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Season 7, Episode 6
Air date July 27, 2014
Written by Angela Robinson
Directed by Angela Robinson
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"Karma" is the sixth episode of the seventh and final season of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' seventy-sixth episode overall.


Sookie makes a shocking discovery;  Eric and Pam forge an unlikely alliance.


Still carrying the face of the Yakuza leader, a visibly ill Eric walks the halls and continues to battle effortlessly against the remaining Yakuza gang thugs, until he is compelled to give up at the sight of Pam being held and silvered. Pam and Eric are then taken to the Yakonomo headquarters and are placed into an office building with wall-to-ceiling windows. A Yakuza gang member sets a timer counting down from seven hours until dawn, bows politely, and then quickly leaves the room. Eric wistfully remarks "Our first sunrise together." Pam smiles.

Bill discovers that he is Hepatitis V positive, and schedules an appointment with Madeline Kapneck -- a human attorney that caters to vampire clients -- to make the necessary arrangements for his will and estate. Jessica arrives home and, unbeknownst to Bill, overhears his phone conversation and learns that her beloved maker is dying. Bill races down the stairs at vampire speed into his study, and doesn't notice that he has passed Jessica. She makes her presence known as Bill is collecting documents in preparation to leave. He cheerfully asks if she enjoyed Sookie's party, and she replies that she did, but that she and James had had an argument. Bill offers her a quick word of support, and then informs her that he is leaving to run an errand. Fighting back tears, Jessica asks Bill if he is okay. He replies that he is, and leaves.

Lettie Mae and Lafayette take a V-trip together.

Lafayette refuses to let Lettie Mae spend the night at her house when he learns that Reverend Daniels has been drugged and is unconscious. Not trusting that she won't endanger herself again attempting to acquire vampire blood, he takes her back to his house to find that James is already inside, waiting for him. James asks Lafayette if he can go to ground in his house, to which Lafayette agrees. Lafayette then warns Lettie Mae not to attack James while he sleeps during the day. Lettie Mae holds fast that she is not addicted to V, and that she only wants the blood to communicate with Tara. Lafayette does not believe her, but James does and offers his blood. Being outnumbered, Lafayette agrees but insists on taking the V-trip with Lettie Mae to convince her that her visions of Tara are not real.

Violet surprises Jason.

Jason nervously sits in his parked cruiser outside of his house, trying to remove all traces of Jessica's lipstick from his mouth. He works up the courage and goes inside, visibly scared. He enters his house to the sight of dozens of lit candles, flower petals on the floor leading to the bedroom, and smooth jazz playing on the stereo. Violet appears, clad in lingerie, and greets him seductively. She tells him that she knows she is often aggressive in her romantic pursuits with him, but that this is due to her having originated from an era in which people had to be tough. She states that she appreciates him and doesn't wish to make him feel emasculated, and that he is not just hers, but she is his, too. Noticeably apprehensive, Jason complies with her advances.

Bill arrives at the attorney's office to find numerous Hepatitis-V positive vampires in the waiting room. Disappointed, he announces his arrival to the uninterested receptionist. Without bothering to look up from the book that he is reading, the receptionist tells Bill to take a number, and that the estimated wait time is between five to seven hours. Bill replies that that will take them into daylight hours. The receptionist replies that Anubis is providing taxi service, and drivers that will drive vampires' cars back to their residences at an additional cost.

With only five minutes left till dawn, Pam complains to Eric about the low quality of the place of their imminent deaths. In walks a cowboy-hat-wearing Japanese executive who speaks with a Texas drawl. He introduces himself as Kazuo Ryuichi, or Mr. Gus Jr., the North American president of Yakonomo Corporation. He explains that his corporation has been ruined by the tainting of Tru Blood with Hepatitis V, and offers an alliance with Eric and Pam to locate Sarah Newlin. Eric initially refuses the offer, wanting to locate and kill Sarah himself. Pam interjects, and invokes Mr. Gus' sense of honor to swear that he will not kill them if they agree to give him information on Sarah's whereabouts. With the sun rising, Eric and Pam begin to burn, but this does not deter Eric from insisting that he must be the one to kill Sarah. After some debate, Mr. Gus agrees to let Eric kill Sarah in exchange for her body, and shuts the windows. Pam reveals to Mr. Gus that Sarah's vampire sister, Amber, is her only surviving family member, and that Sarah will certainly seek refuge with her. Eric withholds Amber's address to ensure that Mr. Gus will allow Eric and Pam to accompany him and his men to Amber's house that night. Mr. Gus orders the two vampires to be un-silvered.

