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At Last
Season 6, Episode 4
Air date July 7, 2013
Written by Alexander Woo
Directed by Anthony Hemingway
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"You're No Good"
"F**k the Pain Away"

"At Last" is the fourth episode of Season 6 of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' sixty-fourth episode overall.


Sookie confronts her growing attraction to the mysterious Ben. Eric counters Burrell's brutal anti-vampire initiatives by hitting his nemesis where it hurts the most. Growing up all too quickly, Andy's faerie daughters end up keeping dangerous company. Sam and Nicole make a connection. Bill tasks Takahashi to synthesize a new kind of blood.


"He's a vampire who walks in daylight."
― Niall Brigant about Macklyn Warlow

Ben helps Sookie carry an unconscious Jason to the couch. Sookie declares they need vampire blood, then runs to the kitchen to call 911. As She calls 911, Ben hears the distress in Sookie's voice and makes a risky decision. He rips off the bandage on his arm and bites himself, revealing he is a vampire. He allows his blood to drip into Jason's mouth, thus healing his wounds.

Nora is blasted by Niall's light beam.

In the meantime, Niall is outside of the house, confronting Nora. He threatens her with his faerie magic, demanding she tell him what she knows about Warlow. Nora explains that Warlow is the progeny of Lilith, the first of all vampires, and that she seeks Warlow's aid in stopping Lilith. Nora tells that a new translation of the Book of the Vampyr states that Warlow was the one who destroyed Lilith. She becomes distracted by Niall's smell, causing him to blast her through the air. Nora lands on the ground in front of a checkpoint enforcing the vampire curfew. They scream at her to identify herself as human or vampire and declare they are the LAVTF. Nora is too disoriented to realize she is being confronted by human officers and stumbles towards them with her fangs out. The officers see her fangs and shoot her with anti-vampire guns before apprehending her.

Sookie races to Jason's aid.

Having finished calling an ambulance, Sookie rushes to her brother's side, who is revealed to have healed completely. When questioned, Ben claims Jason woke up of his own accord. With Jason healed and Nora incapacitated, Ben leaves the house, but shows interest in Sookie as she walks him to the door.

Sam and Lafayette flee from the werewolves.

In the werewolf camp, the werewolves continue their search for the humans who were previously revealed to have been photographing them. They are distracted when Martha runs out of her house, screaming that her granddaughter Emma has been kidnapped by Sam. Packmaster Alcide splits up the pack to search for both Sam and a human female who escaped the pack's attack earlier that night. Lafayette comes to Sam's aid, and drives Sam, Emma, and Nicole away from the werewolves.

Ginger's house.

Ginger continues a phone call with Louisiana Governor Burrell, as she was glamoured to stall for Eric. Burrell's men attack her house, blasting smoke from a silver compacted grenade under her front door. The door is busted by the SWAT team as they enter the house, causing Ginger to become hysterical. Upon learning that Eric and Willa are no longer in Ginger's house, Burrell has Ginger abducted and taken to the "camp" he uses to experiment on vampires. Enraged, Burrell punches a hole in the wall, badly injuring his hand in the process.

Eric threatens Tara.

Eric and Pam attempt to summon Tara, who has fled with Willa. When Tara appears, Eric immediately demands to know where the governor's daughter is. He threatens Tara when she refuses to tell him. Pam tries to stand up for Tara, but is shouted down by an enraged Eric. Tara reveals she took Willa to the nearby fairgrounds and Eric leaves to find the girl after ordering Pam to meet with him later.

Andy's four Halfling daughters.

Terry is confronted by the four faerie daughters of Andy, who have read his mind and seen his memories of killing his friend, Patrick. Terry's anxiety and guilt over the death of Patrick get the best of him, and he yells at the children, catching the attention of his wife Arlene. Arlene explains to the children that they cannot keep reading other peoples' private thoughts, but is cut short when Andy arrives and sends the girls to bed. He takes them to the room they share and reveals to them that he is glad to be their father.

As the girls attempt to sleep, their bodies rapidly transform into that of 17 year old teenage girls. Overtaken by pubescent hormones and wanting to have fun while they're still that age, the girls steal Arlene's clothes and Andy's squad car to go out and get alcohol. Across the street, vampire Bill and Jessica watch the girls, intending to kidnap them and steal their faerie blood for experimentation.

