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"Evil is Going On"
Season 3, Episode 12
Air date September 12, 2010
Written by Alan Ball
Directed by Anthony M. Hemingway
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"Evil is Going On" is the twelfth and final episode of Season 3 of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' thirty-sixth episode overall.


Eric grapples with his conscience while plotting his perfect revenge against Russell. Fed up with being "vampire crack," Sookie considers a new life without Bill – or any other vampire. Tara discovers some surprising news about Sam, whose rage resurfaces upon learning of Tommy's latest transgression. Jason finds a new calling after warning Crystal's family about an impending drug raid. Plagued by visions, Lafayette turns to Jesus for help, and learns his boyfriend has more to offer than companionship. Hoyt hopes for a future with Jessica, spurning his mother's pleas to wed Summer.


"Sometimes the right thing to do is the wrong thing.
I know I did the right thing."
― Jason Stackhouse

Godric appears to Eric

The episode begins with Russell and Eric burning next to each other on the pavement outside Fangtasia, Eric wanting to meet the sun. Godric appears to Eric and tells him he should forgive Russell and "end the hate." Eric says he swore revenge to his father and begins to yell. Sookie wakes up from a dream to Bill standing over her. She smacks him, thinking he betrayed her again. He tells her it was a trick to save her. She immediately runs outside to save Eric, who tells her to go away.

Russell tells Sookie to "use her gift" but Sookie says she doesn't know how. Russell yells at her and it pushes her to fire a burst of light at the handcuffs, breaking them. Russell demands she drag him inside; instead she shoots him into a wall with another blast of light and grabs Eric. Pam tells Sookie and Bill that Eric is too weak, so weak that his fangs won't come down, and needs human blood. Sookie has Bill bite her and puts her wrist to Eric's mouth.

Sookie drags Eric inside Fangtasia

The morning after, Sam makes Tara her favorite breakfast of Hoe Cakes. He then admits to being a shapeshifter. Tara is stunned at Sam's news, particularly given that they had sex without her knowing about his powers. Recalling her experiences with Franklin and Maryann, she says she wants to start her life over without knowing anything she knows about the Supernatural.

Bill pulls Sookie's wrist from Eric's grasp before he can lose control & drain her. A recovering Eric tells them they must spare Russell because Godric told him to. Everyone thinks he's crazy, but Sookie goes out and grabs Russell, pulling him inside with a silver chain around his neck. Eric ties the scorched Russell to a pole and tells the rest of the guys there is no point in killing him. Sookie is getting sick of the vampires, but Eric asks her to guard Russell while the others go to ground. Eric makes a call to someone in reference to getting a van and some help.

Jason is left to protect the people of Hotshot

The DEA is at the Bon Temps Police Station preparing to bust Hotshot. Jason tries to convince Sheriff Andy they need to stop the agents, but won't tell him why. Jason runs out and Andy tells him that if he warns Hotshot he'll never be a cop.

Outside of Merlotte's, Tara starts flashing back to all the terrible things that have happened to her recently.

Hoyt goes to work and finds his mother waiting with Summer and a high school guidance counselor for what appears to be an intervention. Summer and his mother read messages about Hoyt losing his way with Jessica. His mother threatens to bar Hoyt from coming back to her house—useless, since he already left—and he responds that he loves Jessica and everybody needs to accept that fact. He wishes Summer well and leaves.

Sam finds Lafayette outside the bar having forgotten his keys. While Sam fumbles for the door key Lafayette sees Sam's hands covered in blood and hears him thinking, "Cross me and you're a dead man." It is another of Lafayette's visions.

Russell is slowly covered in cement

Back in Fangtasia, Russell proposes a deal to Sookie. He promises her $5 million and says he will kill Eric, Bill, or both. She wants both of them dead and his house. She wasn't serious and tells him she will not release him. Russell tells her that some vampire in the future won't be able to stop itself when it tastes her delicious fairy blood and will drain her dry. She finds Talbot's crystal jar with his remains and realizes that Russell thinks he can bring him back.

She takes the remains and puts them down the garbage disposal as he screams and she emits a sinister laugh.

Jason and Crystal drive to Hotshot. They tell them the DEA is on the way and they have to get rid of all the V. Calvin (who is still pissed at Jason despite this help) begins the process of disposing of the vampire blood. At this an armed Felton appears and tells his father there is too much money to be made with the V. Felton's been drinking the V and ends up shooting Calvin in the face.