Sarah and Amber reunite.

Sarah breaks into Amber's house in broad daylight. She is immediately ambushed by Amber who attempts to bite her, but stops when she begins coughing up blood and passes out, presumably from her weakened state and the daytime bleeds. Sarah is genuinely saddened to see that Amber is dying.

Jessica is still awake, despite the fact that it is daytime. She calls Jason, who is laying next to a sleeping Violet in the basement. Fearful of Violet's reaction, he quietly sneaks upstairs to continue speaking with Jessica, who begs him to bring Sookie to Bill's house. Jason agrees, gathers up his clothes, and races out the door. Violet, who overheard the conversation, trashes the basement in a rage.

Wade and Adilyn are caught in the act.

Andy groggily walks out of his bedroom and overhears muffled gasps coming from Adilyn's room. Concerned, he barges into her room to find her in bed with Holly's son Wade. Enraged, he chases Wade, who is buck naked, out of the house, threatening to do him harm if he catches him. The commotion wakes up Holly, who comes to her son's defense. Andy warns Wade to stay away from his daughter. Wade declares that he loves Adilyn, who happily reciprocates. Holly angrily takes Wade home, attempting to shield his bare ass from public view.

Jason enters Sookie's house to find that she's still sleeping off the alcohol consumed from last night's festivities. Jason tells her that Jessica needs her to go to the Bill's house immediately. With a lot of coaxing, Sookie slowly rolls herself out of bed and gets dressed.

Lettie Mae and Lafayette continue their V-trip together, running through an alternate Bon Temps forest. They find Tara still being held on a cross by a yellow python, and speaking in tongues. Lettie Mae and Lafayette free Tara from the cross. Tara signals them to follow her as she runs through the forest.

Nicole tells Sam that she is leaving town.

Sam arrives home to his trailer with take-out food and sees that Nicole is talking to her mother on the phone. She quickly says goodbye and ends the call. She tells Sam that she has decided that Bon Temps is an unhealthy environment for her and her baby, and that she is going to move back to her hometown the next day. She pleads to Sam to come with her, but she remains firm that she will not stay.

Jason and Sookie enter the Bill's house. Jessica informs them that Bill is Hepatitis V positive. Sookie immediately realizes that he must have contracted the disease from her. She flashes back to the night in the forest where she cut her arm to lure the Hepatitis V vampires. She remembers that when Andy and Jason killed the vampires, they exploded on her, thereby exposing her to infection. Bill had fed on her after the incident. She asks Jason to take her to the clinic for testing.

Holly and Arlene arrive at Bellefleur's to open up for the day. Holly ignores a call from Andy. Arlene advises her not to stay mad at Andy since they are still planning to get married, and that the situation needs to be rectified before she ends up grandchildren/step-grandchildren. They walk into the restaurant to find it still putrid and trashed from the human/vampire mixer massacre. Repulsed, they set to work cleaning up.

Bill observes the rapid progression of Hep-V.

Bill sits anxiously in his attorney's waiting room, while other sick vampires comment to each other about how they will cope with the progression of the disease. Bill notices his progression is faster than normal, as he watches bewildered as the veins run along his arm. A vampire postal worker sitting next to him states that he has never seen Hepatitis V progress that fast before, and inquires as to what stage Bill is in. Bill replies that he only first noticed the symptoms the night before. As they are both suffering from the bleeds, the postal worker quickly changes seats to avoid Bill.

Sookie submits her blood for Hepatitis V testing. The medical technician informs her that she will call her later that day with the results. Sookie and Jason prepare to leave the clinic. Jason offers to drive Sookie home, but she tells him that she doesn't want to go home.

Tara leads Lettie Mae and Lafayette to their old house.

