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"Authority Always Wins"
Season 5, Episode 2
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Air date June 17, 2012
Written by Mark Hudis
Directed by Michael Lehmann
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"Turn! Turn! Turn!"
"Whatever I Am, You Made Me"

"Authority Always Wins" is the second episode of Season 5 of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' fiftieth episode overall.

Summary[edit | edit source]

At the Vampire Authority headquarters in New Orleans, vampires Bill and Eric meet Salome Agrippa and become acquainted with the Authority’s interrogation techniques. Pam recalls her human life as the madam of the Comstock Brothel in San Francisco, California, and recants her first encounter with Eric. Werewolves Rikki and J.D. (Jackson Herveaux) pay tribute to Marcus, but Alcide refuses to participate or take his rightful place as the new packmaster. Martha shows up wanting to see her granddaughter Emma, causing conflict for Sam and Luna. Fearing Russell's return, Sookie procures a home-protection system; Arlene tries to get to the bottom of her husband Terry’s erratic behavior; Steve stops by with an offer for Jessica; and Jason feels the brunt of his womanizing ways.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

"The First. The Last. The Eternal.
We are born of Lilith, who is created in God's image.
We swear fealty to the Blood and the Progenitor.
Lord, Lilith, Father and Mother, protect us
as we protect you from this day until the hour of the True Death.
And in the Lord and Lilith's name, we say Vampyr
― Roman Zimojic

Sookie is bitten by Tara and is unable to get her off, even with the assistance of Lafayette. Pam finally comes to her aide and pulls Tara away. She tells her not to bite them. Then, using vampire speed, Pam puts Tara in the house and tells her not go anywhere.

Nora, Bill, and Eric are transported to an unknown facility. Salome Agrippa meets them as they are unloaded from the armored truck used to transport them. She takes them down to private cells and locks them inside. They are questioned via a camera/monitor on the ceiling.

Tara goes insane after turning.

The werewolf pack wants Alcide to eat Marcus and now become the packmaster. Alcide doesn't want any part of it however. J.D. and Alcide have more words, before Alcide leaves. Martha says it is his obligation to eat, however he has no interest. He states he doesn't care about the laws and to find someone else.

Tara is inside Sookie's kitchen and begins to tear it apart. Sookie asks Lafayette to grab her. Unsure how, she mentions that there is Tru Blood in the cupboard. He walks slowly to retrieve it, and sets it in front of her. Sookie tells her she's got to eat, and in a flash she throws Lafayette down to the ground and pops out her fangs. He calls for Sookie, and Tara starts to hit herself in the head knowing something isn't right. In vampire speed, she leaves the kitchen and runs upstairs, where she begins to destroy more property.

Pam returns to Fangtasia and Ginger asks where she has been, complaining that she had to open alone. Pam is concerned if Eric has returned or called- and finds out he has not. While applying her lipstick, she then has a flashback to San Francisco 1905. There she is sitting at the bar of a brothel. One of her girls walks up and Pam gives her a bump of cocaine. When asking where one of her other girls is, she walks upstairs to find her nude, dead, and bloody. Back in present time, she lifts her cell to call Eric, and with no answer she hangs up.

Eric and Bill burned by UV light.

Arlene wakes to find Terry standing over their bed. He flashes back to war time in Iraq. When she tries to wake him, he grabs her arm before snapping out of it. He then crawls back into bed, claiming he is just tired.

Eric asks Bill what they should do now that they are locked away. They then hear from Nigel Beckford, an insane, baby-eating vampire who is also locked inside the cells. Bill says that Nora and Eric are both innocent. With the Authority believing Bill is lying, they use a UV light machine to burn all of them. They all keel over in agony until the light is shut off.

