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"Death is Not the End"
Season 7, Episode 4
Air date July 13, 2014
Written by Daniel Kenneth
Directed by Gregg Fienberg
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"Death is Not the End" is the fourth episode of the seventh and final season of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' seventy-fourth episode overall.


In the aftermath of yet another bloodbath, Sam, Sookie and Jason find themselves the bearers of bad news in Bon Temps and beyond. Pam recalls the events that led her and Eric to Shreveport and Fangtasia. Bill and Jessica get nourishment from unexpected sources. Following a new lead, Sookie enlists a band of vampires and humans to track down the Hepatitis V vampires.


"You don't think I wanna cry? I do. It is all I wanna do. But I'm manning up, and you gotta man up, too."
― Sookie Stackhouse

Sookie and Jason deliver the bad news to Jackson and Hoyt.

In Jackson, Mississippi, Jackson Herveaux and Jenny, the werewolf prostitute with whom he has apparently established a relationship with, lounge together in his dilapidated trailer. They are drinking beer in the middle of the day, and sitting in their underwear. The phone rings, and Jenny gets up and answers it. She tells Jackson that the call is for him, and that the caller is a woman who sounds attractive. She playfully warns him that he had better not be cheating on her. He purrs that she is more than enough woman for him, and kisses her. Jackson takes the phone. As soon as he hears Sookie's voice, he becomes immediately concerned and asks her what is wrong. Sookie is at the morgue, calling from a payphone. She gently tells Jackson that his son, Alcide, has passed away. Visibly shaken, he collapses in his chair, as Jenny walks over to him. Meanwhile, in Anchorage, Alaska, Hoyt Fortenberry receives a call while working on his assigned oil-drilling ship. The caller is Jason, who cordially addresses Hoyt as "Mr. Fortenberry" and addresses himself as "Deputy Stackhouse," all on account of Hoyt's memories of Jason having been glamoured away. Upon hearing a police officer from his hometown on the other end, Hoyt appears to already be expecting the worst. Jason informs Hoyt of the passing of his mother, Maxine, and, without going into detail, tells him that she had been killed by a vampire. Hoyt immediately begins to weep, recounting that she had correctly stated that she would die if he left. Overcome with emotion, Jason addresses Hoyt by his nickname "Bubba," and tells him not to blame himself for her death. Confused, Hoyt asks Jason if they know each other. Jason hesitates, and sadly replies that they do not. Sookie asks Jackson when he will be able to make it to Bon Temps. Jackson replies that he and Jenny will be there within a few days. She warns him not to travel at night, because of the danger of the rabid Hepatitis V vampires. Jackson tells Sookie that although he and Alcide hadn't been very close, he knew that Alcide loved her very much, and that she had made him happy. Somberly, Sookie replies that she had loved him, too, and then ends the call. Jason tells Hoyt to call the sheriff's office when he arrives in town to arrange transportation. Hoyt thanks him, and they end the call. Sookie asks Jason how the call went. Moved, Jason marvels over how polite Hoyt was for thanking him for such a devastating phone call. He is clearly on the verge of tears, and Sookie tells him that he must be strong, because the people of the town are looking to him for strength and support. Now that Holly has been recovered alive, Andy will undoubtedly want to spend as much time with her as possible. And with Kevin still missing, and Kenya having gone rogue, Jason is the now the lone police officer in a town ravaged by tragedy and death. Sam walks in and asks them if they are ready. Jason admits that he is not, but that they need to do what they need to do. The three leave the morgue.

While flying in their light-tight cabin of Anubis Airlines, Victoria, the female flight attendant, personally details the flight plan and estimated time of arrival to Eric and Pam, as Eric feeds from her femoral artery. Upon hearing that the flight is headed for Baton Rouge, Pam remarks that she had wanted to begin her search for Sarah Newlin by questioning Senator Finch, who was one of the last people who had seen Sarah at the Burrell camp and is still alive to talk about it. Eric tells the flight attendant to tell the pilots to reroute to Shreveport. Annoyed, Pam asks why they should return to Shreveport after the seizure of Fangtasia, and loss of all of their capital. Eric replies that they must see Willa. Pam reminds him that he had abandoned Willa, and that she very likely despises him for it. She displays a modicum of remorse for her subsequent abandonment of Tara. Eric expresses his condolences for the loss of Tara, and tells Pam that Willa is still part of their family, and he must say goodbye to her in person before he dies. Victoria expresses surprise over his terminal status, to which Eric coldly tells her that she is now a carrier of Hepatitis V. Stunned, she tells him that she will certainly be fired from Anubis, as she can no longer fulfill her duties as a human blood donor. Eric shows no concern for this, and tells her to deliver his flight plan changes to the captain. She walks off angrily, as Eric settles in for the remainder of their flight. Pam glares at him and complains about how much she hates Shreveport.

In 1986, Eric and Pam are sentenced by the Authority to run a video rental store.

