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June 2009

The Real Path to Eternal Life

June 22, 2009


Steve and Sarah Newlin's Reflections of Light 2-0


One of the most difficult truths for humans to accept is that our time in this world is limited. We can only experience so many eras, seasons and sunrises in the time we are given. But vampires, in their endless role of seduction and temptation, are preying on this constraint, offering us "immortality" — as if existing hollowly for eons were any alternative to a real, purpose-driven human life. In today's Reflection of Light, we'll talk more about vampires' "turning" of humans and the real path that God offers to eternal life.

Yours in Christ, -Steve Newlin

A Prayer for Righteousness

June 11, 2009

Fots-prayer righteousness.jpg

Today's reflection is a plea to the Lord for the resolve to persevere through all that is dark and perverse in this world.

A New Storm Gathering

June 5, 2009


Steve and Sarah Newlin's Reflections of Light 1


Today's Reflection centers on marriage and what it means to a God-loving society. If current legislation is allowed to remain in place, members of the clergy will be forced to conduct inter-species marriages — sullying houses of worship with the unholy union of human and the undead. Educating yourself is a Christian duty.

Watch "Who Needs Marriage? A Reflections of Light Video" now and join Sarah and I in protecting this blessed sacrament.

Yours in Christ, -Steve Newlin