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"Love is to Die"
Season 7, Episode 9
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Air date August 17, 2014
Written by Brian Buckner
Directed by Howard Deutch
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"Love is to Die" is the ninth episode of the seventh and final season of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' seventy-ninth episode overall.


Sookie retreats in confusion. Sam makes a choice. Jason exercises uncharacteristic restraint, while Eric faces a dilemma after being caught in a lie.


"I care about very few people in this world. A small handful of vampires... and you."
― Eric Northman

Bill releases Jessica.

Jessica angrily asks Bill why he is refusing to feed on Sarah Newlin and, thus, be cured from his accelerated case of Hepatitis V. When Bill hesitates to answer, Sookie accuses him of not even having a reason. Bill states that he has accepted his fate, to which Jessica correctly points out that accepting his fate only makes sense if there is no alternative. As they argue, Pam nervously tells them to keep their voices down, fearful that they will be overheard by the Yakuza standing by upstairs. Sookie steps in and tells Bill that death is no longer his fate, but a willful choice of suicide. And while he will not have to suffer the consequences of his choice, he is knowingly forcing his loved ones to suffer in his place. Bill acknowledges that he is choosing to die, which garners shocked looks from everyone, including Eric and Pam. Jessica angrily shouts, "Fuck you, Bill!," and turns away from him. Sookie, feeling the same anger and hurt as Jessica, slaps Bill across the face, and demands to know his reason for choosing to die. Bill weakly replies that he cannot explain. Sookie slaps him again, and again demands an explanation. Bill again states that he cannot adequately explain himself. She raises her hand to slap him again, but Eric rushes at her at vampire speed and stops her. He tells Bill to leave, and reminds him not to reveal the truth about Sarah to anyone. Bill agrees, and begins to head for the tunnel that leads to the back entrance into Fangtasia. As he begins to walk out, Jessica demands that Bill release her. He hesitates at first, but she adamantly demands her freedom before he dies. Bill begins by telling her that although he had never intended to become a maker, and that turning her had been his punishment for killing Longshadow, he is proud of his progeny and is confident that she will thrive without him. He then releases her, and walks out of the dungeon, leaving both Jessica and Sookie to weep, already mourning his passing. Uncharacteristically, Pam embraces Jessica to comfort her. But, in true Pam style, warns Jessica that she will have to pay for the cleaning bill if she gets her blood tears on her jacket.

Sam and Nicole leave Bon Temps for good.

Sookie and Jessica pull up to Sam's trailer in Alcide's old truck. Jessica exits the truck first to make sure that there are no rabid Hepatitis V vampires lurking about. When she sees that the coast is clear, she tells Sookie that it is safe for her to get out of the truck. They both enter Sam's trailer to find that it has been completely emptied except for the stripped furniture. Bewildered, Sookie wonders aloud where he has gone. Jessica finds two letters on the coffee table; one is addressed to Sookie. Jessica asks if she wants some privacy while she reads the letter, but Sookie tells her that she doesn't want to be alone. Sookie sits down on the couch to read Sam's letter out loud; Jessica joins her on the couch. As she reads, we see a flashback of Sam and Nicole emptying the trailer and filling his pick-up truck with several boxes. Sam explains to Sookie that he loves Nicole and he will not choose Bon Temps over his unborn daughter. He tells her that she has an invitation to visit them in Chicago after the birth, and he loves her. Having lost yet another friend (but not to death, for a change), she curls up in Jessica's arms.

Jessica gives James and Lafayette her blessing.

