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"Burning Down the House"
Season 4, Episode 10
Air date August 28, 2011
Written by Nancy Oliver
Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter
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"Let's Get Out of Here"
"Soul of Fire"

"Burning Down the House" is the tenth episode of Season 4 of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' forty-sixth episode overall.


As all hell breaks loose in Shreveport, Sookie summons her most potent powers yet to save Bill, in the process breaking a spell and leading Marnie/Antonia to re-evaluate her mission. Jason urges Jessica to glamour him for Hoyt's sake; Terry drags Andy to "Fort Bellefleur" for an intervention; Alcide reconsiders his allegiances after Marcus' fight with Tommy; Jesus, accompanied by Sookie, Lafayette and Jason, tries to breach the Moon Goddess Emporium's defenses to liberate Tara and Holly, while Bill leads a brigade of vampires committed to blowing the place to kingdom come.


"I remember everything.
Nothing has changed."
― Eric Northman

The Bon Temps "Festival of Tolerance" goes horribly awry. The witch "Martonia" (Antonia in the body of Marnie) orders her magically controlled vampire subjects to kill the vampire king Bill. Sookie tries to free Bill from Eric's grip but Eric pushes her down and Bill shoots him. Kirsch (under the spell) slaps Joyce Watney. Nan takes a pencil to Blackburn. Eric and Bill continue to fight. Sookie uses her powers to stop the fighting, and Eric gets his memories back in the process. Martonia sees the bloodshed, casts a spell and disappears.


At Bill's house, Jessica tells Jason that they didn’t do anything wrong by having sex. Jason confides that he defended Hoyt from bullies all through school and is obviously feeling guilty. He asks her to glamour him so he doesn’t remember. She's offended and refuses to do it. She leaves to "find someone to eat," saying, "Fucking humans."

Alcide is helping a badly beaten Tommy but Tommy says that the hospital can't help him. He wants to go home (Sam's trailer) to die in peace.


At Moon Goddess Emporium, Casey and the other Witches discuss the lack of phone reception, still trying to escape captivity. Meanwhile, Tara and Holly are hatching a plan to undo Martonia's spell. Martonia then barges in and the witches say that she can't keep them prisoner.

At Bill's house, Nan is asking Bill about Sookie's powers. Bill tells Nan that doesn't matter and they have bigger concerns and she says she has sent Glamour squads over to Shreveport. While they arguing Bill states that Nan is no longer in charge. Bill says they are going after the necromancer and will take her out by any means necessary.

Eric remembers everything, including his time with Sookie while bereft of his memory. He says nothing has changed and the "other Eric" is still here. Sookie explains that she still loves Bill and that’s how she was able to stop Eric from killing Bill. Eric says that she is his after giving herself to him completely. He tells her that he loves her.

Pam shows up and asks Eric how they broke Martonia's curse; he says that Sookie did it. He tells her they will talk about that later. Bill is planning on taking Antonia out and Eric tells Sookie to stay out of it.


Tommy is back at Merlotte's. Sam wants to get him some V, but Alcide said that he has a right to choose his time. Tommy is lying on the pool table. He says he wants to disappear like he never was. As he’s dying, he tells Sam not to forget about him right away and that he was sorry for everything. Tommy dies and Sam plans to kill Marcus.

Hoyt visits Jason at his house and talks about how the house is empty without Jessica. He says that he can still smell her perfume in his house. Hoyt is crying, saying that he still waits to see Jessica crawl out of her cubby. He asks if he can crash with Jason for a little while and Jason says yes.


At the Bellefleur mansion, in Andy's room, Terry and Arlene wake him up and yell at him for bringing V into the house. He denies that it is his and says it is evidence. Arlene yells at him and says that he's not going to be able to see her babies until he gets clean. Terry tells him that they are going to "Fort Bellefleur."

Jason asks Sookie if he could crash at her house because Hoyt is crying, sleeping, and farting all the time. Sookie tells Jason that Bill wants to blow up Moon Goddess Emporium while Tara is inside.

Terry and Andy go to Fort Bellefleur. They discuss Andy caring for Terry after he had returned from military service. Andy says that he's a better man on V but Terry doesn't believe him.

Outside Moon Goddess Emporium, Jesus says that he wants to try and reach through to Marnie, because she wouldn't want this. His magic shows him inside the building. Holly is convincing Tara to try to rid themselves of Martonia's spell. Marnie and Antonia are arguing over what happened at the Dorchester Hotel. Antonia says they are no better than their enemies. Marnie obviously hates the vampires and wants to kill them. Marnie asks her not to abandon them because they need her. Antonia re-enters Marnie's body.

