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In the Evening
Season 6, Episode 7
Air date July 28, 2013
Written by Kate Barnow
Directed by Scott Winant
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"In the Evening" is the seventh episode of Season 6 of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' sixty-seventh episode overall.


Eric makes a last-ditch effort to save an ailing Nora. A tragedy close to home forces Sam to ignore Alcide's warning and return to Bon Temps. Jessica shows her gratitude to James, a fellow incarcerated vamp, while an emboldened Sarah exacts a measure of revenge on Jason.


"And so we end as we began
Only this time there's no Godric to heal me
Only you to comfort me."
― Nora Gainesborough, to Eric Northman

Eric and Nora escaping vamp camp

The episode begins with Eric returning to where he left Nora and Willa and announces to them that they are putting Hepatitis V into all of the batches of Tru Blood being made in the facility at Burrell's Camp, and it was not only being served to the vampires within the prison but some were also to be shipped out for public sale. Seeing he has no time to waste, he tells Willa she must stay at the camp and warn the others to not drink the Tru Blood and he carries Nora out managing to escape on a leaving contaminated Tru Blood Semi. Jason is there with the guards to put the place in lock down as they find that Eric has escaped. Willa, still disguised with the nurses jacket, walks through the camp using the nurses severed hand to use the doors. She finds Pam in solitary but she is not chained up and Pam admits its because the resident psychiatrist likes her. Willa tells her Eric sent her and told her to not drink the Tru Blood because it has Hepatitis V inside it and explains to her it's a new fatal strain. Pam tells her to tell only Tara and Jessica about the Tru Blood and no one else to make sure the humans don't realize they have caught on to their plan. Willa asks if Pam needs help getting into general population and Pam tells her to just get herself back to general population and she will get herself out of segregation. Willa leaves and dumps the doctor jacket and severed limb before sneaking back into general population.

Eric arrives at the Bill's house with Nora growing weaker in his arms. He admits he doesn't know what Bill is, but if he is god then he must save his dying sister. They take her to Jessica's room and lay her on the bed. Eric suggests that Bill feed her his blood but Nora refuses stating she won't drink another drop of Lilith's blood because of the damage it had done in the Authority. Bill cannot blame her but Eric demands it. Bill in the end states he will not go against her dying wishes. Eric tells Bill to leave him alone with his sister and Bill does as he is asked.

Sarah Newlin finding Burrell dead

Sarah Newlin arrives at Burrell's house to find the front empty which was unusual. She walks to the backyard and finds Burrell decapitated and his entire guard dead. Sarah tells Burrell he shall not die in vain before calling over a senator she knows from having worked with him before. She proposes he gets his "fixing" man to come and cover up Burrell's death. She devised they claim there was an attack and that Burrell is now doing his work from a secure secret location. This way Sarah would have full control of the camp and the senator can take over Burrell's political side just long enough to have the hepatitis V strain spread through the vampire population which she predicts wont take long.

Sookie and Warlow together

Sookie and Warlow lay naked in the sun on a plane of the Fae. Just having made love, Sookie realizes this was the first time she has made love in the daytime and Warlow says she just wrote their wedding vows. Sookie tells Warlow just because they had sex doesn't mean they are getting married. Warlow thought that Sookie had said yes to his proposal and Sookie says she doesn't think its just an infatuation but she also doesn't want to rush anything. She stands up when she hears crying. As she hears the person clearer, she realizes it's her friend Arlene crying from the earth realm. She tells Warlow she has to go help her friend because she fears something bad has happened but she will be back later. She uses her faerie magic to teleport back to the Bon Temps cemetery and finds Arlene crying her eyes out and she tells her that Terry has been shot and killed. Sookie asks her what happened and she explains falling apart and not knowing how she can tell her kids. Sookie tells her she is strong and she will get through this.

Sam calls Lafayette from a pay phone finding out that Terry has passed away. Sam knowing he has to go back to Bon Temps to pay his respects, he tells Nicole that she needs to call her mom because he has to go to this funeral even if it's not safe for him to go. She calls her mother and as they wait for her to reach the hotel, Sam takes a shower and Nicole later joins him. Later her mother arrives at the hotel and picks her up and Sam leaves for Bon Temps.

Sookie takes Arlene back to the Bellefleur house and Holly meets them at the front door. Arlene sees Lafayette and demands to know what was in the safety deposit box and attacks him but he admits he hasn't checked yet. Andy tries to defuse the situation by telling Arlene he will help her tell the kids and takes her out of the room. Lafayette decides to take Sookie with him to see what is in the safety deposit box. Sookie and Lafayette open the safety deposit box and find a life insurance policy on Terry to Arlene for two million dollars.