Jessica and Sookie enter Bellefleur's from the back entrance, carrying Sam's other letter. A very excited Arlene greets Sookie and hugs her. Jessica uncomfortably glances over at James and Lafayette, who are both setting up tables. Lafayette cheerfully says "Hey Redbone!" Jessica greets him back, albeit uneasily. Arlene is strangely upbeat and dancing in place. Sookie glances around the sparsely-populated bar and asks what is going on. Arlene asks Sookie if she has seen the movie Field of Dreams. Sookie replies that she has not, to which Arlene then asks Big John to repeat the famous line from the film: "If you build it, [they] will come." Arlene explains that business will not improve until they appear to be as successful as they had been, so she has invited all of their friends to patron the bar to look like regular customers. Sookie is unable to get into the festive spirit, which Lafayette notices. He asks her if she is okay. She replies that Sam has left town. This shocks everyone, including Andy. Sookie asks to speak to him privately, and they retreat to the back office. Sookie tells Andy that Sam has written letters to both of them, and she hands him the second envelope. She tells Andy that her letter had been emotionally charged, and figured it would be better to have him read his letter in private. Andy thanks her for her prudence. She then asks if he wants to be alone, but he tells her that she may stay while he reads the letter. The anticipation builds to reveal the full contents of Andy's letter: "Dear Sheriff Bellefleur, I resign. Sincerely, Sam Merlotte." Out in the restaurant, Arlene, Holly and Willa are putting table covers down, as James and Lafayette display affection that shows that they are now an official couple. Jessica sits alone at the bar, and James walks over to her. He apologizes for the nastiness of their break-up. She confesses that she doesn't know very much about James, which takes him by surprise. She informs him that Lafayette had correctly pointed out that she knew little about him because she never cared to ask him anything about himself or his past. She apologizes for not having shown an interest in his life. As Lafayette watches from a distance, Jessica asks James if the two of them are happy together. James replies that they are, to which she responds that she is happy for them, too. She gives him a kiss on the cheek. He thanks her for her blessing. As she gets up from her stool, Jessica asks James to escort Sookie home later. Concerned, he tells her that he will and asks her where she is going. She does not answer, and walks out of the bar.

Jessica tells Hoyt the truth about their past.

Hoyt sits in his living room, watching TV. He makes a pained face at the sound of glassware clinking together in the kitchen, and turns to look at Brigette, who is washing them. The tension reaches a boiling point when an exasperated Brigette tells Hoyt that they need to talk about their argument from the night before about his lack of desire to have children. Hoyt tells her that he loves her, and if he was ever going to have a family, it would be with her. But at the present, he is not ready to be a father. She appears to accept his answer, but then blurts out the other thing that has been weighing on her mind: Jessica. She asks to know who she is to Hoyt. He answers honestly that he does not know her. Brigette jealously retorts that he knows who she is now, and demands to know where he had been earlier that day. Hoyt replies that he had been with Jason. She makes it obvious that she doesn't believe that he was with Jason the entire day. Slowly, he admits that he had gone to see Jessica at Bill's house, but explains that he was donating blood to her dying maker. Feeling that she is catching him in a lie, she challenges him on the claim that he doesn't know Jessica, but he does know her maker. Hoyt confirms that Bill was the first vampire he had ever known, and that Hoyt had always been fascinated by him and his life, as well as the fact that Bill had always been kind to him. She asks him to swear to her that he is not lying; he does so honestly. She relents and apologizes for having been suspicious, stating that she knows he is not the kind of person to cheat on her. Hoyt tells her that it is okay, and takes her in his arms. Just as he starts suggesting that he make dinner, there's a knock at the door. A female voice calls out Hoyt's name. Brigette's demeanor immediately changes again, and asks Hoyt who the woman outside is, even though it is obvious that she already knows that it is Jessica. This time, Hoyt lies and says that he doesn't know. She removes herself from his embrace and answers the door. She asks Jessica what she wants. Jessica stammers out an apology for interrupting and asks to come in, but Brigette refuses her request. She then angrily accuses Hoyt of having lied to her about knowing Jessica. Jessica replies that Hoyt is not lying, but admits that she knows him, but he doesn't know her. Brigette rejects this claim as being impossible. Jessica counters that it is possible, and that she has come to explain why Hoyt doesn't remember her. She starts by telling him that they had once lived together and were "so, so, happy" until she "f*cked it up." Brigette cuts her off and tells her that she needs to leave, but Hoyt interjects; he needs to know about the events of his own life that have been hidden from him. But Brigette replies that she cannot listen to any more of this, and if he wants to hear more about his lost love, then he must join Jessica outside, but that would mean the end of their relationship. Jessica uncomfortably walks away as Hoyt mulls over Brigette's ultimatum. He then apologizes to Brigette, and then leaves her agape in his kitchen. She starts to cry, and then slams the door. Jessica walks alone in the night until she hears Hoyt call her name. He walks up to her and asks her to tell him why she is here. Jessica tells him that Bill released her earlier that night. He immediately sympathizes with her, and asks her why Bill did so. She proceeds to explain to him that Bill refused to take the cure that would save his life, and went on to say that she doesn't understand how her beloved maker would choose to die when he did not have to. Visibly moved, Hoyt asks her if she thought that he might understand this. She replies that she came to Hoyt because she believed that he would understand her, because he had been her first love. Jessica then quickly apologizes for causing trouble between him and Brigette, but she felt that she had really needed to talk to him, which she admits is extremely selfish of her to do. Hoyt tells her that it no longer matters, and that when she calms down, she can tell him about their history together. They embrace each other warmly for the first time since Season 4.