Still V-tripping, Lettie Mae and Lafayette continue to chase Tara through the dream forest. She eventually leads them to her childhood house, where she strangely begins to dig up the dirt in the front yard with her hands. Before Lettie Mae can figure out what all of this means, Reverend Daniels suddenly appears and angrily shakes them both out of their vision. He accuses Lettie Mae of indulging in an addiction to vampire blood, but Lafayette comes to Lettie Mae's defense, explaining that he was skeptical of her story in the beginning, too. Lettie Mae announces that Tara wants them to go to their old house. Lafayette agrees, but Reverend Daniels repeats that the visions aren't real. In defiance, Lafayette counters that the visions of Tara are much more real than his belief in God, for which he had no evidence for. Reverend Daniels gives Lettie Mae an ultimatum: the V or him. She makes one last attempt to convince Reverend Daniels that she's not addicted, but given her past problems with alcoholism, he does not believe her. She tells him that she cannot choose him over her daughter. Sadly, he turns and walks out.

Andy gruffly walks into Bellefleur's and demands to know where Holly is. Arlene attempts to calm him down, but he angrily tells her that he caught Wade deflowering Adilyn. Holly walks out of the kitchen and threatens him with a broomstick to change his tone when speaking about her son, and passively accuses Adilyn of being the sexual aggressor on account of her Halfling status. Arlene steps in to mediate between the arguing couple, explaining that their kids are hormonal teenagers and that this behavior is hardly unexpected at their age. She encourages them to stop fighting and to talk to their kids as a family. Holly and Andy reluctantly agree and walk out to find their kids.

Sookie and Jason discuss loving vampires.

As they wait for the Hepatitis V test results, Sookie and Jason discuss each other's love lives with their vampire companions. Sookie admits that despite all of her rocky history with Bill, she still senses his presence and feels him in her blood. She goes on to say that although she loved Alcide and Eric, she didn't feel the same intensity for them as she does for Bill. Jason states that he has never felt anything like that, except for occasional stirrings for Jessica, but definitely not for Violet. He admits that he stays with her because he's afraid of her. Sookie replies, "Love shouldn't make you scared. Not scared like that." Jason decides that he's going to come clean to Violet and end their relationship. Just then, Sookie gets the call from the clinic; she is confirmed to be a Hepatitis V carrier. She is visibly devastated to know for certain that she had unknowingly infected Bill with a lethal, incurable virus.

Bill kills Madeline after she tries to extort millions from him.

Bill inspects the new veins sprouting from his chest in the mirror in the attorney's office restroom, dismayed at the perplexing accelerated rate at which the disease is progressing. He exits the restroom to hear his number finally being called. He enters the office of Madeline Kapneck, who immediately tells him that she is a big fan of his bestselling book. He thanks her and informs her that he wishes to amend his will and name his progeny as heir to his estate. Madeline quickly states that because the Vampire Rights Amendment failed to pass in Congress, progeny are not a legally recognized distinction. She inspects his will, which was drafted in 1894, and declares that the state is likely to nullify it because Bill would have been considered to have been impersonating a human at the time, as this was over 100 years prior to the Great Revelation. To add insult to injury, Governor Burrell had passed a law prior to his death that deceased individuals (vampires) cannot posthumously execute a will. She goes on to say that one of the few legal loopholes that Bill could utilize would be to adopt Jessica. Bill sees a glimmer of hope, but it rapidly fades when Madeline explains the lengthy adoption process that could take up to a year to finalize. He asks her if there is a way to expedite the process, and she states that it would cost him $10,000,000 to move him to the top of the list. Taken aback, he accuses her of trying to extort him. She not only admits this, but expresses no sympathy for his or other sick vampires' plight, because they had centuries to attain wealth, while humans like her only have a limited number of years to make money. Bill attempts to glamour her into moving him to the top of the adoption list at no cost, but Madeline is impervious to his influence due to her special contacts (available for sale at Walgreens). She continues to antagonize him until he finally loses his temper and stabs her in the lungs with a letter opener, leaving her to choke on her own blood. He picks up a pencil and begins to leave her office. As Bill walks out, her vampire assistant rushes in, only to be staked with the pencil before he has a chance to react.

