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"I Found You"
Season 7, Episode 2
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Air date June 29, 2014
Written by Kate Barnow
Directed by Howard Deutch
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"Jesus Gonna Be Here"
"Fire in the Hole"

"I Found You" is the second episode of the seventh and final season of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' seventy-second episode overall.


A trio of hostages taken in the Bellefleur’s attack look to a familiar face as a possible liberator from the Hepatitis V vampires. Sookie and Jason visit the neighboring town of Saint Alice, where a young woman’s diary offers clues to the potential fate of Bon Temps. Spurned by Lafayette, a desperate Lettie Mae turns to Willa to channel her family past. Vince whips his fellow vigilantes into a dangerous frenzy. Pam's search for her maker leads her to a very familiar place.


Jason's Dream

We open with Jason finding Eric alone in a fancy Villa in France. Upon entering the room, Jason tells Eric that it wasn't easy finding him, to which Eric says he knows. They talk about not being able to get one another out of their mind and eventually end up in bed together, deep kissing and caressing each other's body. While still in the Church, Jason immediately wakes up realizing it was a dream. Everyone is gathered outside of the church discussing amongst themselves, while Sookie again is listening in on everyone's thoughts. Andy, Sam, and Kenya are still thinking of places they can go to find the kidnapped civilians. Unsure of what else to do Sookie tells them about the dead girl she found while walking home and wonders if that could help lead them to where the vampires were last before reaching Bon Temps.

On the suggestion of Reverend Daniels, Sam addresses the people and tells them keeping busy will help. He thinks cleaning up Bellefleur's is what Arlene would want when she returns. Lettie Mae tells Daniels she's worried about Lafayette and says she would prefer to go see him since she's the only family he's got left. Adilyn convinces Andy to let her stay with the people until dark. Unbeknownst to Andy that Jessica is still in their attic he tells Adilyn NOT to allow Jessica in the house if she returns.

At Fangtasia while the captives are still chained in the basement the infected vampires argue over the fact that killing Deputy Ellis without sharing has cut their rations down greatly. A Hepatitis V vampire named Betty Harris is then assigned the role as Reaper and is given the responsibility of picking the meals the group feeds on. Also because she used to be a teacher she happens to have more restraint than some of the other infected vampires which is why she's chosen. Betty goes downstairs and when she looks at Arlene she pauses then turns away and goes for another woman. Arlene recognizes her and tells Holly and Nicole. Arlene mentions that Betty used to be her daughter's fourth grade teacher and thinks Betty could be their way out.

The group finding Mary Beth's body

Sookie brings Alcide, Jason, Andy, and Sam to the dead body she found last night on her way home. Jason and Andy check her ID which says her name is Mary Beth from a nearby town called "Saint Alice". Sam mentions he received a call from the town mayor but never called back. Sam then tries to call the mayor back while Andy tries to call their Sheriff. Alcide asks if Sookie is okay to which Sookie says life doesn't care what kind of person you are, you are no different than anyone else when it comes to death. Sam returns saying the mayor's voice mailbox was full and Andy says the Sheriff's station is just ringing continuously with no answer. Sookie then suggests they go to the town and investigate themselves.

Lettie Mae pays Lafayette a visit. She tells him Tara's spirit approached her needing help before going to heaven. At first Lafayette says he refuses to contact Tara on the other side saying she's dead and he doesn't do that kind of thing anymore. But then Lettie Mae says she isn't asking for that, instead says she doesn't like the taste of Vampire Blood but she thinks that when she drinks V she is closer to Tara. Lafayette isn't buying it and tells her it's all an illusion and she isn't talking to "Tara". Lettie Mae then starts blaming Lafayette for being selfish and yelling at him for resurrecting her as a vampire the first time she died and now denying her a second chance with Tara again and then storms out.

Vince brainwashes the citizen's in Bellefleur's

Adilyn and Wade help the town clean up Bellefleur's. Vince arrives and tells everyone they shouldn't be Sam's janitors while he drives off out of town. Mrs. Fortenberry then screams in the kitchen after finding a pile of bodies in the Freezer. Vince then decides to tell everyone their "Mayor" Sam is a Shapeshifter. He also uses this to create doubt about Sam and Andy and the implants the idea in everyone that Andy and Sam are working with the vampires. After being asked what should be done Vince thinks they need to "arm up." Adilyn reads Deputy Ellis's girlfriend's thoughts and hears her say she knows where a ton of guns are (police station). Adilyn grabs Wade's arm and tells him they need to leave now. As the civilians in Bellefleur's start breaking chairs and tables to gather wood for stakes Adilyn and Wade sneak out.

