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"To me you'll always be that girl in the white dress."
―Eric Northman, to Sookie Stackhouse[src]

Season 6

"Who Are You, Really?"

Eric and Sookie pick up the rest

Eric and Sookie run for their lives after watching Bill consume Lilith's blood and be reborn from a pool of blood. They reach the elevator shaft, but get stuck when Bill shuts down the power to the building. Using Sookie's light as a torch, Eric punches through the roof of the elevator. They confiscate an SUV and pick up Pam, Tara, Nora, Jessica and Jason. When they drive off they see a blood covered Bill fly away from the exploding building.

After hearing Truman Burrell's speech on vampires over the radio, Eric pulls over at an abandoned beach to talk to Nora. Pam demands to know who Nora is to Eric, to which he states she is his sister. Pam is upset he never relayed this to her in their hundred years together but Eric tells her to, "get over it and have [his] back or get out of [his] face". Eric demands an explanation from Nora for what he just saw, but she has no answers. When Jason threatens Nora demanding the same information, Eric is on the verge of attacking him. He is stopped by the intervention of Sookie, sticking up for Nora.

When Jessica is summoned by Bill, Sookie drives of with her. Eric and Nora follow soon after. They ambush Bill at his house, only to be easily overpowered. After Sookie fails to stake Bill, they agree to talk to one another about what happened that night. Bill explains that he doesn't know what happened to him. Nobody but Jessica seems to trust him and she orders all of them to leave.

Eric walks Sookie home and signs a document which transfers ownership of the house back to her. She thanks him and rescinds his invitation, sending him out the door. On the porch Nora awaits him, stating she dumped the car in the swamp. She asks if they can use Sookie to find Bill's weakness. Eric replies they will stay away from Sookie from now on. Nora replies that Eric loves Sookie, he says in another life. Nora tells him they may not have found Bill's weakness but she found Eric's. He tells her to not get into it. ("Who Are You, Really?")

"The Sun"

Eric disguised as a human

In Fangtasia, Pam looks terrified as she holds Tara, who is screaming in pain on the bar. Pam has never seen anything like this before and seems scared for her progeny. As Eric and Nora enter the bar, they question Tara's screaming. Pam says that Tara has been shot and she isn't healing. Eric comes closer and takes a look at what looks like a burning hole in Tara's abdomen. Eric asks what caused it to which Pam replies the police and their new anti-vampire weapons. Eric attempts to remove the bullet lodged in Tara's stomach but gets burned just by touching it. He then breaks a bottle and cuts the bullet out. Upon examination he realizes its a silver bullet with U.V. light inside it.

Tara heals immediately. Eric wonders where they got this technology when Nora brings up the fact that when in the Authority they were warned about new weapons the government had created since learning of vampire's existence. Nora then realizes how humans are actually fighting back. Pam gets angry asking Nora what she'd expect after everything the Authority did, like destroying the Tru Blood factories since Tru Blood was keeping the peace. They begin to argue when Eric shatters a glass and declares that if the humans want war, they will have war. He is not scared of humans and asks Nora to go over the Book of Lilith again to find out what Bill is. He leaves without letting anyone know where he was going.

Eric is standing outside Governor Burrell's mansion taking watch when he hears a human man walking down the street, stating he has a meeting with the governor at 5:30. Eric immediately attacks him. Inside the mansion Willa is walking into her father's office who happens to be on the phone. She tells him that she wants to go out which he says no to. She lets Eric, who is disguised as the man who was actually supposed to have the meeting, into the governor's office. He pretends he is there for a bill about the extinction of the whooping crane. The governor says he hasn't had time to look at his bill because of all this "vampire business".

Eric continues to prod the governor becoming more and more aggressive as he speaks, making it obvious he is no longer talking about whooping cranes. Burrell sits back behind his desk and tells him to cut to the chase when Eric jumps up and glamours him. He tells Burrell he needs to stop his persecution of vampires, he will reopen all vampire owned businesses and he now loves vampires. Burrell calls his guards and begins to laugh in Eric's face, who looks shocked. Burrell tells him that he has created contacts that protect humans from being glamoured. He tells Eric of some of the new ways they have learned to thwart vampires and tells his guards to take Eric to, "Camp".

