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Dead Meat
Season 6, Episode 8
Air date August 4, 2013
Written by Robin Veith
Directed by Michael Lehmann
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"Dead Meat" is the eighth episode of Season 6 of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' sixty-eighth episode overall.


Sookie faces a major dilemma in deciding whether to broker a deal between Warlow and Bill. Over in vamp camp, Jason gets to know Violet, while Sarah goes to extremes to keep Tru Blood flowing. Alcide makes a decision that will impact the futures of Nicole and Sam.


"We're all going to meet the sun in here."
― Jessica Hamby

Bill using his powers to hold Eric in the air

The episode begins with Eric sitting on a bed in Bill's house covered in the bloody remains of his dead sister Nora. Eric confronts Bill about whether or not he saw Nora's death coming since he claims to see the future, but Bill admits the visions only come as they come and he cannot control what he sees. Bill then tells Eric they have a job to do and it is obvious that Eric has become unhinged as a result of his sister's death. He begins taking it out on Bill, saying it is Bill's fault for not going to get Warlow in time all because Sookie has him. Bill uses his powers to levitate Eric, and tells him the truth is that he can't handle anything because he took a chance in believing in something other than himself. Eric tells him he is not God, and Bill says he never called himself God before kicking him out of the house.

Rikki tells Alcide that he is lying out of his teeth about Nicole and Sam being dead, so she begins abusing Nicole and her mother who was captured by the pack. Because Alcide betrayed the pack, Rikki announces she is going to challenge him as packmaster because she knows he will not kill her. Danielle seconds her and they fight. Alcide beats up Rikki but does not kill her.

Violet talking to Jason

Willa and Tara discuss on how to get Jason away from Violet. Tara admits there is nothing she can do because Violet is older than both of them. At the other end of the general population, Violet reveals to Jason that she did not mean it lightly when she claimed him as hers and intends to feed on him as long as she is alive to do so.

Sookie comes to the Bon Temps cemetery where she goes to the plane where Warlow is hiding. She feeds him because he is hungry and while doing that, she asks him for the favor of helping Bill save the vampires. Warlow asks if she still has feelings for him, and she admits she doesn't but she needs to save her friends and if she feels Bill will let him die, she will cut off the deal. Warlow says he will help Bill if she agrees to let him turn her. She tells him she needs time to think about it and leaves back to the cemetery. Unbeknownst to her, Eric was watching her from a distance and walks over to see that he cannot travel there, but knows how to get to the plane.

Sookie making a deal with Warlow

Jessica is laying in the conference room, snuggling on the floor with James after having made love. They begin to talk and Jessica admits she doesn't want to go until someone catches them. James asks her how she got the guard to bring him to her and she says she doesn't feel it's the time or place to talk about it, and James agrees they may not have much time left so he doesn't want her spending it looking back. Guards come in and separate them, and they take Jessica back to the female general population. As the guard is escorting her, she runs into Pam who just had sex with the resident psychiatrist, Dr. Finn, and he asks the guard to escort Pam as well into female general population as was their agreement.

Sam arrives at Merlotte's and heads to his office. He begins clearing out Terry's shelf full of personal belongings, and cries as he mourns for one of his good friends as he boxes his belongings. He comes out of the back of the bar to go to his trailer and he finds Alcide waiting for him outside. He asks him why he is here if he threatened his pack would kill him, but Alcide stops him and tells him his pack days are over and he is only returning Nicole and her mother who were abducted by Rikki. Sam tells Alcide he is welcome to go to the bar and help himself before returning to speak to Nicole and her mother. He tells them he will stay in the bar tonight and they are safe now, and can stay in his trailer until they can get plane tickets out. He steps outside with Nicole and kisses her goodnight, but as he does so he notices something about her smell. He leaves her to go back to the bar and have shots with Alcide. As they talk, Alcide reveals he smelled that Nicole was pregnant and asks Sam if it is his, which Sam says he is positive the baby is his. They take a shot to celebrate in a way although Sam admits he just wants to drink for his dead friend Terry now.

