Descendants of the Glorious Dead

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Prior to 2009
Honor the American Civil War
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The Descendants of the Glorious Dead is a social organization on the HBO original series True Blood. A club set up by Adele Stackhouse to honor the American Civil War, the Descendants of the Glorious Dead meet to discuss the war, and learn about the effects it had on local residents of their hometown, Bon Temps, Louisiana.


Many of the full-time members were either elderly citizens of Bon Temps, or older people who had great grandparents in the war.

The club discusses the war and its effects on local townsfolk, and has even taken up an interest in the family genealogies of the town and ancestors who served during the American Civil War. Adele Stackhouse ("Gran") was very enthused because she could trace her family back to that time. Bill Compton said he knew her family when he was a human and that they were good people. This meant a lot to Adele.

Adele's grand daughter, Sookie Stackhouse, asked ex-confederate soldier turned Vampire King Bill Compton to share his recollections of the war with the Descendants at a special meeting at the local church.

Possible ClosureEdit

Bill Compton spoke at what could have possibly been the club's last meeting. After this meeting, Adele was murdered by Drew Marshall which could have ended the club as many of the other members may not have wanted the stress of running and organizing the meetings.

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