Back at the Sookie's home, She is confused by Jason's good health, and begins to question Ben's motives. She recalls being shown by Niall how to test the properties of blood using faerie magic and what Warlow's blood looks like. She discovers a drop of blood on the floor and tests it, proving that the blood matches Warlow's blood.

Andy's four daughters seek out a liquor store and attempt to buy a case of beer. The store's cashier attempts to take advantage of the girls' young age, but Jessica intervenes. To win their trust, Jessica glamours the cashier into allowing the girls to have the beer for free. She then asks them to come to Bill's house. The girls agree and the group piles into Bill's car.

Jason dreams of Ben.

While shaving in his bathroom, Jason is confronted by Ben, who tries to teach him how to shave the face of another man. Jason tries, but ends up cutting Ben, causing a stream of blood to pour down Ben's throat. Ben entices Jason to drink his blood and Jason agrees, licking at the blood on Ben's throat. Jason then awakens, horrified by the nature of his dream.

With the four faerie girls safely in his house, Bill lures one into his study with the promise of sex. Instead, he attaches a device designed to draw someone's blood from their wrist, filling two vials. He then goes downstairs and hands the blood to Takahashi, ordering the scientist to synthesize the blood at all costs. When Takahashi questions what will happen if he fails, Bill makes it clear that failure is not an option.

Eric makes Willa into a vampire.

At the fairgrounds, Eric finds Willa waiting for him on the carousel. She tells him that she hates what her father is doing and that she is on his side. Intrigued, Eric asks if Willa truly wants to help vampires. When she says she does, Eric digs a grave and begins the process of making Willa a vampire, with the hopes that Burrell will finally begin to see the vampires in a human light if his daughter becomes one. He also states that he feels Willa deserves to be a vampire, due to her strong beliefs against her father's abuse of the species.

Having escaped to a safe distance from the werewolf pack, Sam, Lafayette, Nicole, and Emma stop briefly to tend to Nicole's injuries. Wracked with guilt, Nicole initially does not want to join Sam and Emma, but Sam surprises her by shifting into a horse so he can carry her further from danger. Before shifting and leaving with Nicole and Emma, Sam insists that Lafayette leave, claiming that he does not want him to endanger his life for Sam's further.

Sookie speaks with Ben.

Convinced that Ben is not what he appears to be, Sookie goes to his hotel room and asks him to her house for dinner, claiming she wants to reward him for all his help. She then heads to the grocery store and buys a bottle of colloidal silver. To ensure her plan continues uninterrupted, she calls Jason and asks that both he and Niall stay away from the house that night.

Andy also tries to reach Jason, but his calls are unanswered. Police officer Ellis attempts to talk to Andy about the disappearance of Andy's daughters, but is confused by Andy's vague description of the girls. Concerned about his children's welfare, Andy tells Ellis that he may not be able to handle this case because his feelings for his children have compromised his judgement.

Jason speaks with Niall.

At Sookie's home, Jason speaks with Niall, asking him if he ever has homosexual fantasies. Niall replies in the negative, and becomes increasingly concerned when he uses his faerie magic to learn of Jason's dream. Realizing something is amiss, Niall declares that Ben may be a hybrid, a never before seen combination of vampire and faerie. Jason initially wants to tell Sookie about his concerns, but Niall stops him, saying that he wants revenge on Warlow for killing his parents.

The pair go to Ben's hotel and are able to easily gain access to his hotel room due to the new anti-vampire initiatives. They sneak inside, intending to kill Warlow before he can fight back. Once inside, Ben/Warlow attacks Niall by zapping him with his faerie powers, incapacitating the faerie. Jason tries to shoot Warlow, but is quickly glamoured and ordered to leave the hotel room and forgot what he saw. Before he leaves, Jason asks about his grandfather and Warlow replies that it's time for Jason to say goodbye to Niall. Once Jason leaves, Warlow begins draining Niall of his blood and spitting it out in the bathtub.

Bill and Takahashi in the lab.