Jessica and Jason at vamp camp

Jessica is taken by a guard to a conference room where she finds Jason there dressed as a guard. He tells her he is there to save her and hugs her tight. He admits he was there during the copulation study and it was sick but Jessica tells him he doesn't need to get her out of prison that she knows how it's going to end and she is okay with it. Jason tells her she will never suffer again but Jessica tells him that's not the world they live in and if there was anything he could do it would be to keep on living and perhaps one favor. Jason says of course he will do anything and she asks if she can see James because she would like to thank him for his kindness. Jason tells Jessica he will go get him.

Alcide drops his father Jackson off at his trailer. His father asks him to stay and warns that pack life isn't for either of them and one day he will realize it, but Alcide ignores his fathers warning. He returns to his pack and tells Rikki and the rest of them that Sam and Nicole were dead and Emma was with Martha. Rikki reveals they found Nicole and her mother so the entire pack of wolves know that Alcide was lying to them all. They begin getting aggressive and closing in on him.

Alcide and his pack

Jason brings James into the conference room and Jessica asks Jason to leave them alone. Jason leaves and Jessica admits to James that before she came in the camp she did the worst thing in her life and then he burned instead of having sex with her and she asked him why. He told her he doesn't think he is a saint but he has managed to keep his humanity. He also reveals they broke his fang for not having sex with her but he says it's fine. Jessica reveals to James they are going to die in the camp and also to not drink the Tru Blood. They begin to talk about what they would do if they survive this. Then Jessica proposes having sex with James because if she is going to die she wants to be with him and she has also never had sex with another vampire. They make love on the conference table.

Jessica and James at vamp camp

Eric confronts Bill in the daytime and asks him how he is day walking. Bill says he will explain later but Eric tells him he will do anything he asks if he just speak to him about what is going on and that he believes in him. Bill tells Eric of his visions of death for all vampires and he must stop it with Warlow's blood because he is both faerie and vampire and they can use the blood to walk in the daylight. Eric says he will do anything Bill says if he would first feed Nora his blood. Bill decides to at least try and Nora understand but she says it will not work. Eric thinks maybe Warlow's blood will heal her and Bill goes to get Warlow's blood.

Eric, Bill and Nora

Sookie and Lafayette arrive back at the Bellefleur house to find everyone sitting around somber with Arlene completely hammered drunk. Sookie sees Adilyn and recognizes her as faerie. They speak to each other telepathically before Holly's sons Wade and Rocky enter to give their condolences. Just as they are introduced Bill walks through the door. Shocked Andy clears out his daughter Adilyn, Portia, and the other children. Bill tells Arlene he is sorry for her loss and Arlene at first doesn't believe he is real because he is walking in the daylight. Bill then tells Andy he is sorry for his loss as well and fathers must protect their daughters. He then tells Sookie he must speak to her. They go outside and he tells her that she must bring him Warlow in order to save the vampire race and all her friends or blood will be on all their hands. Sookie fights at first but Bill admits he has more proof from Eric that there is a vampire death camp where all her friends are right now and she needs to bring him Warlow as soon as possible before leaving.

Pam meets with her psychiatrist and he begins to bring in SomChai but Pam tells him she is not hungry because she is horny. Intrigued, the psychiatrist probes her further on her sexual desire and Pam begins to manipulate him sexually as she talks to him. She eventually tells him she will have sex with him if he puts her in general population. He tells her he can do that for her and they have sex.

Pam in therapy

Jason is standing outside a room when Sarah walks up with some guards. She tells him the governor is dead so all the leverage he had on her is gone. The guards overpower him and grab him holding him down they cut him deeply in his wrist. Sarah then tells them to throw him into female general population. The guards throw him in and all the vampires immediately smell his blood. Tara sees Jason and stands in front of him telling all the other women to back off when Violet, who seems to run that area of the camp, claims that Jason is hers.

Jason in general population at the behest of Sarah Newlin

Nora dying in Eric's arms

Eric is sitting beside Nora and he is praying for Godric to come and save Nora like he had before. Nora recalls that although Godric did make her, it was really Eric who saw something in her and saved her. It was 1665 in London when Eric was doing a favor for a king who wanted a certain woman at his beck and call, but she is too stubborn to be with him as he wants. What's worse is she is now helping people with the black plague which is highly contagious so he wants Eric to take her out of the situation and return her to him. Eric leaves for the quarantined part of the city where Nora was doing her work to help the ill. He asks for Nora but the man he meets tells Eric that he is too late and Nora has got the black death herself. Eric goes to see her and tells her that the king has sent him to retrieve her but Nora refuses stating her death would be her own. Impressed, Eric sees she is courageous, not stubborn as the king had said. He decides to take Nora to Godric and have him turn her. Eric begins to cry as they recall their past and Nora says it is as it was in the beginning but Godric is not there to save her this time. Nora tells Eric that he can find comfort in the rest of their family, and she is happy for the life he gave her. Then she gets a terrible look about her and Eric fears it is her time. Eric holds Nora and begs her not to die as she rapidly decays in his arms. Bill walks in and sadly looks at the inconsolable Eric holding the bloody remains of his sister. 




