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"May Be the Last Time"
Season 7, Episode 7
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Air date August 3, 2014
Written by Craig Chester
Directed by Simon Jayes
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"May Be the Last Time" is the seventh episode of the seventh and final season of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' seventy-seventh episode overall.


Eric, Pam, and Mr. Gus close in on Sarah in Dallas. Adilyn and Wade find a temporary haven, and unexpected hospitality. Refusing to accept the inevitable, a desperate Sookie turns to unexpected resources in search of a miracle. Bill recalls the inexorable forces that led him to his marriage 170 years earlier. A familiar face resurfaces in Bon Temps. Sam faces a quandary.

Hoyt is back to Bon Temps!


"Grandpa Niall, you say we're royalty, but other than a vampire-killing light ball, that I can only use once by the way, I can't think of a single fucking advantage of being what we are."
― Sookie

Amber, silvered and being interrogated by Eric, Pam, and Mr. Gus.

Amber is silvered in her living room and is being aggressively interrogated by Eric, Pam, and Mr. Gus. She stubbornly refuses to answer questions about Sarah's whereabouts. Mr. Gus attempts to offer money in exchange for information, but Amber is not swayed, insisting that Sarah has changed for the better. Eric then reminds her that Sarah helped to invent the Hepatitis V virus that is not only killing him and thousands of vampires around the world, but also killed her boyfriend/maker Jeremy. Amber let slip that Sarah is now the cure, but angrily refuses to give up her sister's location. Eric, due to either his illness or rage, hallucinates Sarah in place of Amber, loses his temper, and stakes Amber, resulting in her true death. Pam gasps in horror upon seeing their one and only lead to the Hepatitis V cure obliterated.

Andy and Holly arrive at Fort Bellefleur in his police cruiser to find that there is no one there. However, they know that Adilyn and Wade had been there because Holly's ex-husband Brian's truck is parked near the tree house. Andy calls Adilyn's cell phone, which begins to ring from the empty tree house.

Jessica and Bill lament over his terminal illness.

Weepy-eyed, Jessica bites her nails with worry as she watches the blood veins progress on Bill's arm. Sookie asks Bill why the Hepatitis V disease is accelerating, and wonders if it has anything to do with her Halfling status. Bill does not know. Jessica's cell phone rings from the study, but she makes no effort to retrieve it. Instead, Bill answers the phone; it is Andy calling for Jessica. Suddenly, she immediately runs at vampire speed into the study to take the call. Andy asks Jessica if Adilyn had drank her blood. Jessica stammers out that she had, but only to bond a link between the two for Adilyn's protection. Andy asks if she has felt Adilyn's fear. She replies that she hasn't, and asks why he wants to know. Andy informs her that Adilyn and Wade are missing, but if Adilyn was not afraid, then there is no need to panic. Andy asks Jessica to call him if she does feel anything from Adilyn. Jessica assures him that she will, and asks him in kind to notify her when Adilyn is found. Andy replies "You got it, Red," and ends the call. He turns to Holly and asks where they should look next. After some thought, Holly states that Brian owns a lake house in Oklahoma. Not looking forward to the long drive, Andy and Holly get back into the cruiser and set out for the haul.

Wade doesn't know what a strap-on is.

Violet enters a huge grand mansion with Wade and Adilyn in tow. The teenagers are thoroughly impressed with the fancy surroundings, complete with wall portraits, chandeliers, mounted animals, and red velvet furniture. As Violet leads them through the mansion, she lays it on very thick about how she is moved by Adilyn and Wade's forbidden love, and mentions that when she was their age, she frequently committed incest with her brother, too. Adilyn and Wade are visibly freaked out by this comment, as they obviously do not consider themselves to be siblings. Violet leads them into a round bedroom filled with various lubricants and sophisticated sex toys, including a leather sling, handcuffs, nipple clamps, whips, and several strap-ons and dildos. The two inexperienced teenagers look completely lost as they stare in awe at the implements. Violet announces that she's going to go to ground for the day, and tells Adilyn and Wade that they may stay as long as they wish. With sincere gratitude, Adilyn thanks Violet. In response, Violet characteristically gives Adilyn a long and uncomfortable kiss on the lips, much to the kids' surprise. She then tells the two adolescents to enjoy their time together, and leaves the bedroom.

