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"Everybody Wants to Rule the World"
Season 5, Episode 9
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Air date August 5, 2012
Written by Raelle Tucker
Directed by Dan Attias
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"Somebody That I Used to Know"
"Gone, Gone, Gone"

"Everybody Wants to Rule the World" is the ninth episode of Season 5 of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' fifty-seventh episode overall.


Salome and the Chancellors celebrate the start of the vampire holy war. Sookie gets a hint about her parents' murder but anti-supernatural enthusiasts put her in danger. Eric plans his escape. Andy and Jason are out looking for leads behind the shifter killings. Alcide remembers how he was initiated into his pack. Arlene is trapped between Terry and Patrick's clash. Steve gets a new pet.


"Just because we drank a bitch together
does not make us Oprah and Gayle."
― Pamela Swynford de Beaufort

The news reports the world-wide destruction of Tru Blood factories. In celebration of their plan taking shape, the new hierarchy at the Authority feasts on a naked man. Molly finds that the compound is on lock down and her fingerprints no longer open doors, meaning nobody is allowed to leave. Eric follows her into a room that is safe and asks her if there is any way that they can escape.

Lafayette helps Sookie to figure out why she is connected with the spirit of the vampire Warlow. He hears several voices all talking at the same time. He chastises the chattering spirits and hears a message from Gran. Through Lafayette, Gran says that Sookie is "sleeping on top of it." Sookie finds a box full of mementos under her bed.

Jessica assures the police that Hoyt is not one of the Obamas anti-supernatural hate group. Jason arrives and Jessica says that she can no longer feel Hoyt. She's worried something has happened to him and that it will be her fault.

Hoyt's unconscious body is dragged alongside a pigpen by his assailant.

Sam comforts Luna at her place. Sam is worried about her, saying that his brother died because of being a skinwalker (actually he died because he was beaten up badly while skinwalking as his brother). Luna says that she doesn't think it will happen again. Sam wants to take Luna back to the hospital, but she refuses and they almost end up in an argument. Sam accepts that he can't stop Luna from coming with him.

Terry leaves home, apparently to find Patrick and give him a fair fight to the death.

Pam and Tara talk about Fangtasia only having a few weeks' worth of Tru Blood on hand. Tara points out that it will be a bloodbath when their supplies run out. Pam wants to stay out of the politics, telling Tara that it is one of two things that she stays away from, along with people that eat a lot of fish. Tara has noticed that Pam is concerned about Eric and offers to talk, but Pam brusquely tells her to get back to work. Tara angrily replies "suck me, vampire barbie!" and leaves. Alone again, Pam looks at an old photo of her and Eric; Tara was right about her worries.

Eric tells Bill that his pro-Lilith act isn't going to work much longer. Bill seems to truly believe that there is a possibility that God is a vampire named Lilith. Eric reminds him that he is a mainstreamer at heart and tells him that they need to get off the compound. Eric says that they have to get some of Salome's blood in order to bypass the security doors. Eric wants them to leave the following day.

Sookie goes through the letters and albums in the box and finds a newspaper clipping about her parents' death. It mentions that Sheriff Dearborne was the one who found their bodies.

With the sun about to come up, Jessica leaves the Bon Temps Police Station. She makes Jason promise that he will find Hoyt. The cops find a website called "Keep America Human." On the site is a video of the Obamas tying vampires down to meet the sun. They hear references to "Long live the Dragon!" and Andy is reminded of Cleetus Boathouse, a former Ku Klux Klansman who died 20 years ago. Andy and Jason wonder who the new Dragon might be. They question Joe Bob but he won't tell them anything about the Dragon; they give him a severe beating but he still says nothing.

Alcide drives back to Jackson, Mississippi, and recalls being taught about the importance of the pack by his father when he was a teenager. Alcide, Debbie, and other young wolves are given the option of choosing their human or wolf sides as they go forward in life. Alcide and Debbie both choose "pack."

Sookie goes to Bud's home to ask about her parents' death. He remembers evidence of a vampire attack, but at the time (before vampires were out in the open), they thought the damage to their bodies was caused by an alligator. Sookie reads his mind and hears that he's hiding something. But his thoughts make it clear he doesn't know Warlow. At that point, a large woman named Sweetie hits Sookie over the head with a frying pan and tells Bud to grab the body.

Andy talks to the press about the Obamas but withholds key details of the ongoing investigation. Sam and Luna return to the police station and tell Andy they picked up the scent of pigs when they went back to the basement where Jessica was held. They are dissatisfied with Andy's seeming unwillingness to help them and decide to go out on their own. They both shift into flies.

Patrick grabs Arlene and holds her at gunpoint as she arrives at Merlotte's to start her shift. He tells her to call the other employees and tell them that the restaurant is closed that day.

Sookie wakes up to find herself bound next to a pigpen. She looks over at Hoyt lying unconscious. As she cannot read his thoughts, she believes that he has been drugged. One of the Obamas walks into the room.

Andy and Jason look for connections between Junior and Joe Bob. Andy says that both were arrested by Bud, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Andy then notices one of the dancing Obamas in the video is wearing the cowboy boots Bud was given at his retirement party. They believe Bud is the Dragon. Luna and Sam, in fly form, go unnoticed listening to the conversation.

Bud tells Sookie that somebody needs to do something about the vampires. Sweetie walks in and introduces herself. Their plan is to kill both Sookie (because she is a mind-reading "freak") and Hoyt (because he didn't take the chance to kill Jessica, and even though he is human). They talk about wanting a law requiring supernaturals ("supes") be killed on-sight. Sookie reads Sweetie's mind and sees that her husband left her for a shifter; she is the Dragon. Bud forces Sookie to drink some ginger ale laced with Oxycontin.