Eric is outside the governor's mansion, being escorted by the group of guards to a van. He asks them if they are going to read him his rights. They state he has none to which Eric replies, "That's not very nice." He flies away from the scene, leaving a dumb look on the guards' faces. Willa is taking out her anti-glamouring contacts as she gets ready for bed. She realizes she needs to shut the window when Eric flies in and glamours her to let him into her room. ("The Sun")

"You're No Good"

Eric holding Willa hostage at Fangtasia.

Eric glamours Willa. He asks what her name is and she replies Willa Burrell. He then asks her if she is considered to be, "Daddy's little girl," to make sure that it would devastate Governor Burrell to lose his daughter, which she confirms. Eric then tells her that since she is a God-fearing woman that she is dying for the sins of her father, not her own, and she will not scream as he kills her. He stops glamouring her to begin draining her when she speaks up quickly saying she knows things about her father and the "experiments" he is doing on vampires. Eric hears the governor's men approach and escapes through the window, taking Willa along.

Eric enters Fangtasia and introduces Willa to Pam and Tara who are not thrilled to see the governor's daughter in the bar. Pam insists that she be killed, and Tara insists that she be glamoured and sent back but Eric tells them both that he needs information from her and that they need to grab anything they value from Fangtasia because they are leaving. Tara tries to get Pam to stand up to Eric. Pam starts to but then backs down and leaves Willa and Eric alone. Eric begins to try to glamour Willa but she stops him saying that he didn't have to glamour her because she is as sick about it as he is. He asks what she knows and she tells him that her father has been arresting the vampires but not taking them to jail, instead, they are studying the vampires, everything about them and torturing them in order to find it out; also her father had been using government money to illegally fund his experiments. Eric then asks Willa where this "Camp", as her father calls it, is, but Willa swears she doesn't know and begs Eric not to kill her and that the only reason she knows any of this is because she herself has been spying on her father.

Pam and Tara come back into the main room of Fangtasia with the last box of stuff that wasn't stolen by Burrell. They take one last look at Fangtasia although Eric plays off his true feelings of sentiment by saying, "It's just a bar." As they begin to leave Eric announces that Willa is coming with them. Pam and Tara are upset and demand to either kill her or glamour her. Eric tells them that they have to take her because she is the only piece of leverage he has against Burrell, and if the world is changing they have to change with it.

We see Eric at Ginger's house under the pretense that they were going to have sex if she invited him in. Ginger does, whereupon Eric's party - Willa, Pam, and Tara - reveal themselves to her disappointment. Eric announces that he and Willa would be sleeping in the coffin bed and Pam and Tara will be sleeping in the cubby. Pam protests that they should all sleep together and Willa should sleep somewhere else, but Eric says he will not take the risk of Pam killing Willa.

Eric and Willa are laying in the coffin bed when Willa removes the tape from her mouth. Willa wakes Eric up to talk, telling Eric that she can tell him more about her father. She reveals the embarrassing fact that the true reason her mother left her father was because she had an affair with a vampire even though Burrell had told the press that he was the one who cheated. Her mother and this vampire moved to California and have a bar much like Fangtasia. Eric stops her and tells her there is only one Fangtasia and follows that by asking her if she is just trying to prove that she loves vampires. She tells him that it's really because she doesn't know how long she has left but that she does love vampires. She then notices Eric has the bleeds, and surprisingly leans forward wiping the blood from his ear and attempts to drink it but he stops her, licking his blood off her finger before telling her to put the tape back on and go to sleep, shutting her down coldly. ("You're No Good")

"At Last"

Eric right after Willa's making.

Eric and his progeny, Pam, attempt to summon Tara, who has fled with Willa. When Tara appears, Eric immediately demands to know where the governor's daughter is. He threatens Tara when she refuses to tell him. Pam tries to stand up for Tara, but is shouted down by an enraged Eric. Tara reveals she took Willa to the nearby fairgrounds and Eric leaves to find the girl after ordering Pam to meet with him later.

