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"Gone, Gone, Gone"
Season 5, Episode 10
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Air date August 12, 2012
Written by Alexander Woo
Directed by Scott Winant
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"Everybody Wants to Rule the World"

"Gone, Gone, Gone" is the tenth episode of Season 5 of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' fifty-eighth episode overall.


With vampire-on-human attacks increasing, the Authority attempts to woo public favor. Meanwhile, Nora tries to convert Eric to Lilith's gospel. Jason finds a mysterious scroll; Elijah Stormer, the new vampire sheriff of Area 5, pushes Pam and Tara to obey a new mandate; Sam and Luna search for Emma; Russell seeks a higher calling.


"We're not running.
No one fucks with us in our house."
― Tara Thornton

The television news reports that the manufacturers of Tru Blood have promised to rebuild all the destroyed Tru Blood plants. Steve Newlin is interviewed; he claims that Homeland Security are looking for the people responsible for the destruction. Sookie walks in with the food Claude bought her and turns off her TV.

She sits down with the papers she found hidden under her floorboards but is interrupted by a knock on the door. Suspicious, she grabs a revolver and covers it with the papers. She looks through her window and seeing that it is Mike allows him into her house. She asks what he is doing there in the middle of the night. He answers that he came for the body. Sookie asks what body he is talking about. He says "Yours" and reveals his fangs. Sookie shoots at Mike and he chuckles that it does not hurt. Sookie goes to run but Mike grabs her and begins feeding on her leg. Sookie pulls out chopsticks from the take out and she stakes Mike through his back, destroying him.

The Authority has Molly brought before them; she is handcuffed and an iStake is attached to her chest. Salome gives Molly one last chance to join the Sanguinista or face the true death. Molly says that even if she accepts their beliefs, they would kill her anyway. Bill admits that she is right; because she hacked their security systems the Chancellors agreed for the true death as punishment.

Molly flips off her judges and says that they are destroying the world because of a thousand year old bible. She says that their behavior is the opposite of evolved. Rosalyn says that Molly has been a good employee and they don't care when she dies. Bill executes Molly with her own creation (true death), leaving a bloody mess. Steve overreacts as it is the first time that he has seen a vampire staked. The Chancellors bless Molly's remains. Russell asks if anyone is hungry and goes to leave with Steve. Salome objects because Steve has an important TV appearance the next day. Russell argues that the Book of the Vampyr instructs them to hunt and feast, not sit around reading index cards. Rosalyn agrees that Russell and Steve should be allowed to have their fun.

Hoyt is released from the hospital and his mother takes him home in her car. Maxine tells him that she has sold half of her doll collection to clear some space in Hoyt's old room. She says that she has bought a mattress from California King because it is good for Hoyt's size. Hoyt does not want his old room back but Maxine says she wants him back in the house because of the spate of vampire attacks since the Tru Blood factories were destroyed, also referencing Jessica. Hoyt says Jessica is not coming back to him. He then says that God has given him a second life and that he has been asked to join a drilling crew in Alaska. Hoyt says it's better than any job in Bon Temps. Maxine says that he's still recovering and Hoyt becomes annoyed and asks her what she wants from him. Maxine does not answer and Hoyt deduces that she wants him to stay with her.

Elijah counts her cut from Fangtasia and is disappointed with $600. Pam feigns surprise that she can count past five. Elijah demands the rest of the money. Tara explains that there is nothing legal for vampires and humans are not exactly flocking in. Elijah asks how Pam is paying her employees and Tara replies that "she doesn't." She suggests that Fangtasia should have a peep show where a human would pay $20 to put a body part of their choice through a door where a vampire will have 30 seconds to feed. She suggests that such an attraction usually makes $2000 an hour. She insists that they need to make more money as the protection of their sheriff is not cheap. She gives Tara and Pam back their cut. As Tara is leaving she says that they have orders from the Authority to create 30 new baby vampires in their area by the end of the year. Pam dissents and Elijah warns that if she doesn't comply she is authorized to take her assets including her progeny.

Andy enters Sookie's house to process the scene of Mike's death. He reassures her that no charges will be brought against her. She wonders who turned Mike. Andy says that Mike loved his job. Their regard for the deceased does not last and they share memories of his creepiness.

