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July 2010

Gettin' the Hang of Things

July 26, 2010


True Blood Season 3 Jessica's Vlog Episode 6 (HBO)

Hoyt's Hot New Date

July 19, 2010

I found this photo on the Renard Parish Church Retreats and Spiritual Workshop Group photo page. Doodles by yours truly, Jessica Hamby :)


Fruit Leathers and Chicken Babies

July 12, 2010

The last thing I ate? A fruit leather. Lame, I know. And here I am now, workin' at a restaurant that serves burgers and rings and, like, seven types of beer, and I'm never gonna be able to have any of it. Kinda funny, isn't it? Don't get me wrong, I'm THRILLED to have a job (my first job, actually!) but the ironies of bein' a vampire seem never-endin'.

You know what's also never-endin'? First night here at Merlotte's. I like the job 'n all, but there isn't much goin' on. So far hostessing has been pretty easy. All I gotta do is walk people to an open table and wish 'em a good meal. But every time I walk by booth #4, I get this pit in my stomach. Like that fruit leather's still sittin' in there, but it's grown arms and legs and like, twelve times its original size, and it's gonna come crawlin' up my throat and pukin' outta my mouth at any moment. Not that vampires can puke, but still. Wait...can they? Anyway, booth #4 is where I met Hoyt. He said somethin' stupid about chicken babies and I was hooked. I guess maybe you have to know him. But my human life caught up with me tonight, and it put the whole Hoyt thing in perspective, I think. People move in and outta each others' lives all the time. Vampire or human, it's just a parta growin' up.

The Solid Kind of Happy

July 04, 2010

I've been wonderin' about my human family a lot lately. Not the pinin', missin' kind of wonderin', but the curious kind. I think it's 'cause my human birthday is coming up. I haven't told Bill or Sookie or anyone about it. Doesn't really matter anymore, I guess, it's not like I'm going to turn eighteen. But like, what's my mama wearin' today? That yellow cardigan she wears when there's a draft, or the blue turtleneck for when she's doin' housework, with a hole in the sleeve? And my daddy, is he watchin' the game? How many beers has he already had tonight? I guess I do start to feel, I don't know, something, when I think about Eden. She's stuck back there with those lame excuses for parents. Sure, she was a pain in the ass sometimes, what little sister ain't, but she didn't do nothin' wrong. She doesn't deserve the belt. It used to be daddy wouldn't beat her as much. He'd mostly just look at her like he wanted to, but then send her to her room without dinner instead. But now that I'm not there to take all the heat, I just hope she isn't getting it extra hard.

Parta me wants to go back there and kidnap her. I mean, I wouldn't turn her into a vampire, but maybe I could just show her there's a big world out there. Bigger than that house and that church and that idiotic little life. She could meet a boy, like I met Hoyt, and be happy. The real kinda happy. Not the passin' kind, but the solid kind. She deserves that, hell, all nine year olds do. She'll be ten next week, actually. Our birthdays were real close together. It's strange when you think about it, she'll be ten, then eleven, then twelve, pretty soon she'll be older than me. And I'll just be one of those memories to her, like dust particles floatin' through the room, gettin' caught in your throat or whatever. They're always there, but you can't see 'em all the time, only when they hit a shaft of light.

Anyway, sorry for gettin' so heavy on y'all. I guess I just wanna dedicate this post to Eden, back home. Happy birthday, sis.?