Jason makes dinner for himself in his kitchen when his cell phone starts to ring. An emotional woman on the other line apologizes for bothering him, but he is the only other person in town that she knows. She asks Jason to pick her up. He answers that he can, but then asks who she is. It is, of course, Brigette; Jason clarifies with "Hoyt's Brigette?" She sadly replies that she is not his Brigette anymore. He asks her what happened, and she tells him that Jessica had shown up on his doorstep and had begun telling them about their previous life together. As she talks, Jason hurriedly shuts off his stove and frantically searches for his car keys. He admits to her that the situation is about to get much worse as he races out the door.

Sookie asks Arlene for advice about moving on.

Sookie sits alone at the bar, while everyone else is assembled together at multiple tables that had been pushed together. Seated at the table is Keith, Arlene, Rocky, Andy, Holly, Willa, James, Wade, and Adilyn. Big John comes out to serve the group a large bowl of dirty rice. Rocky comments that he doesn't like dirty rice, but Holly tells him that he does now. Arlene tells Big John to sit and eat with them, since Lafayette is commandeering the kitchen; he graciously accepts her offer. As the group chatters amongst itself, Adilyn notices Sookie's long face and telepathically asks her if she is going to join them. Sookie shakes her head and telepathically replies no. Arlene notices the nonverbal exchange between them, and asks Adilyn if Sookie is okay. Adilyn shakes her head no. Arlene excuses herself from the table and joins Sookie at the bar. She asks Sookie if she is hungry; Sookie shakes her head no. She offers to ask Keith to escort Sookie home, but again, Sookie just shakes her head. Instead, she smiles and alludes to Arlene's new relationship with Keith. Arlene confirms this, but assures Sookie that they are treading cautiously on account of Arlene's status as a Hepatitis V carrier. Sookie remarks how ironic it is that Arlene would embark on a relationship with a vampire, given her history of being very prejudiced against them. Arlene agrees that it is very unexpected, and asks Sookie for advice on dating a vampire. Sookie immediately tells her that she is the last person to be giving advice on the subject. She then painfully tells Arlene that Bill is dying from an accelerated case of Hepatitis V. Sookie marvels at Arlene's ability to pick up the pieces of her life time after time when things fall apart around her. Arlene tells her that she has to commit herself entirely to moving on before she can actually do so. Sookie admits that she feels horribly guilty for not feeling the same amount of passion for Alcide because she never truly moved on from Bill. She goes on to say that she never wants to shortchange any other future partners; Arlene remarks that she won't, know that she has acknowledged her mistakes. On the verge of tears, Sookie tells Arlene that she loves her. Arlene smiles and tells her that she loves her, too. She gets up and ushers Sookie over to the table to join the others. Sookie mutters that she doesn't like dirty rice either.

Bill asks Eric to speak to Sookie on his behalf.

