"Well that was saucy..must have been fairy Sookie talking.. I like when she comes out."
―Eric Northman, to Sookie Stackhouse[src]

Season 4Edit

"She's Not There"Edit

EricShootingAd Season4

Eric is first seen waking from his daily slumber, as Sookie arrives back from Faerie. After night fall, Bill and Eric appear at Sookie's house. They have words and Bill orders Eric to leave. Before leaving he reminds Sookie that everyone who claimed to have loved her, gave up and abandoned her, but he never did. Eric returns to Fangtasia to find Pam unsuccessfully making an ad commercial for Nan. He steps in and gets it done on the first take.

A few nights later Sookie has finished showering and disrobes only to find Eric in her room. She quickly covers herself in embarrassment but not before Eric admires her openly. She asks him if she is having another dream but he assures her she's not.

Then she asks how he got in the house since she had rescinded his invitation before she disappeared the year before. He tells her she doesn't own the house anymore and pulls a set of keys from his pocket and dangles them in front of her. He then throws her robe aside and slowly walks to her saying "Sookie, you...are...mine", extending his fangs in a show of dominance. ("She's Not There")

"You Smell Like Dinner"Edit

Eric follows Sookie downstairs and explains the reasons for buying her house. He told her he knew she was still alive. He wants to own the home, so he can own her. He explains how sweet her blood smells, and that she needs his protection. Later, Eric goes to visit "King Bill." Bill tells Eric about a new coven in town. He tells Bill he will check it out, but not before bowing and mocking Bill by remarking "My King". With a smile on his face, he leaves.

Eric enters the coven's gathering and attempts to feed from Marnie Stonebrook when the coven begins to chant a protection spell. When Marnie is freed she casts a memory erasing spell on Eric who leaves in a daze. Eric wanders the streets confused when Sookie pulls up and calls his name. Eric replies "who?" Eric proceeds to ask Sookie, "Why do you smell so good?" to which Sookie replies with "You know perfectly well why I smell the way I smell." ("You Smell Like Dinner")

"If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?"Edit

Eric craves what he is smelling and attacks Sookie in her car. She hits the gas and leaves Eric behind. She stops the car and notices that Eric is no longer there. In a flash Eric grabs Sookie in her driver's seat. She fends him off and asks him what his last memory is. He seems confused, but recalls the eyes and the chanting. Sookie offers to help him as long as he doesn't touch or feed from her. She brings Eric to her house and calls Pam. Pam arrives at Sookie's house in a flash. Eric is startled and quickly asks, "Who the f*** is she?"

Erics Fangs Season4


When Pam threatens Sookie, Eric throws her across the room. Sookie agrees to help as long as they pay her for her trouble. Eric is obviously attracted to Sookie. He giggles while she cleans the mud off his feet, saying it tickles. He tells her she is beautiful. Hesitantly, Eric joins Sookie in his cubby. He has to fight off the urge to drink from her as his fangs extend reflexively. Embarrassed, he covers his mouth. Later, Sookie arrives home and finds her faerie godmother Claudine at her porch. Claudine begs Sookie to join her, but is attacked by Eric. He drains her dry while a stunned Sookie looks on. After Sookie informs Eric of what he had just done, he responds with "sorry" and a boyish grin. ("If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?")

"I'm Alive and on Fire"Edit

Eric in Sunlight drunk

Eric swimming in the sun, high on fairy blood

After draining Claudine Eric falls to the ground as if he is drunk. Sookie tries to get him to come inside before the sun rises but he ignores her. He tells her that he wants more and leans in to feed off of her but she says "stop you'll kill me!" Eric replies, "I would never harm you."