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  • There is a flashback to 1665 in London when Eric met Nora when she was dying from the plague.


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  • "In the Evening" - Led Zeppelin


  • Rutger Hauer (Niall Brigant) is not credited and does not appear in the episode.
  • Arliss Howard (Truman Burrell) is credited but only his decapitated body appears.
  • Todd Lowe (Terry Bellefleur) and Michael McMillian (Steve Newlin) are credited but do not appear.


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Memorable Quotes

Sookie Stackhouse

  • "Well this is a first, waking up with a man in broad daylight."
  • "You don't think just because we had sex that means I agree to marry you?"
  • "Like what with someone who actually enjoys herself? We have the vote too ya know?"
  • "No, it never is."
  • "My friend, I think something terrible has happened to her husband. My friend Arlene she is crying in the cemetery, I have to go to her, I will be back just as soon as I can."
  • "You are one of the strongest people I know and I don't know why you have been tested the way you have but you always get through. And I'm going to be there to make sure you get through."
  • "This was issued just three days ago. And pretty well, this is a lot of money."
  • "How can you do it? When is leaving your family behind ever the best thing?"
  • "I take it the talk with the kids didn't go so good?"
  • "What do you want Bill, you obviously got what you needed from Warlow."
  • "You are willing to sacrifice me and or Warlow who are real by the way, for the sake of some hypothetical progeny you saw in some vision?"
  • "Pam is my friend?"
  • "How do you know that?"
  • "Are you saying that if I refuse you that I am killing my friends?"

Macklyn Warlow

  • "You just wrote our wedding vows, one of many."
  • "I just assumed the way you gave yourself over so freely that you were amenable to my proposal."
  • "Don't be like that, this wasn't just sex. It wasn't just some simple infatuation."
  • "Use your light, you've had my blood, it'll work."

Bill Compton

  • "You can't blame her you saw what the blood did to us."
  • "This is her dying wish, we have to honor it."
  • "What if it doesn't work?"
  • "Shortly after you left here the other night, I went into a kind of state. I started having visions, visions that have come to pass. I can see the future Eric but there is one vision that has yet to manifest. I saw a white circular room in which Pam,Jessica, Tara and you, you all meet the sun in that room."
  • "You know who Warlow is? He is both faerie and vampire. It is his blood that is allowing me to walk in the sun, not Lilith's. But if I am to stop that vision from becoming manifest we have to get him and take him with us."
  • "You were in the vision Eric, one way or another you are going to be in that room when the roof opens. If you come with me, maybe we can stop it."
  • "Mrs. Bellefleur I am terribly sorry for your loss, I was very fond of Terry, I was proud to be able to call him my kin.
  • "I feel the same way about my youngest Jessica. As fathers there is no duty more sacred than to protect them and make sure they live a long and happy life. Don't you agree? I wish you and your daughter the very best."
  • "Yes and you took him and I can't save my progeny without more of his blood."
  • "You tell me what's hypothetical about Tara, or Jessica or Pam or Eric, they're your friends."
  • "Come on Sookie, as we speak they are lyin' in wait in a death camp. Because Eric was there and he escaped. It would be foolish of you to let your anger at me get in the way of protecting the ones that you love. Forsake them and there will be many days like this in the not too distant future."
  • "What I am saying is there will be blood on both our hands, bring me Warlow and soon."

Eric Northman

  • "Sneaky fucks, they're putting Hep V in the blood supply."
  • "Go back in, find Pam, tell her not to drink the Tru Blood. I'll come back for you I promise, just remember...."
  • "I don't know what you are, all I know is I saw Sookie stake you and you survived but if you are god...please heal her for me."
  • "Give her your blood. Sister please and I don't care about that! Do it!"
  • "I had no where else I could turn. I will do anything you ask, just tell me what it is and I'll do it. Please give her your blood."
  • "You want me to say the words? I believe you, I believe in you. I believe you are divine."
  • "I'll go back with you, you have my word, if you help Nora."
  • "I'm sorry, we had to try. Is it working, do you feel anything? Nothing? Warlow, his blood might work."
  • "I beg of you Godric, can you just give her one more chance like you done before?"
  • "Whose going to comfort me for centuries to come? But you will never be replaced."
  • "I promised you forever. No, no, no, please don't leave me!"