Pam flashes back to their introduction to Shreveport. In 1986, after the events that occurred in France, Eric and Pam sit in a truck in a parking lot; they are surrounded by agents of the Authority. The two stand as a car pulls up to them. The Magister emerges from the backseat and smugly greets them. He knows exactly who they are, but neither Pam nor Eric are familiar with him. He introduces himself, and details that they have been brought to this location to dispense their penalty for having defied the Authority's orders to mainstream. He directs them to the commercial building in front of them that houses three small businesses: a record store, a one hour film-developing shop, and a third door with no sign. He tells them that their punishment is to operate a small business in this low-rent strip mall. Eric chuckles at the thought, and tells him that he would rather die than be seen in such an establishment. The Magister retorts that he has brought this humiliation upon himself for disobeying the Authority, and all for the sake of a "cow." Eric bares his fangs at him for this slight against Sylvie. Unafraid, the Magister demands Eric to retract his fangs, as the agents aim their weapons at him. Eric complies. With that, the Magister gives the unwilling new business owners a tour of their establishment. The three walk into the dark building, as the Magister fumbles around for the light switch. When he finds it, Pam gasps in horror at the sight of a video rental store. As the Magister describes the video genre that is stocked, Eric sincerely apologizes to Pam for bringing such a disgrace upon them. The Magister then takes them downstairs into the basement section, which has been designated for stocking pornographic movies, complete with private viewing rooms. He then turns their attention to the back entrance, and points out that it leads to a tunnel that had once been used in conjunction with the Underground Railroad. To add insult to injury, he then tells Eric that the business will turn over 80% of their profits to the Authority, and that Eric is being made Vampire Sheriff of LA: Area 5 as a way of keeping tabs on the wayward yet dangerous vampire. As he leaves, the Magister warns Eric and Pam that they will be constantly monitored at night by the Authority, as well as by the Yakonomo Corporation (of which, the Authority is now in cahoots) and the Yakuza during the day. He tosses the keys to the building to Pam, who makes no effort to catch them. The Magister leaves the two vampires to gaze depressingly at their new business.

Sookie comforts Lisa and Coby over the disappearance of their mother.

Sookie, Sam, and Jason arrive at the Bellefleur residence. They see Coby playing basketball alone in the driveway. Sookie greets him and asks where Lisa is. He points toward the backyard and returns to his game. Sookie tells Sam and Jason that she's going to check in with the kids, and that she'll meet them inside. She starts for the backyard as Sam and Jason enter the house. Lisa is sitting in the backyard on a blanket, looking as depressed as any child whose mother has gone missing. Sookie asks if she may join her, to which Lisa simply shrugs. After a few moments, Sookie makes no attempt to coddle Lisa and simply states "Well, this effin' sucks, dunnit?" Lisa looks up at her and remarks that she is the only adult who isn't pretending that nothing is wrong. Sookie yells to Coby to join them, but he clearly doesn't feel like talking. Lisa tells her little brother to do as he is told. Sookie gently tells Lisa to be nice to Coby; the last thing they need is to start fighting with each other. Sookie asks Coby again to join them, and to bring his basketball with him if he likes. Reluctantly, Coby starts walking over to them, not wanting to hear another patronizing speech that they have already been subjected to. Instead, Sookie tells them that she is not going to treat them as though they are clueless to the frightening reality of their situation. She states that their mom Arlene is a strong person, and that wherever she is, she must be drawing upon the love of her children for strength to survive her captivity. Sookie tells them that their job is to find Arlene and bring her home. Lisa asks how they are to do this when they have no idea where she is. Sookie replies that Holly knows, and that she will unlock the glamoured memories from her mind. She assures them that they will bring their mom, Arlene back safely. Coby asks her to promise them; Sookie does so, but is clearly uncomfortable with making promises.

Sookie helps Holly recover her glamoured memories during her captivity.

Upstairs, Sam and Jason try to convince Andy to let them speak with Holly, who is resting in one of the bedrooms. Andy does not want to subject Holly to any more trauma, and reiterates that she has no memory of her ordeal. Sookie climbs the stairs and states that she can use her telepathic powers to recover Holly's memories, but Andy does not want to force Holly to recall such horrific events. Sookie informs Andy that she has just promised Lisa and Coby that she will bring Arlene home to them, and that she will not allow their own uncle stop her from extracting the information that can be used to rescue their mother. Andy relents, and the four of them enter Holly's bedroom. Sookie asks Holly how she is feeling; Holly replies that she's been better. Holly then asks Sookie how she is holding up. Sookie replies stoically that she's okay, but Holly can tell that she is not. The two friends hug each other in support. Sookie then asks Holly to recall her last solid memory. Holly states that she remembers being at the human/vampire mixer at Bellefleur's, and the next thing she remembers is meeting all of them in the woods the previous night. Sookie tells her that she can help Holly recover her lost memories, but Holly is understandably afraid of remembering, as she points out all of the bite marks on her body. Sam pleads with Holly for the sake of his pregnant fiancée, Nicole. Nervously, Holly takes a deep breath and agrees to help; she places her hands into Sookie's. Sookie tells Holly to recall meeting them at the creek in the woods, and begins to work backwards. Sookie begins to recover the painful memories of Holly screaming while being attacked from all sides by rabid Hepatitis V vampires. The memories are so traumatizing that Holly begins to pull away, but Sookie encourages her to keep going. She then begins to recover the visions of being in an upstairs bar; Sookie immediately recognizes it as Fangtasia. She then tells Holly to bring back the memories of where she and the others were being held. She then sees multiple individuals being chained in the downstairs dungeon. Sookie tells the others that she sees Arlene, Nicole, and Jane Bodehouse are still alive. With that, she recovers the memory of Kevin's brutal death, and reports that he won't be found alive. Sookie releases Holly who is now crying from the ordeal. She thanks Holly, and then apologizes for making her relive such horrible experiences. She tells the others that she needs to go to Bill's house to formulate a plan for rescue, and begins to leave. Andy asks how he is supposed to comfort Holly in such a state. Sookie replies that it is enough just to hold her, and leaves. Andy tells Jason that he is not going to accompany them on the rescue mission, and joins Holly on the bed. Jason nods and leaves. Sam gently thanks Holly for her help, and follows Jason out. Andy embraces Holly, who cries in his arms.