There's a knock at the door of Bill's house. Bill answers the door and is surprised to see Eric. The two go into the study to discuss Bill's bizarre decision that night. Eric tells Bill that he had felt the same sense of despair and nihilism when Pam had found him in France. He identifies this attitude as an another symptom of Hepatitis V, but Bill denies that his mental health is being affected by the disease. He then asks Eric why he is there trying to talk him out of his decision. Eric replies that he is arguing on Sookie's behalf, and that Bill's decision to die is causing her unnecessary grief. Bill counters that he is doing this for Sookie's benefit, and that although Sookie doesn't want him to die, he needs to die for her best interest. Sookie loves Bill, and will never move on with her life and truly love another as long as he still lives. Eric believes that Bill is being arrogant; Bill ignores this comment and tells Eric that it's not only her personality that draws them to Sookie, but her nature as a Faerie plays a part in it, too. Conversely, her light is continuously drawn to their darkness. Bill then asks Eric if his condition had progressed to experiencing fever dreams. Eric replies that it had. Bill then recounts his nightmare of Sookie and the black mass of nothingness that she cradled in her arms. Eric appears genuinely disturbed by this dream. Bill insists that this void of death is the only thing he has brought into Sookie's life: lies, threats, physical attacks which culminated in a near-rape. Despite all of this, Sookie cannot get over him. Bill states that the only way to free her is to die. He then asks Eric to ask Sookie if he may "call on her" later that night, so that he can have another chance to explain his reasons. Eric moves uncomfortably in his chair at this request; he has no desire to be a mediator in their relationship problems. Bill reminds Eric that this will be the very last request he would ever ask of him. Eric agrees to speak to Sookie. They both rise, and Bill offers to see Eric out. Eric tells Bill to conserve his energy, and heads out of the house.

Jason tells an amused Brigette that he won't have sex with her.

Jason races up to the Fortenberry house in his cruiser with the lights unnecessarily flashing and the siren sounding. He stops in front of Hoyt and Jessica standing in front of each other. Upon seeing that it is Jason, Hoyt is clearly not happy to see him. Jason exits the car. Jessica asks what he is doing there, as Hoyt begins to angrily walk away from him. Jason states that Brigette had called him, and begins to explain his side of things when Hoyt cold-cocks him in the same manner as he had in the Season 4 episode "And When I Die," when Jason first confessed his affair with Jessica. Jason drops to the ground, knocked out cold. Now sporting a black eye, he comes to in the passenger seat of his cruiser, which is being driven by Brigette. He groggily tells her that he's not supposed to allow civilians drive the cruiser, and then asks where they are going. She replies that she is taking him to the hospital to make sure that he did not have a concussion. He tells her that nobody has been staffing the hospital at nights since the attacks by the rabid Hepatitis V vampires. He suggests that they go to his house. She asks him if she would be imposing if she stayed the night. He replies that she wouldn't, but tells her that he hopes that she will be okay with the fact that he refuses to have sex with her. Left temporarily speechless at his presumptuousness, she asks him why he would expect her to want sex from him right after she had just had her heart broken by Hoyt. Without going into detail, Jason makes it clear that sex is usually what happens when a young lady stays at his house.

Sarah whimpers to herself in the dungeon, still bound and gagged. Suddenly, the door opens and two Yakuza men make their way down the stairs. She begins to cry out at the sight of them walking toward her. They stand her up and unchain her and lead her, kicking and screaming, up the stairs. They bring her into the back office of Fangtasia and sit her in a chair. Sarah muffles "What do you want?" and begins to panic at the sight of Pam stirring something in a bowl. Pam reveals her desired method of torment: dying Sarah's hair back to her natural blond.

Brigette argues with a Delta agent over the phone in Jason's bedroom. She is wearing one of his old t-shirts and shorts, and is trying to book a flight back to Alaska for the following day. Jason appears at the door and heads into the bathroom to grab his toothbrush and toothpaste. Seeing her lack of success, he asks why the airline is being difficult. She tells him that unless she qualifies for a bereavement fare, the flight will cost her $1200. He then asks if the agent is a man or a woman. Confused, Brigette answers that the agent is a woman. He confidently replies "I got this." She is once again amazed at his seemingly over-confidence at charming women, and hands him the phone. He introduces himself as the deputy of the Renard Parish, and begins to sweet talk the agent, Marlise, and tells her that Brigette is suffering from PTSD caused by the rabid Hepatitis V vampire attacks. After a few seconds of coaxing, Jason successfully convinces Marlise to book Brigette's flight as a bereavement fare. Impressed, Brigette thanks Jason for his help. He bids her good night and heads into the living room. He plops down into the La-Z Boy in front of his TV, and grabs the frozen peas from the bowl on the table next to him. He puts the frozen package to his black eye, and quietly tells himself that he will not go back into the bedroom, and that he will just go to sleep.