Bill progresses to Stage Three.

Bill, Sookie, and Jessica sit in uncomfortable silence in the study. Suddenly, Jessica notices that the blood veins have progressed to Bill's neck, signaling Stage Three of Hepatitis V only two days after infection. Sookie states that she cannot accept Bill's fate. Bill, calm as ever, tells Sookie that there is no cure and that his death is inevitable.

Arlene shuts off lights in Bellefleur's, ready to lock the doors. Keith appears out of nowhere, and gives Arlene a shock, to which he apologizes. He tells her that nighttime still brings the danger of rabid Hepatitis V vampires, and offers to see her home safely. As he seductively walks toward her, she backs away and tells him that she will accept his protection so long as he understands that she does not believe in human/vampire relationships. Keith is unaffected by her remark, and kisses her. He asks her if that felt wrong. She shakes her head no, but answers "yes." They begin to make out before Keith picks her up and runs at vampire speed to the pool table. After quick undressing, they are shown having vigorous sex on the pool table, with Keith moaning as Arlene leaves deep scratches in his back. Arlene suddenly sits up in her bed, incredulous over what had transpired. The entire episode had been a V-fueled sex dream.

Mr. Gus has a business proposition for Eric and Pam.

The Yakuza, Eric, and Pam are still at Amber's house. Pam is seen rifling through Amber's clothes and wearing her robe. She is very upset with Eric for having staked Amber. With little concern, Eric tells Pam that he saw Sarah when he looked at Amber and snapped, and explains that his objective has not changed: he wants to kill Sarah. Pam cannot understand why Eric's desire for revenge is overriding his sense of self-preservation. In walks Mr. Gus who proposes a business venture for Eric and Pam. He suggests that they proceed with their plan to locate Sarah. But instead of killing her, the Yakonomo Corporation will harness her blood and synthesize it as a replacement for Tru Blood: New Blood. Mr. Gus goes on to say that Eric will own 49% of the $3.5 billion per year company. Pam inquires how they are to find Sarah, now that their only lead is a puddle on the living room floor. Mr. Gus replies that Yakonomo has connections with the Japanese government, and he can gain access to the use of official intelligence resources which can locate anyone, which begs the question as to why Yakonomo required the assistance of Pam and Eric to begin with. When Eric reminds him of this, Mr. Gus admits that his interest in Eric is purely for public relations, and that consumers will have a better chance of responding favorably to a handsome vampire who has been cured by their product. Eric agrees.

Nearing dawn, Jessica states that she will stay up and watch over Bill as he sleeps. Sookie suggests that she should sleep next to him instead of stressing her body further by not resting during the day. Jessica slowly climbs into bed and lays next to Bill, who is already dead to the world. She asks Sookie what she intends to do if she's not willing to accept Bill's imminent death. Sookie admits that she doesn't know, but that she is a great believer in miracles, and she will find one to save Bill. She bids Jessica a good night/morning, and sets out to find her miracle.

Young William, 1855

Bill dreams about his human life in Bon Temps in 1855. William is approximately 20-years-old and is seen in his family's stable, settling the saddle on his horse. William and his father, William Sr., are having a disagreement about marriage. William wants to marry for love, but his father is ill and dying, and tells him that there's no time for that. In order to ensure the financial security of William's mother Margaret after William Sr. dies, young William must marry the daughter of their new rich neighbors, Caroline Shelby. William protests, as he has never even seen her. William Sr. has, and describes Caroline as "comely." Young William believes this to be a euphemism for plain and dowdy. He reluctantly agrees for his parents' sake.

Hoyt returns with a new girlfriend, Brigette.

