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"Fire in the Hole"
Season 7, Episode 3
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Air date July 6th, 2014
Written by Brian Buckner
Directed by Lee Rose
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"I Found You"
"Death is Not the End"

"Fire in the Hole" is the third episode of the seventh and final season of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' seventy-third episode overall.


Sookie hatches a dangerous plan to take down the Hepatitis V vampires, even as Vince and his armed vigilantes pose an equally serious threat. Lafayette gets high with James; Jason eyes a family future with Violet; Willa is forced to find a new place to stay; Sarah sheds her past. Pam offers Eric a compelling reason to return to Louisiana – and be the vampire he used to be.



We open in a yoga class with several people meditating and stretching. We see that Sarah Newlin is in the class going by the name "Noomi".

Back at the Villa, Pam asks Eric how long he's been sick to which he tells her he's been sick for about a month. She then mentions while he was in Saint Petersburg. Eric lightly scoffs and Pam tells him not to act surprised as she's been looking all over the world for him. Pam tells him how she hates the Russians to which Eric says he didn't know she'd be looking for him. She asks him why he kept on moving then and he laughs congratulating her as she's "outwitted him", but only because he's not well. She tells him about Tara meeting the True death, saying she felt it in Morocco the other night. He doesn't seem to acknowledge this and asks if she's played the bucket game and that he enjoys that game. Pam is shocked tells Eric he's "Eric Northman" and that he can't give up. But Eric says the fight is over. After making references to all the people Eric's lost he flashes back about 30 years to being in France with a woman named Sylvie.

Eric and Sylvie

Nan Flanagan shows up and tells Eric and Pam about the Japanese corporation bringing Tru Blood. With Eric failing to keep up with his responsibilities as a vampire by reporting to his Sheriff or paying taxes to his Sheriff the AVL isn't pleased. Nan tells Eric and Pam that the vampires have one of two options. To mainstream and reveal themselves or stay in hiding, however it's hard to keep their secret from society when Eric and Pam do their deeds in public. When Nan tells Eric about mainstreaming being a possibility Eric makes fun. Nan then warns him that the Japanese will not take his attitude to lightly, nor with the Authority. Pam says she understands however Eric tells Nan to "go fuck herself". After she leaves Pam argues with Eric over the fact that Eric disrespected an Authority figure and that they must leave France. However Eric says they must stay for Sylvie and that not once has Eric ever failed to protect Pam and that she does not answer to The Authority, but to him.

"I know she was here, I can smell her!"

Back in Sookie's home Alcide gets out of the shower and is calling for Sookie, deciding on what they can have for dinner. However he soon realizes that she's not home and quickly follows her scent to Bill's house. He calls for Bill and says he knows Sookie was there. When no one comes to the door he kicks it down and goes inside. Out on the road Sookie and Bill are together in the car. Sookie tells Bill that werewolves are the best trackers and is afraid Alcide will find them. However Bill assures Sookie that he made sure to cover their scent. Sookie is confused and asks Bill why he can't feel her anymore, saying that she thought the connection lasted forever. But Bill tells her that when he fed all the vampires in the sun room his Lilith Blood he was given a clean slate, saying he's a different vampire since he essentially lost all of his blood. But he doesn't distance himself from his past actions and that everything he's done will stick with him forever. Bill says in order for the plan to work Sookie must drink his blood so he can sense her again to which she does.

Sookie takes Bill's blood again

Adilyn and Wade are still in the jail cell. Wade is concerned about his brother. Adilyn tells him he's going to be okay and that she thinks his mom will be okay as well. Wade asks if she thinks "They'll" be okay. Adilyn then asks if she can tell him a secret and then tells him about when he and her kissed in the Bon Temps Cemetery. Wade says he'd remember something like that and Adilyn tells him it really happened, he was just glamoured into forgetting it. Wade tells Adilyn that's the best news he's heard and they move in to kiss only to be stopped when Andy and Jessica arrive to get them out.

Sam and Reverend Daniels are in the church and talk about life and death. Daniels warns Sam that spending a life obsessing bout death is dangerous. Willa shows them that Lettie Mae is out of control and tells them about her being burned. Daniels tells Sam he has to leave now and starts trying to calm Lettie Mae down again. Sam and his vampire guard then leave the church. Sam and Matt (vampire protector) are driving down the road. Sam immediately stops when they encounter Vince and his posse standing in the road. Sam tries talking the group down only to find out that Vince has revealed his secret to the town. They kill Matt and Vince informs Sam that he now considers himself to be the mayor. Vince then tells Sam that he's going to have to leave town, but Sam tells them he can't do that and then shifts into an owl and escapes.