Jessica tells Hoyt that she's ready to be with him again.

In similar fashion, Hoyt puts a frozen package of vegetables on his sore hand, as he sits in his living room. Jessica offers to heal him. Instead, Hoyt asks her why she had broken up with him. She explains that she had entered a relationship with Hoyt almost immediately after being made vampire, which had prevented her from exploring the numerous opportunities and experiences that were now suddenly available to the formerly sheltered seventeen year old human girl who had been home-schooled by her uber-religious parents. He then asks if she has since found herself, and discovered what she wants out of life. She replies that she has, and that his return has given her back the hope of having a meaningful future. He smiles, and tells her that she may heal his wound. She approaches him and removes the bag of frozen vegetables from his hand. She bares her fangs, which makes Hoyt jump a bit. Instead of allowing him to drink her blood (and therefore, compromise his feelings toward her), she cuts her thumb on her fang and rubs her blood into his wound. She retracts her fangs as his wound heals.

Pam and Sarah have a little girl talk.

A gagged Sarah sits quietly with her head covered in foil as Pam continues the dye process. Pam asks the Yakuza men monitoring them if she can remove Sarah's gag to reach the hair that the gag is blocking. They stare at her blankly, as they do not understand English. Seeing that she will get nowhere with them, Pam proceeds to glamour Sarah into not screaming, and removes her gag. Sarah coughs a bit, and thanks her. Pam responds by telling her to put her chin down. Sarah asks for water, but Pam ignores her request and again orders her to bow her head forward so that she can dye the hair on the back of her head. Sarah weakly asks what will happen to her. Pam replies that Sarah reminds her of one of the prostitutes -- a teenage girl named Mary -- that she had employed during her human days as a whorehouse madam. The Yakuza men perk up at the sound of "whorehouse," and Pam remarks that this English word, of all words, is the one that they understand. She goes on to say that like Sarah, Mary believed herself to be above prostitution when, in reality, she had been born with the whore mentality. Horrified, Sarah realizes that they intend to sell her, and protests that she is no longer necessary since her blood has already been synthesized as New Blood. Pam informs her that New Blood will be extremely diluted to keep sick vampires dependent on the product, while Sarah alone will be the only true cure. She goes on to say that if she uses her wits, she will be the most expensive and famous prostitute of all time. Sarah pathetically weeps at the thought.

Jason tells Brigette the truth about himself, Hoyt and Jessica.