Luna takes Sam home and cleans up his injuries. While Luna goes to check on Emma, Martha arrives at her home. Sam tells her that Luna doesn't want to see her. Luna arrives back into the room and sees her, telling her to leave. Martha asks what will happen when Emma "turns." Martha states that she "feels" Emma is a werewolf, not a shifter. After she leaves, Sam tells Luna to be a bit easier on her. He is trying to reason with Luna, that Emma may be a werewolf. Luna barks at him in anger, and Sam is confused with her behavior. Luna says that Emma is her daughter. They argue longer until Sam eventually says "fuck you psycho."

Lafayette goes upstairs to look for Tara. They know they must get her to the cubby before daylight. Lafayette cuts his arm and uses it as a ruse to get Tara to emerge. Once she does, Sookie binds her by the neck with silver and they began to carry her downstairs.

Lafayette almost stakes Tara.

Jason and Andy are on patrol when Andy starts to discuss Holly and their relationship. He is worried about her avoidance of him, but Jason states it's a good thing. Andy asks about Jason and his "vampire lady friend" (Jessica), wondering if it's a good situation. Jason shows a bit of hesitation, but says yes, it is the perfect situation. They pull up on an abandoned mini-van. Jason discovers it belongs to Debbie while Andy discovers V. He first puts it in his pocket, but then hands it over to Jason- who pours it out.

Sookie goes to the Stake House to find supplies to bind Tara while she is in captivity. There she sees Steve on television now explaining he is still a Christian but a vampire as well. The salesman is obviously mad, saying he use to be his hero. He offers a "silver mister" to her. Telepathically, Sookie listens to the clerk's thoughts. He mentions a vamp killing and that she would fuck him after. Sookie then states that killing a vampire or human is against the law.

While cooking, Terry has another flashback and pushes Arlene across the kitchen of Merlotte's. He then yells at Arlene when she asks what is wrong. He says it was only an accident and storms out of the kitchen.

Sookie is on the front porch installing the Silver Mister, when she returns into the house and telepathically hears Lafayette in the cubby with Tara. He is saying he should have never done this to Tara and preparing to stake her. Sookie runs to the cubby and begs him not to go through with it. She says it's still new, just as Jessica was from the start and to have faith and give it time. She says they will make a life for her.

Jason is at the Bon Temps Police Station and is watching the news with Steve's interview. When he is asked about his love life, he claims to have a woman who makes him very happy. Jason is relieved that Steve doesn't mention his name. Andy walks in and asks Kevin about the ticket he gave to Judge Clemmons' son Ronny. Kevin says that he was going 80 in a school zone and also flipped him off. He tells Kevin to expunge the ticket (even though Ronny almost killed a kid). He is the Sheriff, and Kevin has no choice but to listen. A young boy walks into the station asking for Officer Stackhouse, then punches him. He says his parents are getting a divorce because Jason slept with his mom Sharon Singer. Jason at first doesn't remember her, but after seeing a picture of her says "Oh yeah, Crazy Sharon", which starts another minor brawl. Andy breaks up the fight and brings the kid out of the station.

Pam is shown being attacked during her 1905 flashback.

Back in 1905, it shows a horse-drawn carriage during night. Pam is walking alone and a mugger begins to follow her. As he holds a knife to her face/throat, Eric swoops in at vampire speed and slices his neck. He asks her why she is not afraid. Pam says she has seen plenty of dead bodies. Eric is smitten with her, commenting on her lovely dress and approaches her to give her some money for the mess he made. She simply says "Thank you, Mister", before he speeds away. In present day, Pam awakens in her coffin.

Dieter Braun enters in a room and introduces himself to Bill. Bill is told he has an IV hooked to him with silver-refined liquid. He is obviously about to be tortured. Dieter wants to know the truth about Nora, Nan, and what happened. Dieter shows him the "Vampire Bible." Bill begins to explain "Lilith", and Dieter says that vampires were created by God, not humans. Dieter asks if Bill believes in the literal interruption of the "sacred text", but Bill says he does not believe it. Dieter does not believe him and begins to torture him, entering the silver into his veins. In the next room, Eric is undergoing the same interrogation, but the interrogator is Salome.

Bill is tortured for information.

Salome tells Eric that Nora's betrayal was unforgivable and that she has met the true death. Eric shows the hurt on his face, but doesn't say a word.