At the fairgrounds, Eric finds Willa waiting for him on the carousel. She tells him that she hates what her father is doing and that she is on his side. Intrigued, Eric asks if Willa truly wants to help vampires. When she says she does, Eric digs a grave and begins the process of making Willa a vampire, with the hopes that Burrell will finally begin to see the vampires in a human light if his daughter becomes one. He also states that he feels Willa deserves to be a vampire, due to her strong beliefs against her father's abuse of the species. Thus, commencing into making her into one of the undead.

Having awoken from their sleep, Eric calls in a donor to feed Willa for the first time. Willa is excited by her new life as a vampire, but quickly becomes upset when Eric reveals that he is going to send her back to her home, so that her father can see that she is not a monster and that other vampires are not monsters either. Willa protests and accuses Eric of being a monster, just as her father had told her. Eric tries to comfort her by telling her that she is only the second progeny he has ever made in over a thousand years and that he did not make that decision lightly before commanding her to go. ("At Last")

"F**k the Pain Away"

Eric is informed by Tara that Pam has been captured by the LAVTF, prompting the pair to allow themselves to be arrested so they can save Pam.

Eric and Tara are separated as they enter Burrell's Camp but Eric whispers to Tara to find Pam before he is taken away. Eric is then put into a white circular room with three other vampires. They stand on four red crosses as blue bouncy balls are dropped from the ceiling. It quickly becomes apparent that any vampire too slow to catch a ball will be shot immediately, eventually leaving only Eric and a woman still alive. The pair are then forced to shoot at each other, and Eric wins the confrontation. He is sent into the general population, but is unable to find information in regards to Pam's whereabouts.

Burrell is met by Sarah at Burrell's vampire camp and is brought into a room with a two way mirror, showing into another round cell. Sarah reveals that her ex-husband, Steve, has given the LAVTF a wealth of information that would prove to be in the governor's favor. Burrell speaks to Eric through an intercom and reveals that he has sent Willa to the camp, much to Eric's disbelief. They then open a door in the chamber, revealing a wooden stake. Eric picks up the stake and tells the governor he has no problem killing more vampires. The opposing door opens, revealing that the governor wants Eric to fight Pam. Pam and Eric freeze in a state of shock, initially refusing to fight. ("F**k the Pain Away")

"Don't You Feel Me"

Pam and Eric levitate.

Eric and Pam face each other at Burrell's Camp, with Burrell, Sarah, Steve, the psychiatrist, and Dr. Overlark watching on the other side of a two-way mirror. At first they are reluctant to fight. Pam asks if it is true that Eric had made a new vampire and he tells her he has. They start to levitate and appear as though they are going to strike each other. They, however, fly past each other and open the vents where armed guards are hiding. They pull them through the slots and kill them. They stake one of the guards through the two way mirror creating a hole. Eric looks through the hole and sees Steve, learning he is responsible. Guards then come and separate them.

Governor Burrell comes into a holding cell with Eric who is caged and his hands bound. They argue back and forth when Dr. Overlark comes in with a bottle of yellow liquid. Burrell tells Eric that he will pay for taking his daughter away. Since the resident psychiatrist has a crush on Pam they cannot use her. They cart in Nora and inject her with a new strain of hepatitis (Hepatitis V) that is fatal to vampires. They leave Eric alone to watch his sister die.

Tara sits with Willa playing connect four when Willa gets a sick feeling. Tara reveals to the newly turned Willa that Eric is summoning her and she needs to go to him. Tara teaches Willa how to glamour, and Willa gets the attention of a sleazy guard asking to speak with him alone under the pretense of sex. Eric is watching Nora weakening as the door to their cell opens. Willa and the glamoured guard come in and attack a woman doctor who was watching them. Eric puts on the guard uniform, Nora puts on the doctor coat, and they begin their escape. Eric says they must get Pam before leaving the Camp and Willa insists they get Tara and Jessica as well. As they hit a door Eric tells Willa and Nora to wait there for a moment. He goes ahead on his own and finds the part of camp that is producing Tru Blood. Eric looks around seeing the Tru Blood being laced with Hepatitis V. A doctor sees him and thinks he is a guard tells him that the general population batch was almost ready. Eric asks if the entire batch is contaminated, the doctor tells him it is and they aim to serve it to all the vampires within the camp. Trying to maintain his composure, Eric heads back to where he left Nora and Willa stunned by what he has just found. ("Don't You Feel Me")

