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August 2009

I Am God's Flaming Sword

War is here. Weve gotten our first taste of what we are up against. We're alive, we have been kidding ourselfs. Those things aren't going down by crossbows. Something created by the antichrist can only be defeated by something just as big, the holiest of the holy. Those willing to sacrifice.

What choice do we really have? Do we fight with sticks, while our women are taken, raped and drained?

Or do we unleash the sword of the archangel Michael, the baddest mother in heaven?

We've seen what happens to people who try to tell the truth. They're murdered, like Rev. Ted. Murdered like my dad. Like Rev. Steve was almost murdered.

The world outside is sick. They need someone to fight to make things right and clean again.

Its clear now. Everything that has happened to me in my life, football, losing my dad, Katie, training with the SOS, meeting Rev. Steve Newlin, it's all been for a reason.

I'm ready to fulfill the mission that God has always had in store for me. I'm ready to do what Stackhouse couldn't do. What no one else can do. But me.

In church during the seige, Rev. Steve talked about armeggeddon. Some of you guys seems a little spooked by the idea. Don't be. You are on the side of the light. And what is armeggeddon but a clean slate, a chance to start again? Maybe a rain of light is just what we need for a new beginning.

See you.

Under Seige

I'm guessing I won't be posting much in the next few days. In fact any post could be the last one. The camp is on high alert. We will be executing the vampire soon and I don't think anyone here thinks that that is going to happen without hearing from our vamp friends.

Band of Brothers

I feel like war is close. I don't know about you guys but I feel calm. Training with you has made me feel more a part of this than I have ever felt about anything. I am ready.

The world outside has gone litterally crazy. The war has really already started, its just that people haven't started realizing how many casulties there have already been. My biggest fear is that by the time we get into it, it will be too late.

As weird as it sounds, I'm almost glad about Katie or even that I don't have any family left to speak of. I want to be alone to do what I got to do.

Not alone. I got thirty brothers and they are death-dealing killers.

How Many People Have to Die?


Vampire Snatches Jogger

This clip is incredible and will really tick you off. You have to watch pretty carefully, but what happens is as plain as the nose on your face. Watch the jogger — now you see him, now you don't. that's how long it takes to end someone's life.

This is from a security camera. I think more and more of these will probably appear, it is going to hard for vamps to keep up the act when there are cameras on every corner. If you don't think your going to have to be near-perfect when the war comes, your not looking at this tape very close.

More Cameras = More Pictures of Attacks


Drunk Guy Interrupts Feeding

How does the world sleep at night with this kind of stuff going on? Here's your Time magazine coverstory murdering a girl in an alley.

I can't look at this stuff and then just lay down and close my eyes. Even though I have cut off texts ect with Kate, it doesn't mean I want her to be murdered or whatever. It seems like it is just a matter of time before all of our friends and family get taken advantage of one way or the other.

Nice Knowing You, Pt. 2

Update: got a text from Katie that she wishes I would leave camp and come to "Kalifornication" and that she really wants to keep things going with us.

Yeah right!!

Murder on the Highway


Couple Murdered by Vampires

Somebody forwarded me this link . It is pretty obvious what is going on in it. According to the post, some people rolled up on a car that was still running and this is what they saw.

It is very rare to find a victim of a vampire with the body in tact so if this is legit, it is very important evidence of what we are up against. This video should be passed around to as many people as possible.

Nice Knowing You!!

Fots-luke break 01.jpg
What's missing from these pictures?

Theres certain things you expect when you are in intense training for a mission. You have to make sacrifices. I admit, I did not think that my (x)girlfriend Kate would be one of them.

I'm not going to sit here and act like I don't care that she is moving to California. But I don't believe that its just because there is a pharm. rep job out there and I am definitley not going to be wasting my time facebooking trying to keep this bs going. She is making a choice and so am i.


Have You Seen...

Did you ever realize that vampires coming out means that for all our history they were just out there playing with us. I wouldn't be suprised if half of the stuff we could never explain was just vampires.

Like missing kids on milk cartons. All my life I've been seeing these kids picture and I'm wondering, who is taking all these kids and what are they doing with them. People say its perverts and runaways and stuff but it seems like there are thousands and thousands of them.

But it makes perfect sense if you think of it as vampires feeding on them. Just culling a few hundred every year. Same with serial murderers. I mean, there probably are serial murderers, but some of these unsolved cases, its probably just vampires. All these years, all these kids. One minute their playing in their yard or riding their bike and then their taken off somewhere, like The Drain or something and their throat is ripped out.

Rev. Ted Newlin was murdered by them, its basically a fact. Who else? My dad? They didn't find much of him after the rig fire. How do I know? And who is next?

The kind of creature who could do this for thousands of years is way ahead of us when it comes to deception and violence. It makes perfect sense that they would lull us all into koomba ya and one day you wake up and your sister or your girlfriend is a feeder or a sex slave, or both. Its like a comic book or movie or something but it is real. And even in comic books there is a hero who everybody thinks is crazy but is the only one who gets it.

REAL Guts from a Staked Vampire??


Real Vampire Guts Post Staking

This got recommended to me when I was looking at some other videos online. I've watched it about 30 times so far.

Is is real? On one hand, that stuff doesn't look like anything I can put my finger on. But people have faked frozen bigfoots, ect, so I it is hard to tell from a video.

One question I have. why would the guy stick his hand in there like that if it was real? It probably stinks. It definitely is nasty.

Based on my research, I would have to say it is real (60% sure.) If I knew more of this guys story about how he got it, who did the staking, ect, the percentage would go up.

The Rev. Ted Newlin

Since I gave up the playstation, I have been using my spare time to improve myself and I was recently rereading Rev. Newlin's book.

I know most of you guys have read it, but I still find it amazing how much sense it makes...if more people would read it, I don't think we would be having the vamp problems today that we have (I don't think we'd have the vamps that we have today.) He also basically predicts all the stuff that we are seeing now. Murder and orgys, people becoming feeders and basically slaves. Vamps taking over movies and media, liberal acceptence, ect.

It also makes me appreciate the path that Rev. Steve has taken more than ever. If vampires had killed their family a lot of people would take off running, or at least try to stay out of site. But Rev. Steve has taken them on on TV. He has made himself public enemy no. 1 for vamps. He is walking around with a target on his back.

I look around at our "leaders" outside and I wonder who is going to protect the world. Politicians? Hollywood actors? Oprah? It seems to me there is only one real leader, one General in the field. I feel it is up to us to be his honor guard, to surround him and protect him, even if it means we protect him with a wall of bodies.

Take Down, Stake Down


Take Down Stake Down

With all the things I have been seeing lately, I am doubleing down on the training. I really like this training clip from Gunny Buell because it assumes the worst. Vamps are very fast and you won't have very much time to do anything, so you gotta make the most of what you have — silver and extra people.

You ever try to drive a stake into something moving, when your life is on the line? Me either. If anyone wants to form a practice team to work on this, let me know we can do it after chow.