Eric is also tortured for information.

When Salome asks who murdered Nan Eric questions "Nan Flanagan is dead?" Salome hits a button, injecting Eric with the same silver liquid as Bill and leans over in agony.

Bill, still bound to his chair and being questioned by Dieter is then asked if he knows that Eric turned on him in the first five minutes (obviously lying). Dieter then injects more silver into Bill after he gives a taunt to Dieter. Salome then tells Eric that Bill has been freed for his cooperation and that he'll be reinstated as King. Eric doesn't buy it, and simply says "Long live the King", then get's more silver injected into him.

Jessica is throwing another party at Bill's house when Steve shows up at her front door. Jessica promptly asks what he wants, and he says only a little chat. In Bill's office, he questions the relationship between Jessica and Jason. He offers Jessica $10,000 for Jason. Jessica counter-offers with $20,000. He offers her $15,000 as his final offer. Jessica puts on some charm and finally Steve says he will give her $20,000. She then ridicules him for getting an erection and saying she'd never "sell" a friend. Steve attacks her, throwing her against the wall, but Jessica is stronger than him. After she kicks him out, she also kicks out the rest of her party, now in no mood to celebrate.

At the Bon Temps Motel, Arlene shows up at Patrick's room. She begins to tell him of Terry's night terrors. She is there asking if something happened in combat. Patrick tells her that nothing comes to mind. Terry shows up and tells Arlene to leave. Terry says he needs to talk to the Sergeant alone. She also says she has kids, and whatever is happening, fix it. Terry says that the private is alive and is dangerous. Terry says he knows where he lives. Patrick suggests on visiting him before they get their own visit.

At Mrs. Fortenberry's house, Hoyt is under the sink fixing it. Jason shows up and tries to speak to Hoyt, but he still won't talk to him. He says that instead of living with his mom, he can stay at his house, and he'll stay at Sookie's house. Hoyt doesn't want any part of Jason's friendship anymore and kicks him out. On the way out, Maxine pretends to be mad at Jason, but at the door, she thanks him for splitting up Hoyt and "that red headed slut" Jessica and that she will even make him a pie.

Luna goes to Emma's room, telling her to get to sleep. When she opens the door she finds Emma is now a werewolf cub.

Night falls and Tara emerges from her cubby and inches closer to Lafayette and Sookie. When Sookie says "Tara", she looks at her and says "I will never forgive either of you." She bolts from the front door and is sprayed with the silver liquid before disappearing into the night.

Emma Garza is shown to now be a werewolf. She is a small werewolf cub.

Eric and Bill are lead into a room with the Authority. Roman Zimojic enters from a side door. Before speaking to them, he holds a type of communion with the blood of Roman (which he takes from his own wrist to symbolize that of Lilith's). One by one, he places a drop of blood into the mouths of each member. After the ceremony, Roman turns to Bill and Eric, stating he hates to meet under these circumstances. Nora is pulled out of the room, and Eric shows he wants to help her, yet he is bound and cannot. She yells out "I am innocent", before disappearing. Roman sits and starts to discuss of the errors they have made. The rocket launcher used on main street, the fight breaking out between vampires and humans during the Festival of Tolerance. He tells them that they are the Authority, just as Nan was. He then tells them they will see the True death. Roman also asks about the Sanguinista movement. Bill says he knows nothing about it, and Eric says he tries to stay out of politics.

Russell is shown, slowly regaining his strength.

The Authority has a meeting before them. They all believe they should meet the True death. Roman says that mainstreaming is the only way to live. That they must co-exist with humans. Salome opens a briefcase and pulls out a stake for Roman. Bill speaks up when asked if they have any final words. He says he will offer up an exchange. "Our lives in return for Russell." Roman was told by Nan that Russell was dead but Bill assured him that Eric and he put him in the ground but did not kill him. Eric states that Russell has broken free. Whether they live or die, the Authority will find out soon enough. Bill says that Russell will obliterate the Authority's cause. Roman, in vampire speed stands behind Bill with a stake. Angry that he allowed the happenings with Russell. Eric yells out "Guardian!", and that he was the one who did it. Roman is mad that Bill, a King, allowed it. Roman pulls back and says he cannot go on personal desires. Bill states that Russell will stop at nothing to kill Eric and Bill, and when he does, Roman will be there to put an end to him as they should have.

