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"Don't You Feel Me"
Season 6, Episode 6
Don't You Feel Me.jpg
Air date July 21, 2013
Written by Daniel Kenneth
Directed by Howard Deutch
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"In the Evening"

"Don't You Feel Me" is the sixth episode of Season 6 of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' sixty-sixth episode overall.


Bill seeks Lilith's advice on the escalating crisis between humans and vampires. Eric, Pam, Nora, Jason, and Jessica get an inside look at Burrell's Camp. Sam tries to make the best decision for Emma's future. Andy names his faerie daughter. Eric discovers the truth about Tru Blood's resumed production.


"There's a town consensus about what kind of girl I am; wanna take a guess at what that is?
They call me a danger whore."
― Sookie Stackhouse

Sookie is being drowned in a lake by her father (possessing Lafayette). Bill feels her fear and reluctantly allows Warlow to go save her. As Sookie's father believes to have killed her, Warlow flies in. He throws Lafayette into a tree before retrieving Sookie from the lake and laying her down. As he checks if she is okay, Sookie's father attacks Warlow. He is about to bite Lafayette when Sookie stops him, telling him it is actually her father possessing Lafayette. She has him use his faerie magic to force her father out of Lafayette's body. Sookie tells her father to stay out of her life forever, leaving him in tears.

Pam and Eric levitate while in the Vamp Camp (click for animation).

Eric and Pam face each other at Burrell's Camp, with Burrell, Sarah, Steve, Dr. Finn, and Dr. Overlark watching on the other side of a two-way mirror. At first they are reluctant to fight. Pam asks if it is true that Eric had made a new vampire and he tells her he has. They start to levitate and appear as though they are going to strike each other. They, however, fly past each other and open the vents where armed guards are hiding. They pull them through the slots and kill them. They stake one of the guards through the two way mirror creating a hole. Eric looks through the hole and sees Steve, learning he is responsible. Guards then come and separate them.

Lafayette, Sookie, and Warlow are talking when Bill summons Warlow. Sookie tells Warlow that for saving her life she will save him this time. She grabs his hands and teleports them to a land of the Faerie, leaving Lafayette alone in the woods. Bill feels the absence of Warlow. He fears he has him and runs upstairs to ask Jessica how close he had been to killing her. He finds her room empty and realizes that his vision of death for all vampires has begun. Bill attempts to call Lilith to ask for help but she does not come. Bill goes downstairs and asks Takahashi to drain him of his blood so he can meet Lilith. He instructs him to awaken him later by placing the blood back. Takahashi obeys and the three blood covered sirens appear as before to escort Bill to Lilith.

Jason shows up at the LAVTF recruiting building. He undergoes the interview, appearing as anti-vampire as possible. He greatly impresses the interviewer, who gladly goes to the back to get his manager. They "fast track" Jason into the position.

Sam is checking out of the hotel and comes back to get Nicole and Emma. He finds Nicole just coming in from consoling a frightened Emma. Sam tries to talk to Emma because they must stay on the run. Nicole confronts him about the kind of life Emma will have being on the run getting to Sam's conscience.

Sookie and Warlow are in the land of the Faerie and Warlow asks Sookie to tie him up. Sookie, confused, asks him why and he tells her that night is coming. Still confused, she says the light is bright in the sky. Warlow states that the sun never sets on the plane of the Faerie but that he can feel night coming. He fears he will not be able to control himself when it comes. Sookie binds his hands behind his head to a tombstone and strengthens his bonds with Faerie magic. To kill time, they begin to talk. Warlow wished she had not found out about her parents trying to kill her. Sookie says it was her fault for trying to speak to them. Warlow stops her, telling her she is the only one who is completely innocent. Sookie talk about how shocked she is by the truth when Warlow bares his fangs and yells obviously fighting his nature.

Alcide shows up at his father Jackson's hotel room. Alcide asks his father what he wants and Jackson tells him he spotted Sam at the very same hotel he is in. Alcide demands to know the room number. His father tells him he should leave it alone but Alcide doesn't back down. He eventually gets the room number and immediately heads to Sam's room. He finds Sam's room empty but tracks their scent before attempting to leave. His father stops him and tells him he wants to come with him. Alcide tells his father he is going alone and leaves. Jackson picks up the scent intending to follow Alcide against his wishes.

