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Benedict "Eggs" Talley

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Memphis, Tennessee
Maryann's ward
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Mr. Talley - Grandfather (deceased)
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Jefferson Talley - Father
Rina Talley - Mother

Tara Thornton - Girlfriend
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Benedict Talley, more commonly known by his nickname "Eggs", was Tara Thornton's boyfriend of on the HBO original series True Blood. Played by American co-starring actor Mehcad Brooks, Eggs makes his debut on the episode "You'll Be the Death of Me" in the series' first season. The murder weapon of choice of Maenad Maryann Forrester, Eggs was a recurring character through the series' second season, until his untimely demise in the Season 2 episode "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'". He was last seen in a flashback on the episode "Evil is Going On" in the series' third season.


Prior to his "new life" Eggs led a violent and dangerous life, growing up in foster homes and witnessing a man die after a gunfight. He eventually ended up under a bridge after two stints in jail (for drug dealing, drug possession and assault, respectively) and was taken in by Maryann Forrester and her servant Karl. Maryann promised Eggs he would get back on his feet during his stay with her, but in reality she never intended for him to leave her.

Although Eggs was, deep down, not a bad or vicious person, his difficult childhood put him on a path of violence and crime, but he later sought to reform himself. He had an artistic and sensitive side that only those close to him, such as Maryann and Tara, ever saw. He had a strong conscience and felt immense guilt for the harm he had caused under Maryann's influence.

Maryann used Eggs as a weapon, possessing him and controlling him into killing victims of her choice. After Maryann's eventual defeat Eggs understood she had not been benevolent and asked Sookie to help him retrieve his memories. Once he did, he blamed himself for the murders committed by Maryann and tried to turn himself in to Andy Bellefleur. He was shot by Jason who thought Eggs, who was in an erratic and traumatized state, was assaulting Andy. Sadly, Andy was promptly forced to posthumously frame Eggs for Maryann's murderous rampage, seeing as there was no other explanation for Eggs being shot in the head. Andy took responsibility for the shooting.

Eggs' death had great psychological impact on his girlfriend Tara Thornton, who became wrecked after the incident. Eggs was interred in Bon Temps Cemetery, in a funeral paid for by Sookie. When Jason later confessed to Tara that he had killed Eggs, she was devastated. It was some time before she could forgive him.





  • Prior to Eggs' death, Jason had never killed anyone before. He would later be responsible for the deaths of Franklin Mott, Felton Norris, Chelsea, and numerous unnamed vampires. Eggs was the only human and the only innocent he ever killed.
  • Shooting Eggs led Jason to be tangled up with the police some more, and eventually inspired him to become a cop himself, which succeeded sometime before season 4 and after season 3.
  • Eggs' death, along with Franklin's actions, may have drove Tara away from men and into a relationship with Naomi.
  • Maryann picked up Eggs to become her murder weapon. Her real reason for picking up Tara is still unknown, but seeing as she carefully led Tara and Eggs into each others arms, she may have been meaning to find Eggs a mate - perhaps even Maryann's choice of Tara may have been racially motivated, something Tara emphasizes when saying "Is that a hobby of hers, collecting stray black people?" when she first meets Eggs.
  • In the novels, Eggs had a romantic relationship with Tara, that ended shortly after they attended the orgy together.


Season one appearances
"Strange Love" "The First Taste" "Mine" "Escape from Dragon House"
"Sparks Fly Out" "Cold Ground" "Burning House of Love" "Fourth Man in the Fire"
"Plaisir D'Amour" "I Don't Wanna Know" "To Love Is to Bury" "You'll Be the Death of Me"
Season two appearances
"Nothing but the Blood" "Keep This Party Going" "Scratches" "Shake and Fingerpop"
"Never Let Me Go" "Hard-Hearted Hannah" "Release Me" "Timebomb"
"I Will Rise Up" "New World in My View" "Frenzy" "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'"
Season three appearances
"Bad Blood" * "Beautifully Broken" "It Hurts Me Too" * "9 Crimes"
"Trouble" "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues" "Hitting the Ground" "Night on the Sun"
"Everything Is Broken" "I Smell a Rat" "Fresh Blood" "Evil is Going On"

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