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Season 7[]

"I Found You"[]

After the events of season six's finale, Eric is missing for six months and presumed dead by the audience as Pam searches for her Maker. Eventually Pam's questions take her to a fancy villa in France in an underground wine cellar, a place supposedly Eric would never have gone to. As she goes down the spiral staircase, two women in lingerie scamper out and say in French that Eric refuses to feed from them.

Eric is at last seen alive, weak and ill. Pam is horrified as she sees the dark veins in his chest, revealing he had somehow been infected by the Hepatitis V virus.

"Fire in the Hole"[]

Eric is interrogated by Pam, demanding how and when he had contracted the Hepatitis-V virus. He tells her it's been a month, having contracted it in St. Petersburg in Russia. Eric remains noncommittal with Pam, not reacting to the reveal of Tara's demise and even making light of his illness. He admits he hadn't known she had been looking for him. Pam senses Eric's defeat and urges him to keep fighting, but he is having none of it. He laments over the deaths of Godric and Nora as well as Sylvie, revealed in a flashback to be another human he had once loved and been with in France until Eric's disobedience to the AVL caught up with him and he was forced to sacrifice her to save Pam.

Back in the present, Eric admits to Pam he hadn't contracted the virus on purpose, but he hadn't taken precautions against it either. Pam desperately begs him to not to leave her and there may be a hope for a cure, but Eric is resigned with dying and orders her to leave.

As Pam starts to leave, in tears, she stops to tell him that Jason let Sarah live. This grabs Eric's attention and he tensely questions if this is true. Pam insists and says she must be in hiding. Eric gets to his feet, drive returning, and decides they go find her.

"Death is Not the End"[]

Eric and Pam are on a flight of to Baton Rouge, wanting to question Senator David Finch who was the last person who saw Sarah. Eric wants to land in Shreveport. Pam is angry, telling him there is nothing left for them there. Eric wants to retrieve Willa, though Pam reminds him he abandoned her and probably hates him like Tara hated her. He expresses his condolences for Tara's demise, but Willa was still part of their family and he wants to make amends in person before he dies.

Eric and Pam's search for Willa and Sarah takes them to Bill's house. Eric greets Bill mockingly, questioning him if he really was "no longer an asshole" (referring to "Billith"). Bill realizes he has Hepatitis V, but Eric again makes light of his illness. Sookie is there, along with the rest of the group. Sookie is happy to see Eric and they hug, but is horrified when she realizes his condition. Pam interrupts and rebuffs Eric's distraction of Sookie, reminding him they were her for Willa, not her. Eric at last complies, using his Maker ability to summon Willa who was feeding on a blood donor in an alley.

Eric and Sookie are given a moment alone in Bill's study. Eric asks what trouble she is in, but Sookie is upset over his condition so he instead asks how she is. Sookie recounts Alcide's death. Eric realizes he was Sookie's boyfriend and does not take kindly to this, even lecturing her for being with another supernatural when he gave her back her house to get her life back, but softens after hearing Alcide died that day and comforts her with a hug. Eric recounts his travels during the six months, revealing he had survived being burned up in Sweden by burying himself in the snow at the cost of killing an entire ski village. The two have a moment and Eric again asks what trouble is she in.

Just then, a furious Willa barges in. Eric appears genuinely happy to see Willa, but she is angry at his abandonment of her and demands an explanation. He tells her he'll explain once they help Sookie get her friends out of Fangtasia from the Hepatitis V vampires. When Willa protests, Eric uses his Maker ability to make her wait for later and embarks with the rest of the group to Fangtasia.

Once there, Eric is revealed to be so weak he can barely make a hole in a wall. Pam insists Eric hang back as her and Bill get the prisoners, given his depleted strength and he reluctantly relents. Eric enters the bar, saying he is an ill vampire in need of refuge but is only let inside when they catch Sookie's smell. Inside Arlene is bleeding out. Eric stalls the vampires by playing off Sookie as his and bribing them by sharing her blood. Finally the human and vampire attack, finding time to free the prisoners and eliminate the vampires as they set the place ablaze.

As Arlene is dying, Sookie pleads for a weak Eric to get a healthy vampire to heal her. Eric retrieves a vampire named Keith while he leaves to feed on Rosie who had been drained and killed by the Hepatitis V vampires.

Eric returns, seeing Arlene alive and Sookie tearfully hugging her. Sookie sees Eric and the two stare at each other for a long moment. Sookie smiles and Eric nods at her, then leaves.

"Lost Cause"[]


"May Be the Last Time"[]

"Almost Home"[]

"Love is to Die"[]

"Thank You"[]