Jason refuses to allow Sam to attempt a rescue alone.

Sam is driving his truck in a silent rage, with Jason watching him from the passenger's seat with a concerned look. Jason speaks up and tells Sam that he doesn't need to be telepathic to know what Sam is thinking of doing. He asks Sam to talk about it, but Sam just coldly retorts that he is tired of talking and waiting for help. Jason tries to appease Sam by telling him that he is sure that Nicole is fine. Sam spits back that he has no idea of how she is faring, because they are not there to rescue her. With that, he violently jerks the steering wheel and changes direction to head toward Shreveport. Jason appeals to Sam's duties as Mayor to report Kevin's death to Rosie. Sam, however, is no mood to go by the book. Seeing no other option, Jason aims his gun at Sam and demands that he turn the car back around. Sam asks what he is doing, and Jason replies that he is protecting him and Nicole from his dumb and impulsive actions. He reminds Sam that it was his own declaration that defeating the rabid Hepatitis V vampires was not possible without the help from the healthy vampires. Knowing this, Sam slams on the brakes in anger and frustration. Jason lowers his weapon, and heaves a sigh of relief. Sam gets out of the truck, telling Jason that he will have to drive because he cannot bring himself to drive away from Nicole. Jason dutifully moves into the driver's seat, as Sam walks around to the passenger's side.

Sookie lays on the tough love when Jessica is revealed to be starving herself.

At the Bill's house, Jessica cannot sleep because she is in too much pain from her gunshot wound. Because of her groans, James also cannot sleep and tells Jessica that she is not healing because she hasn't been feeding. Jessica weakly counters that they don't know that for certain, although it is quite clear that she is in denial. James has had enough and gets out of bed. Jessica asks where he is going, to which he replies that he is going to wake up Bill and tell him that Jessica's injury is not healing. Jessica protests, but James is tired of humoring her, and tells her that if she won't eat for his sake, then at least Bill can command her to feed. He rushes out at vampire speed, as Jessica fumes in her bed. Within seconds, both James and Bill return at vampire speed. Bill sees her wound, and then asks them how long she has been starving herself. When she doesn't answer, he presses harder. James answers that Jessica hasn't fed in nearly two months. Appalled, Bill asks her if her behavior is out of guilt over Andy's daughters. She denies this, and tells him that she and Adilyn are on good terms, and that she even has an invitation to the Bellefleur house. Bill deduces that Jessica has paired herself with Adilyn for protection without a feeding relationship. Shocked at Bill's disappointment, she challenges him on the fact that he also has no human blood donor. As he begins to explain that he is much older and requires less blood to sufficiently sustain him, Sookie enters the house and calls out from downstairs. Jessica sarcastically yells to Sookie to include herself in her intervention. Confused, Sookie enters a scene of an embarrassed Jessica behaving petulantly, as Bill tells her that she cannot go on starving herself out of guilt for killing Adilyn's sisters. James informs Sookie of Jessica's self-starvation. Sookie offers her own blood, but Jessica refuses because of Sookie's Halfling status. Unfazed, Sookie replies that she trusts Jessica not to harm her, but Jessica still will not budge. Sookie then asks James and Bill to give them a few minutes alone to talk. Before he leaves, Bill warns Sookie to be careful; a starving vampire can be very dangerous, even she doesn't mean to be. Sookie shows no sign of fear and sits on the bed. Jessica tells her that she is already aware she will be told to eat because her actions will not reverse the damage that she has done, and that she is only worrying her loved ones. A worn-out Sookie replies that she doesn't even care about Jessica's problems, because she has already seen what is in store for all of them if they do not defeat the rabid Hepatitis V vampires. Three dead Faeries pale in comparison to an entire town being wiped out of existence, and rather than senselessly dwell on the deceased, Sookie is intent on focusing on those who still have a chance to survive. She increasingly grows angrier as she tells Jessica that she will need a lot of help in their rescue attempt, and demands to know if she is willing to put aside her self-harming issues and help. Taken aback by Sookie's forcefulness, Jessica meekly nods her head, but still refuses to feed on her. Sookie then asks who James' human donor is. Sookie later emerges from Jessica's room, and tells James to call Lafayette over. She walks past Bill into the next room, telling him that they need to talk. Bill follows her.