While at home Jason suggests to Violet that maybe they should have a baby. Jason says he knows Violet can't conceive but they could adopt and raise one. This surprises Violet and she quickly argues with Jason that he's just being soft after what they saw in the town. Jason tells her that he's still the warrior that she fell in love with but he's still a modern man. Andy then arrives and tells Jason about Vince and his mob. Adilyn thinks they might be after Sookie. Jason lets them in but Violet then stops Jessica and pins her against the wall. Violet says they'll only be "good" until they find Sookie. Jessica is shocked saying she thought they were over fighting over Jason. Andy tells Adilyn and Wade to stay in the house no matter what and the rest of them go to find Sookie.

Jason brings up the idea of children

James drops by to see Lafayette and is looking to smoke some weed. Lafayette tells James he has no more but has pills. James tells Lafayette he can't take pills being a vampire saying "immortality isn't what it's hyped to be". They talk about past drug use and James says the last pill he took was Tuinal. Lafayette plans to recreate it and let James drink from him once he's high. While doing so Lafayette asks why James would need to "escape" to which James says he's stressed out by his relationship with Jessica. That they live and sleep together and occasionally fuck. But he feels Jessica doesn't pay him much attention. Lafayette takes the combination of separate pills then they wait for the high so James can feed.

Because the Hepatitis V vampires have to feed more often, the infected vampires are worried about their supply since they only have four humans left, possibly more if they count Nicole as more than one. The leader says they have no choice but to go out on another hunt to which a female says she can't, she doesn't have the energy. However, the leaders points out no one does but they have too. But this time knowing the humans are being protected by vampires they'll be prepared with silver and stakes. Holly in the basement is praying with the others for protection when the leader comes downstairs. He asks which one of them were trying to be "Harry Potter" and Holly then offers herself up. She is then taken on the hunt with the Hepatitis V vampires.

Sookie's "Trap"

In the woods while posted up in a tree away from Sookie Bill tells her that their plan is shaky at best, to which Sookie says it was half of Bill's idea. When Bill denies it she says the idea came from when they first visited Fangtasia together and Bill said she was like "vampire bait". Bill asks if Sookie loves Alcide which she finds uncomfortable with him asking. Bill mentions that if they are to be friends then they should be comfortable with talking about that stuff. She tells him that Alcide wants kids but expresses she isn't excited about the idea. Bill says that children were once an idea of theirs when "they" were together. Sookie says she loves Alcide, but as mean as it sounds, isn't sure she loves Alcide as much as he loves her which makes her feel "rotten inside". Bill tells Sookie love isn't always equal and that perhaps she'll grow to love him more. In the car Jason calls Sookie and leaves another message that they're looking for her. They then encounter Sam's abandoned truck and the remains of the vampire who was with him. Jessica and Violet bare their fangs as Vince's posse walks out from the bushes. Jason and Andy pull out guns and tell them to get out of the way and let them pass, but the group refuses. Mrs. Fortenberry says she wants to deal with Jason and Jessica personally. Still furious about Hoyt, she then shoots Jessica in the shoulder. Violet then speeds in and rips out Mrs. Fortenberry's heart. Jason runs to Jessica who realizes that her healing factor hasn't taken effect and asks why she isn't healing to which Jessica tells him she doesn't know. Shocked and terrified by Violet's show of brutality, Vince's group scatters into the woods. Andy calls out to Wade's brother, Rocky and then tells Violet to grab him, but alive. Violet catches up the leads him back to Andy and the group.

Stand Off

Elsewhere in the woods Holly is walking with the Hepatitis V vampires when suddenly they find a couple sitting by a tree. The leader glamours Holly to stay silent and still and then has two Hepatitis V vampires snag the couple and take them back to Fangtasia. Lafayette and James lounge on the couch, now stoned. They are trying to forget about the past.

Sam and Alcide run into each other and shift back. Sam asks what Alcide is doing out in the woods. Alcide tells Sam that he's trying to find Sookie who he knows is with Bill. Suddenly they both hear guns cocking in the bushes. The two of them shift and then run into the bushes.

Compton Family Photo

Sookie is being used as bait, sitting under a tree with Bill waiting above her in the tree still. Sookie asks if they are in a war right now and Bill flashes back to his human life. His family is taking a photo before he leaves for combat and Bill's daughter is worried he won't come back. To make her feel better Bill has the photographer (who was a Fortenberry) take the first photo with just the two of them telling his daughter she can keep it just for herself. They then take the next photo. Suddenly Bill is snapped out of his flashback when he smells Sookie's blood. He looks down to see Sookie cutting her arm with her sharpened branch saying she can't wait any longer and yells out into the woods coaxing the Hepatitis V vampires to take her.

Willa apologizes to Reverend Daniels for what happened with Lettie Mae. He lets Willa feed from him and tells her about his first wife and losing faith. Reverend Daniels says that meeting Lettie Mae back then essentially saved his life. He assures her that Lettie Mae is an addict and it wasn't Willa's fault. But he then tells Willa, she's good, a sweet girl, but having her around Lettie Mae is like having a bottle of Captain Morgans sitting around and sadly tells her she must go. Reverend Daniels then resends Willa's invitation.