Eric and Nora experiencing a vision of Godric

Bill fills a dropper with the blood of Lilith in the inner sanctum of the Authority's headquarters. He has Eric brought before him and warns him that he and Nora are the only thing keeping him from the true death. Eric defiantly welcomes death and asks why Bill cares. Bill says that he owes Eric for saving his life. Bill produces the dropper but Eric refuses to imbibe. Nora holds his jaw open as Bill gives him a drop of Lilith's blood. Nora says that they will meet her together and opens her mouth for her own dose. Bill obliges before leaving the room. He watches them from a security station. They experience a vision of Godric. A surprised Bill could not see Godric, and he gets even more surprised when zooming out to the entire room view, still not able to see who they're talking to. Godric warns them against following Lilith reminding them that he evolved beyond savagery. Lilith appears and Eric shouts for Godric to fight as Nora begs Lilith to take mercy on him. She tears Godric's throat open as he tells his progeny that it is not him who must fight Lilith. Although Bill sees neither Godric nor Lilith, he bends his head down, whispering "Praise Lilith."

Russell and Steve dance together amongst the bloody corpses of an entire fraternity. Russell suggests that they could walk in the light together. Steve asks Russell to take him along.

Jessica arrives at Merlotte's and the bar quickly empties. The only two remaining customers, Cole and Bobbie, reach for concealed weapons. Sam and Lafayette get the drop on them and disarm them. They find that their weapons are loaded with wooden bullets, confirming their intention to kill a vampire, but let them go. Sam invites Jessica to sit wherever she likes. The gunmen barge into Jason as they flee the bar. He asks Sam what is going on before seeing that Jessica is there. He is concerned that she is there without her guards. She tells him that Bill stopped paying them so they left the mansion, adding that it is a good thing because they were starting to look tasty to her. They realize that they are both there at Hoyt's invitation just before he walks in.

Pam tells Tara that there is not one person in the bar that she would want to turn. Tara suggests that she will turn two, adding "I always wanted kids." Pam rebuffs her idea and tells her they should procreate because they want to, not because they're told to. Tara asks if she's going to let Elijah take everything away including her. Pam tells her that he can have the bar, because at this point it is not worth much, while they will live together in the wind, like she did with Eric.

Hoyt explains his plan to move to Alaska. Jessica and Jason try to convince him to stay, to no avail. He asks Jessica to glamour away all memory of both her and Jason before he leaves, so he can make a fresh start. Jessica is devastated by the finality of his request but obliges him. She tenderly imbues him with hope for a carefree life and a new, better first love. Jason and Jessica tearfully leave Hoyt alone in the booth.

Jason picks Sookie up from her home. She tries to console him about Hoyt's departure. Jason is despondent about losing his friend and failing to progress their investigation into the murder of their parents; he learned nothing from Bud's files. He goes back over Sookie's message from their Gran, believing that she might have missed something. He finds that the box Sookie found was merely a distraction and Gran was actually pointing them towards a hidden compartment under the bed. Inside they find a metal box with a scroll covered with arcane symbols.

Sam tries to reach Steve, posing as a reporter for a dog magazine in an attempt to confirm that he has a new pet. Luna joins him, distraught that the authorities have dismissed her report of Steve taking her daughter, Emma. Sam tries to comfort her and then shows her that Steve is appearing at a live debate in New Orleans that night. Sam offers to fly them there using credit card miles.

Sookie and Jason seek the advice of an expert symbologist Professor Kannell. He believes that the scroll is meaningless but could be written in a non human language.

Andy meets Holly in the bar and she reveals that she has asked Lafayette to prepare dinner for them as a thank you for taking her home from work every night during the vampire crisis. Holly flirts with Andy as they eat.

Jessica returns to her empty mansion, reminiscing about her time with Hoyt. She is startled by the sound of splintering wood. The Authority Guard Captain has brought a team to take her to the Authority headquarters. Jessica objects but the Captain shows her a video uplink with Bill and he commands her to obey. Annoyed, she puts on her shoes.

Steve and Congressman Finch argue over the purpose of the attack on the Tru Blood factories for their televised debate. Finch correctly suggests that an anti-mainstreaming vampire faction is responsible. Steve claims that he is surviving on a personal stock of Tru Blood. Rosalyn watches off camera from the set.

The other chancellors watch the broadcast from their council chamber, Russell holding Emma in her werewolf pup form and commentating on Steve's performance. Bill enters with Eric and says that he has managed to convert him to the Sanguinista cause. Eric tells the others about his vision and claims that he is now a believer in Lilith. He apologizes and kneels before Russell, forgiving him for his misdeeds and welcoming a new era of co-operation. Russell reluctantly offers his hand for a kiss.

Luna and Sam use their shifter abilities to infiltrate Steve's dressing room and are disappointed to learn that he has not brought Emma. They hide in his bag, ensuring that he takes them with him to his next destination.

Jason sees Hoyt's truck as he drives Sookie back from the college. He pulls him over and begs him to stay, despite Hoyt not recognizing him. Hoyt is not swayed from his purpose and Jason wishes him a safe journey. Sookie hugs her brother as he sobs over the loss of his friend.