Hoyt Fortenberry returns to Bon Temps and pulls up to what he thinks is still Merlotte's, but is now Bellefleur's. He exits the car with his new girlfriend, Brigette. Arlene sees the unfamiliar car pull up, and yells to Big John that they have customers. She happily positions herself to greet the customers, as the bar and grill is completely empty. She is surprised and happy to see Hoyt. The two old friends hug and quickly offer each other their condolences for their recent losses. Arlene ushers Hoyt and Brigette in and tells them to sit anywhere they like. They choose a booth and Arlene brings them menus. Hoyt mentions that they're in a hurry to get to the Bon Temps Police Station to speak with "Officer..." "Stackhouse," Brigette reminds him. Arlene is understandably puzzled as to why Hoyt does not appear to remember Jason, who had been his best friend. She does not know that Jessica had glamoured away Hoyt's memories of her and Jason, at Hoyt's behest.

Jason is cheerfully vacuuming up the flower petals on his living room floor when his phone rings. It is Arlene, telling him that Hoyt is in her bar and does not appear to know him. Jason confirms that Hoyt doesn't know him anymore, and to say nothing else about him until he gets there. Jason runs into his bedroom to get dressed.

Adilyn and Wade in the sex room.

Adilyn and Wade are kneeling in front of each other on the bed in their underwear, surrounded by dildos and other toys, and are awkwardly discussing the amount of lube to use. Having no knowledge of these devices, they decide to look for something else to use. As they fumble about, Adilyn hears Wade's thoughts that reveal that he is not into all of this, and only wishes to satisfy her desires. She excitedly tells him that she's not into any of it either, and that she was only going along with it because she assumed that Wade was more experienced. He confesses that he had been as much a virgin with her as she had been with him. Relieved, they make love without using Violet's accessories.

Jason enters Bellefleur's and quickly catches sight of an unfamiliar hot blond girl walking out of the restroom. The girl politely smiles and walks to the booth occupied by a man who is facing away from Jason. Arlene notices Jason's ogling of the girl, and hisses that she is Hoyt's new girlfriend. Jason composes himself and walks to their booth. He introduces himself to Hoyt, who apparently doesn't remember their encounter during the fake traffic stop the night before Hoyt left for Alaska. Hoyt introduces himself and Brigette. Jason is noticeably uncomfortable at history repeating itself; once again, he is extremely attracted to Hoyt's girlfriend. Hoyt invites Jason to join them for breakfast. Jason tries to decline, but Brigette offers the seat next to her. Jason nervously takes the seat next to her, and immediately becomes clutzy with the silverware.

A roaring black Hummer pulls up to the Sookie's house, with loud rock music blaring. Out steps the diminutive Dr. Ludwig, who is greeted by Sookie. Not caring for pleasantries, Dr. Ludwig asks where her patient is. Sookie explains that she thought meeting at her house was safer for Dr. Ludwig on account of Bill being a vampire. Dr. Ludwig rolls her eyes and retorts that she fears nothing and no one, and has no natural enemies. Sookie leads her to Bill's house.

William meets Caroline.

Bill continues dreaming of his human life. The Compton family attend the Shelby family picnic, a typical setting of the high society in the antebellum South. They make their way toward the Shelby's table and are met halfway by Stewart and Claire Shelby. Just then, their daughter Caroline rises from the table and turns to reveal herself as a strikingly beautiful young woman, for whom young William is instantly smitten with. Later, Caroline and William sit together alone at a table, while their parents eye them approvingly from a distance. They admit to each other that they were both pleasantly surprised by the other's appearances. Caroline had been expecting William to be overweight like his father. William tells her that he had had low expectations from his father's old-fashioned description of her as "comely." To avoid their parents' unabashed staring, they decide to take a stroll together.

Dr. Ludwig tries to help Bill.