A trail of dead bodies shows, and Russell is in a bed healing. His eyes open as he licks the blood from his lips.

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Accolades[edit | edit source]

  • This episode currently hasn't received any awards.

Allusions[edit | edit source]

  • This episode does not contain any allusions.

Bloopers[edit | edit source]

  • When Jason Stackhouse is struggling with the son of Sharon Singer, a former sexual partner of his, the camera swaps between scenes both of Jason's arms being above the kid and his right arm being pinned simultaneously.

Continuity[edit | edit source]

  • Lilith is mentioned for the first time.

Flashbacks[edit | edit source]

  • San Francisco 1905, we first see Pam sitting at bar at her brothel. She is apparently a madam, and realizing one of her girls has not returned, she goes into the room to find her dead/slain. Later at night she is walking and almost mugged. The attacker puts a knife to her, and Eric swoops in and slashes his throat.
  • Terry has two separate flashbacks of war-time in Iraq.

Miscredits[edit | edit source]

  • There are no miscredits that occur in this episode.

Music[edit | edit source]

  • "Short Cut Down a Long Road" by Big Bad Johns (plays as Jason and Andy talk about sex and relationships.)
  • "Coming For You" by Grant Langston (plays as Terry starts a grease fire in the kitchen.)
  • "Hang it Up" by Ting Tings (plays as Rev. Newlin crashes Jessica's party and offers her a deal.)
  • "The Authority Song" by Bosco Del Ray (plays over the end credits.)

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Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

Bill Compton: "Russell must be stopped."

Eric Northman: "Long Live the King."

Jason Stackhouse:

  • "That's getting to eat the pie without havin' to pay for the cow."
  • "Oh, crazy Sharon!"

Jessica Hamby:

  • "Jason is my friend. I do not sell my friends!! Get the fuck out of my house!!"
  • "Hair-pullin', really?!"
  • (to Steve Newlin) "Look at you. Fangboner and real boner! You are pathetic!"

Lafayette Reynolds: "I turned her into this fucking thing for me."

Maxine Fortenberry: "Thank you for splitting up Hoyt and that redhead slut. I'm gonna make you a pie. Now GET OUT!"

Nigel Beckford: "Oh! You just fucked us!"

Pamela Swynford de Beaufort:

  • "I'm no stranger to dead bodies."
  • "If I meet a lady, I'll let her know."
  • (to Ginger, on being dirty) "I was in the ground... what's your excuse?"

Roman Zimojic:

  • "The true death for Northman means... the true death for Northman."
  • "The First. The Last. The Eternal. We are born of Lilith, who is created in God's image. We swear fealty to the Blood and the Progenitor. Lord, Lilith, Father and Mother, protect us as we protect you from this day until the hour of the True Death. And in the Lord and Lilith's name, we say 'Vampyr.'"

Rosalyn Harris: "It chaps my ass to say this, but when you have lame horses, you put them down."

Salome Agrippa: "Shh. Fairytales are for children."

Sookie Stackhouse: "Tara is in there. You have to have faith."

Memorable Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Andy Bellefleur: "Stackhouse, I had sex."
Jason Stackhouse: "Hey! Welcome to the club!"
Andy Bellefleur: "It's not the first time, ass-munch!"

Jessica Hamby: "My dad's the King."
Steve Newlin: "Not anymore."

Andy Bellefleur: "Jesus, Stackhouse, have you slept with every woman in this town?"
Jason Stackhouse: "I don't know, I'm close I guess."

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Episode # Episode Title Viewers (in millions)
#5.02 (50) "Authority Always Wins" 4.41

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