Nora Gainesborough, the first vampire to die of Hepatitis V, a virulent and fatal strain of the Hepatitis D virus

Hepatitis D, or Hep D for short, is a virulent and fatal strain of the Hepatitis virus found on the HBO original series True Blood. Known to have been affecting vampires since the series' first season, Hep D is a virus that, while harmless to humans by itself, will weaken vampires if they drink from a human that has it. The only shown person that had Hep D was Jerry who was later killed by the vampire that owned him, Malcolm. Telepathic fae and series' protagonist Sookie Stackhouse had read Jerry's mind before vampire Bill Compton was about to bite him, but she told him that he had Hep D at the last second. Bill explains that Hep D is harmless to humans but will weaken a vampire for several months which puts them in danger of being harmed or killed. There is no known cure.


The virus works by weakening its victims, leaving the vampire vulnerable to being harmed or killed. The infected human host seems to exhibit no symptoms.



Hepatitis V visibly spreading over Nora's skin in a dark, blueish black color.

A vampire infected with a strain of Hep D will begin weakening, losing their strength and even speed. The victim also experiences pain and discomfort which increases as the virus destroys its host from the inside out. Many hours after exposure to infection, the virus saps its victims powers and strength completely, and they will begin to feel extremely hot all over their body which may perpetuate to a burning sensation all over as the victim comes near their true death. It appears the average victim will succumb to their affliction within 24-48 hours after first exposure to the virus. It appears the virus in some ways reacts similarly against vampires blood much like silver; as the time comes for the victim's true death, they dissolve into a pile of blood and the blood will simmer and smoke for moments after the true death.

The virus is so powerful that not even Lilith's blood is able to cure its effects ("In the Evening"), and it is not yet proven whether Warlow's blood would be ineffective against the virus. Hep D weakens its victims before ultimately leaving them vulnerable to the True Death.


The first human seen to be infected with the virus is Jerry, human fangbanger of the vampire Malcolm. ("The First Taste")

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  • No known vampires


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  • No known vampires

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  • There is no known cure for Hep-D. Sarah Newlin's blood is the Cure for Hepatitis V, however, and it is therefore assumed the cure works to treat Hepatitis D as well.

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