Ginger meets Eric and Pam in 1996.

Back in 1996, Eric and Pam are still languishing in their video store after ten boring years in Shreveport. One evening, a quirky brunette enters the shop and asks Pam if they stock a variety of obscure Z-list monster movies. It is their first encounter with a young Ginger, clad in the typical Seattle grunge look with a gritty flannel shirt, over-sized cut-up jeans, tacky chokers, black-rimmed cat eye glasses, and combat boots. Uncharacteristically, Pam is impressed with the newcomer's knowledge of what she calls "good vampire cinema," and bids her to follow her to the Horror section. Ginger tells Pam that she has driven there from Tulane University in New Orleans, and that this video store had been recommended to her by one of her professors for a report that she is writing. Much to Pam's chagrin, Ginger keeps talking and goes on about how she is a big fan of the vampire genre, and that she is currently taking an elective course called "Monsters in Our Midst," which uses vampire fiction to compare the treatment of societal outcasts to the horror that people display toward monsters. Pam is a bit bowled over by her enthusiasm. Ginger ironically denies being a vampire groupie, and unconvincingly scoffs at the idea that vampires are real. Pam smirks and replies "Course they're not." At that moment, the side door behind Ginger opens; she turns and comically gasps loudly at the sight of a very retro Eric, complete with a 90's-style pompadour and flouncy shirt, who walks seductively to her (in slow motion); thus, revealing the beginning of Ginger's long-running, unrequited crush. Without even the smallest amount of dignity, she stares at Eric agape. Pam tells Ginger to close her mouth. Eric and Pam look at each other amused, and then introduce themselves as the "proud" owners of the store. Ginger asks if they are a couple, to which Pam replies that she and Eric have been on and off for years, but have been off indefinitely since being stuck with the store. Ginger then inquires about the "Help Wanted" sign displayed. Eric replies that they are currently hiring for the day shift. With that, Ginger abandons her college career and embarks on her new life as Eric's fangirl.

Rosie learns of Kevin's fate.

Jason and Sam arrive at Rosie and Kevin's house, and knock on the door. From inside, Rosie asks who it is. Jason announces himself and Sam. She nervously opens the door, and asks if she is being arrested. Jason quickly puts her at ease, and Sam pipes up telling her that he is willing to forget about her involvement in the mob from the previous night. Still suspicious and prejudiced, she demands to know why Sam is being kind to her, and calls him a "freak." Amazed at her lack of gratitude, he is speechless. Jason asks if they can come into her house. Still not trusting them, Rosie asks to what purpose. He replies that they have news about Kevin. She quickly softens and opens her home to both of them. Jason asks her to sit, but she is too riled up and presses them to tell her what has happened to her boyfriend. Jason solemnly tells her that Kevin is dead. Heartbroken, she collapses onto the couch, and asks if she can see his body. Jason replies that they haven't recovered it yet. With a glimmer of hope in her eye, she asks how they know for sure he is dead. Sam informs her that they have found Holly, and she had told them of Kevin's demise and of the remaining captives' whereabouts. Rosie breaks down crying, as Sam comforts her. Jason details their plans to organize as many healthy vampires as they can, and to storm the place that night. Sam promises revenge on the rabid Hepatitis V vampires for her. She tells them to do it for Kevin, not for her.

Sookie and Bill discuss their preparations for that night's rescue attempt. Bill tells Sookie that he will try to convince as many vampires as he can to fight with them, but he cannot promise that many will help. She inquires about all of the vampires that had been willing to participate in the human/vampire mixer at Bellefleur's just a few nights before. Bill answers that those who hadn't been killed were likely too afraid or had no personal investment in their mission. Sookie then asks why Bill is willing to help, as he also has no personal stake in any of the missing humans. He replies that he is doing this for Sookie. Moved, she asks Bill if he has fed lately. He replies that he hasn't, and she offers her neck to him. He hesitates at the intimacy involved with feeding from her neck, but she insists because he will need his strength for the imminent battle.

Lafayette convinces Jessica to start eating again.

Upstairs, Jessica and James are still in bed when Lafayette appears at the door. He cheerfully walks in, familiarly calls Jessica "Redbone," and asks her how she is. She comments that she is okay, but it is obvious that she is not, and Lafayette remarks on the nastiness of her bullet wound. Jessica is still being stubborn, and when James tries to press her, she coldly snaps at him that she does want to eat, but does not believe that feeding will make her stop feeling empty. Lafayette tries to console Jessica. Jessica laments over the fact that she, a vampire, needs to feed on the blood of "innocent" people to survive. Lafayette humorously assures her that he is not an innocent. She tells him that he is a far better person that she is, to which he replies that he is guilty of doing many terrible things, and yet, still does not despise himself. She challenges him on the fact that she is a killer, and asks if he has ever killed anyone. He hesitates, and, with a pained look on his face, tells Jessica that he killed his lover Jesús. James displays shock at this statement, as does Jessica. She asks him how he came to forgive himself. Lafayette admits that he still hasn't forgiven himself, but has made peace with the fact that he is only human and is just as afraid of death as any other living creature. Jessica replies that Lafayette should be afraid, because her human death had been a very unpleasant experience. He counters that she will certainly experience death again, much worse than the first, if she doesn't eat, and gently coaxes her into feeding on him. She slowly complies, with James (who mouths a silent thank you) standing by to make sure that she doesn't lose control. As she feeds, her bullet wound finally begins to heal.