Nora Gainesborough

  • "I feel hot, how is that possible?"
  • "No please, its Lilith's blood I won't drink it. No brother. I'd rather die than have Lilith's blood."
  • "I know brother. I know.
  • "No, I don't think so. No, Eric listen. If everything the book of Lilith has said is true then Warlow's blood will help me walk in the sun but it cannot heal me."
  • "It was you who gave it to me, you who saw something in me, found me. Do you remember?"
  • "Pamela and Willa, you saw in them what you saw in me. Let them walk beside you, they want to, just as I did."
  • "Brother, I only ever asked to live fully. You gave me that."

Sarah Newlin

  • "Truman Burrell, you were a decent man and your commitment to this cause was whole and it was pure but these monsters prey on the pure. Know that your death is not in vein for it will galvanize the forces against this evil we fight. This was part of god's plan and god is good."
  • "We are, that is the biblical irony in all of this. The things we are learning everyday, they are just shy of miracles. We are this close to bringing Truman's vision to light."
  • "Oh no, I'm am not letting that rhino with his folksie bullshit step one foot near this office. That's why I brought you here to help me. No one can know Truman's gone."
  • "I know you know fixers. Professionals you keep on retainer to cover up your seedy lifestyle. Call them, have them move the late, great governor's body away and dispose of it and I don't want to know how. But I do hear acid is effective."
  • "We release a statement saying the compound was attacked but Truman escaped unharmed and is continuing to govern from a undisclosed location. We will wipe this place down and then you will cover for him in legislature and I will be his presence at the facility and on all matters vampire."
  • "Till the Tru Blood will be on grocery shelves any day now. Hep V will spread like wild fire, we're not talking long."
  • "Just you wait senator, when god's message is this clear I am a truly unstoppable woman."
  • "Hey Stackhouse, guess what, I got a secret. This one you'll like. The governor's dead, which means all that leverage you had, its gone."
  • "Throw his ass in female gen pop one. Have fun with your sluts!"

Willa Burrell

  • "What's that? What's Hep V?"
  • "I'm sorry Nora."
  • "Eric sent me to help you. Yes, he did and if you want me to save your ass you might wanna tone it down with the attitude."
  • "They are going to start giving us Tru Blood but you cannot drink it. There is Hep V in it. I don't know but its not good, Nora has it."
  • "It's just you and me. Okay I know that being charitable isn't real vampire like but don't we want to save our kind?"

Jessica Hamby

  • "Jason? What are you doing here?"
  • "You don't have to do that. No, I mean you don't have to get me out of here."
  • "No, I just kinda know how it's going to work out and I'm okay with it."
  • "Jason, you cannot stop bad things from happening to me. We don't live in that kind of world. All you can do is keep being the sweet wonderful man that you are."
  • "That vampire, the one who wouldn't, I'd really like to thank him for that, face to face."
  • "You know when they brought me in here I had just done just about the worst thing I have ever done. As a human or a vampire and I thought that if I was a monster then we all must be but then you did something so selfless. Why didn't you do it, it would've been so much easier for you if you would have just did it."
  • "James, there is something I have to tell you. We are all going to die in here. I don't mean eventually I mean we are all going to die soon. They are putting something called Hepatitis V in the Tru Blood so whatever you do, don't drink it."
  • "I don't know there is probably so much but right now in this moment all I really want is for you to make love to me. It ironic huh? I've never been with a vampire and I've always wondered what all the fuss is about."
  • "It's not fear, everything about you is good and decent. You have this humanity coursing through you and in my last days that's what I want you know. That's what I want to leave the world feeling apart of."

James Kent

  • "Sorry what is this?"
  • "I believe that vampires chose to forfeit their souls. I mean I'm not saying I'm a saint but I made a different choice."
  • "Don't you have any good news? At all?"
  • "Damn, I feel like a fool. I never really bought the whole immortality thing, I always knew I would go at some point but now that its so soon, there is just so much I wish I coulda done."
  • "I'd probably find my dad and tell him I'm proud to be his son. What about you?"
  • "Jessica, I don't want you making a decision like this out of fear."

Pam Swynford De Beaufort

  • "I was but I got a fan in the psych department, what are you doing here?"
  • "Eric sent you to help me? I'm all ears...."
  • "What the hell is that?"
  • "Who else knows. Good keep it that way, tell Jessica and Tara but fuck everyone else."
  • "If every vampire stops feedin' those pervy fucks we'll know we're on to them. Only chance of fixin' this shit show is if they don't suspect us."
  • "Like a princess can't you tell? Severed arm? Not bad but too obvious. No just get yourself back in there, I'll see you soon enough."
  • "Thank god, I was just starting to feel confessional."
  • "High, I was a whore in my human life, it was a coincidence."
  • "So you want head? How deep do you wanna go? I'll let you get in there but only if you let me inside gen pop."

