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"Let's Boot and Rally"
Season 5, Episode 5
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Air date July 8, 2012
Written by Angela Robinson
Directed by Michael Lehmann
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"We’ll Meet Again"

"Let's Boot and Rally" is the fifth episode of Season 5 of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' fifty-third episode overall.


Time is running out so when Bill and Eric can't find Russell, they turn to Sookie for help. Lafayette seeks out Jesus' spirit. Terry and Patrick find themselves hostages. Jason has to deal with after effects of a troubling dream. Jessica decides to give Tara some guidance. Sam has bad news for Luna.


"Well, come on. What are y'all waiting for?
Let's go hunt Russell. Onwards into the jaws of death. Boot and rally."
― Sookie Stackhouse

Bill and Eric interrupt Alcide and Sookie.

Sookie and Alcide make out on her couch. Alcide picks her up and carries her upstairs. They both begin to undo their clothes. Once Sookie's shirt comes off, Alcide proclaims that he has been waiting a long time to sleep with her. Sookie suddenly throws up on Alcide's shoes. Bill and Eric stand idly by Sookie's door with Eric teasing Alcide about knowing how to treat a lady.

Lafayette arrives home, worrying about endangering Sookie's life by cursing her car. He looks in the mirror to see the demon in his reflection. Lafayette curses the demon, then lights some candles. He prays to God, saying that he is tired of all the supernatural happening around him. His prayer statues appear to tease him. He destroys them and asserts that he is a good man. Falling to his knees, Lafayette calls to Jesus and asks for a sign because he needs some help.

Brian has Terry tie Patrick to a chair, and then proceeds to tie Terry to another chair. Eller demands to know if anything followed them and Terry says no. Eller then climbs out of his cellar, leaving them trapped.

Jason dreams about his parents.

Jason wakes up wearing pajamas on the couch watching a holiday special just in time for Christmas. He sees his parents and a young Sookie having breakfast at the dining table. His dad asks if he's ready to take on the sting rays and Jason happily agrees. While preparing to eat his cereal, Jason notices that both of his parents have bite wounds gushing blood. He tries to tell them, but both are oblivious to it. Jason's mother asks if he wants sex to make him feel better. Jason suddenly wakes up naked on his own couch as he gets a phone call, realizing it was a dream. Jason picks up and asks Rosie what year is it, to which he's happy to learn that he's still in the same year as before. Jason then goes to his bedroom to dress, muttering curses about the faeries.

Arlene stage whispers at Andy to answer his phone before it wakes the baby, Mikey. Arlene walks into the living room to find Andy sleeping naked on the couch. Andy wakes up in a panic and quickly covers himself. Mikey suddenly wakes up and an angry Arlene goes to tend to him. Andy answers his phone and also gets dispatched.

Sookie sits at her table with Bill and Eric while Alcide is cleaning his boots in the back. Bill asks Sookie to try to read the mind of Alcide's employee, Doug, who was glamoured after Russell was freed. Alcide says that he doesn't want Doug mixed up in vampire business because fangers bring nothing but trouble and death. Eric retorts that they don't need his permission. As they argue about the current situation with Russell, Sookie hears all three men bark like dogs and interrupts them with a drunken laugh. She apologizes and confides that she felt that if she made the right choices her life would go back to normal. She realizes that it is not going to change and accepts that her life will always revolve around the supernatural. She grabs her jacket and goes with them to hunt Russell.

Tara soaks in the atmosphere at Fangtasia, kitted out in Pam's clothes. Pam notes her progeny's appearance and makes her a bartender; the club now belongs to Pam and they're understaffed. A heavy set vampire asks Tara for a Tru Blood while a human fangbanger flirts with Tara after she exposes her fangs. Tara suddenly snatches and feeds on the woman. Pam intervenes, pinning Tara against the wall. Pam instructs Tara not to feed on humans in public because it risks being reported to the Authority. Pam reminds Tara that she saved her life by making her a vampire and warns that if she does anything to mess with Fangtasia she will silver Tara and stick her in a coffin to rot for the next millennium. Jessica watches the exchange from across the bar. Pam loosens her grip on Tara and walks away.

Russell is freed.