Jason continues to ice his uninjured groin while dozing off in his La-Z Boy. Brigette appears in the living room, unable to sleep. Jason immediately removes the package of frozen peas from his lap. She tells him that she can't sleep because her mind is too active, and that she's hungry. He replies that all he has stocked is beer and the frozen peas that he's been using for an ice pack. She agrees to a beer, and grabs two from the fridge. She asks him what he's watching on TV. He remarks on the absurdity of whole towns being wiped out by rabid Hepatitis V vampires, and yet vapid infomercials for skin care products still air as usual. They sit together at the breakfast bar, drinking their beers. Curiously, Brigette asks what Jason would have done if the Delta agent had been a man. He answers that he still would have tried to help, but admits that he very likely would have been unsuccessful. She comments on his ease with charming women, and he replies that some people do tend to have it easier with certain things; for him, interacting with girls has always come easily to him (he does not mention, or even seem to know, that his success with women may be a trait inherited from his Fae heritage). Brigette states that his success with women has little to do with his appearance, and more to do with how kindly he treats them. He looks away uncomfortably, probably reflecting on how easily he had discarded many of his female conquests in the past. He tells her that if he really was a kind person, her troubles with Hoyt never would have happened. She doesn't understand, and asks to know the back story that he is alluding to. Jason proceeds to tell her about his lifelong friendship with Hoyt, starting with their earliest childhood that involved school and playing sports together. The only aspect in which they differed was girls: Hoyt had remained virginal, while Jason had been always been a hound; that is, until they met Jessica. Seeing the pained look on Brigette's face, Jason pauses and tells her that he won't continue because the account is clearly making her uncomfortable. She insists that he continue, and he does so, describing Hoyt and Jessica's relationship as epic until he came in between them. Jason admits that he foolishly tried to blame his attraction to Jessica on the fact that he had drank her blood prior to their affair, but acknowledges that the blood had not forced him to act on his attraction. He sadly comments that he has never been able to abstain from sex when presented with the opportunity, and goes on to say that he confessed his actions to Hoyt out of guilt, and took the beating that he believes he deserved. He recounts Hoyt's words having hurt far more than the blows: "What Jess and I had, it was real. And you ain't never gonna have that. Not with her, not with anybody, because there's something inside you that is just missing." Brigette chimes in and says that Hoyt's words were unfair. Jason disagrees, and tells her that what was unfair was betraying Hoyt, and explains that Hoyt doesn't remember anything because he had asked Jessica to glamour away all of his memories of her and Jason before moving to Alaska. Brigette appears more at peace knowing that Hoyt had not lied to her and had not been unfaithful, but had simply chosen a man who had, for circumstances beyond their control, already met the girl he was meant for. He ends the monologue with the profound sentence, "Hoyt and Jessica belong together." She smiles to herself, and tells Jason to come to bed with her. He is stunned, but she insists that she can teach him to sleep next to a woman without having sex. Throughout this exchange, the audience sees Hoyt and Jessica happily kiss and make love.

Eric convinces Sookie to talk to Bill.

Lafayette, James, and Sookie walk toward Lafayette's car in the Bellefleur's parking lot; behind them, Andy tells everyone to go straight home, as the others leave. Just as Sookie enters the backseat, Eric calls to her from behind a large tree. He asks if they may speak. Sookie tells Lafayette and James that she'll be safe with Eric, and that they can go on home. The two sit at one of the picnic tables outside of Bellefleur's and talk. Eric tells her that he had spoken with Bill earlier at his house. Sookie is surprised that Eric would show such concern for Bill. Eric smiles and states that there is a small number of people that he cares for: a few vampires and her. She asks to know if Bill gave a real explanation for his decision, and describes his behavior in the dungeon as a "suicidal toddler." Eric assures Sookie that Bill knows exactly why he is doing what he is doing, and tells her that she should talk to him. She refuses, saying that she will not acknowledge him if he is choosing to die. Eric gently replies that she is now the one who is acting like a toddler. Sookie admits that she is scared of the pain she will endure once Bill has died. He tells her that she should be afraid, because death is scary. She asks how much time Bill has left. Eric admits that he does not know, but that Bill wants to visit her that very night. Fighting back tears, she asks what Bill will tell her. He answers that Bill's reasons will be that he is choosing death to benefit her. She scoffs at this claim, but he assures her that it will make sense when Bill explains it to her. He stands and asks her if he can "give her a lift home." She points out that he has no car. He extends his hand and makes it clear that he intends to fly her home. She accepts his hand, and he lifts her off the ground.

Jason learns how to have a platonic friendship.

Brigette and Jason lay stiffly side by side in his bed. She asks him how it feels to be physically close without touching. He admits that it feels very weird to him, but good at the same time. He then awkwardly asks what they are supposed to do now. She tells him to reveal something about himself that he has not told anyone else. He appears to have trouble thinking of something to say, so she offers to go first. She confesses to having once participated in cheating on a test. Jason humorously mocks her goody-two-shoes act of wrongdoing. He hesitates for several seconds, and then states "I like pink;" he appears genuinely embarrassed by this (he does not specify if he is referring to the color or the singer). Brigette tries to stifle a chuckle, and asks if he has any deeper revelations. He admits that unlike Hoyt, he really wants to have children, but is afraid of having a daughter who may grow up to date men like him. Brigette replies that Hoyt was wrong about him being deficient, and tells him that he is already everything that a man should be.

