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"Beautifully Broken"
Season 3, Episode 2
Air date June 20, 2010
Written by Raelle Tucker
Directed by Scott Winant
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"Beautifully Broken" is the second episode of Season 3 of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' twenty-sixth episode overall.


Sam gets to know his shifter birth family in Arkansas. Bill is an unwilling guest at the home of the King of Mississippi, who has ambitions to take over Louisiana. Jessica seeks advice from Pam on feeding off humans and on the disposal of bodies. Lafayette and Tara visit Lafayette's mother in a psychiatric institution. Eric arrives at Sookie's home to protect her from werewolves.


"Please don’t do that.
It makes me feel disturbingly human."
― Eric Northman, to Sookie Stackhouse

Bill meets the King

Bill, having killed three of the werewolves and bitten off another's ear, was just about to go after Cooter, when the Mississippi vampire king Russell Edgington rides up in hunting garb. He chastises one of the werewolves for attacking Bill instead of kidnapping him as ordered. When Russell learns they fed on Bill, he shoots one of the werewolves. Russell takes Bill back to his home.

Lafayette frantically tries to make sure Tara throws up all of the pills she's taken in her suicide attempt. He yells at Lettie Mae for not paying attention to her daughter and plans to take Tara to the hospital.

Sookie goes to see Eric about helping her find Bill. She tells him about the Nazi brand on the dead werewolf. He tells her it's too dangerous for her to go poking around.

Tommy is seen putting a rifle in Sam's face

In the bathroom, Pam is fixing her make-up and Jessica asks her how to feed on humans without killing them. Pam then says you know when to stop when the blood flow gets slower. Jessica then wanted to know how to dispose of one that you've accidentally killed.

Sookie gets teary eyed, talking about Bill being missing, and tells Eric he owes her after she risked her life to help him find Godric. This emotion gets to Eric. As soon as Sookie leaves, Eric has a flashback of 1945, during World War II, where Godric and himself posed as Nazi Schutzstaffel officers in order to infiltrate "Operation Werewolf." They tracked a werewolf down to a house in Augsburg, Germany. They waited in that house on the ceiling. An American soldier then walked into the house and saw two dead people lying on the floor. Then the soldier heard weeping in the corner of another room. The soldier walked in and saw a naked girl sitting in the corner. She begged for help in German and the soldier told her everything was going to be okay. He began to take his coat off for her but then her eyes turned orange, and in a flash she shifted into a werewolf and attacked the man. Eric and Godric then jumped down from the ceiling and she attempted to attack Eric. Godric intercepted her attack by grabbing the soldier's gun and stabbed the girl in the shoulder with the bayonet pinning her to the wall. The girl then shouted, "We're on the same side!" in German. Eric looked at her wolf mark and said "No, we're not." and with that he took his knife and stabbed her other arm. Eric demanded to know whom her master was, but the werewolf said she would tell them only if Eric let her drink some of his blood. Godric was deeply offended by the idea, as vampire blood is sacred. Eric, however, did not care. He bit himself and allowed the werewolf to feed from his wrist. She then revealed that her master is a vampire, which shocked Eric. The werewolf took advantage of his distraction, pushed Eric to the ground and attempted to stake him. Godric intervened and snapped the werewolf's' neck. Godric lectured Eric about maintaining control of his emotions before promising to hunt the blasphemous vampire down. Shortly after this confrontation, Eric and Godric parted ways and would not meet again for many decades.

Russell brings Bill inside his stately residence. He is introduced to Russell's boyfriend, Talbot Angelis, who shows Bill to his room. Bill is weary of the situation, as it appears he is being held prisoner.

Lafayette visit's his mother, and meets Jesus

On the way to the hospital Lafayette stops on the side of the road, Tara assures Lafayette that she vomited up all the pills in her system. She says if she is taken to the hospital and tries to explain why she attempted suicide, she would be locked up when she tells what happened with Eggs and Maryann. Lafayette tells her that Eggs would want her to live. Tara says Eggs doesn't want anything because he's dead, and Lafayette replies that he needs to show her something.