In his lab, Bill is informed by Takahashi that the compounds in the faerie blood are too unstable to be synthesized, as they break down within twenty seconds. Bill refuses to give up his attempts to synthesize blood, and angers Takahashi when he reveals that he has kidnapped donors in the house who he is using for the experiments. Takahashi becomes upset and says he will not work under such conditions, causing Bill to threaten him. Bill uses his newfound powers to hold Takahashi against the ceiling, ordering him to continue the experiments with no further questions.

Having awoken from their sleep, Eric calls in a donor to feed Willa for the first time. Willa is excited by her new life as a vampire, but quickly becomes upset when Eric reveals that he is going to send her back to her home, so that her father can see that she is not a monster and that other vampires are not monsters either. Willa protests and accuses Eric of being a monster, just as her father had told her. Eric tries to comfort her by telling her that she is only the second progeny he has ever made in over a thousand years and that he did not make that decision lightly before commanding her to go.

Pam is shot by the SWAT team.

Enraged over Eric's repeated rejection of her, Pam decides to leave town with Tara, in the hopes of hiding from the humans. When Tara tries to explain that she kidnapped Willa to save the girl's life, Pam lectures the younger vampire that the world is at war, and it is now vampires versus humans. Tara becomes angry and rushes away at an inhuman speed. A SWAT team member catches sight of Tara's vampiric behavior and spots Pam, causing him to call his fellow officers to his side, declaring that he has found a vampire. Though Pam does not act threateningly towards the humans, she is shot and abducted, to be taken to Burrell's vampire camp. Frightened, Tara hides and watches as Pam is kidnapped.

Truman is informed of his daughter's return.

Governor Burrell is revealed to be in a sexual relationship with Sarah Newlin, an anti-vampire politician who wants revenge on her ex-husband for abandoning her. Sarah tells Burrell that she needs to talk to him, but is interrupted by a knock on the door. An uneasy guard states that Willa has returned home, but that she had to be invited in.

Willa comes into the room covered in blood and dirt, but Burrell still acts loving towards her. Willa tells him that he needs to end his vendetta against the vampires, disband the LAVTF and shut down the vampire experimentation camp. When Burrell brings his bandaged hand up to touch Willa's face, the young vampire is overcome with bloodlust and attacks her father. Sarah shoots Willa, and demands that Burrell send her to the Camp.

At the bridge where Sookie's and Jason's parents died, Warlow pulls a barely conscious Niall from his trunk and feeds him vampire blood. Niall tries to escape but is too weak to teleport away. Warlow explains that he was originally a pure fae who lived alongside Niall's family, but was made a vampire by Lilith. Warlow fought continuously between the light and dark sides of himself, and eventually murdered Niall's parents. However, he was unable to kill a child, and so spared Niall's life. Warlow then uses his magic to open a portal to the far realm, into which he casts Niall.

Sam and Nicole.

In a hotel room, Sam attempts to speak with Nicole, who is feeling guilty over the deaths of her friends. Sam shares his feelings over having watched Luna die, and the two begin to kiss.

Sookie prepares to meet with Ben, intending to test him to see if he is Warlow. To her dismay, Ben arrives late, but he apologizes and offers her flowers to appease her. Ben eats Sookie's silver-laced meal, however, it appears the silver has no effect on him. Sookie brings up Bill and tells Ben that the reason they broke up is because he lied to her and broke her heart and that she never wants to feel that way again. She asks Ben what he wants from her, and he claims to feel as though she is one of the few people to understand him.

Jessica and Andy's daughters.

Jessica attempts to entertain the four halfling daughters of Andy, but the girls quickly grow restless and bored. They tell Jessica they want to leave, but she tries to hold them there, knowing that Bill still needs their blood for synthesizing. One of the girls tries to push past Jessica, but Jessica stops her. The close proximity of the faerie blood causes Jessica to become insane with bloodlust, and she begins to attack and feed from the girls.

Andy questions the clerk at the store his daughters had visited, and comes to the conclusion that the man has been glamoured by a vampire. Confused, Andy asks Jason if vampires are attracted to faeries, to which Jason reveals that faeries are like "catnip" to vampires. Remembering the interest Bill had in his daughters the previous night, Andy leaves Jason behind and races from the store, intending to go to Bill's house before the girls can be killed.