Andy is watching over his surviving faerie daughter with Holly at his side. She wakes up and tells her father she wants to talk. She asks him if he could give her a real name before he goes to work. He names her Adilyn after a girl he used to know from school. She tells him she wants to remember her sisters so Andy gives her four names, one for each sister. He names her Adilyn-Braelyn-Charlaine-Danika.

Lafayette, relishing his moments alone, relaxes on his couch when someone knocks on his door. He finds Terry on his porch acting stranger than usual. Terry tells Lafayette he is there because he wants to give him a key to a safety deposit box. Lafayette questions the gift but Terry doesn't take no for an answer and forces him to take the key. Concerned for his friend, Lafayette calls Arlene and tells her about the exchange. This convinces Arlene that Terry is actually going to kill himself. Holly finds Arlene upset and asks her what is wrong. Arlene tells her Terry's plan to kill himself. Holly comes up with the idea to glamour Terry and she knows just the vampire to do it. Her son's best friend has a gay vampire step father who owes Holly a favor.

Warlow speaks to Sookie

Sookie questions Warlow about his age and past. Warlow tells her she is worth waiting for and is the only thing he doesn't regret. Sookie then asks him how he thought it would go, just showing up on her doorstep trying to turn her into his Faerie-vampire progeny. Warlow answers it was custom back then for arranged marriages but if it meant anything he would tear up the contract. He then states the only reason he wants to turn her is because they can survive off each others blood and they can go and live anywhere they want. He would give her the world if she would only just be his.

Governor Burrell comes into a holding cell with Eric who is caged and his hands bound. They argue back and forth when Dr. Overlark comes in with a bottle of yellow liquid. Burrell tells Eric that he will pay for taking his daughter away. Since the resident psychiatrist has a crush on Pam they cannot use her. They cart in Nora and inject her with a new strain of hepatitis (Hepatitis V) that is fatal to vampires. They leave Eric alone to watch his sister die.

Bill meets Lilith and asks her who exactly is the tyrant. Lilith answers only with riddles. Bill states everything is all her fault and he was forced into this. Lilith tells him he fought for her blood and is now responsible for all of this. She tells him he must act now and to never come looking for answers again since he must figure this out on his own. Takahashi finishes refilling Bill with his blood and tries to wake him up. The television turns on and Bill's eyes open. It's a news report showing Burrell, now backing Tru Blood. Bill realizes he has no time to waste and must drink the only sample of Warlow's blood that he has. Takahashi warns him that he cannot reproduce the blood without any samples but Bill says he has run out of time. He locks Takahashi back in his cell and drinks the only vial of Warlow's blood.

Sam meets Martha at a gas station and hands Emma over to her. Martha gratefully accepts and allows Sam to say goodbye to Emma. Sam and Emma cry and hug each other before Martha takes Emma and drives away. As Nicole and Sam are about to leave Alcide approaches them asking for Emma. Sam tells Alcide he gave Emma to Martha and it's over. Alcide doesn't seem satisfied questioning Nicole's intentions of exposing them. Nicole swears she will not say a word, Alcide doesn't buy it but Sam reminds him they used to be friends. He is tired of this so if he is going to kill them he might as well get it over with. Jackson, who followed Alcide, walks up silently and watches. Alcide calms down and tells Sam to never come back to Shreveport or Bon Temps and if he does his pack will kill him. Sam and Nicole agree and leave. Alcide asks his father why he followed him and his father said he wanted to see if he would make the right decision. He feels Alcide did.

Terry and Arlene find peace.

Terry is watching television when there is a knock at the door. Arlene and Holly get the door for Holly's vampire friend enters. He glamours Terry to let go of all his pain and trauma from the war. He asks Arlene what she wants Terry to remember and she instructs him to only remember that he is a husband, father, stepfather and a cook, and that there was no Marines. The vampire glamours him as instructed before leaving. Terry then opens his eyes and seems happier than he has ever.