Sookie drops off Jessica at Bill's place, where Hoyt is waiting on the porch with a few bottles of Tru Blood. Sookie then tells Jessica to go easy on him and leaves. Hoyt tries talking to Jessica and tells her he knows how she feels about her hunger and that he doesn't blame her for attacking his mother, Mrs. Fortenberry. Jessica tells him it wouldn't work and goes inside the house. Hoyt then gets angry and kicks the door. On the other side of the door Jessica begins to cry. Hoyt then leaves crying, but leaves the Tru Blood case by the door. Inside she finds her rotting kill still in Bill's secret resting spot and climbs in with the corpse.

Jessica perplexed what to do with the dead body

At home, Sookie walks in and then sees a figure behind her. She then kicks the person in the groin and it turns out to be Jason. She apologizes and says that she didn't know it was him and she asks why he was there. He tells her he's been having trouble sleeping and came over to do some cleaning but then got hungry and began to eat some chicken. As they clean the kitchen Sookie tells Jason about the werewolves and the fact she feels helpless about Bill's disappearance. Jason tells her she doesn't have to worry, and he thinks Andy might be able to help.

Sam has fallen asleep at the wheel outside the Mickens residence. He is awakened by Tommy (the kid from the repair shop) pointing a double barreled shotgun in his face. Tommy tells him not to move and to get out of the car. Then Sam asks, "So should I get out or not move?" Tommy then takes Sam into the house when he then calls for Melinda Mickens and Joe Lee Mickens. Melinda looks at Sam and asks his name. He says " My name is Sam Merlotte". She then remembers the name and says "have we met before?" Sam then tells her "Yeah, 34 years ago." When Sam tells his mother it's been 34 years since they've met, she knows right away who he is. She gives a look to her husband Joe Lee who also seems to understand.

Franklin appears in Merlotte's

On her way to work Sookie spots a man staring at her from the woods near the bar. Terry then walks by, and when she looks back the man is gone. The two search for clues. They find biker shoe prints and wolf prints, followed by a pair of discarded boots and clothes.

Lafayette takes Tara to an institution. He tells the receptionist he wants to see Ruby Jean Reynolds, his mother. We see her in her room being fed by a man named Jesus Velasquez. Jesus said he thought her son was dead, and she replies that her son is dead because he is gay, but keeps coming back to life.

Andy is being interviewed by the press and tells them he was just doing his job and that he's no hero, as Jason walks up to the police station. Andy isn't happy to see him and offers to take Jason out to lunch.

Sookie tells Terry not to tell anyone about the man they saw. He gives her a revolver for protection. Arlene then walks inside and says she's been hollering for help with the food and drinks for a long time. Terry apologizes and says he didn't hear her. Terry then asks Sookie if she could tell Arlene that he is good at things. But then Sookie suggests he tell Arlene himself and that he should talk to Arlene and tell her how he feels. As Sookie begins to walk out Terry says to Sookie that he likes her and for her to be safe, cause if anything happened he would feel terrible. Sookie then lightly kisses Terry on the cheek.

Upon seeing Lorena, Bill throws fire on her

Melinda tells Sam that Joe Lee was in prison when she had him and that she was 16. Melinda thought Sam would have a better life with another family. Joe Lee wasn't aware of Sam's existence until he had already been given away to the Merlottes. Melinda then asks if Sam had a good life with the Merlottes, Sam says yeah, until he was 15. She asked what happened and he replied "I'm pretty sure you know why." Melinda begins to feel bad and apologizes. Sam said that when they saw what he really was they abandoned him. Joe Lee then says that what Sam has is a gift and that he and his mom and brother are special. Sam then learns that Melinda and Tommy are shapeshifters, but Joe Lee is not. Sam then assures him it has meant he's been alone all his life.

Lafayette tells Tara that Ruby has been there for six months. She made him promise not to tell anyone. Lafayette showed her Ruby because "there is darkness in this family." He thinks they are strong enough to rise above their suspect gene pool.