Bill, Eric, Alcide, and Sookie meet Doug at the parking garage. Sookie asks if she could read his mind and he accedes. He says that he doesn't remember much but Sookie visualizes his memories and sees a woman approaching him but can't identify her. Sookie pushes further and sees the mysterious woman digging Russell out with her hands. She pulls a terribly weak and blood deprived Russell from the ground and Sookie notices that she is wearing the pendant of the Authority. She tells Bill and Eric what she has seen; Bill accuses Eric of telling Nora about Russell and Eric denies having any involvement. Bill persists with the accusation and Eric deems it absurd, citing the great lengths Nora went through to free them both.

Nora prays to Lilith in her cell. Nigel tells her about Alexander meeting the True Death at the hands of Roman. Nora looks up at the security camera and announces that the Sanguinistas will rise up and that the warriors of Lilith are coming for the Authority. Dieter has the UV lights turned on to burn both Nora and Nigel. Salome is also watching and asks for an update on Bill and Eric. Dieter explains that they've been about Bon Temps, visited Sookie's home, bought coffee and a box of cookies, then traveled to a parking facility in Shreveport. Salome instructs Dieter to tell Bill and Eric that they have until dawn to find Russell or their iStakes will be activated.

Salome finds Roman in Lilith's supposed chambers. Roman stands before a vial of blood and ruminates on Chancellor Drew. Roman believed that Drew was a great man, since they drafted the vampire rights amendment together. Roman questions how Drew lost his way and how he failed to see it. Roman tells Salome that some vampires believe that the vial contains the blood of Lilith. He says that they are misguided, just as humans are misguided about the body of Jesus Christ. Salome warns Roman about the Sanguinistas growing numbers and counsels him to control the message to gain control of them.

Patrick and Terry look at a horrific mural Eller has painted on his basement wall. Patrick believes that it was Eller that burned down their homes. Eller comes down and aims his shotgun at Terry's head, saying that maybe if he kills Patrick and Terry, "it" will forgive him. Eller says that he saw Kessler and his wife burn. When Terry asks how, Eller explains that he was crashing on their couch for a bit after they came back from Iraq. One night, Eller says he woke up and says the house was on fire. When he noticed Kessler and his wife were trapped, he tried to help them but said that the fire unnaturally moved towards them and intercepted them as they ran, killing them both. Eller panicked and jumped out the window, then ran. Eller did some research and found out about Ifrit; a being of smoke and fire that is targeting them for what they did in Iraq on their drunken night. Terry flashes back to that night and recalls that there was one survivor, an Iraqi woman. Patrick tells Terry to put her down, but Terry believes they can save her. Patrick refuses to be dragged down about what they did considering how long they have been in Iraq. Terry believes that they can help her, but Patrick reminds him that the man to his left and right are more important. Terry reluctantly aims his rifle at the woman. She places the curse of Ifrit on all of them just before Terry shoots her to death.

Jason arrives at the scene of the murder of Suzanne and Emory. As he is examining the bodies, he sees his dead parents, Corbett and Michelle in their place with vampire bites on their necks. Andy calls Jason over. Jason asks him if he remembers how they got home. Andy says that he doesn't, and Jason tells him that the people in the club were fairies. Andy shakes off the thought of having slept with a fairy. He refuses to let what happened ruin what he has with Holly and tells Jason that they'll never speak of it again. Andy questions Sam about what happened. Sam tells him that they had invited him over for dinner but he arrived to find them dead on the porch. Andy asks if Sam knows anyone that would have wanted them dead and Sam cannot think of anyone. Andy asks Sam if there was anything else and Sam admits that they are all shifters and occasionally ran together. Andy is unfazed and tells Sam to stick around.

Tara and Jessica bond.

Jessica approaches Tara behind the bar at Fangtasia and orders a Tru Blood. Jessica tells Tara that she understands Tara’s confusing new impulses and can relate. They share a bonding moment while they discuss Tara's wild emotions as a new vampire. Jessica offers her friendship to Tara, and Tara seems to be into the idea. Tara worries that her feelings to feed on humans are bad. Jessica assures her that those feeling are part of who they are. Jessica asks if Tara has fed on a human. Tara admits that she has and says that she enjoyed it. Jessica says that Tara should look forward to feeding on a human while having sex with them, as the feeling is amazing. Jessica assures Tara that they're going to live and stay young forever and that the world is open to them. Tara seems taken with her words.