Ginger creates Fangtasia in 2006.

Back in 2006, Ginger steps out of her cliche hearse, in the parking lot of the video store. Ten years after meeting Eric and Pam, she has since transformed herself into a faux Goth, complete with a tacky Hot Topic wardrobe and a pitiful blond dye job, but just as enthusiastic as ever. She opens the back of the hearse, pulls out a large ornately-carved old chair, and carries it inside. Pam is stocking bottles of the newly-released Tru Blood when Ginger walks in, struggling to carry the chair that is barely smaller than she is. Pam tells her that she is late arriving for work. Ginger quickly apologizes, but tells Pam that she will soon be forgiven when she shows her what she has. Pam remarks that the chair is ugly; Ginger disagrees, and grandiosely proclaims that the chair will be the beginning of their new venture. Pam rolls her eyes at Ginger's dramatic posturing, but says she's listening, when Ginger asks her if she still detests the video store. Ginger tells her that they can turn the establishment into any kind of business that they choose, especially now that Eric and Pam no longer needed to hide the fact that they are vampires. Ginger lays out her idea: buy out the adjoining businesses, gut out the walls, and transform the place into a vampire nightclub. Every aspect of Fangtasia- the bar, the dance floor, the DJ booth, the stage with Eric's new throne, and even the name itself - is revealed to be the brainchild of the screeching vampire groupie. She describes Eric's sex appeal being the major draw for human and vampire patrons. As she avidly describes her vision, Pam looks on with a slightly intrigued look; it is obvious that she is loving the idea after suffering the tedium for some two decades. True to her deviousness, Pam proceeds to glamour Ginger into believing that Fangtasia was her own idea. Back in the present day, Pam smirks from her seat on the plane. Eric, who had always believed that Fangtasia had been her idea, marvels at Pam's duplicity with proud approval.

Eric and Pam return to Bon Temps.

At Bill's house, Bill, Sam, Sookie, and Jason rally the remaining vampires that have agreed to help in the rescue attempt: Jessica, James, Violet, a vampire named Michael, and James' band mate Keith. Jessica comments that she has not heard back from Willa. Jason stands and attempts to inspire the troops with a rousing speech, but foolishly refers to their mission as their "Normandy." This is met with an uneasy silence. Bill finally speaks up and tells Jason that although the Allies triumphed at the Battle of Normandy, they had also suffered hundreds of thousands of casualties. Sheepishly, Jason sits back down. At the moment, there is a knock at the door. Bill answers it and is surprised to see Eric and Pam on his doorstep, as no one has seen nor heard from the pair in six months. Eric greets Bill by asking him if it was true that he had written a best-selling book about no longer being an asshole (in reference to his previous incarnation as 'Billith'). Bill notices the tell-tale blood veins on Eric's chest, and asks him how far along he's into the disease. Eric replies that he was infected the month prior, but he was still only in Stage One. Upon hearing Sookie ask who is at the door, Bill signals Eric and Pam to come inside. Pam makes a snide remark about Sookie being present. As Eric steps inside, Sookie walks up and hugs him. Her happiness quickly fades when she sees Eric's blood veins. He assures her that he isn't dead yet. As they gaze upon each other, Pam reminds Eric that they are still on the hunt for Sarah. Eric tells Pam to give them a minute to be happy together, but Pam, who sees Sookie as a magnet for bad tidings, further insists that they did not come here for her, but to obtain Willa. Eric complies, and uses his maker ability to summon Willa, who is shown to be feeding on a blood donor in a dark alley. She grows livid upon hearing Eric's call, frightening her human donor. She pays no attention to him, throws him his cash payment, and runs off at vampire speed.

Sookie finds out that Eric is Hep-V positive.

Bill allows Sookie and Eric to have some privacy in his study, and tells them that they will be waiting for them outside. Eric starts by asking her what kind of trouble she has gotten herself into now; she counters that he's in no position to judge, given his illness. Sookie cannot bear the thought of losing yet another friend. To take her mind off his terminal status, he asks how she has been otherwise. She replies that her boyfriend had just been killed the night before. Eric, with a hint of jealousy, does not know who she is referring to. She tells him that she had been dating Alcide. He thoughtlessly chides her for being with a werewolf after he had given her back her home to keep out troublesome individuals; she cuts him off harshly, to inform him that Alcide had only just died less than 24 hours prior. He apologizes, and comforts her with a hug. Then Sookie asks where Eric had been. He plays with her hair as he tells her that he had first gone back to his ancestral home in Sweden to bathe in the sunlight on the mountain peaks, for the first time in a millennium. However, when he lost his ability to day-walk, he buried himself in the snow to escape meeting the sun, which triggered an avalanche that killed an entire ski village. He then traveled to several countries in South America, before moving on to a few African countries, and then up to Spain, and finally France. She remarks that that was a lot of traveling in such a short amount of time. He tells her that he wanted to see the world one last time before he dies. He asks again what kind of trouble she's in now.