Bill pushes Eric into a concrete pit

Sam finds a weeping Terry on his front porch. Sam tries to apologize for treating him so terribly as Terry continues to cry. Terry is crying because he's so happy Arlene's pregnancy is okay. Sam goes inside his house and sees the place ransacked, the A/C blasting, fridge open, faucets running...his brother's handiwork. He has a look of dismayed realization on his face and rushes out.

The DEA heads to Hotshot, leaving Andy behind to buy Sgt Mitch Coburn, a pack of Lucky's. Felton has his gun pointed at Jason and Crystal. Jason tries to talk him down, since he understands how V works. Felton says Crystal has to come with him or he will shoot Jason. Crystal tells Jason he needs to help the dirty inbred Hotshot citizens and she gets into the car with Felton. The car pulls away and Jason says, "Everybody, my name is Jason."

Tara pops in on her mother, Lettie Mae and finds her on the couch with Reverend Daniels. Tara storms out of the house. Lettie Mae stops her in the front yard and tells her the reverend is going to leave his wife and they are in love. "I'm going to be happy at last," she tells Tara. Tara says, "good luck" and gives her mother a hug.

Jessica and Hoyt have their first home

Sam walks out behind the bar and goes to his office. He sees the safe has been dragged out of there. In the kitchen Lafayette has a vision of Rene standing behind Arlene with his hands around her neck. He is saying that he is "inside" Arlene and she'll never be able to get rid of him. Lafayette is officially freaked out. Terry comes into the bar and he is upset Arlene is still working. Sam puts a gun in his belt and leaves. Lafayette calls Jesus to tell him about his visions. Jesus says he'll be there as soon as he can.

A van pulls up at Fangtasia. Russell tells Sookie he thinks his werewolves are there to save him. In actuality, it is Alcide, who was called earlier by Eric. Alcide tells Sookie that Debbie has gone missing, and that he's been thinking about Sookie a lot. Eric and Bill arrive, and Eric grabs Russell, while Bill surreptitiously pockets a disposable glove. Sookie rescinds the invitation to her house for all vampires present.

Eric tells Sookie the truth about Bill

Back at the Bon Temps Police Station, Sheriff Andy is again examining an Evidence stash of V, seemingly considering trying it. The DEA brings in Jason, in cuffs, furious that Jason tipped off the Meth/V dealers to the raid. Andy tells Jason he's blown his best chance to be a cop. Jason responds he's okay with it, since he did the right thing.

Jesus arrives at Merlotte's. He thinks Lafayette has opened up some kind of power. He tells a story of being able to see things people wanted to hide, a kind of magic he'd been taught while growing up. Jesus then reveals that he's a Witch. ("who's a nurse, who's a guy").

Standing at the sink, Tara ominously grabs a pair of scissors. It is just to cut her hair, however. The newly shorn Tara walks downstairs and sees Sookie who, "loves it." "I needed to make a change," Tara says before the two sit down at the kitchen table and make up. Tara leaves, intending to see Lafayette at Merlotte's.

Alcide drops Bill, Eric, and Russell at a construction site and drives away, believing all family debts to Eric now cleared; we see that Russell is going to be encased in concrete. Eric tells Russell he changed his mind about killing him because he's worried Russell might actually then find peace somehow. Godric appears again, but Eric is now ignoring him. He should be there for at least 100 years, Bill tells Russell, and it will drive him completely insane. Godric shows up again, but Eric tells his maker,"This is who I am."

Russell thinks Eric will regret this decision. "Maybe," Eric says. "But right now if feels f'n good." The concrete is poured over Russell, and Bill then turns the tables on Eric, appearing to offer a handshake, but using his gloved hand to slap a silver cuff on him and tossing him into another open construction pit. Bill points the concrete onto Eric and begins covering him up. Bill grabs Eric's phone, calls Ruben, and (pretending to be Eric) orders that Pam be killed. Bill then rushes off, leaving Eric to be covered by concrete.

Sookie looking at Gran's grave.

Later  Hoyt brings a blindfolded Jessica to his new place. He wants to marry her. She says she loves him. "I don't know what I'd do without you," she says. We see Mrs. Fortenberry examining firearms at a gun shop.

Sookie opens her door to Bill, who wants to talk. She invites him in and he tells her both Russell and Eric are gone. "I ended him," Bill says of Eric. Bill tells her he didn't think it would be safe for Eric to be around since he'd tasted her. He plans to kill any vampire that has tasted her or knows she's a Fay, including the Queen Sophie-Anne, even if it means not being a part of her life. "I have never loved, nor will I ever love as I have loved you." Bill walks to the front door and Sookie begins to stop him, just as we see the door blast open and a concrete-covered Eric walking up the steps.