Eric and Sookie land in her front yard, a few feet away from her house. He sets her down, and she thanks him for the "lift," and comments that she has never seen Bon Temps from above in that perspective. He smiles and tells her that her phone is ringing, and that it is likely Bill calling to ask if he may visit her. She begins to head inside the house. She turns around and tells him that he has an invitation into her home. Clearly tempted, he instead bids her goodnight, and flies off. She goes inside and answers her ringing cell phone. Bill is indeed on the other line, who asks if she has spoken with Eric. She replies that Eric has just brought her back to her house. As events have come full circle, he repeats his Southern gentile question as he had when they first met and asks if he may "call" on her. She asks if it would be easier if she "called" on him instead. He assures her that he can make it to her house, and tells her that he is on his way. Fearful with anticipation, she ends the call. Bill walks through the cemetery separating his house and Sookie's house. He stops at the graves of his family, mentally preparing himself to join them soon.

Ginger fulfills a lifelong dream with Eric.

Ginger sits alone at the bar in Fangtasia, her head in her hand; the song "Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star plays on the stereo. She lifts her head at the sound of the front door opening. Upon seeing Eric walk in, she angrily asks him if he was ever planning on informing her that he had been cured, or if she meant nothing at all to him. Eric cuts her off, and tells her that he has spent his entire night mediating other people's relationship problems, and gives her a non-apologetic apology for not having immediately told her of his good health. Still feeling uncharacteristically generous, he then offers her sex as a way to make up for his neglect. Ginger looks at him in disbelief, but he confirms that she will finally fulfill her fantasy after fifteen years of waiting. She walks over to him and asks if he is being serious. He answers that he is, and asks her where she had fantasized the act taking place. She excitedly tells him that she had often pictured them on his throne. He replies that that is where they shall copulate, and offers her his hand. She happily accepts his hand, and he leads her up on stage to his chair. He sits down and asks her what occurs next in her fantasy. She growls that she straddles him on the chair, to which he tells her to do so. She hurriedly removes her shoes and climbs into his lap. Ginger can barely catch her breath as she sits on him. Eric bares his fangs and grabs the back of her neck. She quickly reminds him of her status as a Hepatitis V carrier. He tells her that the cure has made him immune, and proceeds to bite her. He then reaches down and rips off her panties. Ginger starts riding him in an exaggerated manner, and comically climaxes within mere seconds. Eric stares at her incredulously as she slides off him backwards onto the bear-skin rug on the stage floor. She writhes around, moaning that the experience was fantastic... and over. He asks her if she is going to be alright. She gives him a thumbs-up from her position on the rug as she continues to breathe heavily. He stands up, fixes his hair, and zips up his pants. By the time he steps over her to walk off the stage, Ginger is contently snoring. He bids her goodnight.

Mr. Gus compels Eric to tell the truth about what Sookie knows.

Eric walks into the back office in search of Pam, but there is no one there. He continues to call her name as he walks down the stairs into the dungeon. He sees Sarah bound and gagged back in her original spot, her hair fully blond again. However, the Yakuza are now pointing weapons at Eric, while Pam is silvered on a table (in the same manner as the Magister had done to her in the Season 3 episode "Hitting the Ground"). A large stake is hoisted above her, held in place by three ropes. Mr. Gus emerges from the back and asks Eric where he has been that night. Eric answers that he had been with friends. Mr. Gus asks if that would include Sookie, the fangbanger. Eric lies and says no. Mr. Gus caresses Pam's hair and tells Eric that despite his generosity, Eric has given him nothing in return except for lies. He shouts an order in Japanese, and one of the Yakuza unsheathes a sword and cuts one of the ropes. The stake instantly drops a foot, as Pam yelps in fear. The display startles Eric, who is now caught between protecting Sookie and saving Pam from the True Death. Mr. Gus then asks if Sookie knows about Sarah. Eric warns Mr. Gus that if any harm comes to Sookie, then the deal between them is off. Mr. Gus informs him that Eric's necessity is only as relevant as he determines it to be, and shouts another order to the Yakuza. The swordsman cuts the second rope, which causes the stake to drop another foot. Mr. Gus kisses Pam on the forehead and bids her goodnight in Japanese. He shouts another order, and the swordsman raises his arm to cut the third rope. Eric shouts for him to stop, and Mr. Gus holds his hand out, signaling the Yakuza to stand by. With the sword on the third rope, Eric reluctantly admits that Sookie knows the truth about Sarah. Mr. Gus sarcastically applauds Eric for his honesty, and asks where Sookie lives.