Sookie once again tries to bring Eric inside but he uses his vampire speed to pinch her butt. Then after a bit of teasing he speeds off, even though dawn is approaching. Sookie calls Alcide to catch Eric's scent. They find him swimming in the lake and are only able to coax him back when the effects of the fairy blood starts to wear off and his skin begins to burn. Eric is very sad to go back to the darkness. He tries to use his mood to steal a kiss from Sookie but she is unconvinced. ("I'm Alive and on Fire")

"Me and the Devil"Edit

Eric dreams that he is watching Sookie sleep. Godric appears to him as an evil spirit, urging Eric to drink from Sookie. Eric wakes and finds solace in Sookie's bed. Sookie goes to get a reading to scout information about how to un-witch Eric. Whilst having a reading done, the spirit of her gran, Adele asks if she is falling in love. Sookie replies she doesn't think so, but her gran tells Sookie to not give him her heart. During nightfall, he leaves his cubby to find Sookie and Tara chatting in the living room. Tara screams and grabs a fire poker. Enraged she yells out all the atrocious things Eric has done to both her and Sookie. Tara leaves and Eric is shocked to hear of the things he did to Sookie. He tells her that he couldn't bear to "snuff out her light", and begins to leave. Walking away from the house, Sookie runs to the porch and calls him back. Eric returns to Sookie's open arms, and the two embrace in a kiss. ("Me and the Devil")

"I Wish I Was the Moon"Edit


Eric and Sookie make love for the first time (click for animation)

Pam has unintentionally revealed to Bill that she knows what happened to Eric. While Eric and Sookie are in the middle of their kiss, Bill barges in and arrests Eric on the grounds of treason and that he has been infected by Marnie. He seeks council from Nan, requesting that Eric meets the True Death. Locked in his cell, Eric talks to Pam. She tries to make Eric realize that he is a "Viking Vampire God", but Eric tells her he is not the vampire he used to be. Later, when he is about to meet the true death, he tells Bill to take care of Sookie. It's obvious that Eric truly loves her. Eric is then set free by Bill and meets Sookie in the woods. They share a passionate kiss and end up making love in the middle of the woods in the moonlight. ("I Wish I Was the Moon")

"Cold Grey Light of Dawn"Edit

As Alcide and Debbie are searching for Sookie, they stumble upon a vigorously-moaning Sookie and Eric, who are still frolicking beneath the moonlight. The sight makes Alcide despondent, which Debbie immediately picks up on. Sookie and Eric are then continuing their lovemaking in the house on the floor before eventually doing it doggy style. Bill later visits Sookie and Eric before morning, and silently deduces that they have slept together. Nevertheless, he has come to help Eric survive the next day, bringing multiple silver chains. He explains the situation to them and instructs Sookie to bind Eric if they want him to survive.


Sookie stays and talks with a still-bound Eric. He attempts to convince her to remove the silver, and she refuses. Eric believes that Antonia may be powerful enough that the silver will not be able to restrain him if the spell comes, meaning he might meet the sun anyways, and would prefer Sookie not to have her last memory of him be this situation. Sookie tells him about the last time she saw him bound in silver when he attempted to save her and Godric from the Fellowship of the Sun. He reveals that he doesn't want his memory back. He believes that if Sookie can forgive him for the horrible things he's done, he doesn't want to remember them as he is perfectly happy the way he is. ("Cold Grey Light of Dawn")


At Sookie's house, Eric wants her to take the silver off but she is frightened because she says it will pull some of his skin off. He reassures her that the silver hurts more than taking it off and he will heal quickly. He lied however and is not healing.


Sookie says he has to feed and offers him to feed on her. She tells him she is trusting him but he has to promise not to go overboard. He tells her to hold the silver and if he does anything to silver him. Eric promises he will never betray her. When Eric is finished he bites his own hand and offers it to her she says “I am not injured’ he tells her ‘we will be one!’, and Sookie drinks his blood. Sookie and Eric start having sex under its influence they imagine themselves in the shower sharing a kiss while the former gropes him she starts the shower head but its not spraying any water instead snows comes and the two find a bed to which Sookie asks why it is there Eric says if they can make love they eventually do they imagine themselves in a large bed with snow and covered in white and grey furs. Eric and Sookie end up in bed together. Sookie tells Eric they have an obligation to fight with King Bill. She tells him she will not leave Bill to die. Eric tells Sookie he wants to be with her forever and she tells him, ‘there is no such thing as forever.’