At the Burrell's camp, Jason is meeting his new bosses when Sarah enters the room. She is shocked but pretends not to know Jason and asks to speak to him alone before signing off on him. Everyone leaves the room and she demands to know why Jason is there. He tells her he aims to go in and get Jessica out and if she does anything to stop him, he will tell everything about their relationship and ruin her relationship with Burrell.

Burrell visits his daughter Willa in her cell who demands to be put in general population. Burrell claims he has kept her segregated to keep her safe. She asks him if he really cares so much about her then he will place her in general population with her own kind. Burrell states vampires are not her kind and he will find a way to "cure" her. Enraged, Willa tells her father he is trying to play God and if he is not going to cure everyone then she wants no part. She adds that she is going through many changes she can't understand. That's why she needs to be with her own kind, to learn how to be a vampire.

James and Jessica.

James is first introduced to Jessica at Vampire Camp. In order to convince Jason he made a mistake, Sarah makes him watch the "Copulation" study. A male vampire prisoner, James is standing alone, when Sarah signals to bring in the female for the study. The female turns out to be Jessica. She asks the male prisoner's name and he replies his name is James. She then asks what they are supposed to be doing and James reveals they are supposed to have sex. Jessica admits she technically is a virgin which causes James to get angry stating that Jessica is a good person and that she doesn't deserve this. Sarah instructs the guards to set a UV light on James. Jessica screams for it to stop and says they will do as they are told. She begins taking off her clothes but James refuses. Sarah has him burned over and over, before telling the guards to take both subjects back to their cells. As they are being taken Jessica tells James her name.

Terry dies in Arlene's arms

Terry and Arlene are working at Merlotte's and everything seems to be back to normal. Terry grabs the trash and walks towards the kitchen passing Lafayette. Seeing his new mood, Lafayette asks Arlene what the change is about. Arlene thanks Lafayette for calling her and tells him things are better than ever. Terry happily walks out back to place the garbage in the dumpster when a gun shot sounds. Big John and Lafayette run to the back to find Terry on the ground bleeding from his neck. Arlene runs out and holds Terry in her arms. They cry together and she begins to sing to him as he dies in her arms.

The fury of Bill.

Burrell is sitting in his backyard with security when Bill comes walking in. They tell him to stop and open fire when he bares his fangs. Bill allows all the bullets to hit him as they have no effect. With his new powers, he makes them stop firing, aim their weapons at each other and shoot, killing Burrell's entire guard at once. Shocked, Burrell asks Bill how he is in the sunlight. Bill ignores him and asks him where the camp is because his daughter is there. Burrell claims to know nothing and tells him that his daughter is gone too so he doesn't have anything to live for and he will become a symbol for the cause. Bill asks what the cause is and Burrell answers the extinction of the vampire race. Bill bites Burrell's neck. Burrell tells him that he can rip off one head but another will grow back in its place. Enraged, Bill rips off Burrell's head and screams he shall rip the second head off too.

Tara sits with Willa playing connect four when Willa gets a sick feeling. Tara reveals to the newly turned Willa that Eric is summoning her and she needs to go to him. Tara teaches Willa how to glamour. Willa gets the attention of a sleazy guard asking to speak with him alone under the pretense of sex, which allows her to get in close enough proximity to him to rip out his lenses. Eric is watching Nora weakening as the door to their cell opens. Willa and the glamoured guard come in and attack a woman doctor who was watching them. Eric puts on the guard uniform, Nora puts on the doctor coat, and they begin their escape. Eric says they must get Pam before leaving the Camp and Willa insists they get Tara and Jessica as well. As they hit a door Eric tells Willa and Nora to wait there for a moment. He goes ahead on his own and finds the part of camp that is producing the Tru Blood. Eric looks around seeing the Tru Blood being laced with Hepatitis V. A doctor sees him and thinks he is a guard tells him that the general population batch was almost ready. Eric asks if the entire batch is contaminated, the doctor tells him it is and they aim to serve it to all the vampires within the camp. Trying to maintain his composure, Eric heads back to where he left Nora and Willa stunned by what he has just found.

Sookie and Warlow having sex.