Andy and Holly arrive back his house and calls for Adilyn and Wade. With no answer, Andy continues to call for them, telling them that they need to have a talk about their relationship, and that he promises not to lose his temper. With still no answer, Andy angrily demands Adilyn to come down the stairs. Instead, Holly's other son Rocky appears and tells them that Adilyn and Wade went off to be alone. When asked where they went, Rocky replies that he's been sworn to secrecy. With Andy close to losing his temper again, Holly takes over the interrogation. Not wanting to play games, she states, "Rocky honey, you know that I love you. I do, but I'll gut you if I have to. Now where the FUCK did they go?!" Shaken by his mother's outburst, he stammers that Adilyn and Wade were hiding out at Fort Bellefleur. Andy and Holly immediately leave for the tree house.

Sarah/Noomi tells Amber that her blood is the cure for Hep-V.

Sarah watches over her sister as she slowly comes to. Amber is still not happy to see Sarah, and expresses little concern for Sarah's troubles with the Yakuza, Eric, and Pam. She also has no regard for her parents' deaths, as they too had disowned her. Amber refuses Sarah's pleas for refuge, and shows disgust for Sarah's audacity to seek her help, despite the fact that Sarah helped create the virus that she was now dying from. Sarah protests that she is not the same person anymore. She tells Amber that she has become a Buddhist under the tutelage of Guru Sanbir Dutta, and that she is now known as Noomi (to symbolize that she is a "new me"). Unimpressed, Amber deduces that Sarah is in extreme denial about her actions and her situation. Sarah continues to ramble on about her new purpose in life being to help people, which falls on deaf ears until she mentions that she can heal Amber. She goes on to explain that there was an antidote for Hepatitis V, and when the Burrell camp vampires revolted, she drank all of it while fleeing, thus sealing her insurance as the only thing that can save vampires. She happily offers her blood to Amber.

Sookie arrives at Bill's house, where Jessica has been waiting anxiously for the Hepatitis V test results. Sookie tearfully tells Jessica that she indeed is a carrier, and apologizes. Jessica embraces her, assuring Sookie that it wasn't her fault. They weep in each other's arms.

Once again, Jason is sitting alone in his cruiser outside of his house, building up the courage to face Violet. He practices what his speech will be, and proceeds to go inside. He calls out for her, but there is no answer. He goes into basement to find it completely trashed, but Violet is nowhere in sight. He picks up a note from her, stating that she is unhappy and that their relationship is over. Jason heaves a huge sigh of relief that Violet is finally gone.

Adilyn and Wade are lured away from Fort Bellefleur by a vengeful Violet.

But she's not gone. Easily sniffing out Adilyn, she tracks the Halfling and Wade to the tree house and witnesses the two making out. Violet calls out for Adilyn and asks if they could talk. Being familiar with Violet, Adilyn is not worried. Violet shows amusement at the young lovers sneaking away from home, but reminds them that Adilyn is a faerie, and being out in the open at night makes them both sitting ducks for rabid Hepatitis V vampires. Adilyn replies that they will get in trouble if they return home, so Violet offers to take them to a secret place where they'll be safe from vampires and the prying eyes of their parents. The two naive teenagers jump at the chance. Violet convinces them both to leave their cell phones so that Sheriff Andy cannot trace their location.

The Yakuza, Mr. Gus, Eric, and Pam arrive at Amber's house to locate Sarah and end her once and for all. Now alone, Amber answers the door. Eric and Pam immediately see that Amber's blood veins are gone. Eric grabs Amber by the throat and demands to know why she is no longer ill.

Bill arrives home dejected, contemplating how he is going to tell Jessica of his numbered days. The Hepatitis V disease has rapidly progressed to the point that he can no longer hide the blood veins, and his strength is starting to wane. As he enters his house, he is surprised to see Sookie and Jessica sitting on the stairs in tears. It is obvious to him that they already know.



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  • "Karma" - Lady, The Band


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Memorable Quotes[]

Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "This is bullshit. I imagined my death many times, but I never thought I'd meet the sun in some place with wall-to-wall carpet.

Nicole Wright: "I do not belong here.  We do not belong here, Sam.  It wasn't until last night that I realized this town is fucking crazy. And you, you're the mayor of crazy!"

Holly Cleary: "I'm sorry I called Adilyn a slut. I don't even believe in that word "slut," okay? It shames female sexuality, and I am against that 100%!"

Lafayette Reynolds: "The way I see it, there's more evidence of this Tara shit being real than God is! Should I stop going to church, good preacher?!"




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#7.06 (76) "Karma" 3.38

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