Jesus, Lafayette, Sookie, and Jason try to figure out how to rescue Tara. Jesus wants to speak to Marnie and goes toward the shop. There's a protective force field around the store that burns Jesus. He talks to Antonia and she tells him to go to her through the barrier. He turns into a Demon-like creature while going through the barrier.

Marcus is with Debbie. He is looking for Alcide when the two begin to flirt. She wants to have a baby and is telling Marcus that Alcide doesn't want kids. He said she should hook up with another werewolf and Debbie says "I'm just about ready."

Sam arrives at Marcus's shop and confronts Nate, one of the guys who helped kill his brother. Sam pulls a gun on him then begins to beat him up before Alcide intervenes and holds Sam back.

Andy and Terry are shooting guns at cans in the woods. Andy misses all of his shots because of V withdrawal. While they are practicing revelations of the Bellefleur history surface; Terry's family being broke and Andy's mother running after his father had passed away.

Martonia is talking to Jesus about breaching her protective boundary. She says that he has a demon to serve him. He asks to speak with Marnie. She brings out Marnie, and she assures him that it's not a possession, but a union. Jesus tells Sookie, via telepathy, that Marnie is actually in control.


Tara and Holly chant a ritual to break the protection spell. They run outside to Sookie and Lafayette. Just as they are reunited Marnie makes them all disappear. Jason is left alone outside Moon Goddess.

Terry is holding Andy down, telling him to say that he won't do V anymore. They make amends and tell each other, "I love you." Andy says that he’s not going to relapse. Terry tells him to walk all the way home as the first step to recovery.

Eric, Bill, Pam, and Jessica arrive at the Moon Goddess Emporium to destroy the witches.





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Bloopers and Continuity Errors[]

  • When Terry drives away from Andy and Fort Bellefleur, you can see the red light when he stops behind the trees.


  • There are no continuity notes for this episode.


  • There are no flashbacks that occur in this episode.


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  • "Superstition" - The Kills
  • "Lawd Have Mercy" - El Camino
  • "Burning Down The House" - The Used


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  • This episode sees the departure of Marshall Allman, who has played Tommy Mickens since the third season, from the show. Having appeared in 22 episodes, Tommy is the longest running character to be killed off the show.
  • This episode also shows Tara and Holly do their first successful spell without a powerful witch helping them such as Marnie, Antonia, Lafayette, or Jesus.
  • This episode reveals that Marnie is not an innocent victim of possession by Antonia but is actually maliciously in control of taking out the Vampires, in cost of human life.
  • After appearing briefly over the third and fourth seasons, demons are explicitly mentioned for the first time as one aids Jesus in getting through Martonias portal. Whether Jesus is actually a demon or simply summoned one via magic is not yet known.
  • After eight episodes of amnesia, Eric regains his memory when Sookie accidentally restores it through her faerie powers. This is the first time Sookie is shown to perform other magic aside from photokinetically (tossing enemies away from her).
  • This is the first time Sookie and Jesus are shown on screen together.

Memorable Quotes[]

Eric Northman:

  • "You gave yourself to me. Completely. You are mine."
  • "Look at me. Can’t you see him in my eyes?"

Jessica Hamby:

  • "Talk about Bromance."
  • "I don’t care what happens, as long as I get to kill shit!"

Lafayette Reynolds: (when questioned why Jesus briefly turned into a demon) "It's a Latin thing."

Nan Flanagan: "What's the deal with your little fairy maid and the lightning trick anyway?"

Sam Merlotte:

  • "Tommy you’re loved. I love you."

Terry Bellefleur:

  • "I got clean in the long run. No drugs for me. Except the anti-psychotics."
  • "Plenty of men come back from war and don't live in a tree house."

Tommy Mickens:

  • (to Sam) "You were the best part of my life."
  • "There ain't no heaven, and hell's a dog fight. I'm gonna disappear like I never was, that's what I want."

Memorable Dialogue[]

Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "Don’t you threaten him, you incompetent bitch!"
Nan Flanagan: "True death for you too!"

Andy Bellefleur: "I'm so ashamed of myself I can't stand it. I don't want to be who I am. Bringing V into a house with children! How could I do that without even thinking about it? What if it's ate my soul?"
Terry Bellefleur: "This is what rock bottom feels like, son. There's nothing wrong with you deep inside. You're crying, Andy. Men without souls do not cry."

Jason Stackhouse: "He drank 11 beers, passed out and just kept farting in his sleep... continuously."
Sookie Stackhouse: "I did not need to know that."





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Episode # Episode Title Viewers (in millions)
#4.10 (46) "Burning Down the House" 5.31

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