Jessica and Pam being taken to General Population

As they let Pam and Jessica into the female population, the doctors announce they have Tru Blood ready for drinking. The hungry vampires line up and grab their bottles. Pam looks at Tara to make sure she knows about the Hepatitis V and she assures her that she knows. In the male population, they are giving out the contaminated Tru Blood and Steve Newlin goes to get his own bottle of Tru Blood. A random vampire tries to bully Steve out of his Tru Blood but Dr. Overlark, who is observing from above, says that all vampires get their own bottle. Steve thanks Dr. Overlark and then goes to sit down next to James. He admits he hasn't been this unpopular since he was in seventh grade and tells James about his embarrassing past with bullying. As he is about to drink his bottle of Tru Blood James stops him and tells him not to drink the blood, and Steve heeds James' warning.

Sookie takes a shower and recalls Warlow's frightening appearance in her bathroom. She gets dressed and heads downstairs, grabs a drink of some wine and listens to her message from Jason. Sookie heads to the Compton house and is received by Bill at the door. Bill asks if Warlow has come to a decision and Sookie says it needs a longer conversation. Sookie asks if he will kill Warlow but Bill assures her he needs him alive to synthesize his blood. Sookie says there are still some things she needs to think about, and Bill says things are pretty clear he doesn't understand how this could be a hard decision. Sookie says Warlow won't help unless Sookie agrees to become his faerie vampire bride. Bill seems to feel that the decision would be fair and they are running out of time. Sookie tells him she needs more time and she will let him know if she decides to be turned.

Sookie speaks with Bill for Warlow

In female general population, Willa asks if they think Violet would share Jason because she is hungry. Jessica says that either way, they need to protect Jason from her. They ask Pam to ask for Jason back since she is the oldest. Pam knocks on Violet's container and asks her but Violet tells her to go away because she is eating. Inside the container, she happily feeds on Jason and he asks her not to rape him. Violet tells Jason that she is not one of those types of vampires who can't differentiate between sex and feeding, and that when they have sex it will be consensual before healing his bite marks with her blood.

Lafayette cooks the hung over Arlene breakfast while Holly, Adilyn, and Andy console her. Andy tells them Portia has the kids and they are okay. Lafayette tells Arlene that he has to go open Merlotte's but he needed to tell her that the safety deposit box held life insurance for Terry in the amount of two million dollars. Arlene realizes that Terry had planned his own death. In her mind, she begins blaming herself for having him glamoured but then she recalls that Adilyn and her sisters didn't help with listening in and picking at him about his demons. Adilyn was listening in and becomes offended at her aunt's accusations, but Arlene sticks by her thoughts stating that her niece needs to learn to stay out of peoples' heads.

Sarah places Steve, James and any other vampire who won't drink in a specific room

Sarah arrives at Vampire Camp and seems confident until she is told that several vampires refuse to drink the contaminated Tru Blood. Sarah asks if her ex-husband is one of them and he is, so she has him brought to her. She has him running on the giant hamster wheel and threatens him with U.V. light if he doesn't tell them why he and the others aren't drinking the Tru Blood. He quickly caves in, revealing that they know about the Hep V and that the prisoner James told him this information. Sarah tells Steve there was no U.V. light before leaving. She has both James and Steve placed in a circular room together.

Nicole's mother comes to Nicole and Sam who are sitting at a booth in Merlotte's, and she announces they have plane tickets and it's time to go. Sam tells Nicole he doesn't want her to go and that he wants her to stay here, and Nicole wants to stay. Nicole's mother says she doesn't want Sam, who she refers to as "silver fox", coming in and trying to take her daughter who she deems too young to make a decision like this. Sookie enters and asks if she can talk to Sam really quick. Nicole says it's okay because she needs to talk to her mom anyway. Sam takes Sookie to his office and Sookie hugs him tightly. She shows him her faerie magic that kills vampires and talks to him about what she has been through, but it can all end if she just lets this magic go. She then admits she doesn't have to be special and part of her always thought her and Sam would always wind up together. Sam tells her to stop her magic and tells her that she has the worst timing ever. He says she kept him on the back burner for so long and that Nicole is pregnant. Sookie shocked and embarrassed, she then congratulates him and leaves. Adilyn is sitting in the Bellefleur house miserable and upset, when Holly's two sons Rocky and Wade come with a fifth of whiskey, offering to take Adilyn's mind off her terrible day. Adilyn decides to come along with them.

