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F**k the Pain Away
Season 6, Episode 5
Air date July 14, 2013
Written by Angela Robinson
Directed by Michael Ruscio
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"F**k the Pain Away" is the fifth episode of Season 6 of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' sixty-fifth episode overall.


Wanting to finally learn the truth about her past, Sookie recruits Lafayette to summon her dead parents; Warlow revisits some painful memories with Lilith; Eric and Tara resort to drastic measures to rescue Pam; Jason reconnects with Sarah; Andy picks up the pieces of his ravaged family.


"I don't understand why vampires feel the need
to lie to me, hunt me, to terrorize me in my own home."
― Sookie Stackhouse, expressing her displeasure with the vampire species

Sookie confronting Warlow

The episode opens to Sookie revealing she knows that Ben Flynn is actually Macklyn Warlow, whom she threatens with vampire killing faerie magic. Warlow tries to explain, but Sookie lays into him, yelling about how sick and tired she is of vampires ruining her life and acting like they own her. Warlow tells her he loves her and has been dreaming of her for decades, but Sookie ignores him and demands to know why he would kill her parents if he truly loves her so much. Warlow tells Sookie the reason he killed her parents is because they were trying to kill her, and he wanted to save her. Sookie blasts Warlow with her light magic, throwing him backwards.

Jessica is distraught over having killed the four faerie daughters of Andy, and begs Bill to tell her the girls are not dead. Drunk on the blood of the four halflings, Jessica leans on Bill's shoulder, then begins to kiss him. Shocked, Bill pushes her away, stating she is high from the faerie blood but Jessica cries that she feels like either having sex or dying. At that moment, Bill jumps up and feels a pain on his chest in the same area Sookie burnt Warlow. He then sees visions of all the memories of Lilith and her progenies.

Lilith biting Warlow

Sookie is shocked when she sees Warlow's wound from her faerie magic heal instantly, despite Niall's claims that such magic should instantly kill a vampire. Warlow states that Sookie belongs to him, but she argues that neither he nor anyone else is allowed to own her. She is further angered when Bill arrives, but her anger turns to confusion when Bill declares that Warlow is his progeny and must do as he orders. Warlow tries to argue with Bill, and threatens him for bothering Sookie, but is quickly commanded to follow Bill to his house. Unable to resist his maker's orders, Warlow leaves with Bill.

Andy and his faerie daughter

While Bill is at Sookie's house, Andy arrives at the Bill's home with a shotgun. Andy bursts into the house, but is unaware of Jessica hiding behind a door and watching him. He discovers the dead bodies of his daughters, and is distraught until he realizes that one of them is still alive. He quickly grabs her and rushes out of the house, intending to save her from her massive blood loss. Andy takes his surviving daughter to the Bon Temps Police Station and steals vampire blood from the evidence closet, which he pours into her mouth. The girl awakens, but is still disoriented.

Eric is informed by Tara that Pam has been captured by the LAVTF, prompting the pair to allow themselves to be arrested so they can save Pam. Meanwhile, at Burrell's camp, Pam is treated to the sight of unspeakable and strange experiments being carried out on the vampires who have been captured by the LAVTF.

Sarah begs Burrell to accept that his daughter Willa is no longer the same person, and recounts her experiences with others who had been made vampires. Burrell disagrees, and refuses to give up on his child, although she is now a vampire. Sarah asks Burrell to marry her and suggests they might someday have a child of their own, but Burrell is unswayed, and ignores Sarah's attempt to show off her lingerie before leaving the house.

Bill escorts Warlow to the basement of the his house and explains to him that he can control Warlow because Bill has merged with Lilith by drinking her blood. He explains that he wishes to save the vampire species from extinction at the hands of the humans, but Warlow rebuffs him, saying he does not want to help Bill and despises vampires.

Warlow before being a vampire.

In the year 3500 BC, Warlow is shown to be part of a nomadic tribe of faeries. He goes to a nearby river alone to get water when he is approached by a naked woman who exhibits great interest in him. The strange woman asks Warlow what he is and appears to be almost intoxicated by his scent. The two have sex and the woman gouges her nails into Warlow's back and drinks his blood. She tells him that he is one of a kind and that God had told her about him.

Jason arrives home from work to find Sarah on his front steps, waiting for him. They begin to talk and Sarah reveals she is there to "save his soul." Jason says his soul is fine, but Sarah says she was supposed to be the one to show Jason God's light. Jason initially rebuffs her, saying that she "always seemed like a nice lady behind the crazy and the hate," and that he's not the same person she used to know. Sarah insists that God has told her to have sex with Jason, and Jason takes her into the house.