Bill walks up the steps to Sookie's porch. He opens the screen door and hesitantly knocks. Inside, Sookie is sitting in her living room, dreading her conversation with Bill.



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  • This episode does not contain any allusions.

Bloopers and Continuity Errors

  • The scene in which Bill releases Jessica as his progeny conflicts with the Season 3 episode "Night on the Sun," in which Bill released Jessica after escaping from Russell Edgington's compound in order to free himself from the seemingly impossible task of protecting her from the-then 3000-year-old King of Mississippi. His inability to further control Jessica was displayed in the Season 4 episode "Cold Grey Light of Dawn," when he attempted to use his maker power to stop her from walking into the sun while they were both under the spell of Marnie Stonebrook/Antonia Gavilán de Logroño, but his commands had no effect on her. It is the understanding of the audience that his incarnation as Billith appears to have returned to him his maker power over Jessica, as demonstrated in the Season 6 episode "Who Are You, Really," in which Billith was able to summon Jessica to him. However, the retention of his maker power after having been drained of Lilith's blood -- despite having lost all of his other Billith abilities -- has not been explained.


  • In "You're No Good" it is revealed that Eric told Ginger that they would one day have sex, and they finally end up having sex -- briefly -- in this episode.


  • There are no flashbacks that occur in this episode.


  • There are no miscredits that occur in this episode.


  • "Love is to Die" - Warpaint


  • Rutina Wesley, Gregg Daniel, and Adina Porter are all credited but do not appear in this episode.


  • There are no notes on the title based on this episode.


  • This episode marks the final scene between Eric and Sookie in the series.

Memorable Quotes

Jason Stackhouse: (to himself) "Not gonna go in there.  Just gonna go to sleep." (to his penis) "And so the fuck are you."

Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: (to Sarah Newlin) "Mary came to me when she was younger than you; I don't know, about 16 or 17. She was much prettier than I'm sure you ever were, but here's where you're the same. She thought she was too good to be a whore. She couldn't see that she was born a hooker, and a hooker was all she was ever going to be. Now, dunnit that sound like you?"

Eric Northman: "So if you're feeling a little jilted, that you weren't the first person I came running to when I got cured, I apologize. And I would like to make it up to you by fucking you. Did you not hear me, Ginger? You and I are finally gonna fuck."

Mr. Gus: "The leverage you think you have is directly proportional to the patience I have left for you. And I have run out of fucking patience, Mr. Northman!"

Hoyt Fortenberry: (to Jessica) "I want you to see if you can try to catch your breath, and once you've caught it, I want you tell me the story of us."

Memorable Dialogue

Jessica Hamby: "All you gotta do is drink this cunt's blood, and it will all be over."
Sarah Newlin: (muffled by a gag) "I'm not a cunt!"

Bill Compton: "Will you talk to her for me?
Eric Northman: "What?"
Bill Compton: "Ask her if I can call on her tonight.  She needs to understand this decision.  She deserves to know.  But I can't explain it to her if she doesn't give me the chance.  Please.
Eric Northman: "I'm over a thousand years old, Bill.  If I had an aptitude for marriage counseling, don't you think I would have figured that out by now?"

Jason Stackhouse: "Where are we going?"
Brigette: "We have to get you to the hospital.  There's no way you don't have a concussion after hitting the ground that hard."
Jason Stackhouse: "Well wait, I've had a lot of concussions.  How long was I out for?"
Brigette: "About five minutes."
Jason Stackhouse: (laughs) "Five minutes ain't shit!"

Eric Northman: "I care about very few people in this world. A small handful of vampires and you."
Sookie Stackhouse: "I'm scared."
Eric Northman: "Death is scary. I've been avoiding it for a thousand years."



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