Jason and Andy break into Bud's place. Jason sees a framed photo of Bud's wife and recalls that her family owned a pig farm.

Terry arrives at Merlotte's, unarmed. He finds Patrick sitting in a booth with his gun at Arlene's head. Terry offers a fair fight, but Patrick thinks Terry is too strong. Just as Patrick is about to shoot Terry, Arlene stabs him in the neck with a hairpin. The two men fight and eventually Patrick gains the upper-hand. Once again Arlene comes to the rescue, grabbing the gun that Patrick had dropped.

Nora tells Eric about the origins of her faith. He tells her he doesn't want to fight her, that he "wants to believe." He asks her to help him and they kiss.

Bill and Salome are in bed together. She says that Lilith has chosen them to birth a new world. Bill is still unsure and asks what if he doesn't want to. Salome reassures Bill that what they are doing is for the best. They begin having sex and Bill sees her as Sookie and bites her. Then he sees her as Lilith. He holds her blood in his mouth as the visions end.

Sam, shifted into a pig, saves Sookie from being thrown into the pigpen by catching her. Sweetie runs away as soon as she sees the "dirty shifter." Sam takes on all the Obamas and fares well. Andy and Jason pull up. Andy pulls his gun on Bud. When Bud praises the humans and makes a move at Sam with his shovel Andy shoots him in the chest, killing him. Jason grabs Sookie, who points him to a very weak Hoyt. Outside Luna takes the form of a dog to run Sweetie down. Luna shifts back and begins to beat the snot out of Sweetie.

Terry turns the gun on Patrick. Patrick pleads that his girl is pregnant and it's going to be a boy, he begs Terry to do the right thing. Terry hesitates, until he has a vision of Zaafira telling him the same thing. He kills Patrick. Zaafira says "blood has been paid with blood." Ifrit, a fire jinn, materializes and takes Patrick's body.

Pam tries to stop a vampire from feeding on a human in Eric's throne. She tells her that the ban on public feeding has been lifted. She then says "Northman's history" and she is the new Sheriff of Area 5. She throws Pam across the bar. She announces "everybody grab a human!" as the vampires cheer and sounds of confusion are heard from the humans before screaming. Pam and Tara look at each other in shock and horror.

Hoyt is taken to the hospital with a weak pulse. Andy is about to take Sookie home because she refuses to get checked up. She says that she will be fine as soon as she has washed the pig out of her hair. Sam thanks Andy.

Russell tells Steve some of his history with werewolves as they arrive in Shreveport. Steve says that he has never had a pet. They walk into a barn and Russell greets J.D. and his pack. Russell bites his own wrist and the werewolves flock to him for a drop or two. He notices Martha, who is holding Emma in her wolf puppy form. When Martha says she'll never drink from Russell, he grabs Emma and gives her to Steve as his first pet. Martha is upset and desperate. J.D. tells Russell that he can't let him do this. Russell grabs him by the throat and asks him if he thought his blood was free. The vampires leave with Emma.

Alcide arrives at his father Jackson's trailer. He tells him that he lost the packmaster challenge and is now a lone werewolf. Jackson says that Alcide is like his old man, and Alcide answers that he is nothing like him.

Sookie is visited by the faeries, bringing her food and company. They tell her about vampires being behind the Tru Blood factory explosions.

Eric drugs Nora with help from Molly. They attempt to get out of the Authority Headquarters. Bill joins them and uses Salome's blood to call the elevator, apparently following the plan. The door opens and Salome and a group of guards disembark. Eric and Molly are quickly surrounded. Eric angrily calls Bill a traitor. Bill counters that he is doing this for Eric. "You have been chosen by Lilith," Bill says.



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  • Alcide has a flashback to when he was a teenager when he and Debbie were initiated into his father's pack.
  • Sweetie Des Arts has a brief flashback to when her husband left her for a Shapeshifter.
  • Andy has a flashback to when Bud was given his new cowboy boots as a retirement gift in "9 Crimes".


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  • Everybody Want to Rule the World - Care Bears on Fire


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  • When Andy and Jason are watching the YouTube video of The Obamas on Andy's laptop, notice that, not only is the laptop a "Toshiba", there are four stickers and a piece of notepad paper with the word "Evidence" typed on it. The smaller stickers are of a woman whose body is superimposed over the Confederate battle flag (a popular symbol in the South) and of the Ace of Spades which a Hawk, the town symbol, sits center. The first of the two larger stickers reads "I ♥ G.R.I.T.S. (Girls Raised In The South)" and the heart is created out of another Confederate battle flag. The second reads "Beer will save the world! I don't know..."

Memorable Quotes[]

Andy Bellefleur: "It is my job to protect son of a bitches too, and vampers and shifters, werechickens and whatever the fuck else is out there."

Lafayette Reynolds:

  • "I ain't gmail for dead bitches!"
  • "Can all y'all dead folk stop being so cryptic? It ain't cute."

Pamela Swynford de Beaufort:

  • "There are two things I try to stay away from. Humans who eat a lot of fish, and politics. So whatever comes next, we keep our heads down, our tits up and the blood flowing."
  • "Just because we drank a bitch together does not make us Oprah and Gayle."

Sookie Stackhouse: "I'll be fine as soon as I wash the pig out of my hair."

Steve Newlin: "I've never had a pet. My father was allergic to everything but God."

Tara Thornton: "Suck me, vampire barbie!"

Eric Northman: (to Molly) "I'm a thousand years older than you. Put your baby fangs away before you piss me off."

Memorable Dialogue[]

Bon Temps Reporter: "Sheriff Bellefleur, is it true that Barack Obama is actually behind the recent unsolved shootings and the kidnapping of a local vampire?"
Andy Bellefleur: "No. The President of the United States is not actually in Renard Parish shooting and kidnapping people."




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#5.09 (57) "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" 4.50

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