In search of Sam and Emma, Alcide visits a small bar, where he runs into his father. Jackson tries to give Alcide advice on how to handle "backwoods wolves," but the younger Herveaux refuses to listen, instead attempting to enforce his leadership over Jackson. His father tells him that he doesn't recall joining his pack and angers Alcide further, causing him to punch his father and force him to leave the bar.

While Jason is in bed with Sarah, Jessica arrives at his door and begins banging loudly on it, calling for Jason to let her in. Jason invites her in and Jessica begins to cry that she thinks she is evil and is doing the work of the devil, due to her previous encounter with the four faerie girls. The young vampire is beside herself with guilt, and questions her ability to perform good. She asks Jason if he ever loved her and he tells her that he did, but their conversation is cut short when Sarah enters the room and begins yelling at them. Sarah demands to know if Jason has been seeing Jessica and she insults the girl, calling her a whore. Enraged, Jessica attacks Sarah, but Sarah rescinds Jessica's invitation to Jason's house, throwing her through the front door and into the waiting trap of the LAVTF. Jason becomes upset, but cannot stop the LAVTF from arresting Jessica. Sarah then reveals that she called the LAVTF before stalking off in anger. Determined to save Jessica, Jason goes to the LAVTF recruiting office and applies for a job there.

Eric shoots a fellow vampire as part of the camp's tests.

Eric and Tara are separated as they enter the camp but Eric whispers to Tara to find Pam before he is taken away. Eric is then put into a white circular room with three other vampires. They stand on four red crosses as blue bouncy balls are dropped from the ceiling. It quickly becomes apparent that any vampire too slow to catch a ball will be shot immediately, eventually laving only Eric and a woman still alive. The pair are then forced to shoot at each other, and Eric wins the confrontation. He is sent into the general population, but is unable to find information in regards to Pam's whereabouts.

Pam is escorted into a therapist's office, where she is asked to tell the therapist about what it's like to be a vampire. She is initially resistant to the therapist's attempts to speak with her, but the doctor tells her that she can either comply and answer the questions honestly, which would allow her to drink human blood, or she can lie, and be forced to drink watered down Tru Blood. He begins asking her questions about what value she places on life, both that of human and vampire. Pam's answers satisfy him, and she is allowed to feed on a willing donor named SomChai.

Lafayette Reynolds.

Sookie goes to Merlotte's Bar and Grill, where she asks Lafayette for help in contacting her deceased parents. Terry has called his old friend Justin to the bar, where he asks if Justin would be willing to kill him. Justin originally refuses, but changes his mind when Terry admits to the murder of Patrick two weeks before. Arlene interrupts the conversation, but fails to realize what her husband is trying to do. As she leaves, Justin tells Terry that he will kill him for free, and agrees to give Terry a few days to get his affairs in order.

Holly speaks with Andy.

A broken Andy watches his only surviving daughter sleeping on the couch with Holly at his side, trying to comfort him. He reveals to her that Jessica was the one who killed his children, and becomes upset when Holly says that Jessica was always such a nice vampire. Andy says that he can't get over the deaths of his children, and grabs a gun with the intention of taking revenge on Bill and Jessica. Holly stops him, telling him that he isn't capable of fighting Bill, and that he will only wind up getting himself killed and leaving his surviving daughter with no one to protect her.

In a local hotel, Sam wakes to find Nicole getting dressed. The two talk and Sam leaves the room to take care of Emma. While he is gone, Nicole tries to call her parents from a payphone, but Sam stops her, telling her that both they and her parents will be killed by the werewolves if she reaches out to them. As they argue, Jackson spots them from the upstairs balcony of a neighboring hotel.

Tara comforts Jessica.

Jessica is put into the general population area at the vampire camp, where she quickly finds and rushes to Tara. Tara inquires as to Jessica's strange behavior, and Jessica tells her about the deaths of the four faeries. Jessica continues to rant about the devil and being evil, but Tara disagrees with her assertion that maybe the vampires should be exterminated. Jessica questions if her hunger will ever be sated, and Tara states that she doesn't think so.

In another part of the camp, Pam reveals to the therapist interviewing her that she feels nothing for other vampires. With some prodding, Pam admits that it hurt her when she was released by her maker, but says that she got over it. Though he does say it, the doctor clearly does not believe her.