Outside, Sam sees Tommy working on a car. Sam begins to talk to him but then Tommy says things like "I bet you think I don't know how to read either." Tommy then says "I bet you went to one of those fancy rich schools right?... I had to stay here and have nothing." Sam then says "I didn't know we were having a who's life was the most f***ed competition cause then you won." Tommy then says he has to run, he needs to take a break. Sam then asks if he could join him. Tommy says yeah, he then takes his shirt off and Sam then sees a bunch of scars on his arms chest and back. Tommy then says he's been in a lot of fights. But they seemed to be animal scars. Tommy then insists that Sam go first, Sam shifts into his go-to shift (Collie). Tommy then chuckles and shifts into a brown and white Pit-Bull.

Eric must have Sookie invite him inside; Werewolves are nearby

Jessica calls a store to see how much it would cost to buy or rent a chainsaw. She looks in her victim's wallet and sees a picture of him with a boy. She grabs his cash and leaves.

Bill sits down to a formal dinner with King Russell and Talbot. Russell offers him a job as Sheriff of one of Mississippi's areas and says he is interested in marrying Queen Sophie-Anne to increase his kingdom. Sophie-Anne so far is refusing, and Russell would like Bill's help. Bill says he is not close to the queen so he is of no use and cannot help.

As Andy and Jason sit at Merlotte's, a glowing story about Andy comes on the TV. A drunken Jason stands up and toasts Andy. Jason seems upset that Andy is being treated like a hero for taking credit for his murder. Andy tells Jason he thinks he has potential. Jason tells Andy he is his best friend.

During their run, Tommy stops in the middle of the street and barks for Sam. Sam then runs out to the street after him. They both stop and stand there until a truck driving up is inches away from hitting them both. Tommy, in his Pit-Bull form, then quickly shifts into a hawk and flies away. Sam then jumps out of the way from the truck, Sam then realizes Tommy tried to get him killed.

At Bill's house an unseen man wearing boots rummages through drawers and finds a file on Sookie.

Eric arrives at Sookie's place. Sitting on the porch, he tells her he and Godric found out back in 1945 that the werewolves' master was a vampire. They had been hunting the pack of werewolves, which are "not ordinary werewolves" and date back further than the Nazi party. The wolves were well trained and fueled by vampire blood. With Sookie in danger, Eric feels like he owes her. Eric wants her to invite him inside but she refuses.

Russell feels he has outgrown Mississippi and is interested in Louisiana's natural gas. Russell is aware Sophie-Anne has secrets and wants Bill to tell him what they are. When Bill refuses, Russell makes a threat towards Sookie.

Terry reads Arlene a list of his positive qualities. Arlene seems flattered and begins to smile but then in few moments she runs back to the bathroom to vomit. Terry then continues to read the list outside of the ladies bathroom.

A dark figure enters Merlotte's and sits at the bar. He strikes up a conversation with Tara and orders a Tru Blood. Tara then asks if he is a friend of Bill Compton and he says no. He then asks her the same thing and she says not really. We see that this was the man who was looking at Sookie's file.

Jessica returns home to find her victim is missing.

Andy drives Jason home from the bar. He gets a call that a meth lab is being busted in Hotshot and takes Jason along. At the scene Jason spots a strange woman in the woods. He asks if she is okay but she disappears. Jason walks back to the car and ends up tackling one of the drug dealers.

Tara chugs bourbon outside the bar. When two men make racist remarks about Eggs and try to urinate on the spot where he was killed, she punches one in the face. They then begin to talk bad about Eggs and she hits him again. The vampire from before then zips outside and punches a guy, he then grabs another guy and demands he "apologize to the lady". The man then says that first Tara gets with a killer now she's with a "goddamn Vamper". Tara gets mad and begins to wail his face in. The vampire's fangs then sprout out and he lets the guy go.

During the dessert course, Russell mentions being aware that Bill has killed for Sookie in the past. At this point, Bill's maker, Lorena, appears wearing jockey apparel. Bill then grabs the oil lamp behind him and hurls it at her, hitting her and lighting her body on fire. She screams and falls.

