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Category:Quote Needed is a page consisting solely of all articles found on the wiki created to complement the HBO original series True Blood, that are missing their primary quotation. All pages placed in the "Quote Needed" Category will appear on this page.

Quote Needed[]

These are fun or important quotes needed for articles.


  • On Character Pages - insert directly below the Character Infobox, directly above the first paragraph.
  • On Episode Pages - insert the primary quote directly below the Synopsis header, and insert secondary episode quotes directly below the Level 4 episode title header.

Use the "Quote" Template: {{Quote|What a bitch. Too bad I married her without thinking.|Eric Northman|And When I Die}}. Replace Eric's quote with the quote you want to add and replace Eric's name with the speaker's name. And When I Die, the episode title in which the template quote was written, should be replaced with the name of the episode in which the quote was spoken. The Quote Template renders the following:

"What a bitch. Too bad I married her without thinking."
―Eric Northman[src]

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