Jessica and Tara at vamp camp with Violet

In the female general population, Jessica unintentionally almost causes a riot by refusing her vial of Tru Blood during feeding time. Tara stands her ground and defends Jessica, but the frenzy subsides when a woman who obviously holds power in the unit orders the other girls to leave Jessica alone. The woman inquires as to if Jessica is alright, but Tara retains her threatening stance and says Jessica is fine. The woman declares that they owe her, angering Tara. Minutes later, Tara sees Willa being escorted into the camp by a SWAT guard. The guard tells Tara that Willa is a special case due to her relationship to the Governor, and that she will be kept segregated from the general inmate population. The guard takes Willa to the cell and begins making sexually suggestive comments to her. She rebuffs him, and the guard leaves the room after telling her that her father no longer cares for her.

Lafayette and Sookie attempt to summon Sookie's parents. Lafayette contacts them, but is unable to make out what they are trying to tell him. Sookie holds Lafayette's hand and begins reading his mind, bringing her into a vision of the day before her parents were killed. Warlow attempts to speak with the Stackhouses, telling them that Sookie is part fae, and that he owns her. He tells them that he intends to make Sookie a vampire-faerie hybrid, and proves to them that vampires exist by baring his fangs. Desperate to stop Sookie from suffering what he thinks is a terrible fate, Corbett drugs Sookie and carries her to their car, intending to kill her before Warlow can have her. Sookie then is brought back to the present and begins arguing with her father's ghost, questioning his true feelings for her. Wanting to finish what he started, Corbett possesses Lafayette and uses him to kidnap her.

Bill taking Warlow's blood

Wanting to escape Bill's imprisonment, Warlow takes Takahashi prisoner and threatens to kill him. Warlow argues with Bill, speaking to him as he would Lilith. He tells Lilith that she made him into a monster, but Bill retorts that Warlow knew better than to return to his faerie camp. Warlow then sees a flashback of himself a few years after he had been turned by Lilith. He returns to his camp, but the other faeries shrink back at the sight of his fangs. Warlow hugs one of his relatives and loses control due to the smell of the faerie blood, killing everyone there but a young boy, leaving Niall as the sole survivor of the massacre. Bill tries to convince Warlow that he is destined for great things and that Takahashi will help save the vampire species from extinction. However, Warlow replies that he despises vampires, and would enjoy seeing the entire race destroyed. Warlow is then shown in the past going into Lilith's cave during the day and using faerie magic to blast a hole in the ceiling above Lilith, burning her alive.

Eric and Pam face off.

Burrell is met by Sarah at the vampire camp and is brought into a room with a two way mirror, showing into another round cell. Sarah reveals that her Steve Newlin has given the LAVTF a wealth of information that would prove to be in the Governor's favor. Truman speaks to Eric through an intercom and reveals that he has sent Willa to the camp, much to Eric's disbelief. They then open a door in the chamber, revealing a wooden stake. Eric picks up the stake and tells the Governor he has no problem killing more vampires. The opposing door opens, revealing that the Governor wants Eric to fight Pam. Pam and Eric freeze in a state of shock, initially refusing to fight.

Lafayette, still possessed by Corbett, drives his car to a lake, where he intends to drown Sookie. we then see Sookie kick Lafayette so hard that he falls to the ground but is quickly overwhelmed. Lafayette then shoves Sookie's head under the water, holding her there.



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  • This episode currently hasn't received any awards.


  • The dialogue in the flashback scene is Arabic, although its use is technically anachronistic, since that language probably didn't develop in a recognizable form until the Common Era. Therefore, its use is likely a stand-in for whatever Proto-Semitic language was actually being spoken in the 4th millennium BCE (Biblical Hebrew would have also been a suitable choice). 
  • The use of Arabic seems to confirm that vampires in the True Blood universe originated in the Ancient Near East, which the use of Lilith, a Semitic mythological figure, had already suggested.
    • Specifically, the flashback might be set in the northern or western parts of the then-lush Fertile Crescent, where Proto-Semitic would have been spoken. The southern and eastern parts of the Fertile Crescent would have spoken Sumerian, a totally unrelated language.

Bloopers and Continuity Errors

  • There are no bloopers that occur in this episode.


  • There are no continuity notes for this episode.


  • Warlow has a flashback to 3500 BC when he lived among the Fae and then was turned into a vampire by Lilith.
  • Warlow has another flashback to 3496 BC after he was made vampire and murdered his whole village, leaving only Niall alive. It is also shown how he killed Lilith by breaking a hole in the cave she was resting in, exposing her to the sun.
  • Sookie sees a flashback of her parents meeting Warlow and another flashback of her father taking her to the bridge to kill her.


  • There are no miscredits that occur in this episode.