Sookie uses Doug's suppressed memories to guide them to the location where he moved Russell. Alcide follows her instructions at the wheel of his truck. Sookie asks if he wants to talk about her throwing up on his shoes and he declines. Eric and Bill argue in the flatbed of Alcide's truck. Bill wonders if Nora orchestrated saving them to deliver them straight to Russell. Eric asks what her motive would be. Bill suggests that Russell could be a powerful ally to her cause and she might be using them to ingratiate herself with Russell. Eric insists that Nora is innocent and tried to help them, but Bill is unmoved. Eric says that he is being paranoid. Bill counters by questioning why Nora is still alive. Eric says that he doesn't know. Bill says that Nora is a traitor and a liar just like her brother - Eric. In anger, Eric exposes his fangs and demands that Bill take back his words. Bill, also bares his fangs but is interrupted by a phone call. Molly tells them that their iStakes have been activated to go off at dawn. Alcide pulls the truck into the grounds of an abandoned asylum. Bill suggests that he and Eric split up to try and find Russell. He tells Sookie to wait outside with Doug and Alcide. Sookie deems that a poor idea and says that it is best that they stick together. She reminds them that her powers are more useful against Russell than anything the younger vampires can offer.

Jason and Andy continue their investigation of the murder scene. Jason finds a wooden bullet lodged in a tree. He extrapolates that the shooters might also have a grudge against vampires and the supernatural. Jason realizes that before vampires made themselves public, the supernatural have been killing for years making it seem like natural death. Jason then says that vampires have been getting away with murder for too long. Andy determines where the shooters fired from and what kind of tires their vehicle had. He concludes that they killed in cold blood.

The group searches the asylum for Russell. Sookie delves into Doug's memories for Russell's exact whereabouts. They find a rat feeding on a severed human hand. Nearby, they find more rats feeding on piles of drained corpses. Eric darkly concludes they are in the right place.

Tara takes a smoke break in the back of Fangtasia. She learns that she can smoke an entire cigarette in a single puff. Hoyt appears, shocking Tara, who says that she never imagined him as a Fangbanger. Hoyt says that people change and tempts Tara to drink from him. Tara tells him to go home. Insulted, Hoyt turns and walks away.

The Ifrit

Terry has another flashback to his squad's misdeeds in Iraq. They gathered the corpses of the villagers and doused them with gasoline. Eller ignites the pyre by tossing his lighter on top of it as Terry watches, horrified. Terry sees a being rise from the smokes of the burning bodies. Terry snaps back to reality and tells Eller that he saw the Ifrit, too. Eller is relieved that he isn't crazy. Terry says that they need to leave. Eller disagrees and Terry expands that they need to leave because the Ifrit has been waiting for them all to be in one place. Eller releases them and Patrick knocks him out with his own shotgun. Patrick praises Terry's acting. Terry says that it wasn't an act and that they need to leave. Patrick says that he is sick of being around "crazy fucks". He orders Terry to either help him to tie Eller up or leave. Frightened, Terry climbs the latter and steps outside to have a cigarette as Patrick restrains Eller. Patrick joins him outside and says that they'll turn Eller in to the local authorities in the morning. Terry tries to tell Patrick that he did see the Ifrit that night, but Patrick insists that they were on drugs that night and saw nothing. He still believes that it was Eller who was burning their homes. Eller wakes up coughing as smoke surrounds him. A demonic creature reaches for Eller through the darkness as he screams in terror.

Jesus appears to Lafayette.

Lafayette is awakens on his couch, confronted by Jesus' severed head trying to tell him something but unable to speak because him mouth is sewn shut. Horrified, Lafayette screams. Ruby Jean has a similar vision of Jesus' head, though she doesn't seem terrified at all. She understands that Jesus is telling her about Lafayette's demon. Ruby Jean says that she'll tell Lafayette what he's saying and screams for her son.

The search for Russell in the asylum continues. Alcide announces that they're being watched and a terrified Doug runs. He enters a room where living humans are hanging on chains, though most are out cold. One of the humans screams as Doug walks in. He begs to be left alone, saying that it's not his turn yet because he's too skinny. Bill asks where they were taking the humans. The prisoner says that they went down the hall and that he could hear their screams. Eric and Bill head in that direction with Sookie and Alcide close behind them.