Sam Merlotte

  • "Hey Lafayette I just wanted to make sure everything was alright after the other night."
  • "Call your mother and have her come get you. I gotta go back to Bon Temps. Its not safe for you there."
  • "Its not, my friend died. Not being there is not an option."

Jason Stackhouse

  • "I came to help you, come sit. I'm going to get you out of here and I ain't going to let you down."
  • "Yeah I do, Jess, my thoughts ain't always so clear but my heart it ain't never been so clear that I want to do right by you."
  • "You don't got stock holders syndrome do?"
  • "There is nothing okay with the shit that's been going on in here. I was there yesterday when they tried to get the vampire to have sex with you. It made me sick to watch you go through that. You will never,never suffer again."
  • "Well of course Jess, you said you wanted my help so here I am."
  • "Alright okay. I will just be...outside..."
  • "I'm not interested. What? Hey get your hands off me! Tony don't do this! What the fuck! No! I thought we were friends man! Fuck you!"(Jason to Sarah and LAVTF Guards)

Tara Thornton

  • "Back off bitches!"

Violet Mazurski

  • "Ladies please, he's mine."

Andy Bellefleur

  • "Arlene darlin', hey I know what you are about to do is real tough, how would like I be there when you talk to the kids."
  • "Holly told me where you are coming from and I'm thinking now isn't the best time."
  • "Went as good as it could, Arlene did a good job."
  • "Get upstairs with your aunt Portia right now!"
  • "Vampire Bill. Are you?"
  • "Except for losing three."
  • "She did, I love her more than anything. Likewise..."

Holly Cleary

  • "Someone should see it before Arlene though."
  • "Let see if we can do something about that too."
  • "Oh hey my boys are here!"

Arlene Fowler Bellefleur

  • "Maybe now you'll rest baby, maybe now. Sookie, where did you come from?"
  • "They shot him. I don't know. All I know is that one minute he was struggling with his demons, you know and um they were getting the better of him so I called this vampire friend of Holly's and he glamoured away all the bad stuff and then he was doing much better. I mean he was the old Terry and I got a glimmer of what it was going to be like. Life with him, happy and it was the best feeling I ever had."
  • "Oh my god, what am I going to do Sookie? How am I going to tell my kids? I don't think I can say the words."
  • "You and your KG phone calls what the fuck was in that box? What did he tell you? Bullshit! You're a liar and a voodoo queer!"
  • "Yeah I'm alright, I'm a little better. Before it was like someone was scalpin' my brain away one slice at a time and pluckin' out my heart with one of those little crab forks. But now, thanks to this, it just feels like someone is crushing my wind pipe."
  • "Y'all I'm wasted. Shit, this shit's real, idn't it? You're walkin' in the daylight...fuck me."(Arlene to Bill)

Lafayette Reynolds

  • "Sam, Terry is dead.."
  • "Yeah I guess I shoulda know that was going to happen. I didn't know then and after this tela novella I sho as fuck don't wants ta know now."
  • "You and Is got an errand to run, and maybe this time it will be yo ass that gets kicked."
  • "Life insurance? He knew it was coming. Shit he had the whole motha fuckin' thang planned."
  • "You do it when you think its the best thing for everybody."
  • "About as ready as big farmer can make a man."
  • "Sweetness I got a family recipe that's goin' to take the pain in no time at all. Come on mama goin' to take care a you."
  • "You mind telling me whats going on with vampires just walkin' around in the daylight?"
  • "It was, I'm so fuckin' glad I took my beta blockers, deuces."

Alcide Herveaux

  • "Yeah that's for you. See ya dad."
  • "It's done, Sam Merlotte and the girl are dead. I gave Emma to Martha, it was the right thing to do and they will stay away and we will lose this heat on us which should make you happy."

Jackson Herveaux

  • "I know you think your old man is a sad case 'cause he lives out here by himself but I'm happier this way. No, that's for both of us. This pack life ain't for us, one day you're going to realize it."

Rikki Naylor

  • "It does, course I'd be a lot happier if you weren't lying through your mother fuckin' teeth right now. Be a doll and bring the ladies out will you Tiffany?  Look who I found very much alive."



Guest Starring


  • Hal Ozsan as the King Charles II




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#6.07 (67) "In the Evening" 2.40


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