"In the Evening"

Eric and Nora escaping vamp camp

The episode begins with Eric returning to where he left Nora and Willa and announces to them that they are putting Hepatitis V into all of the batches of Tru Blood being made in the facility at Burrell's Camp, and it was not only being served to the vampires within the prison but some were also to be shipped out for public sale. Seeing he has no time to waste, he tells Willa she must stay at the camp and warn the others to not drink the Tru Blood and he carries Nora out managing to escape on a leaving contaminated Tru Blood Semi. Jason is there with the guards to put the place in lock down as they find that Eric has escaped.

Eric arrives at Bill's house with Nora growing weaker in his arms. He admits he doesn't know what Bill is, but if he is god then he must save his dying sister. They take her to Jessica's room and lay her on the bed. Eric suggests that Bill feed her his blood but Nora refuses stating she won't drink another drop of Lilith's blood because of the damage it had done in the Authority. Bill cannot blame her but Eric demands it. Bill in the end states he will not go against her dying wishes. Eric tells Bill to leave him alone with his sister and Bill does as he is asked.

Eric confronts Bill in the daytime and asks him how he is day walking. Bill says he will explain later but Eric tells him he will do anything he asks if he just speak to him about what is going on and that he believes in him. Bill tells Eric of his visions of death for all vampires and he must stop it with Warlow's blood because he is both faerie and vampire and they can use the blood to walk in the daylight. Eric says he will do anything Bill says if he would first feed Nora his blood. Bill decides to at least try and Nora understand but she says it will not work. Eric thinks maybe Warlow's blood will heal her and Bill goes to get Warlow's blood.

Eric, Bill and Nora

Nora dying in Eric's arms

Eric is sitting beside Nora and he is praying for Godric to come and save Nora like he had before. Nora recalls that although Godric did make her, it was really Eric who saw something in her and saved her. It was 1665 in London when Eric was doing a favor for a king who wanted a certain woman at his beck and call, but she is too stubborn to be with him as he wants. What's worse is she is now helping people with the black plague which is highly contagious so he wants Eric to take her out of the situation and return her to him. Eric leaves for the quarantined part of the city where Nora was doing her work to help the ill. He asks for Nora but the man he meets tells Eric that he is too late and Nora has got the black death herself. Eric goes to see her and tells her that the king has sent him to retrieve her but Nora refuses stating her death would be her own. Impressed, Eric sees she is courageous, not stubborn as the king had said. He decides to take Nora to Godric and have him turn her. Eric begins to cry as they recall their past and Nora says it is as it was in the beginning but Godric is not there to save her this time. Nora tells Eric that he can find comfort in the rest of their family, and she is happy for the life he gave her. Then she gets a terrible look about her and Eric fears it is her time. Eric holds Nora and begs her not to die as she rapidly decays in his arms. Bill walks in and sadly looks at the inconsolable Eric holding the bloody remains of his sister. ("In the Evening")

"Dead Meat"

Bill using his powers to hold Eric in the air

The episode begins with Eric sitting on a bed in Bill's house covered in the bloody remains of his dead sister, Nora. Eric confronts Bill about whether or not he saw Nora's death coming since he claims to see the future, but Bill admits the visions only come as they come and he cannot control what he sees. Bill then tells Eric they have a job to do and it is obvious that Eric has become unhinged as a result of his sister's death. He begins taking it out on Bill, saying it is Bill's fault for not going to get Warlow in time all because Sookie has him. Bill uses his powers to levitate Eric, and tells him the truth is that he can't handle anything because he took a chance in believing in something other than himself. Eric tells him he is not God, and Bill says he never called himself God before kicking him out of the house.

Sookie tells Warlow she needs time to think about it and leaves back to the cemetery. Unbeknownst to her, Eric was watching her from a distance and walks over to see that he cannot travel there, but knows how to get to the plane.

At the Bon Temps Cemetery, Rocky sits on a stone half drunk while Adilyn and Wade make out on the grass. Eric comes and glamours the brothers to not remember seeing him or Adilyn today before sending them away. Running for her life, Adilyn only gets so far before Eric catches up to her and feeds on her.