Arlene,Andy and Holly at the funeral home with the Bellefleur family

At the funeral home, Arlene, Andy, Portia, and Mrs. Bellefleur are seeing to Terry's funeral arrangements. Mrs. Bellefleur asks about the Marines and the funeral director says they have gotten in touch with them. She also demands that there be a 21 gun salute for his time in the Marines. Arlene looks angry before exploding that Terry was shot by a gun and now they want to have 21 of them at the funeral. Portia tries to stand up for her grandmother but Arlene knows that he never really cared about the Marines, only joining because his family wouldn't pay for his college. She leaves crying, saying Portia and Mrs. Bellefleur will be burying a lie if they go through with this. Holly and Andy follow her outside. Arlene begins to want Andy to bring the shooter to justice and she won't take the life insurance money. Andy says he will go after him if she wants him to, but he really thinks they should just leave it alone and take the money. Holly reassures her as well that the best way they honor him is taking the money because he wanted to make sure Arlene and her children were taken care of. Arlene decides she will take the money but she is taking control of her husband's funeral.

Sookie heads back to the Bon Temps cemetery with flowers in her hands. She goes to her parents' tombstone and tells her parents that her memories are now ruined because of the knowledge of their wanting her death. She decides that she shall become the thing her parents were willing to kill her over, and death isn't the end anymore. She also states she hates that their love was just a lie and she would rather be a corpse walking the earth than be buried next to them or think about them ever again.

Sookie visits her parents

The representative of the Yakonomo Corporation shows up at the vampire camp looking for Governor Burrell because he lied about being a silent partner. Sarah is alerted to her presence and walks nervously to address her. Ms. Suzuki angrily stalks through the Tru Blood portion of the camp and she sees the blood being taken deeper into the camp. She goes to the door to find Sarah and she demands to see the governor. Sarah tells her the lie that Truman is in a secret location but the representative doesn't buy it. She kicks Sarah and runs into the other part of the factory where Hep V is being put into the Tru Blood. Ms. Suzuki tries to call the FDA but Sarah attacks her. To get away from Sarah, she runs deeper into the camp until she is in the upper balcony of male general population. Her heel gets stuck in the grated floor and she breaks her ankle falling down onto the grate face first. Sarah beats her head into the grate, dropping blood onto the hungry vampires below. She then kills the woman with her own shoe and praises Jesus.

Adilyn being bitten by Eric

Sookie calls Jason but he doesn't answer so she leaves him a voicemail letting him know about Terry's death and the fact that she hasn't seen Niall in a long time. She tells him there is so much she wants to talk to him about and that she loves him. She then calls Bill and tells him to pick her up in one hour. She goes upstairs and dresses herself and a short black lace dress and puts makeup on.

At the Bon Temps Cemetery, Rocky sits on a stone half drunk while Adilyn and Wade make out on the grass. Eric comes and glamours the brothers to not remember seeing him or Adilyn today before sending them away. Running for her life, Adilyn only gets so far before Eric catches up to her and feeds on her.

In female general population, a camp employee asks Violet why she isn't in line for Tru Blood and Violet tells him that she doesn't need it because she has Jason, but the employee tells her that all vampires must drink their rations. She goes to get the Tru Blood when Tara whispers that she can drink the blood and their Jason problems are over, but Violet overhears her say "Jason" and claims him as hers and asks them why they aren't drinking the Tru Blood either, revealing that the entire group knows about the Hep V. Pam, Jessica, Violet, Willa, and Tara join James and Steve in the white circular room. Jessica announces to them all that they are all going to meet the sun in that room.