During the battle, Sookie senses Antonia casting a spell in her mind, revealing it to Bill. Eric reacts by killing Beverleen, shocking both factions. Antonia reacts to this by chanting a spell that causes immense masses of fog to fill the graveyard, which starts the battle. Antonia captures Eric in a slave spell. ("Spellbound")

"Let's Get Out of Here"Edit

Eric awaits orders from Antonia at the Moon Goddess Emporium. Sookie tries to save him, but Eric cannot leave. During the Festival of Tolerance, Martonia has Eric coax Blackburn, Kirsch, and Duprez into a trap. Antonia casts the same spell on them, as she did on Eric. She then orders the spellbound Sheriffs to attack the festival. ("Let's Get Out of Here")

"Burning Down the House"Edit

In the resultant melee, Blackburn is slain, and Antonia commands Eric to kill Bill. Despite Bill's efforts to defend himself, Eric is about to stake him when Sookie uses her powers to break both of Antonia's curses. Simultaneously freeing Eric from her control and restoring his memory. Antonia breaks off the assault and flees, Kirsch and Duprez in tow.

Sookie Eric Season 4 episode4

Sookie takes care of Eric

Recovering at the King's mansion, Eric and Sookie have an awkward meeting where he admits that he still remembers everything that happened during his amnesia, and claims that the "other Eric" is still a part of him. However, Sookie feels conflicted. Stating that the reasons she was able to break the spells on Eric were not only because she wanted to save Bill, but also that she still loves him. Eric is not convinced, and states that she is his now, and that he loves her. Any further discussion is interrupted by Pam's arrival, and Eric shares an emotional reunion with his progeny. He agrees to aid in Bill's plan to kill Antonia. Eric and Pam spend the day at Bill's mansion. They join Bill, Jessica, and Nan in silvering themselves in case Antonia tries to force them to meet the sun again. ("Burning Down the House")

"Soul of Fire"Edit

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Eric outside Moon Goddess Emporium

The following night Eric, Bill, Pam, and Jessica prepare to attack the Moon Goddess Emporium. Just as Jessica is about to set off a bazooka to kill the witches, Jason runs towards them. He informs them that the witches have taken Sookie inside. They have also set up a protection spell around the building, which stops anything from getting in. Marnie with Sookie in tow, comes out and tries to negotiate with the vampires. She wants to trade Sookie for Bill and Eric's life, as Pam and Jessica look on. As Eric kneels down to get shot by Bill, Pam gets angry and yells: "The True Death to save Bo Peep? I don't fucking think so!" She grabs the RPG launcher to shoot it off towards the Moon Goddess Emporium. Eric commands Pam not to fire "Pam I forbid you!" but she fires anyway. The force field stops the RPG and with vampiric speed Eric appears before Pam. He is furious and states that she disobeyed him. After almost being forced into the force field Pam tries to smooth things over but Eric tells her to get out of his sight before he kills her. Pam, distraught and heartbroken, speeds away leaving an angry Eric behind to deal with Marnie. ("Soul of Fire")

"And When I Die"Edit


Eric rips out Beverleen's throat/spine

The next night Marnie returns in Lafayette's body. She has Bill and Eric silvered to a post to be burned. Sookie, Tara, and Holly cast their own spell and are able to raise the souls of the dead in Bon Temps. Adele Stackhouse and Antonia approach Marnie and convince her to let go and find peace. Later, Sookie allows Bill and Eric to feed from her to heal their injuries. Eric tries to convince Sookie to choose him, stating she wouldn't be sorry. In the end Sookie chooses neither Eric nor Bill and leaves them both seemingly heartbroken. Later, Nan shows up at Bill's home and propositions both Bill and Eric to join her against the Authority and the American Vampire League. After she threatens Sookie's life Eric kills her guards and Bill stakes Nan, resulting in her true death. Eric looks down at her remains stating "What a bitch." ("And When I Die")

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