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"Is it my fault my fangs come out when I get turned on?"
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Eric Northman soon grew impatient with Jessica's immaturity, so he gave her back to Bill and refused to look after her anymore. As her Maker, Jessica was Bill's responsibility. Jessica moved into the old Compton house and, at first, did not want to mainstream. She hated the taste of Tru Blood, and had to mix several different 'blood' types to create a flavor she liked.

Jessica and Sookie Stackhouse, however, bonded quickly. Sookie tried to console Jessica on her loss, trying to relate, she told Jessica that she likes visiting her grandmother's room to remember her.  Jessica cries blood for the first time disgusted and confused because Bill had never told her vampires cry blood.  Jessica asks Sookie to take her to visit her house for the last time to say goodbye, on the condition that Jessica stay inside the car. Jessica sees her sister in the window and her new vampire impulses take over and she runs to the house and knocks on the door with Sookie running after her. Sookie is put on the spot when she is faced with watching Jessica as she hugged her grief-stricken mother and little sister, who had thought she had been kidnapped. When her father came home, he initially embraced her, but quickly reverted to his old, abusive ways, chastising her for running away and stressing her family.

Her father's angry comments provoked the newly formed vampire's urges but this time she could defend herself. This time she would be ready. She took the belt off her father's waist that used to be his weapon of choice when she was young. Sookie was pushed powerfully into the piano when she tried to stop Jessica as her family watched in horror.  Jessica had the belt around her father's neck when the front door smashed open and Bill stood in the doorway with an angry look on his face but could not enter because he wasn't yet invited in. Bill glamoured Jessica's little sister into letting him into her house.

He rushed in and stopped Jessica before she could bite and kill Mr. Hamby. Bill glamoured the Hamby family so they would forget the evening ever happened. He showed his anger toward Sookie for bringing Jessica to her family's house.

Before her trip to Dallas with Sookie and Bill, Jessica met Hoyt Fortenberry at Merlotte's Bar and Grill, where she had gone to find someone to feed on. A lot of gentlemen in the bar noticed Jessica and Hoyt Fortenberry was one of them. As Jessica sat at a booth alone her eyes met with Hoyt's who happened to be sitting in the booth across from her alone as well. Hoyt blushed at the site of Jessica and actually got the courage to speak to her, as he sat down at the booth he asked what she wanted to order and she asked for Tru Blood o negative, revealing herself as a vampire.

Hoyt was more than accepting of her being a vampire, and the two quickly bonded on the level of their mutual sheltered southern sweetheart personalities.  They ended their night back at the Compton house.  The two shared their first kiss on Bill's sofa. Jessica's fangs protruded as she became further aroused which at first embarrassed Jessica causing her to blush and cover her face ashamed, but Hoyt quickly told her that it was natural.

Jess and hoyt

Jessica and Hoyt

He told her that he liked her for who she was. Soon after, Bill stormed in and threw Hoyt out of the house stating he was doing it to protect Hoyt not Jessica. Jessica frowned, hurt by Bill's statement but Hoyt said he didn't believe Bill. After talking with Sookie, Bill felt some compassion about the situation and went to the mall to buy Jessica new clothes.

When Bill and Sookie went to Dallas Jessica joined them. Sookie convinced Bill that it would be good for both Jessica and Bill. While in Dallas, Bill taught her to glamour people—a skill at which Jessica excelled. Jessica was, at first, excited to be included in the trip, learning a new vampire skill and enjoyed being able to sleep in a bed again.

However, when she tried to use the hotel's room service menu to order a willing human to drink from, Bill caught her and scolded her for it. He sent her to her room with orders to drink Tru Blood only. Jessica missed Hoyt and used the cell phone she got from glamouring Leon. The couple began to have a long distance relationship via telephone conversations.

Hoyt's mother, Maxine Fortenberry, did not approve of Jessica. Because of his mother, Hoyt stopped calling and texting Jessica. Jessica was greatly upset, not realizing it was because Hoyt's mother had canceled his cell phone service. After boldly announcing to his mother that Jessica was a vampire, Hoyt left and drove to Dallas to see Jessica.

When he arrived, he explained to Jessica why he had not made contact. After spending some time together in Jessica's hotel room, Hoyt confessed he was a virgin. Jessica was very accepting and she confessed she was also a virgin. The following night after Hoyt placed rose petals over the bed and lit blood-scented candles, the two finally made love. During their first time Bill burst into the room. Jessica was so embarrassed and Hoyt feared Bill's wrath but Bill surprised them in saying "If you love her you will immediately drive her back to Bon Temps!" before leaving himself.

After abruptly returning to Bon Temps, they attempted to have sex again. They discover that her hymen had healed and grown back. Because she had never had sex prior to being turned she would be an eternal virgin. After Hoyt's mother (under Maryann's influence) repeatedly insulted Jessica, who hadn't fed in a while, she lost her patience as her vampire instinct took over and attacked Maxine. She bit her before being pulled off by Hoyt.

Angry, Hoyt said that Bill had been right about her all along—that she was dangerous. Jessica flew into a rage as Hoyt and his mother left. In the season finale, once the town returned to normal, it appeared that Jessica might make amends with Hoyt. However, she is later seen in the company of a truck driver, and, while he thinks she wants to have sex, she feeds on him instead.