The vampires knowing they might meet the sun

Adilyn is found by Andy, running the streets with her neck bitten. She is surprised he is not angry with her but he is just happy she is alive. Sookie and Bill arrive at the cemetery and Bill asks her what changed her mind about being turned and Sookie says destiny is too much of a hassle to keep fighting. They take each others hands and Sookie transports them to the other plane, only to find Warlow still tied to the headstone with bite marks and blood all over his neck. Bill realizes it had to have been Eric who attacked Warlow and almost drained him.




  • This episode currently hasn't received any awards.


Bloopers and Continuity Errors[]

  • There are no bloopers that occur in this episode.


  • Sookie listens to the voicemail that Jason left her in "F**k the Pain Away" earlier in the season.



  • There are no miscredits that occur in this episode.


  • "Dead Meat" - Sean Lennon


  • Lucy Griffiths, Arliss Howard and Todd Lowe are credited but do not appear in this episode, as their characters were previously killed off.
  • Rutger Hauer and Robert Patrick are not credited and do not appear in this episode.


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Memorable Quotes[]

Sookie Stackhouse

  • "So I was at my friend's house, Arlene the one who just lost her husband, and I got a daytime visit from Bill while I was there."
  • "I have to ask you a favor, it's kinda a biggy. How would you feel about doing something for Bill?"
  • "Hell no the thing is it's not really him that I'm asking for it's for me, for my friends. They're all gonna die."
  • "I am not asking you to trust him Warlow. I am asking you to trust me, if I don't believe him the deal is off, I wouldn't let anything happen to you I promise."
  • "I'm going to need some time to think about this."
  • "Fuckin' eternity? Couldn't he just ask to go to the movies with me next week? It's like all men are incapable of just wanting to date me!"
  • "So sorry but this is kinda a big decision I have to make."
  • "Warlow wants to turn me Bill. Says he's been waiting on me going on six thousand years so now, guess what, his patience is starting to wear pretty thin too and he's given me an ultimatum. The only way he will agree to help you is if I agree to become his faerie-vampire bride. So there, doesn't that sound like a conversation worth I dunno 5 minutes of your precious fuckin' time?"
  • "How about, I'll let you know if I decide to do this. How about that you mother fuckin' monster?"
  • "Oh you know, vampires, faeries, shit like that."
  • "What if I could be. I wanna show you something. Everything that makes me a vampire magnet all rolled up into one convenient little ball. It kills vampires but also if I were to throw this right now and not absorb it back into my body my life with vampires would be behind me."
  • "A part of me always thought that you and I would, I dunno, wind up together."(Sookie to Sam)
  • "My memories with you were kissing me good night, and baking cakes and lulabys. There was some bad stuff too but it was mostly good and now those memories are gone. They have been replaced with pain and murder and fuckin' darkness."
  • "Death ain't the end anymore. We all know that now. Death is just a fuckin' pitstop on a road that keeps on going, with no end in sight. So fuck you mom and dad. Screw your kisses and your hugs and your 'atta girls'. I'm going to become the one thing that you hated so much that you were willing to kill me for it. Because I'll be damned if I'm going to spend eternity lying by your sides. I would rather walk this world as a corpse then spend another minute thinking about you."
  • "Hey Jason I got your message, look just, please be careful alright? And come back in one piece. So I was wondering if you heard about Terry, if you haven't I hate to break it to you like this but he is dead Jason. The funeral is tomorrow morning, and do you have any idea where Niall is? I haven't seen or heard from him in a while. I can't believe I'm leaving you all this in a voicemail. I just feel like there is so much I want to talk to you about. Hopefully I will see you at the funeral tomorrow morning. I will save you a seat okay? I love you."
  • "Pick me up in an hour."(Sookie to Bill)
  • "I dunno its just, destiny is too much of a bitch to keep fighting."
  • "Oh my god, shit who did this to you!?"(Sookie to Warlow)

Macklyn Warlow

  • "He drank my blood."
  • "Why would I do anything for Bill? Do you still have feelings for him?"
  • "Vampire friends. And you realize Bill wants to kill me?"
  • "If I do this I want you to be mine, forever, will you be?"
  • "It's a proposal, I love you Sookie Stackhouse, I've loved you for nearly six thousand years. Now that I've been with you, now that I'm so close its unbearable I don't want to wait to start my eternity with you. I can't."