Outside, the others prepare to load up their vehicles for the rescue attempt. From her perch on the porch, Pam judges their mission to be, at best, totally suicidal. Just then, Willa arrives at vampire speed and angrily asks Pam where Eric is. Without blinking, Pam tells her that Eric is inside with Sookie. Willa barges into the study and demands to know what Eric wants. Eric appears genuinely happy to see his young progeny, but she immediately lays into him for abandoning her so soon after she was made. He acknowledges his mistake, and tells her that they will discuss the matter after they have helped Sookie. Willa defiantly protests that they will talk now, but Eric uses his maker-ability to command Willa to wait until later. Sookie, Eric, and Willa meet the others outside. Eric tells Bill that they are vastly outnumbered, and that their only advantage is the element of surprise. He informs them of the back entrance into the tunnel. Pam is not happy to see that they will be joining the others in their rescue mission. They pile themselves into the cars and drive off for Fangtasia.

In the hidden tunnel of Fangtasia, a rat scampers along and crawls into the dungeon. Upon hearing its squeak, Arlene, Nicole, and Jane screech until the rat shifts into Sam. Jane and Arlene gasp in surprise; up until now, they knew nothing of Sam's status as a shapeshifter. Nicole is happy and relieved to see him. Sam tells them to keep quiet, and asks if there are any other captives. Nicole replies that they are the only ones left. Sam tells the three to trust the vampires that will be coming through the back entrance. Arlene protests that they were being held by vampires already. Sam insists that these vampires are not diseased with Hepatitis V and are here to rescue them. He gently tells them that he has to go back and tell them, but a frightened Nicole begs Sam not to leave her. Sam kisses her and tells her that they will be alright. Sam shifts back into a rat, much to Arlene's bewilderment, and scampers back through the tunnel. Nicole tells Arlene and Jane that they are going to survive after all. Just then, the door to the dungeon opens and a rabid Hepatitis V vampire starts down the stairs.

Arlene is attacked by rabid Hep-V vampires.

Out back, a weakened Eric attempts to punch through the wall, but he is barely making a hole. After a few attempts, Bill stops Eric and proceeds to obliterate most of the bricks with a single blow. As they make their way inside, Sam the rat has just returned and shifts back into himself. He tells the others that Arlene, Nicole, and Jane are the only captives left, and that they needed to get them out immediately. Eric starts to follow Bill into the tunnel, but Pam insists on going in his place, given his depleted strength. With no time to spare, Bill demands to know which of the two will be accompanying him. Pam remains firm and tells Eric that she is going. Eric reluctantly relents, and Bill and Pam rush into the tunnel at vampire speed. When they arrive at the dungeon, they are greeted with the sight of only Nicole and Jane. Annoyed, Pam asks them where the third captive is. Upstairs, Arlene is being led by several rabid Hepatitis V vampires through the bar, her pleas for mercy going unheeded. She is placed on an ottoman and is attacked by several vampires. In the dungeon, Bill and Pam can hear Arlene's screams as they assist Nicole and Jane toward the back entrance. Bill tells Pam to deliver the others to safety, and he will go after Arlene. In an uncharacteristic show of concern, Pam advises Bill not to rush blindly into danger for Sookie's sake, because he will never end up with her. Bill knows that she's probably right, but is nevertheless committed to rescuing Arlene. He tells Pam that he will try to wait as long as he can for backup, but that they must hurry before Arlene is killed. Pam rushes through the tunnel at vampire speed, as Bill races up the stairs in the same fashion.

Eric and Sookie enter the lions' den.

Bill watches cautiously from a corner as the rabid Hepatitis V vampires continue to feed on Arlene, who has grown silent but is still conscious. Suddenly, there is a loud banging at the door. Everyone halts in their tracks. The burly vampire - the same one who is presumed to have killed Tara - who had been feeding on Arlene, demands to know who's knocking. From outside, Eric identifies himself as the former Sheriff of LA: Area 5 who is now ill and needs refuge. One of the female vampires, Amanda, yells to him that that is his problem, and to go away. Eric informs them that he has brought a human with him, and that he will share her in exchange for shelter. Ronnie recognizes a familiar scent in the air, and tells the burly vampire to let Eric in. Upon entering, Sookie stares distressingly at the drained body of Arlene laying on the table. Ronnie zeroes in on Sookie, telling her that he remembers her scent and asks what she is. She quickly replies that she is Eric's.