As Bill watches over the work of Takahashi, he hears screams from upstairs. He rushes upstairs to find that all four halflings have been bled dry by Jessica. Sitting in the corner, Jessica sobs and admits that she killed the girls, even though she had initially been afraid that it would be Bill who would lose control. She begs Bill to tell her that the girls are not dead.

Sookie and Ben/Warlow make out on the couch.

Sookie turns on some music and begins flirting with Ben, telling him that he's passed all of her tests. The two begin kissing and eventually make out on the couch. Sookie suddenly lights a ball of faerie magic, which she holds to Ben's back. She calls him "Warlow," and orders him to get off of her or die.



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  • Sookie's witnessing of her parents' death through Warlow's eyes in Somebody That I Used to Know is explained by Warlow's true nature: as a vampire-faerie, he has photokinesis and his perspective could thus be accessed through the ritual.


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Memorable Quotes

Sookie Stackhouse

  • "Shit, we need vampire blood! Check for a pulse... 911, I need to call 911!"
  • "When my mom was alive, she used to say that she took more pleasure in watching someone eating her food than eating it herself. I never knew what she meant 'til tonight."
  • "He lied to me, he mislead me, he wasn't honest about who he was or why he wanted to be with me, and I never want to feel like that again."
  • "What is it about me that you want?"
  • "Get the fuck off me or die, Warlow."

Ben Flynn/Macklyn Warlow

  • "I just sat down with him and he woke up, I guess he just got his bell rung or something."
  • "Jason. Good, you never came here, you never found me. The search has caused you so much pain, let that pain go. Does Sookie know about me?"
  • "Stay away from Sookie's tonight, we have plans."
  • "Yes we are, my family and I lived beside yours for years while I was still fae. Just before you were born I was turned. The darkness in me, it battles with the light every second of my being. But even on the darkest day, thousands of years ago, as I stood over the dust of my own mother and father I couldn't bear to kill a child."
  • "Yes I did, so that our line could continue. And now, my kindred, I shall spare you again. I survived twenty years, I'm sure a king could survive longer."
  • "Everybody wants to be understood, right? When you found me by the side of that road, I knew you understood me. I knew I understood you and I knew it right away. Does this sound crazy to you?"

Bill Compton

  • "It's a little toy that we vampires use with our partners. You know, after hundreds of years, it can get weary using your fangs all the time so sometimes it can be fun just to watch."
  • "Blood is everything to us."
  • "This blood, unlike normal human blood, has properties that very are special, magical even. Properties that can save vampire kind from extinction. And I need you to map the genetic code of this blood, to replicate it and synthesize it just like you did with human blood. Now let's not go down that road. Failure is not an option."
  • "Oh I will go get more, and you will not stop until you synthesize it. Do you understand?"

Eric Northman

  • "Since you don't want to listen to your maker's commands, fine, but you will listen to mine. Where is she?"
  • "Do you really want to help me?"
  • "Everything your father put in you; his cowardice, his small mindedness, his hate, all of it will seep out and into this vessel I will seed a millennium of wisdom, honor, life. You deserve to be one of us. I am going to let you taste my blood now, Willa."
  • "You're going home Willa. Go home to you father. Let him see his own child turned into the thing that repulses him the most."
  • "Prove to your father that you are not a monster. Make him understand that we were all once human. We are not to be hunted. I've been around for over a thousand years, Willa Burrell, and you are the second vampire I have ever made. Now, I did not make this decision lightly. I have to send you back. As your maker I command you, go home to your father."

Willa Burrell

  • "I despise what my father is doing and it makes me sick what he is up to. I am on your side."
  • "You did this to me to get back him? You took my life! Oh my God, he was right, you're a fucking monster!"
  • "Daddy, I am a vampire now, but I am still me. You can see that right? I'm still Willa."
  • "You have to stop what you're doing Daddy, you have to stop persecuting us. Vampires. If you still love me, if you care about me at all, then you will call off your dogs, you will dismantle the LAVTF and you will shut down that terrible camp."

Jessica Hamby

  • "I trust Bill, but I also know there is a fight going on inside you between Bill and Lilith and I just want to make sure she doesn't win tonight. Those girls are also the same age I was when you turned me. If anything were to happen to them I'd never forgive myself."
  • "The truth is I'm a vampire. Please don't freak out because I am really old and I can totally control myself and I have tons of faerie friends. Just think of me as a regular girl looking for a party."
  • "Seriously, get the fuck away from me! You smell like honey."
  • "I was so worried it was going to be you, but it was me! Just tell me that they're not dead!"