Back at Fangtasia Betty comes down to make the next choice. Again she passes on Arlene, Holly, and Nicole and goes for a man against the far wall. Holly wakes Arlene. Arlene then tries to talk to Betty, but she tells them she can't talk to them or help them because it will be too risky. Arlene then says, to no offense, that since Betty is dying anyways what more does she have to lose. Instead she should do something good and be remembered for doing something great. Arlene and Holly also tell Betty how great she was to their kids helping them with problems they had growing up. Betty gets emotional at this and they comfort her. Betty then promises to try and help them.

Saint Alice deserted

In Saint Alice Sookie, Alcide, Jason, Sam, and Andy find Mary Beth's hometown completely abandoned. There are help/SOS signs spray painted everywhere with almost every store in town boarded up with everything just being deserted. Sookie wanders off on her own then immediately calls everyone to her. When everyone gathers around they find a giant hole filled with bodies, Sookie saying that "no one" is left.

Vince's vigilantes want the guns

In Bon Temps Adilyn and Wade arrive the police station and warns Kenya that Vince's mob will eventually be coming there looking for weapons. Kenya takes them to the armory and they grab all the guns in an attempt to get them out of the station to Wade's Truck. Before they can get them out to the truck, Vince's mob shows up and they try to talk their way into getting the guns. Kenya stops them and says no matter what they can't just take the guns. It's when one of Vince's vigilante group members and Kenya's friend convinces Kenya that all Andy does is walk all over her and she should help them. Adilyn tries to intervene but then is shut up when Mrs. Fortenberry questions what Adilyn is since technically she should still be a newborn, to which Mrs. Fortenberry points out as another fucked up thing about the town. Kenya ends up trying to handcuff Adilyn but fails when Adilyn uses her light to throw Kenya across the room. 

Adilyn's light

Jessica senses Adilyn is in trouble but since it's the middle of the afternoon there's nothing she can do about it. As Adilyn and Wade are detained Jessica tries to call Andy at the Sheriff station as she doesn't know the Station is being overrun. After no answer she tries calling Sookie but Sookie's phone is still in the middle of the woods from when she threw it to avoid Alcide's calls.

Mary Beth's Diary

In Saint Alice the gang finds Mary Beth's home to which it's empty. They search the place and after discovering how it's been since Saint Alice's attack, thanks to Jason and Andy, they go upstairs and Sookie finds Mary Beth's diary. In it she reads it aloud to Alcide. While reading it Sookie learns the Mary Beth used to be a waitress and one night met her first vampire named Henry. Mary Beth instantly fell in love with Henry and they even went to Fangtasia on a date. Sookie flashes back to some of her earliest days with Bill. She remembers them very fondly as she can see the comparison in her and Mary Beth's lives. As Sookie is reading on Andy is shown downstairs investigating the home while Same is in the baby room thinking about Nicole and their unborn baby, Jason walks in and sits by him. Sookie goes forward through the diary reading aloud about the diseased vampires coming to town and killing everybody. She writes about her baby and Sookie gets emotional reading it then Alcide stops her. Sookie says it's okay since she got to the end anyway.

Lettie Mae is at home cooking friend chicken when she accidentally burns her hand. She then gets an idea and after removing the chicken from the pan she then places her whole hand on the pot intentionally burning herself on the stove. Lettie Mae then rushes herself down to the Cellar underneath the church to awaken Willa. When awoken Willa attacks Lettie Mae pinning her to a wall but then stops and apologizes saying she's never been woken up before. Lettie Mae shows Willa her severely burned hand and Willa then says it's serious and they should get her a doctor. But then Lettie Mae says no doctor can fix it and she needs vampire blood. After telling Lettie Mae that Daniels said not to give her blood Lettie Mae doesn't care. Willa gives her some blood and after drinking the blood Lettie Mae is transferred to a strange world. In it she finds Tara on a cross speaking in a strange tongue. Lettie Mae yells out "I need the answers!"