Bill Compton

  • "I didn't. The visions, they come to me as they come, I have no way of controlling what I see."
  • "We still have a job to do together. We've been called upon to save these vampires, all of them."
  • "I upheld my end of the deal, I did everything I could to save her."
  • "Sookie has him."
  • "She is going to bring him here. His blood was never going to restore her in the first place."
  • "Do you have a deathwish? You want to die, just like your weakling maker Godric."
  • "Tell me, is it immortality that you can't handle or are you just embarrassed because for once in your life you took a chance and believed in something other than yourself?"
  • "I never said I was. Get out, leave my house!"
  • "You spoke to Warlow? The two of you come to some kind of decision?"
  • "Warlow would accompany me to Governor Burrell's research facility where upon he would feed all of the vampires in that white room, some of his blood."
  • "You asking if I am going to kill him? Dr. Takahashi has yet to synthesize Warlow's blood. So you have my word that no harm will come to him as I need him alive."
  • "Really because it seems pretty simple to me you either want to save your friends or not."
  • "Not really no. Seems really quite fair he would be doing us an awfully large favor. So should I give you a couple moments to gather your thoughts? Sookie we need to make the time for me to come and pick you up."

Eric Northman

  • "How long have you known this was going to happen? But you can see the future...very convenient for you."
  • "My sister's blood is still warm on my chest and you are asking me to go fight your holy war?"
  • "Did you? You were supposed to come back with Warlow so we could give her his blood. I don't see him Bill, where is he?."
  • "The all mighty prophet didn't want to pick a fight with his precious Sookie so he let my sister die."
  • "I'm guessing even as she pulled that stake out of your own heart proving yourself invincible, you still felt weak."
  • "I've seen that look before, I was right wasn't I? Oh my god, I guess I was right, you are taking me for a ride with your mind Bill! This is amazing! Mother I can fly! I can fly! Praise you Bill for thou art benificent!"
  • "You are not fucking god."
  • "I am already gone."
  • "She looks tasty. I need to borrow your girlfriend. Nobody has to get hurt here."
  • "Would you kindly ask your brother to come stand beside you? You boys never saw me, understand? And the girl, what is her name? Adilyn, well you never saw Adilyn either, understand and you young man most certainly didn't get her shirt off, sorry I have to take that one from you but I have to."

Willa Burrell

  • "Violet, do you think she would be willing to share it?"
  • "I know I'm just so fucking hungry."

Jessica Hamby

  • "If I had to die the truth death right this second I would die one very happy vampire."
  • "So you like me?"
  • "It's kind of a long story, now is not really the time to tell it. Can we just be here together until someone comes and tells us we can't?"
  • "Don't drink the blood."
  • "Did you just have sex with him? How was it?"
  • "Well either way we have to protect Jason from her. Pam would you consider..."
  • "I'm so sorry I told you, I'm so sorry. Its not okay."

James Kent

  • "Not me. No, I just mean, I've been here going on six weeks now and being with you was the first time I felt alive, like there was anything worth being alive for."
  • "Yeah I like you. Hey can I ask you question? How did you get that guard to bring me in here?"
  • "Of course it is, besides I don't know how much of a future we got, but I shouldn't ask you to spend one second lookin' back."
  • "Don't. Shhh. Don't drink the blood."(James to Steve)
  • "You got any idea what I'm doing here?"(James to Steve)

Pam Swynford De Beaufort

  • "I did, oozy but productive."
  • "Yes, Willa, from everything I know she seems like the sharing type."
  • "No. Fine, I'll try. Could we talk for a minute level one to level one...okie dokie. What? I tried."
  • "She didn't mean anything by it alright?"
  • "Hey I got a one on my left tit just like you do. My friend was hungry I was trying to help, that's all."