Elsewhere, Karen is driving herself and her fellow vigilantes to Fangtasia. From the backseat, Troy finishes one of several molotov cocktails and passes it to Rosie. Karen criticizes Rosie for having allowed Sam and Jason into her house. Vince tells the others not to fight, and that they must stick together to be strong. Kenya, still in her uniform despite having gone rogue, agrees, as Troy cocks his rifle.

The healthy vamps vs. the Hep-V vamps.

Sookie watches helplessly as Arlene continues to bleed out. Ronnie mentions that Sookie is the human that he had told the others about. The burly vampire tells Sookie in very lurid detail that he wants to feed from her femoral artery. She bravely tells him, in no uncertain terms, that she declines his request. The other vampires bare their fangs at her sassiness, as the burly vampire comments that Sookie must like it rough. He moves in on her, but Eric stops him, stating that he'll share Sookie as long as they treat her with respect. Downstairs, Pam, Jessica, James, Keith, Michael, Willa, Violet, and Jason have entered Fangtasia from the tunnel. They quietly creep up the stairs, and Bill signals to them to move into position. Eric continues to stall the rabid Hepatitis V vampires by describing Sookie's blood as being too special and delicious to gorge upon, but instead must be sipped like a fine wine. Growing bored and impatient, Ronnie tells Eric to stop talking and allow him to feed on Sookie. Eric agrees to let Ronnie be the first, but further stalls by asking slowly if he likes it rough. Ronnie asks him what he means by that, to which Eric replies that he is not alone. At that moment, Bill and the others make themselves known, but before they can attack, the human vigilantes break down the front door and throw their molotov cocktails inside, and set the building ablaze. Bill and the others retreat back down to the dungeon and out through the tunnels. Jason tries to get Sookie, but Violet forces him out through the tunnel. In the parking lot, Karen and Rosie are positioned from their van, shooting their rifles with wooden bullets at the fleeing rabid Hepatitis V vampires, many of whom are killed instantly while fleeing through the narrow doorway. Vince and Troy stand next to the door, holding more molotov cocktails. As Rosie and Karen run out of ammunition, one of the Hepatitis V vampires rushes at them. Kenya attempts to intercept him as Karen ducks back into the driver's seat, but gets knocked to the ground. The Hepatitis V vampire slams the door on Karen's legs, which severs them from her body and causes her to quickly bleed to death. The vampire then impales Kenya through the chest with her own rifle. As Rosie cowers helplessly next to the passenger side door of the van, the remaining rabid Hepatitis V vampires rush out of the burning building at vampire speed and collect themselves, as Bill and his crew rush out from the back entrance at the same rate. The two sides quickly charge each other.

Pam kills Troy, the human vigilante who tries to burn down Fangtasia.

Inside the burning building, Sookie tries to keep Arlene conscious. However, Arlene is fading from her massive blood loss, and is becoming delirious. She moans Terry's name. A weak Eric watches as Sookie tries to convince Arlene to hold on long enough for help to arrive. Bill appears at the front door, which is engulfed in flames, but neither Sookie nor Eric see him. Sookie tells Eric that they need a healthy vampire to give Arlene vampire blood. Eric prepares to get the two women out of the burning building. Unbeknownst to him, Amanda sneaks up behind him and lurches forward to stake him. Bill rushes in at vampire speed, breaks off one of the wooden handles of the beer tap dispensers at the bar, and stakes Amanda before she can stake Eric. Eric looks at Bill, impressed with his quick actions at saving his life. Bill simply says, "See? I'm not an asshole anymore." The sound of a fire extinguisher takes them all by surprise. It is Pam, putting out the flames of her burning establishment of nearly 25 years. From outside, they can hear Vince and Troy yelling to each other to throw in more cocktails, but Pam has had enough. She rushes out of the door at vampire speed, breaks Troy's neck, and sets his body ablaze with his own firebomb. She then joins the others in the fighting. Sookie begs Bill to give Arlene his blood. Bill begins to bite his wrist, but hears the pleas for help from Jessica outside, who has been rendered helpless on the ground by silver chains. Standing above, Vince prepares to shoot Jessica, but Bill stabs him in the back of his head with the improvised stake. Bill uses a cloth to remove the silver chains from Jessica, and gets pulled back into the fight.

Arlene sees a vision of Terry, who tells her to go on with her life and be happy.

As Arlene struggles to breathe, Sookie pleads to Eric to find her a healthy vampire quickly. With little strength, he heads out of the door to find someone. Sookie begins to weep as she tries to convince Arlene to hold out until help arrives, but Arlene smiles peacefully as she calls out Terry's name. With little strength left to speak, Sookie hears Arlene's thoughts call out for Terry, and then she hears Terry's voice answer. Believing that Arlene is slipping more into delirium, Sookie tells Arlene that the voice is not real, and that Terry would not want Arlene to die and leave her children orphans. But Arlene insists that Terry is standing in the doorway. Sookie takes Arlene's hand to use her telepathic powers to see what Arlene is thinking. She is shocked to see Terry standing in a bright light. Just then, Ronnie appears and prepares to attack Sookie, but is quickly shot in the heart with a wooden bullet by Jason, who is standing at the doorway. Keith then rushes in at vampire speed. As Arlene tells the vision of Terry that she is coming to join him, Keith bites his wrist, and allows his blood to drip into Arlene's mouth. Sookie takes Arlene's hand again to see into her mind. Terry appears above Arlene and tells her that he has missed her. He asks about the children; Arlene answers that they are good, and that Coby has grown very tall. Terry tells her that he wishes he could see them, but he cannot, and that she should stick around to raise them. He tells her that he loves her, and to be happy. The vision of Terry fades as Arlene recovers. In Terry's place, she sees a handsome vampire gazing down at her with a bleeding wrist. She asks him who he is. He does not answer, but smiles. Overjoyed, Sookie tells her that his name is Keith.