While talking on Sookie's porch Eric senses something, he then quickly grabs Sookie and pins her to the wall and demands she let him in. She begins to refuse but then Eric releases his fangs and she then invites him in. Eric speeds into her home and sees a werewolf growling at him. The werewolf is about to charge as Sookie fires her revolver.




  • The episode was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Art Direction for a Single-Camera Series.


  • In this episode, Eric, a Swedish Viking vampire, dresses up like an SS soldier. In Frostbite (2006), the first Swedish vampire feature film, the main villain Beckert was an SS soldier in the division "Wiking" who was turned in Ukraine.

Bloopers and Continuity Errors[]

  • While talking with Andy in Merlotte's, Jason sticks his fork backwards into his sandwich. In subsequent shots, the fork disappears and reappears.


  • There are no continuity notes for this episode.


  • A flashback is shown of Eric and Godric, era 1945, capturing a Werewolf.


  • There are no miscredits that occur in this episode.


  • "Slither Thing" - Collide
  • "Rondeau from Abdelazer" - The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  • "Ride My Train" - Jonathan Clark
  • "Walk First" - Steve McComb
  • "Evil Ways" - The Hampton Quartet
  • "Beautifully Broken" - Gov’t Mule
  • "Dixie Rocks" - Derrick Procell
  • "Anyone But You" - Sean Patrick McGraw
  • "Classically Inclined" - Eduardo Ponsdomenech
  • "I’m Alive" - Shelby Lynne


  • There are no production notes available for this episode.


  • There are no notes on the title based on this episode.


  • The exterior of Russell Edgington's mansion is actually the antebellum estate Longwood (aka Nutt's Folly) in Nachez, Mississippi. The estate, which is built in the shape of an octagon, was commissioned for cotton planter Dr. Haller Nutt in 1859 and designed by Samuel Sloan, but work was halted by the Civil War and then by Nutt's death in 1864. Only nine of the 32 planned rooms in the residence were completed.

Memorable Quotes[]

Andy Bellefleur: "You're a good guy, Stackhouse. You got a lot of heart. You're... prettier than most girls."

Eric Northman:

  • "To have and to hold. To love and to cherish. To... blah, blah, blah, blah, 'till death do you part. Doesn't bother you that you will be the only one doing the dying?"
  • "Bill Compton is no Godric."
  • "Oh, I'm not leavin'. You are going to invite me in, so I can protect you or have passionate,

primal sex with you. How about both? So, are you going to invite me in?"

Godric: "A vampire is never at the mercy of his emotions. He dominates them."

Jason Stackhouse: "Huh, I ain't never been in the front seat before."

Sookie Stackhouse: "I keep expecting him to come through the door and say, "Sookeh!"

Talbot Angelis:

  • "Excuse me, gentlemen. I need to drain the second course. Carlo? Bring me that Thai boy."
  • "She's as mad as a monkey on a trike and has been for centuries."

Terry Bellefleur: "Uh, I've always liked you, and I'd miss you if you got killed. Just so you know."

Memorable Dialogue[]

Jessica Hamby: "Yeah, but how do you stop?"
Pamela Swynford de Beaufort: "I think about crying children with soggy diapers. Also, maggots."

Sookie Stackhouse: "He's... everything to me." (Sookie begins weeping.)
Eric Northman: "Please don't do that. It makes me feel... disturbingly human."

Jason Stackhouse: "There's werewolves?"
Sookie Stackhouse: "Yes."
Jason Stackhouse: "Shit. Bigfoot, is he real too?"
Sookie Stackhouse: "I dunno, I guess it's possible."
Jason Stackhouse: "Santa?"
Sookie Stackhouse: "Jason, focus."

Sookie Stackhouse: "Did you just see someone here?"
Terry Bellefleur: "No, usually when I see things other people don't it's 'cause I haven’t taken my medication and I..."





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#3.02 (26) "Beautifully Broken" 4.26

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