Category:Out of universe is a page consisting solely of all articles relating to the HBO original series True Blood, but that are found outside of the series. Found either online, in comic books, on DVD extras, on YouTube, in magazines, etc., all pages placed in the "Out of universe" Category will appear on this page.

Out of universe[edit | edit source]

These are articles that relate to items outside of the True Blood television series.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Pages will be automatically included in this category when the {{OutOfTrueBloodShowVerse}} tag is applied to an article. The tag renders the following message:

Template header-ExpandedUniverse.png

Wiki.png Icon-computer.png This article is not part of the True Blood Television Series.

This article covers a subject or facts that are not part of the True Blood television show, but instead are a part of the True Blood Universe found outside of the series: either found online, in comics, on Youtube, on DVD Extras, etc.

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