A happy ending, for once.

Outside, all of the rabid Hepatitis V vampires have been reduced to piles of smoldering blood. Jessica asks if there are any left; Violet fiendishly replies that they have killed them all. Pam immediately notices that Eric is missing, and calls out his name. Willa also becomes concerned. They all proceed to look around for them, as Pam desperately calls out his name again. Fearing the worst, she slowly walks around the piles of blood, looking at the clothes left behind, but then hears noises coming from the vigilantes' van. Inside, Eric is feeding on Rosie, who appears to have already been drained to death. Angry that Eric had not answered her calls for him, Pam tells him that he scared her. In typical Eric fashion, he tells her that he had to eat to replenish his strength.

Back inside, Sookie and Arlene hug each other in relief. They both say how much they love each other. Sookie looks up and sees Eric walk back inside, rejuvenated. They stare at each other for a few moments, until Sookie smiles and he nods to her, and then walks out.



  • This episode currently hasn’t received any awards.


  • Before they storm Fangtasia to save their friends, Jason says "this is our Normandy!" This is a reference Normandy landing in World War 2 when the Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy.

Bloopers and Continuity Errors[]

  • In the flashback to 1996 in the video store there are signs promoting the sale of DVDs. DVDs were not released in America until 1997.


  • Lafayette says that he killed the man he loved, referring to when, possessed by Marnie, he stabbed Jesus in "And When I Die".


  • There is a flashback to 1986 in Shreveport when the Magister shows Eric and Pam the new business they will be taking on, a video rental store.
  • There is a flashback to 1996 when Ginger walks in to the video store and meets Pam and Eric. She asks for a job there.
  • There is another flashback to 2006 when Ginger gives Pam the idea to turn the video store into a nightclub. Ginger also came up with the name Fangtasia. Pam glamours her and presents it to Eric as her own idea.


  • There are no miscredits that occur in this episode.


  • "Death Is Not The End" - Bob Dylan


  • Rutina Wesley, Joe Manganiello, Adina Porter, and Anna Camp are all credited but do not appear in this episode.


  • There are no notes on the title based on this episode.


  • There is currently no trivia associated with this episode.

Memorable Quotes[]

Jessica Hamby: "We're up here if you wanna join my inter-fucking-vention!"

Jason Stackhouse: "Kevin was a good man... with a funny voice."

Memorable Dialogue[]

The Magister: "Ah, the elusive Mr. Northman, and his beautiful progeny Ms. de Beaufort."
Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "I'm sorry. Did we fuck and I blocked it out?"

The Magister: "This video store -- your video store -- boasts the largest collection of adult videos in all of northern Louisiana."
Eric Northman: "Leave it to humans to make sex this depressing."

Ginger: "You are never gonna guess what I found!"
Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "Is it a shitty chair?"
Ginger: "This is not a shitty chair."
Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "Ginger, look at yourself and look at me.  Who has better taste?"

Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "Fangtasia?"
Ginger: "If you and Eric don't like the name, you can change it.  I wouldn't mind."
Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "No Ginger, it is perfect just the way it is."
Ginger: "Thanks Pam.  I think that might be the nicest thing you've ever said to me."

Willa Burrell: "What do you want?"
Eric Northman: "Willa! You look beautiful."
Willa Burrell: "Save it, ass-wipe!  You know I wasn't even two weeks old and you left!"

Karen: "I can't believe you let them into your house."
Rosie: "It was a momentary lapse of weakness!"





  • TVRage: And like you mentioned before, Keith is immediately attracted to Arlene upon seeing her. Can you give any hints as to how the two of you first meet? Smith: We meet on a mission where the vampires are trying to save some of the cast that are in trouble. That is how Keith and Arlene meet. Keith is saving Arlene from a serious situation and that’s their meet-cute, so to speak. And that’s what kind of brings Keith into that world, but there’s a big part of the first three episodes of Season 7 that’s leading up to this major thing that occurs in Episode 4 and it’s going to be a big situation. Episode 4 was a huge — I think it was like a 25-day shoot for us. There’s a huge fight and a lot of the main characters are in some serious trouble, so I’m recruited by James [played by Nathan Parsons] to come help and that’s what introduces Arlene and Keith.[1]


Episode Ratings[]

Episode # Episode Title Viewers (in millions)
#7.04 (74) "Death is Not the End" 3.23

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