Sam Merlotte

  • "I thought you said it was your pack that was coming for me if I ever came back."
  • "You got Nicole?"
  • "Hey Alcide, thanks for doing this. There is beer, it's cold if you want it."
  • "I apologize for what you and Nicole have been through and I get why you wouldn't trust me when I say this but you are safe now."
  • "Skipping the beer and on to the rye huh?"
  • "I'm wondering why death still surprises me."
  • "Pretty sure it is. It smelled like me to me."
  • "I'm going to think on it and drink on it."
  • "Nicole, don't get on that flight, I want you to stay."
  • "What are you drinking about? What's your drama? Well you wouldn't be Sookie without it."
  • "Put your ball away. You have always known how I felt about you but you never cared. You kept me waiting in the wings because there was always a more dangerous guy in the picture and now you walk in here?"
  • "Jesus fucking Christ, Sookie, your timing could not be worse! Nicole is pregnant."
  • "Thanks but whatever you do don't say anything to her because she don't know it yet. I can smell it on her."
  • "Good bye Sookie."

Sarah Newlin

  • "Are they saying why? Is my ex-husband among them?"
  • "Run! It is scientifically impossible for you to be this fuckin' slow! I already told you, why aren't you drinking the Tru Blood Steve? Light Please!"
  • "Thank you, you can stop now. Oh and by the way we don't even have a U.V light rigged in this room."
  • "Instruct the scientists to watch the wards. Anyone else doesn't want to drink, they can join this little party."
  • "The governor's not here. anything I can help you with?"
  • "This is for government employees. What I am is a business woman, like you."
  • "You shouldn't have done that. I would tell you but then I would have to kill you. I'm getting there."
  • "Don't you dare run away from me! Die! Die! Thank you Jesus."

Steve Newlin

  • "I'm not a reverend,I'm a vampire just like you."
  • "Thank you Dr. Overlark."
  • "I haven't felt this unpopular since the 8th grade. I brought second and third pairs of underpants, in case of wedgies. Most days I needed a fourth."
  • "What do you want from me? I can't say."
  • "Okay,okay, we know that you all are putting Hep V into the Tru Blood. What is Hep V Sarah? I'm really scared."
  • "He's my friend, please don't make me tell you. James! His name is James!"
  • "I am so sorry."(Steve to James)
  • "Sarah...."

Jason Stackhouse

  • "You know the usual...I did the governor's girlfriend. We had a history."
  • "Wait, you're not gonna pass me around for favors or anything?"
  • "Even if we get outta here?"
  • "8th grade was hard on all of us."
  • "Look, Violet. Could I ask you just one thing. Don't rape me."
  • "Forget I said anything, go back to feeding..."

Violet Mazurski

  • "So what is you did to get yourself thrown in here? Oh don't bullshit me Jason, what did you do?"
  • "How the fuck did you pull that off? Does the governor know? Good this may work out for us after all."
  • "What I said before about you being mine, I meant it. I don't know who long I'm going to be here, I don't know if I am going to live or die but as long as I am alive Jason, I'm going to feed off you as I see fit and as often as I like. Take your seat."
  • "What do you take me for? I grew up catholic and I'm not talking this modern world bullshit Catholicism, I'm talking badass medieval times Catholicism. See I'm the real fucking deal Jason, I believe in god and the sanctity of our union. If I say that you are mine then you are mine forever."
  • "Fuck off, I'm eating."
  • "You're fucking delicious Jason Stackhouse."
  • "There are vampires who don't know how to separate feeding with sex. I am not one of them. When we fuck and we will fuck Jason, it is going to be mutually consensual and not only that you are going to want to fuck me very badly. But I won't let you, I'm going to make you woo me, and then I'm going to make you beg me. And when you've wooed me and begged me to my satisfaction I'm still going to make you work for it as I am not that kind of a girl and I know how I deserve to be treated."
  • "My new friend is keeping me very well fed."(Violet to Camp employee)
  • "What did you say? I heard the name Jason I thought I made myself clear Jason is mine."
  • "You're that bitch that tried talking to me while I ate."
  • "All ones were not created equal. Then why couldn't she just drink the Tru Blood?"