  • Lucy Griffiths and Kelly Overton are credited and do not appear.


  • There are no notes on the title based on this episode.


  • There is currently no trivia associated with this episode.

Memorable Quotes

Sookie Stackhouse

  • "Get the fuck off me or die, Warlow."
  • "No, you're right, I don't understand. I don't understand why vampires feel the need to lie to me, hunt me, to terrorize me in my own home."
  • "You're a filthy fuckin' liar. You all come in here and you say you love me and you want me but you just want to fuck me and own me and use my fucking blood. Well get it through your head. I'm not yours or anybody's, none of you know shit about love."
  • "Oh great, now you want to save me too? I thought I was dead to you, Bill Compton?"
  • "I need to find my way back to the truth and I'm going to need you're help to do it."
  • "I've spent my whole life wanting to know what happened the night my parents were killed, it never occurred to me to ask them direct."
  • "Mom, Dad, I found out you were murdered by a vampire named Warlow. He's here. Did you all try to kill me?"
  • "You were going to kill me, all this time I thought you loved me but you were going to take my life. What kind of love is that?"

Macklyn Warlow

  • "You are my intended. I've wandered this earth for millennia in misery and solitude waiting for you, dreaming only of you."
  • "On the night your parents were killed, they were trying to kill you. I saved you."
  • "If you're the Bill that's been harassing Sookie, you best get out of here before I kill you."
  • "Sookie is a faerie, her blood is royal as is mine. It's been passed down through our line for millennia."
  • "Your ancestor John Stackhouse entered into a contract with me, promising me the first female born fae of his clan. I am a prince, and I will make Sookie a princess. It's the way our tribe has done it from the beginning of time."
  • "I will make your daughter immortal. She will never have to fear death. You can die in peace knowing she will never have to do the same. I will protect her forever. When she is of age I will come back for her."
  • "You need him, and me to save the vampire race. Well I wish the vampire race extinction, I wish you extinction!"
  • "You should have just stayed dead."

Bill Compton

  • "You're high! You drank four faeries, faerie blood makes vampires high."
  • "You already have. As your maker, I command you to follow me."
  • "I made you into our salvation."
  • "I told you not to go back, you chose not to believe me. What were they to you anyway?"
  • "You didn't need them, you had me. You were destined for great things, you are destined for great things."
  • "And yet here you are and here I am just as was foretold. Please spare him, we need him."


  • "God spoke to me of a creature like you. You are destined to save vampire kind."

Eric Northman

  • "Evening fellas, I am looking for a vampire by the name of Pamela Swynford De Beaufort. Has anyone seen my friend Pam? I guess not."
  • "Alright Governor, give me something to kill."

Willa Burrell

  • "When my daddy finds out what you just said to me he's going t-"

Jessica Hamby

  • "It tasted so fucking good, I feel like I want to have sex or die or die while having sex."
  • "I'm a fucking monster, I deserve to burn for what I did."
  • "I did an unspeakable thing, and I don't know why god doesn't strike me down right now, unless god is Bill. I don't know, I don't know anything."
  • "Jason has my blood in him, he couldn't stop wanting me even if he tried."
  • "I always hated the fucking Book of Mark!"
  • "Tara, thank God you're here, they put me in a white room with racket balls and they fuckin' shot me."
  • "Steve Newlin's ex called me a demon whore. I ate four faerie girls and I am so fucked up."
  • "Don't say that it was in my nature or that I couldn't help it, I killed them because I wanted to. This hunger in me is never going away is it?"

Pam Swynford De Beaufort

  • "All in the name of science, huh?"
  • "Hold the fuck up, am I in therapy?"
  • "The one where y'all have the vampires fucking under that hideous fluorescent lighting. Put me in that room and I will fuck somebody for y'all."
  • "Your insignificance to me cannot be underestimated. You are food, nothing else. Not even good food you reek of tuna fish. Truth is, I care more about the life of that tuna you ate than I care about you."
  • "I like to think of myself as especially unremorseful but I doubt any of us gives a fuck."
  • "You humans love your pain don't you? You just love being in it. You even consider it a virtue. Cry the most at a funeral, you must be the best person. You promise to never forget each other, you promise to feel the sting of loss forever because for y'all forever is just the blink of an eye. Your lives are pathetically brief. When we say forever we have to mean it. So we move past our pain, we heal, we move on because pain is a worthless emotion. For a time my maker was everything to me, he released me, it hurt. But now I'm over it, he's nobody to me."

Sam Merlotte

  • "I'm going to find us a way out of this."
  • "You tell your parents about the werewolves and the wolves kill your parents."

