out to be Debbie. She asks Russell to let her go after Sookie and Alcide for killing Cooter. Russell assures Debbie she'll get to toy with Sookie then Debbie leaves. Sookie and Tara are later seen sunbathing together.

Arlene has a vision with Rene

Eric advises Russell not to trust Sookie and bring her into it. Russell questions Eric's loyalty because of his turning on Sophie-Anne. Eric responds by saying, "he feels he has found a true leader in Russell as opposed to Godric who was weak and succumbed to his humanity, supporting Russell's opposition to the authority and asking for a chance to prove his loyalty".

In their house, Arlene is laying in bed with Terry who is singing to her stomach. Arlene falls asleep and has nightmare where Rene is suddenly in Terry's place. Rene tells Arlene that their baby will continue what he started before choking Arlene, resulting in her screaming and waking up with Terry comforting her.

Back at Bill's house, Jessica admits she missed Bill and tries to tell him about the trucker but he interrupts, saying she should leave, releasing her as her maker, leaving her free to go. She tells him that she drained someone because he never taught her control and that she needs him but he lashes out at her saying he can't take care of or protect her because he's no good. Jessica is steadfast in that she is not leaving, saying she doesn't want to be alone anymore and begins to sob and Bill comforts her.

Debbie and Sookie fight (click for animation)

At Sookie's house, Alcide keeps her company for the night. Jason and Andy arrive, telling Sookie she should press charges but she tells them it's over between her and Bill and that it wasn't his fault. Jason says if Bill ever comes close to her again, he'd kill him. When Andy berates him and says he won't be killing anyone, Andy's glare makes Jason come close to thinking about how he murdered Eggs and Sookie almost finds out so he leaves.

Lafayette asks if Tara will ever tell her what happened. She says maybe someday and that what she went through made her realize how much she wants to live. She later dreams about showering and Franklin suddenly joining and kissing her before she wakes up.

Sam's mom, Melinda, shows up at the house Sam was letting them stay in, in dog form with a sad face. He opens the door and lets her in after she turns back into a human. She doesn't blame Tommy for leaving and says that she still loves them both, kisses Tommy goodbye and tells them to care of each other before leaving with her suitcase. She asks for money because Joe Lee spent all their money on Tommy's last dog fight. Sam gives her some which she says won't get them far but he doesn't care as long as it gets them out of the area.

Russell feeds from Jessica

Lafayette's mom, Ruby Jean, unexpectedly shows up at his place. Jesus shows up at Lafayette's house, saying a new nurse left Ruby in the garden alone and she wandered off. Lafayette tries to explain his drug business with V but Ruby interrupts with a knife saying she won't go back to the hospital and she's not crazy. Jesus talks her into giving him the knife and into just watching some TV.

Sookie is sunbathing, crying when Tara joins her. She says that she and Bill weren't so different but Tara says Bill was just as cold and crazy as Franklin. Sookie doesn't want to fight with Tara and asks her to talk about what happened but Tara walks off, telling Alcide who's passing by to "flirt some senses" into Sookie since "logic isn't working".

Crystal shows up at Jason's place, hair wet and with a black eye, asking for his truck but Jason won't let her go anywhere without an explanation. She says how she was promised to someone named Felton since she was 4 who gave her the black eye after she said she wasn't gonna marry him anymore. Jason wonders what it is about Crystal that makes him feel like home. She asks for his keys and he kisses her, saying he'll drive her anywhere.

Eric stakes Talbot

At Merlotte's Tara curses after she drops a bottle of Tru Blood, thinking about the night she and Franklin met. Arlene interviews the new waitress, Holly Cleary, who isn't bothered by the history of dead waitresses and has two kids. When she introduces Holly to Sam, Arlene tells him not to sleep with her. Sam walks in on Tara and comforts her.

At Russell's mansion, Eric surprises Hadley in a hall and tells her to deliver a message to Sookie.

At Sookie's house, Alcide hears that his sister's salon was burned down by Debbie and her new pack and has to go. He tells Sookie to go with him but she tells him to go and says she's sure if she's in danger, Bill will come. They share a tender moment when they say that if they'd known what was good for them, they'd had fallen in love with someone like each other. They embrace and Sookie asks if he'll come back and see her sometime. He says she can bet on it before leaving.

Sam tells Tommy to keep watch on Tara at Merlotte's. Hoyt asks if Jessica's working and Tommy tells him to give it up because she's out of Hoyts' league. They almost get into a fight but Sam intervenes, telling Tara to give Hoyt a drink and tells Tommy to quit making trouble and to start thinking about his future. When Sam mentions college, Tommy says he doesn't really know him at all.

Bill and Jessica spar in their living room so that she can learn to fight. She asks why Bill isn't with Sookie and he tells her that it's over, that he loves her but that he has to let her go. They relate when Jessica feels the same way about Hoyt and that he deserves better.

