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Advertisements for products targeted specifically at vampires were a common part of the mainstreaming movement.

"This is about order, instead of chaos! This is about mercy, instead of sadism. This is about balance. This is about peace."
―Roman Zimojic[src]

Mainstreaming refers to a social movement within the vampire race, in which vampires attempt to integrate themselves into everyday human society. On the HBO original series True Blood, the mainstreaming movement was made possible by the invention of synthetic blood, which prompted vampires to reveal their existence to humanity, in an event known as The Great Revelation. The Great Revelation was informally known as "coming out of the coffin," and was orchestrated by Roman, the Guardian of the Vampire Authority. Attitudes towards mainstreaming within the vampire community were mixed, with some, particularly older vampires, regarding "mainstreamers" as traitors, who have lost all sense of their priorities.

The defining characteristic of vampires who seek to mainstream is subsidence on Tru Blood. While some mainstreamers may have a monogamous human lover whom they feed on, most mainstreamers eschew human blood entirely. Another common trait of mainstreaming vampires is the desire to live apart from other vampires. Either alone, or with humans.

Following the death of Roman Zimojic in November, 2009, the mainstreaming movement was abandoned by the Sanguinistas who had taken over the Vampire Authority. The Authority was destroyed shortly after and the movement continued.

Opposition to mainstreaming[]

"You have no nest. You prefer to consort with humans. You seem to have lost all sense of our priorities"
The Magister, to Bill Compton[src]

Not all vampires approved of mainstreaming, however. Some believed it placed vampires as a whole in unnecessary danger by exposing them to humanity. Others believed that vampires were naturally superior to humans, and that vampires should be subjugating them, not trying to co-exist with them.