Sookie tells Warlow that the one thing she hated about being a faerie was knowing what everyone thought of her. Warlow tells her that is why he has spent so long alone. Sookie reveals that the town calls her a "danger whore." Warlow tells her they are wrong but Sookie admits she has noticed the pattern herself and perhaps she should just accept it because she can't explain why she feels the way she does for Warlow. She then strengthens the rope binding Warlow and tells him he needs to feed. Warlow bares his fangs and hesitates for a moment before feeding on her. After feeding on her for a couple of seconds, Sookie then feeds on him. She takes off her and Warlow's clothing and proceeds to make love with him, a glowing light emerging from them.




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  • "Don't You Feel Me" - Damon


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Memorable Quotes

Sookie Stackhouse

  • "It's not him talking, it's the spirit of my father inside him. Blast him with your light maybe it will make the son of a bitch leave."
  • "Lafayette, is he still here? Tell him to get the fuck out of my life, forever."
  • "Listen to me Warlow, he's going to kill you. I know a place where we can be safe from him but I am going to need you to take my hands. You saved my life twice, now it's my turn."
  • "So how did you think it was going to go? You were going to show up with a contract, signed in blood I might add, that gave you the right to turn me into your faerie vampire bride? I mean, that is seriously fucked up."
  • "But I would be a vampire."
  • "Really? See I'm thinking maybe they're right. I have these feelings for you that I don't want to have but I can't stop myself feeling them. If this were the first time I would probably just ignore it but see there is a pattern that's starting to emerge now so maybe it's time I just start accepting this about myself."
  • "I'm hitting your vines with a little more light. I might be a whore but I ain't stupid and you need to feed."

Macklyn Warlow

  • "You're okay Sookie I got you, oh my precious Sookie."
  • "Lilith, she let me save you and now she is calling me back."
  • "It's not that easy. In my heat I am still a creature of light but when darkness falls...."
  • "That contract was written in the 1700's Sookie. Arranged marriages were done as a matter of course back then. If it makes you happy when the sun rises on Bon Temps tomorrow we will go to your house and I'll tear up that contract."
  • "I killed Lilith because I despise what she turned me into. I despise the pain, the aching hunger inside me. I despise what this hunger has made me do, but if you agreed to be mine it would all be over. We'd be a closed circle, you and me. We could live wherever we want, go where ever we want. Day, night. We would be everything to each other because we would need only one another's blood to survive. I would never have to hurt anybody else. There would never be anybody else just you and me."
  • "Why do you think I've spent the last five thousand years alone?"

Bill Compton

  • "Jessica, when you felt my pull how close to killing you did I come? Jessica? Oh no, it's happening."
  • "I come seeking answers and you just give me riddles. Where is the white room?"
  • "You think about it Lilith, you chose the wrong faerie and you died the true death because of your mistake. Everything going on here is all on you."
  • "Im going out for a walk."
  • "I have a few questions for the governor."
  • "Tell me about a white circular room where the vampires meet the sun."
  • "Yes you do, you have my daughter there, I know you do."
  • "And what cause would that be exactly? Well that ain't never going to happen."
  • "And I'll rip that fucking head off too!"


  • "The tyrant took your progeny, the blond took our salvation."
  • "Life is a riddle, death has no answers."
  • "You fought Salome tooth and nail for the right to drink my blood and now you are going to act as if I forced it upon you? You disappoint me William Compton."
  • "No, William Compton, it is all on you. The time to act is now. Do not come to me seeking answers again."

Eric Northman

  • "I see you, Steve Newlin."
  • "Are you mad that I turned your daughter into my daughter?"
  • "So this is about Willa?"
  • "I love you, sister."
  • "Nora, you have to be strong."
  • "Enough, I am getting you out of here."
  • "Well done, baby vampire."
  • "I am going to need you to keep that coat clean for me, take it off her then rip her arm off."
  • "We are getting out of her together as soon as we find Pam."
  • "But it's all contaminated right? Alright, fantastico, I'll be standing by. Fuck me."

Nora Gainesborough

  • "I love you, brother."
  • "I'm not afraid. I will be with Godric again. Able to look into his beautiful blue eyes."