Dr. Ludwig tries to rouse Bill from his daytime rest by shouting his name and shaking him. Sookie urges her to use caution because Bill does not like to be awakened this way. Dr. Ludwig reiterates that she fears nothing and no one, and without the hint of hesitation, continues to shake Bill out of his sleep. He awakes with a start, bearing his fangs. Unperturbed, Dr. Ludwig tells him to put his fangs away and to meet her downstairs. In the parlor, Dr. Ludwig examines Bill, and congratulates him for being the only patient to gross her out. She asks Bill when he was infected. Bill turns to Sookie, but Dr. Ludwig tells them bluntly that she has no time for sparing any hurt feelings if there is a possibility of Bill being infected through an act of infidelity. Bill replies that he and Sookie are no longer a couple anyway. Sookie assures Dr. Ludwig that Bill definitely contracted Hepatitis V from her. Dr. Ludwig doubts this because of the speed of the disease's progression. Bill asks if Sookie's status as a Halfling would explain the acceleration. Dr. Ludwig recounts a recent vampire patient in Monroe who had shown a similar fast progression of the disease. That vampire had contracted the virus from his full-blooded faerie boyfriend; however, the virus still had not progressed as rapidly in that vampire as it is in Bill. Dr. Ludwig asks the name of Sookie's Fae line. Sookie does not know, but mentions that she could ask Niall. Dr. Ludwig's eyes go wide and asks incredulously, "Niall Brigant?" Sookie is surprised that Dr. Ludwig knows who he is, but even more surprised when Dr. Ludwig immediately bolts from the house in fear at the very mention of Niall's name.

A new love triangle: Hoyt, Jason and Brigette.

Hoyt and Brigette look solemnly at the body of Mrs. Fortenberry in the morgue. Jason stands away in the observation room, trying to tear his eyes away from Brigette. Hoyt begins to blame himself for not being there to protect his mother, and starts crying. Brigette tries to console him, and signals to Jason to come into the room. He awkwardly enters the room. Brigette whispers to Jason if he had known Mrs. Fortenberry; he replied that he had. She then asks if he would talk to Hoyt, as someone who had known his mother. Jason agrees, but before Jason can offer any real words of encouragement, Hoyt asks him how his mother had been killed. Jason begins to explain the mob mentality led by Vince. When Hoyt asks if mother had been part of the mob, Jason lies and says that she had been an innocent bystander. Hoyt then asks if the police had killed his mother's vampire killer. Jason again lies and states that they had. Hoyt suddenly hugs Jason out of gratitude, who becomes even more uncomfortable when Brigette hugs the both of them from behind Jason.

Sookie is in the Bon Temps Cemetery and walks up to the graves of Bill and his family: Thomas, Sarah, and Caroline Compton. She looks up hopefully and calls out for Niall to come and help her save Bill. When Niall does not appear, Sookie storms off for her house. She enters her house to find Niall in her kitchen, grabbing a can of tomato sauce. He asks her to prepare him her spaghetti recipe that he enjoys so much. She does so, but she's very impatient that the two get to Bill before it is too late. Niall is not so concerned, and asks what she expects him to do if the doctor couldn't help him. Sookie is surprised to find out that Niall had seen the entire exchange. He replies that he is always watching her. She then asks why Dr. Ludwig was so frightened by the mention of his name. He replied that it was probably due to the fact that he and his royal bloodline have killed many dwarfs throughout the millennia. Sookie is horrified by the callousness of this revelation, and the realization that if Niall is always watching her, then he would have been standing idly by while she was infecting Bill. He states that he didn't stop the infection because he doesn't like Bill being with her. Trying to keep composure, Sookie tells Niall that, as far as she is concerned, being Fae royalty is meaningless. If they are truly special, then he should perform their special magic for her. Niall agrees.

Sarah drives up alone to the now-abandoned Light of Day Institute. She gets out and walks around the empty campgrounds, and is immediately overwhelmed with memories of her time spent there. She hears the voices of her former followers chanting their dedications to the Fellowship of the Sun. As she saunters to the playing field, she hears the sounds of the cadets playing touch football in their team-building exercises. She hallucinates Jason the way she remembered him from that day, carefree with his gray shirt tied around his head. It is apparent that she is expressing the symptoms of a breakdown as she tells Jason how glad she is to see him, and how alone she's been. He tells her that she should feel alone, and taunts her by telling her that Eric is going to kill her that very night. She denies this and tells Jason that he's just a figment of her imagination. Jason retorts that he might be, but death isn't. She continues to argue with him until the hallucination fades. Unbeknownst to her, the Yakonomo Corporation has located her via satellite. The Yakuza are anxious to get to her. Mr. Gus is unsure about leaving, as it is still daytime and Eric and Pam are still resting. One of his assistants tells him that he doesn't need them, and he can always find another vampire to be his spokesperson.