James shows affection towards Lafayette

James wakes up and finds Lafayette unresponsive. He's briefly concerned he had OD'd and Lafayette says it's "cute" that James was worried about him. James admits to having some romantic feelings for Lafayette but say he's faithful to Jessica.

Eric's Ultimatum... Sylvie or Pam

In a flashback of Eric and Pam in France a group of sword-wielding agents of the Japanese Yakuza gang arrive and take Pam prisoner. Eric who's making love to Sylvie in the yard is quickly interrupted when the gang arrives with silver around Pam's neck. The gang ask for Sylvie's name. Sylvie is afraid but Eric assures her that if the gang really wanted them dead then they would've killed them already. Two gang members grab Sylvie and Eric tries to fight but is then stopped when a sword is brought to Pam's neck. Eric offers the gang leaders triple of what the Japanese company is paying them. The Gang Leader is aware of Eric's wealth but however says Mr. Northman is not a corporation. The Leader then gives Eric a choice: Either Pam or Sylvie must die. Eric at first offers himself, but eventually is told the AVL wants him so it is either Pam or Sylvie. Eric ultimately ends up sacrificing Sylvie who they kill in front of him. They then wrap Eric's neck with a silver chain and drag both him and Pam away.

"Lets find her shall we?"

In present day Eric admits to Pam that he wasn't careful about avoiding the disease. She begs him to try and survive until a cure is found but he isn't interested. Pam is about to leave but then stops and tells Eric that Jason let Sarah live. Shocked Eric doesn't want to believe it's true but Pam assures him Sarah is still alive and she's in hiding. This gets Eric to his feet and he tells Pam "let's go find her."

We see Sarah in bed with the yoga guru. After they're finished she gets up to get some wine. While she's gone the same agents of the Japanese Yakuza gang who killed Sylvie arrive looking for Sarah. The guru says he knows Sarah but he won't tell them where she is. The gang then kill the guru while Sarah is hiding in the wine cellar.

Alcide and Sam to the Rescue

Out in the woods Bill senses a human and Holly then walks out towards Sookie. Sookie runs over to Holly and hugs her asking where she's been. But having been glamoured she says she doesn't know. Bill is then tackled from the tree and the Hepatitis V vampires jump out and attack. Bill fights off two of them but then is bested when he has a silver chain wrapped around his neck. Two more Hepatitis V vampires run out and grab Sookie. One tells the others to take Bill out when suddenly Alcide and Sam then run out in canine forms and save Bill. Andy, Jason, and their team arrive to the rescue and kill the infected vampires holding Sookie. Alcide shifts back to human form once the Hepatitis V vampires are dead and tells Sookie not to open her mouth since she has blood all over her. Violet then helps Sookie to the creek to wash off. While Sookie is washing the Hepatitis V blood from her eyes Alcide then argues with Bill about protecting Sookie.

R.I.P Alcide

Suddenly there's gunshots from the bushes and Alcide is hit. Jason, Andy, and Jessica return fire and kill the two men behind the bushes, one of which is Lou from the slaughter house. Sookie screams and rushes to Alcide's side but is too late for he's shot in the head. Jessica offers to turn him but Sookie shakes her head no. She weeps over his body. Andy finds a mortally wounded Lou in the bushes, who asks him for an ambulance. Andy gravely tells him, "You pulled the trigger, Lou. I told you life wasn't gonna be the same."



  • This episode currently hasn’t received any awards.


  • This episode does not contain any allusions.

Bloopers and Continuity Errors[]

  • There are no bloopers that occur in this episode.


  • There are no continuity notes for this episode.


  • Eric has a flashback to Rhone Valley, France in 1986 when he had a human lover named Sylvie. They are interrupted by Nan Flanagan and later by the Yakuza who take Pam and Sylvie captive, telling Eric he must choose which one will live. Eric chooses Pam.
  • Bill has a flashback to 1862 when he took a photo with his family before he went to fight in the Civil War.


  • There are no miscredits that occur in this episode.


  • "Get The Funk Out Ma Face" - The Brothers Johnson
  • "Everything is Everything" - Earth, Wind & Fire
  • "Fire in the Hole" - Sarah Issakson and Rebecka Tornqvist


  • Rutina Wesley is credited but does not appear in this episode.


  • There are no notes on the title based on this episode.


  • This is the first episode of the series to not feature Tara.
  • This is the final episode of the series to feature Alcide, and also the final episode to credit Joe Manganiello, who was removed from the main credits in the following episode.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Nan.
  • Jessica continues fighting (with a gun) after she is wounded and rendered weak. This is a testament to her bravery and dedication to protecting the innocent.

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#7.03 (73) "Fire in the Hole" 3.20

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