Willa Burrell

  • "I want you to put me in with the general population."
  • "I didn't realize you cared. I am your daughter and you put me in here, does it honestly make you feel better to keeping me in solitary?"
  • "I am dead and you're still over protective, isn't that just perfect."
  • "Well it's not like you to act like a pussy-whipped mother fucker but you're sure as shit acting like one!"
  • "Fix me? Oh, now you're playing God."
  • "Are you going to cure them all, Daddy? Or just me? No more preferential treatment I want you to treat me just like you are treating the rest of my kind."
  • "Yes, they are and you are just as responsible for it as my maker is. I have a friend out there and here name is Tara and she may be able to help figure out some of the stuff about myself that I cannot begin to understand on my own. So if you care for me like you say you do then I want the fuck out of solitary."
  • "I don't know, I feel sick."
  • "We need to get Tara and her friend Jessica too."

Jessica Hamby

  • "Do you know what we are doing here, James?"
  • "But I don't know you. I guess that shouldn't surprise me."
  • "James, let's just do it, we'll do it alright, we'll put on a show for you. We will just get it over with, I may feel like I'm a virgin, but I'm not."
  • "I'm not a person... yeah I do."

James Kent

  • "They want us to fuck."
  • "Don't worry, I'm not doing anything. I'm a vampire not a rapist!"
  • "No fuckin' way, okay. You're a beautiful person and you don't deserve this."
  • "Fuck you and your lights!"

Pam Swynford De Beaufort

  • "You made another vampire?"

Sam Merlotte

  • "No, not running, Luna wanted me to take her it was her dying wish."
  • "I meant what I said on the phone, I don't want to hear about you taking her back to your back."
  • "Listen, I know you and Luna had your shit but at the end of the day all she wanted is to do right by that girl and that's what I think I'm doing by giving her back to you."
  • "Emma, come here. Listen, I want you and your grandma to take care of each other, okay?"
  • "I gave her to Martha. Isn't that what you wanted all along?"
  • "You and me we were friends not too long ago, how the fuck did we get here?"
  • "What's it going to be Alcide, you gonna kill us or not? It's your call but either way this shit ends tonight because I'm fuckin' tired of it."

Jason Stackhouse

  • "I want you to know, every minute you waste not fast tracking me onto this "fuck fanger" police force is a minute wasted where I'm not out there fucking some fangers up."
  • "Oh and uh, beheadin'-ism. Just cutting their head right off by the throat. Just slicing that mother fucker across his or her neck is a pretty strong weakness."
  • "Racist fucks."
  • "I know who she is, from the TV. Yeah, everyone knows Ms. Newlin. Nice to meet you."
  • "Grabbing you by your pretty little Texas balls. I'm getting Jessica out of here and if you even think about telling them who I am, then I'll tell them all about you and me and what a whore for Christ you are. Then the government will throw your ass out on the streets and you can say bye bye to all this, and all this is pretty fuckin' sick so I figure it must've been your idea."
  • "Define copulation."
  • "I enjoy watchin' other folks do it, but don't it take two to tango?"

Tara Thornton

  • "She get on my damn nerves."
  • "It's Eric, he's summoning you."
  • "You remember at the carousel when Pam was calling me? You gotta go, baby girl."
  • "Listen up, this is glamouring 101. You rip those mother fuckers right out and keep it moving."

Truman Burrell

  • "Look who's caught him a tall blonde whooping crane."
  • "Oh no, I am talking about the true death you smart ass but I am not going to give you the courtesy of a quick true death."
  • "That vamp queen Newlin has come in handy, he knows everything."
  • "I want my daughter back, I want you to feel the same immeasurable loss, I want you to understand what it's like to lose a part of who you are. It was going to be the other tall, pretty one but the in house shrink has a thing for her so your sister is going to have to do. Woah sorry sis, but them's the breaks."
  • "Oh no, that's too dangerous. Of course I care."
  • "The accommodations are better, it's safer for you in here. Willa, it's not like you to be disrespectful."
  • "Willa, let's just pray we can fix you."
  • "No, it's not God, it is science. Maybe one day Overlark and his team can use what we're learning for good, the research we're doing might be able to cure you."
  • "Have mercy, how you doing this in the day time?"
  • "My daughter's gone too, one of you all took her from me and Willa, she was my reason to live so I guess I'll be a martyr for the cause."
  • "The extinction of your race."
  • "Bite off the head, another one will grow in it's place."