Jessica angrily demands an explanation on arriving at the Authority Headquarters. Bill says that he is trying to protect her. She asks if his concern is related to the Tru Blood bombings and if he is with the American Vampire League. He smiles enigmatically.

He gives her a tour of the facility, including the inner sanctum. Jessica is perturbed by his religious fervor, comparing him to her fundamentalist Christian parents. He asks her to read the vampire bible with an open mind and tells her that he believes that he is fated to lead their kind into the coming age.

Elijah comes to Fangtasia and Tara worriedly asks for her help with a delicate problem. She takes Elijah to the office where Ginger is lying on the desk. Tara says that she tried to turn her but accidentally drained her. Elijah asks why Pam has not shown her how to make a vampire. Tara elucidates that Pam is refusing to turn any of the humans and so Tara attempted to turn Ginger to keep up with the new mandate but does not know how. She gets Elijah to check on Ginger; she says that she still has a pulse. Tara seems happy and asks if she is breathing. Elijah leans in to check and Tara moves back.

Elijah says that Ginger is holding her breath. Suddenly Ginger stabs a silver dagger in to Elijah's shoulder, shocking her. Before she can do anything, Tara decapitates (true death) her with a sword. Her remains splatter Ginger who screams. Pam speeds in to see the mess in the office and realizes what has happened. Tara wipes Elijah's remains off the sword and says "No one fucks with us in our house." Pam regards her with a hint of pride.

Steve returns to the Vampire Authority and is met by Chelsea, the receptionist. She shows him that Emma has returned to her human form. He angrily admonishes her, telling her that he doesn't like it when she is human. Sam and Luna scurry out of his bag in mouse form.

The Authority meet to discuss spreading their message. Russell brings up the possibility of day walking using the blood of faeries. He believes they should attempt to synthesize faerie blood just as they have done with human blood. Salome calls the suggestion blasphemy. Russell attacks her and announces his superiority over all of them, his native accent returning as he loses control of his emotions. He declares that they will not constrain him and speeds out of the room.

Sookie takes the scroll to Claude and his sisters at the faerie bar. Claude does not recognize the language and suggests showing it to an older faerie, Maurella, who is almost 500 years old. Maurella recognizes it as a contract written in faerie blood. She uses her powers to reveal the meaning of the document "5 August 1702, I, John William Stackhouse, in reference to our binding agreement on this said date, do grant Mr. M. Warlow my first fae bearing female heir." Jason asks Claude who the first female faerie was in that family since 1702 and Claude says that there were none, until Sookie.



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  • Jessica has a brief flashback to her first date with Hoyt which took place in "Scratches".


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  • "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry
  • "Bread and Water" by Caroline Horn
  • "Gone Gone Gone" by Carl Perkins
  • "Supertripper" by Circuit Freq
  • "Need a little help" by Cree Rider
  • "Heavens to Murgatroid" by Acumen Nation
  • "You know, I know" by John Lee Hooker


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Memorable Quotes[]

Russell Edgington:

  • (to the Authority) "Oh, please!  Give me an excuse to kill the both of you (referring to Bill and Eric)... Or hell- why not all of you!  I am 3,000 years old! (His native Romanian-German accent returns) I am stronger than all of you combined!  How long did you think I would be your lapdog?!  I offered you an opportunity to share in the greatest advancement in the history of our race, and the small-mindedness of your- religion- has literally kept you in the dark! ... You can have your Lilith! (losing control of his emotions)  I will not be constrained by your God or by anyone else's!  I- will- have- the- Sun!"

Memorable Dialogue[]

Pamela Swynford de Beaufort (to Tara, over Ginger's screams): "You have got to be kidding me."
Tara Thornton (to Pam, on Ginger's screams): "We're not running. (cleans blood from sword) No one fucks with us in our house."

Jessica Hamby (Jessica glamours Hoyt Fortenberry before he leaves for Alaska as his going-away present): "Hoyt Fortenberry, you are a good good man- the biggest heart I've ever known. You were my first love. I'll never forget you. You were Jason's best friend and he won't forget you either. We're going to miss you so so much, but you are not going to miss us. You are gonna to Alaska and you're gonna to start a brand new life. You're gonna make a lot of friends. You'll forget about Jason- forget he ever existed. Do you understand?"
Hoyt Fortenberry: "Yeah."
Jessica Hamby: "And You're gonna make some girl the luckiest, the happiest girl in the world. And she... She's going to be your first love. Not me. I am fading away. Going... going 'til I vanished from your mind. When I tell you, I want you to close your eyes and count to 10. And when you open them, we'll be gone and you're gonna have yourself a burger and a beer and not have a care in the world, okay?" Hoyt Fortenberry: "Okay."




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