"Oh, don't get it twisted honey cone. I'm a survivor first, capitalist second and a whole bunch of shit after that. But a hooker, dead last! So if I've got even a Jew at an Al Qaida pep rally's shot at getting my black ass up out of this motherfucker, I'm taking it!"

He was kidnapped by vampires working for Eric because he was selling V. Eric had planned to kill Lafayette until Sookie discovered he was being held prisoner in the Fangtasia dungeon. She demanded that he was released or she would not help Eric find Godric.

Lafayette was released and showed signs of trauma from his imprisonment, so much so, that when Andy threatened to send Lafayette to prison because he was a suspect in Miss Jeanette's murder, he broke down in tears.


Arlene: Excuse you, it says ‘ladies’ on that door.
Lafayette: So what you skank hoes doin’ in here?
Tara: Watch yourself, bitch.
Lafayette: I am, and I’s is gorgeous. (click for animation)

It appears that after Eric's imprisonment of him, Lafayette now has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This manifests itself by transforming people that are threatening him into visions of Eric causing Lafayette to break down shivering. Terry, who is a war veteran that also suffers from PTSD, recognizes what Lafayette is going through and tries to help him through it. Lafayette confessed to Sookie that he has somewhat erotic dreams about Eric like she does.

After seeing the bruises on Tara from the beating she received from Eggs when they both fall under Maryann's influence, Lafayette teams up with Lettie Mae to kidnap Tara and bring her to his house. Here, Lafayette reveals to Bill that Eric is making him sell vampire blood. Accompanying Sookie to face Maryann, he confronts her and Karl. Intimidated by her approach, he shoots at her but she deflects it with her hand which bounces off her palm and shoots through Karl's head, immediately killing him. Maryann briefly acknowledges his death before returning her attention to Lafayette.


Lafayette chained in the basement of Fangtasia.

Sookie screams after seeing that Lafayette had fallen under the Maenad's power. He orders her to change into a dress before bringing her downstairs to Maryann where she is appointed the Maid of Honor. After Bon Temps is released from Maryann's control, Lafayette, like the other residents, are clueless about how they wound up at Sookie's house and have no memory of the recent events. Although Lafayette has confirmed that he doesn't want to know and even quotes: "I don't think it's healthy for a motherfucker to know everything he's done."

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