Sam and Luna are shot for being shifters.

Sam shows up to Luna's house and tells her about the murder of Suzanne and Emory. Sam asks Luna if she knows anyone who would have wanted to hurt them. She says no, they were wonderful people, and then begins crying. Sam says he knows they've been having trouble, but wants to be there for her. Luna apologizes and asks Sam to leave. Sam agrees and says he'll come back and check on her tomorrow. As Sam exits the house, a group of drunken men with rifles howling and wearing masks of President Barack Obama pulls up. They shoot Sam without warning. Luna steps out to help Sam, but they shoot her twice in cold blood. Emma runs out to Luna, but Sam tells Emma to run. As the men aim their rifles, Emma shifts into her werewolf pup form and runs off, avoiding the bullets. One of the men is recording the entire thing with a portable camera as they drive off.

Russell Edgington returns.

Roman addresses the members of the Authority. He reminds them that as Guardian, he must secure the future of vampires. He criticizes the Sanguinistas desire to turn back the clock and use the humans as a food source rather than to co-exist peacefully.

Jason visits his parent's graves at the Bon Temps Cemetery, his grief rekindled by discovering the truth about their deaths.

Roman asserts that it is their choice to either return to the shadows, or to extend Lilith's mercy to all humanity so that they can live as equals.

Tara feeds on Hoyt in the bathroom of Fangtasia. Jessica feeds on the girl Tara attempted to publicly feed on earlier in the next stall. Hoyt begs Tara to stop, alerting Jessica who breaks into the stall and pulls Tara off of him. The vampires brawl in the bathroom.

Roman asserts that the Sanguinistas believe that mainstreamers are going against their nature and that Lilith's true intention is for vampires to feed on humans as the pinnacle of the food chain. Roman says that they're wrong. He warns that if vampires continue to succumb to savagery then they're doomed to damnation. Roman tells his chancellors to let their subjects know that they will not tolerate the tyranny of madmen and fanatics and will not stand by as zealots hijack their cause. He says that they will fight to let the night cleanse them of their sins to lead them to victory. All Authority members fall to one knee and extend their fangs as they pray to the vial of Lilith's supposed blood.

In the asylum, Eric and Bill approach Russell's room. Russell, now fully healed, asks what took them so long. Eric approaches and asks if Russell remembers him. Eric says that they've come to finish what they started. Russell says that, like his old lover Talbot used to tell him when they went buck hunting: "Give it your best shot." Alcide is attacked and dragged away.



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Bloopers and Continuity Errors[]

  • There are no bloopers that occur in this episode.


  • As Salome is walking through the meeting chamber of the Authority, workers are shown cleaning up in the area of the meeting table, presumably attending to the remains of Chancellor Drew, who was killed in the previous episode, "We'll Meet Again".


  • Jason has a flashback to a Christmas morning with his parents and Sookie.
  • Terry has flashbacks of his time in Iraq.
  • Sookie reads Doug's thoughts and sees when he was glamoured and forced to dig up Russell Edgington. She also reads his thoughts to see where Russell was being held while he recuperated.


  • There are no miscredits that occur in this episode.


  • "Let's Makes Santa Claus Happy" - Didipop (plays on the TV during Jason's flashback to a Christmas morning with his parents.)
  • "Rescue" - Echo and the Bunnymen (plays as Jessica visits Tara while she is bartending at Fangtasia.)
  • "Undertow (NIC Remix)" - Warpaint (plays as Tara takes a smoke break outside Fangtasia.)
  • "Let's Boot and Rally" - Iggy Pop & Bethany Cosentino (plays over end credits.)


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Memorable Quotes[]

Eric Northman: (after Sookie vomits on Alcide's shoes) "Alcide, you sure do know how to treat a lady."

Sookie Stackhouse: "A three-thousand-year-old vampire wants to suck my blood. Must be Thursday!"

Memorable Dialogue[]

Alcide Herveaux: "Sookie, I weigh about fourteen of you and we've had the same amount to drink. Now, I've seen Veronica Mars, so I know what date rape is..."
Sookie Stackhouse: "Hush, puppy."




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#5.05 (53) "Let's Boot and Rally" 4.50

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