Jason Stackhouse

  • "I guess that's good because Steve turned out to be a gay vampire."
  • "My soul is doing just fine on its own."
  • "Listen, you always seem like a nice lady, aside from the crazy and the hate but I ain't just the same dumb kid you met at the Fellowship."
  • "This feels pretty damn heterosexual."
  • "Look Jess, I don't hate you, my head's been kinda screwed up but I feel better now."
  • "There were times, hell yeah, definitely love. It just got so screwed up with Hoyt and everything."
  • "Hey Sook, listen, I messed up real bad with Jessica and I gotta go fix it. I just got so bent out of shape the last couple of days, hatin' on vampires but that ain't who I am and that ain't who I want to be so I'm going to make it right. Anyway you're in safe hands with Niall. I will see you soon."

Tara Thornton

  • "The vamp cops, they got Pam. They took her away in one those fuckin' paddy wagons."
  • "No, but my mom sure did, she would see the devil in everything. The devil is on the tv and in rock n roll and in your heart."

Truman Burrell

  • "Sarah, I can't replace her. That's my little girl, Willa, waiting for me in that van down there. I was in the delivery room when she came out, I was the first one to hold her, I was the first one to kiss, I was the first one to say her name."
  • "Your gay vampire ex, that's my surprise?"
  • "No, fuck you, you dead fuck. Fuck you for taking my baby girl away from me, fuck you for killing her, and fuck you for leaving me no choice but to intern her here."
  • "What did you think, that if you turned my angel into the very thing I most despise I would abandon my principles? I don't change my mind."

Andy Bellefleur

  • "Vampire Bill! Come in here and answer for your crimes!"
  • "Come here sweetie pie, you're gonna be okay, daddy is gonna make you okay."
  • "She said it was Jessica who attacked her, and killed her sisters."
  • "Bill Compton is behind this. I'm going to go put a wooden bullet through his cold dead heart."

Holly Cleary

  • "Jessica? But she's such a nice vampire."
  • "I'm just saying, I don't know, maybe this was just some kind of terrible accident."
  • "No you are not, Bill is stronger than you, okay. You go over there halfcocked on some macho revenge mission you will lose and you will die. And that faerie girl over there, she won't have nobody."
  • "I'm calling off the search party, as far as anyone is going to know, those girls went back to their mama."

Terry Bellefleur

  • "How would you like to kill me?"
  • "She wants me to cover it up and go on like nothing ever happened but I can't do it no more, Justin."
  • "Thank you, just give me a couple days to get my affairs in order and after that it's up to you, I just don't want to know it's coming."

Sarah Newlin

  • "I had to learn the hard way, once they're turned, they're gone. You and me, we are just going to need to move on."
  • "Truman, we are a team and when I came to you to offer my resources, my connections, my money and my love, you said nothing would separate us."
  • "Do not take me for granted, that is what Steve did and I won't have it. When a girl comes to you in black lingerie you unwrap her."
  • "I would say to myself, "Sarah, that Jason Stackhouse did you wrong," and I would pray to the Lord to wipe all those sinful thoughts about you right out of my head. Then I realized something, I failed you. I was supposed to help you see God's light but I let my petty broken heart get in the way."
  • "I've been with a gay guy, and an old guy. Jason Stackhouse, I have never felt more holy than when I was with you and I truly believe God wants me to fuck you."
  • "I am not Steve Newlin's ex wife, I am my own person."
  • "You're a demon whore!"
  • "I called the LAVTF on your vamp slut, say goodbye to her forever."
  • "Haven't you seen Gladiator? Fuckin' fight!"

Lafayette Reynolds

  • "You have a messed up talent for finding the good in every creature you meet but you can't be buying what this motherfucka is selling."
  • "Now you sure you want to do this? Ignorance is bliss for a reason."
  • "They don't wanna come Sook. I don't know some dead folks just want to stay dead. Hold up, oh shit they here."
  • "I'm your daddy, Sookie!"

Steve Newlin

  • 'Hello, Governor, Oh, I think you are going to come to appreciate me. Have a seat Governor, enjoy the show."
  • "I provided the intel."

Alcide Herveaux

  • "I'm my own man and I'm my own wolf and I'm your packmaster! I want you to get up and get the fuck out of my life!"

Jackson Herveaux.

  • "I wish I coulda been a better father for you when you was a little pup. I wish I coulda been someone you could be proud of because I've got some wisdom in my years and if you weren't so hell bent on being angry at me you might benefit from it."
  • "That's funny, I don't remember ever joining your pack."



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