Arlene and Sam discusses his ultimatum.

Sam chats with Arlene at Bellefleur's about his inability to make a decision about staying in Bon Temps or leaving town with Nicole. He asks her if he's crazy for even struggling with the decision, given all of the trouble he's experienced while living there. Arlene offers insight into Sam's character as someone who has spent most of his life running away from problems, and Bon Temps has been the only exception to that. She asks him to consider if he would feel as though he would be running away from something or running toward something if he chose to leave. She then follows up the question by asking if he could even be happy without Nicole and the baby if he chose to stay. As he ponders her questions, Sam asks Arlene if she is happy in Bon Temps. She admits that she's not, but that she puts on a happy front for the sake of her loved ones.

Andy and Holly arrive at the lake house in Oklahoma to find that the kids are nowhere to be found. Overcome with guilt of having run the kids off, Andy starts crying over his inability to protect his loved ones from disappearing; first Holly, then Adilyn. Holly consoles him by telling him that he's only a person, and that she knows that they will find Adilyn and Wade.

Niall and Sookie channel nature's memory.

As Sookie and Niall walk the familiar path to Bill's house through the cemetery, Niall suddenly steps off and sits on a dead branch. Irritated by his apparent stalling, Sookie asks what is wrong. Niall tells her that they need to channel nature's memory of Bill's life to show her the miracle that she's looking for. They begin to channel nature's memory of Caroline giving birth to Sarah, showing the two ecstatic new parents cradling their baby girl. Niall marvels over the memory of the birth, but Sookie doesn't see the relevance, as there is nothing miraculous about an explainable event that occurs thousands of times every single day. He argues that there is magic in birth and many other ordinary events, including life, love, and death. Sookie realizes that Niall is telling her that his magic cannot save Bill, and she needs to accept that no miracle exists for him anymore. Disappointed and on the verge of tears, she thanks Niall for his concern and asks him to leave.

Little Crystal from church walks into her bedroom and sets her backpack on her bed. She begins to unzip it when she hears the sounds of tools being used in the yard outside of her window. She pulls back the curtains and sees Lettie Mae and Lafayette digging up the yard in front of her house. Frightened, she calls out for her mother.

Arlene tells Keith that she is a Hep-V carrier.

Arlene sits alone in her empty bar, buzzed from the mostly-empty bottle of alcohol that she has downed. Keith walks in; the setting is so familiar that Arlene asks him if she is dreaming again. He replies that she is not, and that he was able to find her because he felt her anguish. He offers his hand to her. She takes it and stands up. As he leads her into a slow dance, Keith tells her that he came as soon as the sun set. She nervously dances with him, and expresses surprise that he was able to feel her because she thought that vampires only sensed when their humans were in danger. He replies that her pain is a danger to her, and starts to nuzzle her. She stops and pulls away, telling him that she is a Hepatitis V carrier, which means that they cannot have a feeding or sexual relationship. He offers his hand again and says, "Then let's just dance." Amazed that a vampire would be content to be with her without feeding or sex, she accepts his hand again and weeps for joy. They continue to dance alone in the bar.

Violet's prisoner: Adilyn.

Violet awakens and greets Adilyn and Wade, who are still in bed. She casually picks up the furry handcuffs laying on the table. Adilyn tells her that they didn't use her sex toys. Violet replied that that was alright, because they were going to use them now. She suddenly bares her fangs. Wade leaps up to shield Adilyn, but Violet casually tosses him aside. In a flash, Violet handcuffs Adilyn to the bed post. Adilyn's terror wakes Jessica at once, who immediately races out of the Bill's house. Bill awakes and calls out for Jessica, but it's too late.

Eric awakes with a start and calls out for Pam, telling her that they overslept. They quickly get out of bed and rush into the living room of Amber's house to find all of the Yakonomo personnel and equipment having been cleared out. Thinking that they have been betrayed and left behind, Eric opens the front door to find Mr. Gus and the Yakuza waiting for them. Mr. Gus had not broken his promise to include Eric and Pam in their acquisition of Sarah Newlin; his word is oak.