Pam Swynford De Beaufort

  • "Get off of her, she's mine! You have no right to lay your hands on her!"
  • "We gotta eat, don't we? Just stay calm and don't walk faster than 30 miles per hour and we'll be fine. Keep an eye out for a seven pointed star, there are still a few speakeasies operating under the radar where we can find a willing human donor. That is, if you're still interested in feeding on humans."
  • "Look, Eric mistreated you, but you gotta admit the human loving is fucked up."
  • "I don't give a fuck what she hates. This is war, it's us against them. What is it going to take for you to understand?"

Nora Gainesborough

  • "Do you know of Lilith? She was the first of all vampires and she will bring destruction to us all if we do not stop her. There was a mistranslation in our bible, it read "the people led Lilith to the sun," it should have read "the progeny led Lilith to the sun." Warlow is the progeny, he is the only one who can kill Lilith."

Sam Merlotte

  • "How far you think you can get? Weres are the best trackers around, won't get two miles before they rip you to pieces. You're a smart woman Nicole, don't be stupid. You dying won't bring your friends back and you know it."
  • "I'll carry you, you know all your questions about shifters and how we do it? Here's your answer."
  • "You know I still see Luna, I try to block it out but at the same time I don't want to let it go."

Niall Brigant

  • "How do you know about Warlow? Lilith who?"
  • "That Ben is a handsome fella."
  • "Suppose that at one point a vampire was able to turn a fae into their own kind. I never imagined such a mongrel could exist but if it did, I suppose they might have both powers, faerie and vampire."
  • "He's a vampire who walks in daylight."
  • "Warlow orphaned me too, I want that fucker myself."
  • "Warlow. Are we not kindred?"
  • "You spared me."

Jason Stackhouse

  • "You don't have to worry about me, I ain't felt better in my whole life."
  • "Even though you're a faerie, you're kinda a straight type of faerie, right? I mean, you'd have to be to have faerie kids. I mean, you ever have a type of dream that ain't so straight?"
  • "I couldn't help it! It just happened. It was like the times I had vampire blood. You faeries don't make you dream like that, do you?"
  • " Good bye, Grandpa. We tried."
  • "My partner, he has been up since the crack of dawn, but me, I'm just getting started. So fuckknuckle, just give me an excuse to blow off some steam."
  • "Fuck yeah, faeries are like cat nip for vampires. Sookie's got just a little faerie in her and they go crazy."

Tara Thornton

  • "You're never going to get her."
  • "That girl is on our side, she hates what her father is doing."

Truman Burrell

  • "Boy, is Overlark going to have fun with you! Take her to camp.
  • "What have they done to you? God, you're cold! Us? What do you mean us?"
  • "Goddamn it, Sarah! It's my daughter, this is my daughter."


  • "He'll be right with you, Governor. Who knew sheep shank would be so hard to untie!"

Andy Bellefleur

  • "It's my sacred duty. That's what your mama said, but I'll let you all in on a little secret. I'm glad I got the job."
  • "Just do this for me Kevin, four Caucasian females, between 4 and 7 feet tall, between 60 and 260 pounds and between the ages of 10 and, I don't know, 50."
  • "I don't think I can be a cop in this. Those are my kids, I can't even think straight."
  • "Can vampires sniff out faeries?"
  • "Well their mama didn't want them and it sure as shit wasn't me"
  • "Why don't you question the nut who goes all twitchy whenever one of my kids comes near?"

Sarah Newlin

  • "Come on, let me take your mind off all this awfulness. There is something that I wanted to talk to you about, baby. It's not a good time, I know, but it's never a good time these days."
  • "Don't listen to her Truman, that's the devil talking."
  • "You gotta send her to camp, Truman. Babe, I'm sorry but you got to let her go."

Alcide Herveaux

  • "Emma got took, Sam Merlotte's behind it, and there's the one that got away. She's in on it too. Their scent is in the SUV. You pick it up fast, we gotta catch up."
  • "Who is your pack master!?"



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