Sookie and Bill arrive at the cemetery and Bill asks her what changed her mind about being turned and Sookie says destiny is too much of a hassle to keep fighting. They take each others hands and Sookie transports them to the other plane, only to find Warlow still tied to the headstone with bite marks and blood all over his neck. Bill realizes it had to have been Eric who attacked Warlow and almost drained him. ("Dead Meat")

"Life Matters"

Eric confronting Dr. Overlark

At Burrell's Vampire Camp Eric arrives and attacks all the unexpecting guards surrounding the outside of the camp (they did not expect an attack or an escape because it was daytime). Eric then enters the camp and confronts Dr. Overlark. Overlark doesn't have time to think before Eric is on him and he grabs his crotch ripping his genitals completely off of his body. Overlark falls screaming as blood gushes between his legs and Eric tells Overlark he will be back to make sure he has bled out in about ten minutes.

Inside Eric has found the first male general population and he lets them all go. One does not leave and Eric finds that the vampires maker is inside the drawer. Eric finds the vampire inside the drawer is showing the symptoms of Hepatitis V and tells the vampire that his maker is going to die a horrific death and he can either watch it or leave before exiting back into the vamps hallways.

Eric is in the female general population and sets them free when he finds Jason barely alive. Eric decides to feed Jason his blood because of his knowledge of the facility. As they are leaving they unknowingly pass Sarah who was hiding amongst some dead bodies. After they leave the area she runs the opposite direction.

Eric taking Dr. Finn to Pam with the help of Jason

Eric finds the vampires who were talking with Dr. Finn. Jason watches the door as Eric tells Finn he forgot to ask him how Eric was going to kill him so he could prepare himself mentally. Dr. Finn says he doesn't care he will die a happy man because he had sex with Pam. Eric becomes angry and glamours Dr. Finn to find that he was telling the truth about having sex with his progeny but it was a deal to get her out of segregation. Eric decides to leave him alive because he wants to give Pam the honor of killing him. As Jason and Eric carry Dr. Finn through the halls of the camp they hear screaming and Eric realizes its Ginger, the human who used to work for him.

Bill finds another empty general population and realizes he has no choice but to use his own blood to save the vampires. He finds a guard still alive and he has him take him to the white circular room. Sarah is walking upstairs to the top of the building holding Willa, Pam, Tara, Violet, Jessica, James and Steve. She turns the mechanism to open the ceiling letting light into the building but as she does so Bill is already there feeding the group his blood. Eric, Jason, Ginger, and Dr. Finn find themselves in the next room watching the scene through the two way mirrors. Eric goes into the circular room and holds Steven into the sun before he can have Bill's blood. Before Steve meets the True Death he screams out his love for Jason. The rest of the vampires are high from the faerie blood and relish their freedom in the sun. Pam goes into the other room and kills Dr. Finn.

Violet holds Bill thanking him for the gift of light as Pam dances with Dr. Finn's dead body and the other vampires dance and celebrate. Pam then asks if everyone should be dead and Jason realises they haven't found Sarah and leaves as the other vampires exit the other way leaving Bill alone in the circular room.

The vampires make it outside and begin to destroy all of the contaminated Tru Blood. As they do so Eric leaves the group and heads back into the camp. He finds the room where his sister Nora had perished and he angrily destroys the room.

Eric Northman met the sun.

The vampires come to the exit of the camp when Jessica, James, and Bill join them. Jason comes from the another direction and Violet sees him and claims him again as her own. As the rest of the vampires happily leave the camp in the sun Pam realizes Eric is not there. She looks around and sees him from a distance but he does not come to her. He looks at her for a moment and she gets a bad feeling and demands for him not to leave. Eric takes one last look before flying into the sky away from her and Pam cries not knowing where he is going. ("Life Matters")


In Åre, Sweden, a naked Eric lounges in a black lawn chair. He is reading Hjalmar Söderberg's novel Den allvarsamma leken "The Serious Game" when he feels the faerie light leave him. The sunlight begins to burn him and he staggers to his feet as his entire body catches fire. ("Radioactive")