At home, Sookie looks a photo of her and Bill together then flashes back to when he was feeding on her in the back of Alcide's truck. She hears someone outside and asks who's there, holding a shot gun. Hadley walks in and they embrace and catch up. She gives Sookie a message from Eric that Russell is coming for her and to not trust Bill. Hadley leaves in a hurry, saying she hopes Sookie can forgive her.

Russell and Talbot argue because Russell is always busy, with Eric watching. Talbot starts to break Russell's relics but when before he can break Eric's father's crown, Eric intervenes, offering to keep Talbot company.

After making love, Jason and Crystal are cuddling on the couch, relaxing and Jason tells her that no one will come between them. He tells her to shower while he goes out to get some food. He leaves but not before grabbing a shotgun.

At Merlotte's, Sam suddenly becomes aware of a strange scent as Felton and Calvin Norris walk in looking for Crystal. Sam says he hasn't seen her but Felton says her truck is outside. Tommy walks up and asks if there's a problem but Sam says it's nothing. He tells the two that they're not welcome and they leave but not before Felton threatens Sam, directly as a shifter.

Lafayette and Jesus talk about Ruby Jean, how she mentioned Lafayette has powers and that she's schizophrenic. Lafayette says that Ruby Jean's craziness has been rubbing off on Jesus when he gets on Lafayette's case about the drug dealing. Jesus suddenly kisses him and they start making out.

Keeping Talbot company, Eric and him play chess in front of a roaring fire but Talbot declares he's bored and asks Eric to strip. Eric asks for a little privacy and the guards leave the room. Eric remarks it's been a long time since he's done a vampire.

Jason drives over to the meth lab and walks in with his shotgun asking if anybody's around. He discovers a pool of blood on the floor, follows it and finds a were feeding on a deer. Crystal's father drives up and Jason points the shotgun at him, saying Crystal's never coming back and that they'll leave Crystal alone or he'll set the cops after them before leaving in his truck.

Bill and Sookie begin to have frenzied make up sex

At Sookie's house she hears werewolves howling close by. Debbie's shown walking to her accompanied by two wolves. Bill and Jessica appear inside the house, taking care of the wolves as Debbie runs in and up the stairs after Sookie. She starts pounding on the door and knocks it down. Sookie says she doesn't wanna kill her and that Debbie brought everything that happened upon herself. Debbie wrestles a shotgun out of Sookie's hands and Sookie slaps her when she remarks Bill was yummy before Debbie punches her back.

Jessica runs out of the house after a werewolf with Bill shouting at her to stay in the house. Hearing Jessica scream, Bill goes outside and sees that Russell has taken Jessica. Russell asks for Sookie in return for Jessica but Bill refuses and Russell bites into Jessica but lets her go after Bill insults him for needing wolves as body guards. Jessica runs off with the werewolf in pursuit as Russell pins Bill down. Sookie and Debbie fight in her room until Sookie slashes Debbie's face with scissors and grabs the shotgun, pointing it at her.

Outside, Russell, kicks Bill around. Back at Russell's mansion, Eric finally gets his revenge for his family by staking Talbot. Russell feels his progeny's true death and screams in agony and despair and leaves. Sookie tells Debbie to leave and shoots the wall next to her saying next time she won't miss. Bill runs in and says he's sorry as Sookie says she loves him and they make up and have sex.

Hoyt's driving back to Jason's house, upset after being told by Tommy that Jessica's moved on. His truck happens to pass by where Jessica, covered in blood, has taken down the werewolf who begs her not to kill him and that he doesn't want to die but she sinks her fangs into him.




  • Lucinda Williams and Elvis Costello were nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for a Motion Picture or Television for "Kiss Like Your Kiss".


  • This episode does not contain any allusions.

Bloopers and Continuity Errors[]

  • In the scene where Talbot and Eric are playing chess, Talbot swipes the chess pieces off of the table, declares that he is bored, then demands Eric removes his clothing. In the next shot, the chess pieces are shown back in place on the board.


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  • There are no flashbacks that occur in this episode.


  • There are no miscredits that occur in this episode.


  • “Tea Biscuit” - Eduardo Ponsdomenech
  • “Till You Lay Down Your Heavy Load” - Eilen Jewell
  • “Dynamite and Whiskey” - Fred Eaglesmith
  • “Another Year Again” - The Sadies
  • “Kiss Like Your Kiss” - Lucinda Williams with Elvis Costello
  • “Straight Into A Storm” - Deer ​Tick
  • “Nacao Postal” - Beto Villares
  • “Night On The Sun” - Iron Horse
  • “Head” - Otep


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Memorable Quotes[]

Hadley Hale: "I'm the one who told them about you..." "...all my fault..."

Jason Stackhouse: (to Crystal) "That your stomach growling? Or you got gas?"

Jessica Hamby: (to the wolf as she smiles sweetly, waves and then fangs) "Hi"

Russell Edgington: (to Debbie, regarding Sookie) "But she's a special cunt!"

Sookie Stackhouse: (to Tara) "Did you just call me a dumb bitch?"

Talbot Angelis: (to Eric) "I'm bored. Take off your clothes."

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#3.08 (32) "Night on the Sun" 5.10

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