Eric asks if Sookie knows Bill was initially sent by Queen Sophie-Anne to find her because of what she is. Bill admits this, but he did not know why she wanted Sookie. Eric also points out that the night they met Bill let the Rattrays beat her before stepping in so he could form a bond with her by feeding her his blood. Sookie is stunned. Eric says Bill tried to silence him so she would never know the truth and Sookie immediately tells Bill to get out of her house and to never talk to her again.

"It is who you are, not what you are, that I love," Bill says. Sookie doesn't want to hear it and orders him away. She doesn't want anything to do with Eric, either, and tells him to leave.

A smiling Tara glances at Merlotte's before driving away, deciding not to stop after all. It's uncertain where she is heading.

Inside Fangtasia, Pam asks whether Eric killed Bill. He responds that "I gave him a much worse punishment." Pam killed Ruben when he tried to kill her. It was she who had saved Eric from the concrete pit.

Sookie leaves with Claudine

On a dark road Sam catches up with Tommy, who had cleaned out Sam's safe, and chases him into the woods, overtaking him. Sam demands his money back and tells him to get a job, but Tommy says he can't read. Sam says that isn't his problem. Tommy starts walking away while mumbling that Sam won't actually shoot him. Sam points his gun at Tommy and pulls the trigger.

Bill opens his door to find Sophie-Anne, now dressed, however fashionably, in widow's mourning. She asks him to bring Sookie, for whom she's waited centuries, to her now. He tells Sophie-Ann that Sookie is not present, and admits he brought her there under false pretenses. Bill then tells her that only one of them will leave the house. Sophie-Ann reminds Bill that she is much older than he is, but he says he has "nothing left to lose." Their fangs come out and both levitate and fly at each other.

We see Sookie sitting on her bed and crying. She goes outside and starts running. Sookie goes to Gran's grave. She sobs and says she's never felt this alone before. At this point Claudine and a group of other Faes show up. Claudine tells Sookie she is not alone and she should come with them. Sookie holds out a glowing hand and disappears with the fairies.




  • This episode currently hasn't received any awards.


  • This episode does not contain any allusions.

Bloopers and Continuity Errors[]

  • As Maxine Fortenberry buys a rifle, in the background there is a picture of President Barack Obama. This show currently takes place in July 2008, Obama was still a Senator in Illinois.


  • There are no continuity notes for this episode.


  • Lafayette has numerous flashbacks; he's seeing blood, ghosts, and demon heads.
  • Tara remembers three events that happened since the start of Season 2. She remembers finding the body of Nancy LeGuare (Miss Jeanette), Franklin Mott being shot by Jason, and seeing Eggs' dead body.
  • Sookie has a quick flash back as she recalls drinking Bill's blood for the first time (after being beaten by the Rattrays).


  • There are no miscredits that occur in this episode.


  • "Somebody’s Knockin" - Rapture 7
  • "Blood Like Lemonade" - Morcheeba
  • "Late Nite Horizon" - The Ramblin' Souls
  • "Bye Bye Little Angel" - Elton Anderson
  • "Evil (Is Going On)" - Jace Everett and CC Adcock


  • There are no production notes available for this episode.


  • There are no notes on the title based on this episode.


  • In this episode we see Godric in spirit form. It's unclear if this is simply a manifestation of Eric's conscience or a genuine vision of his ended maker.
  • After the finale aired, Alan Ball thanked the fans for watching the show. He says that they're already working on Season 4. We'll meet witches and other supernaturals and they'll be back next summer.

Memorable Quotes[]

Eric Northman: "If you two are done eye-f**king each other, can we go?"

Jason Stackhouse: "Sometimes the right thing to do is the wrong thing."

Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "Eric do not bring that THING back inside this bar!"

Russell Edgington: "Just shut the fuck up and die please."

Sookie Stackhouse:

  • (to Russell) "You watch your fucking language!"
  • "I feel better protecting myself, now that I know I am basically vampire crack."
  • "Stepping around the fact that your word is about worth as much as tits on a turtle?"

Sophie-Anne Leclerq: "I have waited centuries to find a true Fae."

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Episode # Episode Title Viewers (in millions)
#3.12 (36) "Evil is Going On" 5.38

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