Lettie Mae's vision

On their way out of Saint Alice while in Alcide's Truck Alcide goes to say that despite what Sookie may be thinking she is nothing like Mary Beth. Alcide tells Sookie not to beat herself up that since she's not the reason vampires are getting infected and killing innocent people. He then also acknowledges that she fell in love with Bill and goes to say although Bill wouldn't be "his" first choice she happened to fall in love with Bill the exact same way as anyone else would fall for their first love... hard and fast. He says her love makes her no different than anyone else, it only makes her human. Sookie tears up and tells Alcide she appreciates what he's said but then says the only thing she can think about right now is how Bon Temps will eventually end up like Saint Alice. Alcide then suggests that they keep driving and don't go back to Bon Temps but Sookie says "that's not the answer."

Betty's desiccation

Betty asks the lead Hepatitis V vampire if she can be the sleep monitor saying she doesn't trust the current sleep monitor since he messed up and killed Kevin fearing he could do it again. To shut her up she's given permission and during the next nap goes downstairs and tells the ladies she can help them saying they only have twelve minutes (a timer was set to 14 minutes). But first she says she needs to feed to stay alive long enough to help them and Arlene gives her permission. But while feeding from Arlene, Betty starts to desiccate and dies before being able to free them leaving the girls screaming hysterically in the basement.

Andy arrives home and begins calling for Adilyn who isn't home. Jessica still in the attic and realizes that she's not healing, from giving Adilyn her blood, due to not feeding. After hesitating she eventually calls Andy up. Fearing the worst Andy quickly makes his way upstairs with his gun out. When he sees Jessica he suspects that she killed his daughter but she manages to disarm him when he tries to approach her. Jessica gets in his face and yells at him saying she doesn't want to hurt Adilyn and she only wants to help. 

"If I got myself into some serious shit, would you be able to feel me?"

Jessica then tells Andy Adilyn is in trouble. Andy asks where she is and Jessica says she doesn't know but she knows she needs help. Jessica says once it gets dark, she will find her and protect her then asking Andy if he will help her.

Arriving home as well is Alcide and Sookie. Alcide says he's tired and wants to take a nap but is then stopped and embraced by Sookie who tells him to shower up before hopping the bed. Alcide says okay and goes to the bathroom instead and once the shower is on Sookie sneaks out of the house and quickly makes her way over to Bill's house. When she knocks Bill answers and Sookie then asks if he can still sense her fear. She asks him "If I got myself into some serious shit, would you be able to feel me?"

Eric Infected with Hep-V

Over in France at the same Villa Jason dreamed about Pam walks through the garden but goes to a door that leads underground to a fancy cellar. Going down the spiral staircase two women in lingerie turn and are leaving the room saying to Pam in French that Eric refuses to feed from them and they leave. Pam then tears up as she finally sees Eric alive. However while laying on the couch she can see his dark veins working their way up from his chest seeing that Eric is Infected with the Hepatitis V Virus.



  • This episode currently hasn’t received any awards.


  • This episode does not contain any allusions.

Bloopers and Continuity Errors[]

  • There are no bloopers that occur in this episode.


  • There are no continuity notes for this episode.


  • Sookie has a flashback to when she asks Bill to take her to Fangtasia in "Escape from Dragon House" and a subsequent scene shows her excitedly getting ready to go to Fangtasia with Bill.


  • There are no miscredits that occur in this episode.


  • "Stick To My Guns" - The Genders
  • "I Found You" - Alabama Shakes


  • Nathan Parsons and Karolina Wydra are credited but do not appear in this episode.


  • The title of this episode gets its name from the song of the same name by Alabama Shakes. It is also a reference to Pam finding Eric at the end of the episode.


  • Sookie reads Mary Beth's diary and finds many parallels in Mary Beth's relationship with Henry and Sookie's own relationship with Bill.
  • The last entry in Mary Beth's diary is dated May 2, 2011, which was only a few days before Sookie and her friends investigated Saint Alice. This puts the timeline sometime in May of 2011.

Memorable Quotes[]

Alcide Herveaux: "Sookie, you gotta stop beating yourself up. Vampires came out of the coffin the whole world over. You didn't bring 'em to Bon Temps any more than that girl brought 'em to Saint Alice. And you sure as hell didn't infect 'em with a virus that makes them rabid beasts. Yeah, you fell in love with Bill. He wouldn't have been my first choice, but, well, I hate to break it to you, but you fell for him the same way that every single person on the entire planet falls for their first love: hard and fast. All's that makes you is... a human."




Episode Ratings[]

Episode # Episode Title Viewers (in millions)
#7.02 (72) "I Found You" 3.06

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