Sookie rushes out of her house in the same dress and in the same fashion as the night she lost her virginity to Bill. She runs through the cemetery and straight for the Bill's house. When she arrives, she tells Bill that she will remain with him until the end. She then pulls him in for their first kiss since their bitter break-up at the conclusion of season 3.

Sarah, going crazy and hallucinating her former lovers.

Sarah cowers in the old barracks for the Soldiers of the Sun, muttering maniacally to the hallucinations of Steve Newlin and Guru Sanbir Dutta that she's been a good person and that they are the only men that she's ever slept with. Steve scoffs at her claim, reminding her that she had cheated on him with Jason during their marriage. Sanbir then scolds her for her dishonesty which had cost him his head. Steve laughs and points out that Governor Burrell, another past lover of Sarah's, died the same way. Steve launches into his reverend game and tells Sarah that she's going to die tonight, and that he was there to give her the choice of going to heaven or hell. Sanbir interjects that there is no hell, and that there is only life and nothingness. Steve rejects this dichotomy and gives his spiel about how Christianity offers much better options, and that she should revert back to her old ways before she is killed. Sanbir smiles and tells Sarah to keep following his path and die a Buddhist. Sarah defiantly rejects both of their ideologies, and chooses herself, for she is the cure. A hallucination of Jason appears, laughing at her choice since Sarah has accomplished nothing on her own. She is suddenly gripped with fear as she hears the approach of car engines outside. It is indeed the Yakuza, Mr. Gus, Eric, and Pam.

Bill and Sookie make love in front of the fireplace in his living room, just as they had their first time.



  • This episode currently hasn’t received any awards.


  • This episode does not contain any allusions.

Bloopers and Continuity Errors[]

  • There are no bloopers that occur in this episode.


  • When Sarah arrives at the abandoned Light of Day Institute she remembers the events that took place there, such as the flag football game and the song performed by Amanda Jayne. All of these events occurred during the second season.
  • While at the Light of Day Institute, Sarah hallucinates all of her former lovers: Jason, Steve Newlin, Guru Sanbir Dutta, and the severed head of Truman Burrell.
  • Sookie running to Bill's house and the two of them making love by the fireplace mirrors the scene in which they make love for the first time in "Cold Ground".


  • Bill has a flashback to 1855 when his father informs him that he will be marrying a Shelby, whom he describes as "comely." Later, in another flashback, Bill meets Caroline for the first time and the two hit it off.
  • Using nature's memory, Sookie and Niall see a flashback to Bill's wife Caroline giving birth to their daughter Sarah.


  • There are no miscredits that occur in this episode.


  • "May Be the Last Time" - Ndidi Onukwulu


  • Rutina Wesley, Amelia Rose Blaire, Tara Buck, Gregg Daniel, Nathan Parsons, and Jurnee Smollett-Bell are all credited but do not appear in this episode.


  • Aside from being named after the song that plays over the ending credits, the title of this episode is likely a reference to Bill and Sookie making love for what may be the last time, considering Bill's quickly deteriorating health.


  • There is currently no trivia associated with this episode.

Memorable Quotes[]

Andy Bellefleur: "Even if they don't want to answer, teenagers can have a Pavlovian response to a ringing cell phone."

Violet Mazurski: (to Wade) "You sweet, sweet boy.  Your imagination is a muscle.  Use it or lose it."

Pam: "You want Eric to be your fucking spokesperson for your vampire Jenny Craig commercials?"

Mr. Gus: "I ain't no homo, but you have to admit that he is a handsome devil."

Dr. Patricia Ludwig: "I'm so fucking outta here!"

Memorable Dialogue[]

Guru Sanbir Dutta: "Follow the path, Noomi. Die a Buddhist."
Steve Newlin: "Fuck the path, Sarah! Die a Christian!"



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Episode Ratings[]

Episode # Episode Title Viewers (in millions)
#7.07 (77) "May Be the Last Time" 3.39

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