Tara Thornton

  • "If you wanna stay alive Willa, you gotta know what you don't know and what you don't know is that bitch is a dog and he is her bone and she will fuck us up if we fuck with her bone."
  • "Let her drink it and our Jason problems are over."

Dr. Overlark

  • "Hey, number 2, everyone gets their own bottle. Understand?"

Andy Bellefleur

  • "Just got off the phone with Portia and she says the kids are doing fine. What did I come in here for Coffee?"
  • "Adilyn-Braylin-Charlane-Dannika you ain't even two weeks old yet so no, I'm not going to get you some coffee."
  • "I'm trying to decide if its going to be more uncomfortable for it in here or out there....I'm going out there."
  • "Who wins? The insurance company that's who wins. Yes I am the sheriff the perish where this crime was committed and if you want me to hunt him down, I will but please don't make me do it."
  • "I know, I'm pissed off too."
  • "Adilyn! No, no, I got you, daddy's got you."

Holly Cleary

  • "You're gonna have to give yourself a pass honey. I don't even think Coby and Lisa even noticed."
  • "Your grandmother and your sister are steamrolling her that's whats going on."
  • "It's tragic, it is, but honey he wanted you to have that money. Okay he couldn't have been anymore desperate than he was but he still had it in him to think about you, to provide for you and your kids."

Arlene Fowler Bellefleur

  • "I can't believe I would drink like that in front of the kids."
  • "Why are you being so nice to me? I was such a bitch to you yesterday? Thank you Lafayette."
  • "What was in it? Life insurance? Terry didn't have any life insurance."
  • "When did he take it out this policy?"
  • "God damnit Terry. All my fault, he knew it was coming and I had to glamour it out of him. I can't believe this. Course Adilyn and her sisters sure as fuck didn't help listening in on you and picking at you but suicide Terry?"
  • "I'm sorry Adilyn but you gotta learn to stay out of people's minds because you might not like what you hear!"
  • "Are you all out of your fuckin' minds? Guns? Terry was shot dead by a gun and you all are planning on having 21 one of them at his funeral?"
  • "The fact of the matter is Terry didn't give a shit about any of it. The only reason he enlisted in the first place was because his hoity toity family wouldn't pay for his college!"
  • "I ain't taken that money,if I took it I would be apart of the same lie they are apart of and I won't do it. He had himself killed Andy!"
  • "He left us. on purpose."
  • "I want carnations, they are happy and I want them and I want Reverend Daniels from the black church. Terry really liked him, her would've wanted Reverend Daniels."

Lafayette Reynolds

  • "Here yas go sunshine, you gotta have the grease to beat the bulls."
  • "You better not think twice about that, you and me is cool. Thank me by eating something."
  • "Sookie and me went to the bank yesterday to check out that safety deposit box."
  • "A life insurance policy. Yeah he did and a lot of it. 2 millions worth. Four days ago."

Alcide Herveaux

  • "What did you say?! I am your packmaster!"
  • "Seriously, you are looking for a fight with me?"
  • "Forget I said that, my pack days are behind me. The girl and her mother are in your trailer. Rikki kidnapped them when you left them, I'm returning them."
  • "Sorry about your friend, Nicole told me. He work here?"
  • "Death is always coming we just don't know when it's coming."
  • "I caught her scent, it yours? How you gonna play it?"

Rikki Naylor

  • "That girl doesn't look dead to me, Danielle would you double check?"
  • "No anymore your not, I challenge you. Do I have a second?"
  • "You betrayed us all Alcide, you lied to everything single member of this pack and not only that you chose a shifter and them over us. You're not fit to lead anymore so I am going to remove you."
  • "To the death. I don't think I am see I got no doubt I'm going to get my ass kicked but I don't think Herveaux here has the balls to finish me off. Poor Alcide, you're just not a killer are you?"
  • "I told you, you didn't have the stones."(Rikki to Alcide)



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Episode # Episode Title Viewers (in millions)
#6.08 (68) "In the Evening" 4.17


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