Dr. Overlark

  • "A fatal new strain from one of your infamous foes. We're calling it Hepatitis V. My team is cautiously optimistic that our new virus can be spread any number of ways. By ingestion, through copulation, vaginal and anal, and of course the old stand by, injection. You're our first host, congrats on being a part of history."

Andy Bellefleur

  • "Christ! Fandango!"
  • "Back in the first grade I knew a girl named Adilyn. Super pretty, super nice, she moved away. Never met another Adilyn since. Until now."
  • "Can I give her four names?"
  • "Number she seemed like a Braelyn, number two was a Charlaine... and number three... (Danika) I was just thinking that! Oh yeah, I don't think I will get used to that."

Holly Cleary

  • "Go with the A's"
  • "Oh honey, you ain't ever going to forget your sisters."
  • "What if we were to get a vampire to make him forget?"
  • "No not Jessica, oh but my son's friend's dad's husband, Matt. He's a vampire, he owes me one."

Arlene Fowler Bellefleur

  • "No, I think Terry is going to kill himself. He's been acting super off lately and Lafayette just called and said he showed up at his door with keys to a safety deposit box that I know nothing about."
  • "Oh Holly, what am I going to do? My life just don't work without that man."
  • "I will try anything just give me something I can hold on to."
  • "Tell him there was no Marines. There was no war. All he needs to know is he is a father, a step father, a husband, and a cook."
  • "Finally got you trained."
  • "I'll explain later but yeah we're great. Thank you Lafayette you saved more than just one life last night by calling, you really did."
  • "What happened? Is it Terry? No I want to see him, I got to see him. Let go, Lafayette."
  • "Let be alone with him Big John."
  • "Hush darlin'. Just let me hold you. Think about all the joy in the world. Your family, us, our children, that beautiful baby boy that we brought into this world. You remember when  Mikey was growing inside my tummy that song you used to sing to him? Hush little baby don't say a word..."

Terry Bellefleur

  • "I just came here... um, I need to give you something. It's a safety deposit box key."
  • "Nothing, no the fuck. I just think we have the kind of friendship to where we can just give each other keys is all."
  • "It's just, my key, I want you to have it, will you accept it?"
  • "Lord knows, you know how it is you lose the clicker and you end up watching whatever is on. Here, come sit in my lap?"
  • "I see it, I got it, I will take it out. That's what marriage is about, anticipating needs."

Sarah Newlin

  • "You were always a pussy."
  • "Jason, I sent for you because I know how tough first days on the job can be. I know if I were you I would have thoughts like what am I doing? I don't belong here, and what if this was all a big mistake. That's why I've decided to do a little something to make you feel like your apart of the team. Welcome to the copulation study."
  • "It's fucking, Jason. You know what that is, don't you?"
  • "That won't be a problem, the girl."

Lafayette Reynolds

  • "Let me get this hetero straight, you're a vampire who can come out in the daylight? Ah, now there go the damn neighborhood."
  • "Mr. Bellefleur! No, just me this blunt and my glue gun. I don't get many quiet nights to myself these days. What brings you here, good sir?"
  • "Terry, you are acting real strange even for Terry."
  • "Oh, well I don't have a key for you..."
  • "You're welcome, beatch."

Steve Newlin

  • "I had nothing to do with this! They made me!"

Alcide Herveaux

  • "It was my fuckin' money in the meter. You're staying right fuckin' here."
  • "Where's Emma?"
  • "You had no right, they're pack."
  • "You lead her and her friends to where we live, they wanted to expose us you let that happen!"
  • "Her word doesn't mean shit to me."
  • "Sam, you're dead, you understand? You show your face in Shreveport, Bon Temps, any where my pack can sniff you out, I ain't going to be there to protect you from them when they do."

Jackson Herveaux

  • "Your shifter is here, I don't think you outta do anything about it but I thought I'd give you the information so you wouldn't hold it against me if you did find out about it."
  • "I'll be right back Jenny, save me some chicken."
  • "Sometimes what's good for the pack, ain't what's good for the wolf."
  • "You were either going to make the worst or best decision of your life, either way I wasn't going to miss it. I am proud of you son."



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