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Season 6[]

"Who Are You, Really?"[]

"Life is really a sh*t sandwich sometimes."

Andy finds himself overwhelmed with four new babies to take care of. Terry and Arlene help Andy with becoming a new father.

Andy wakes up to a surprise when he realizes his four infant fae babies have now grown significantly overnight to what seems like 3 year old children. Terry and Arlene are awoken by Andy's shock and scream themselves to find four grown children in their house. ("Who Are You, Really?")

"The Sun"[]

Sookie wakes up to her phone ringing. She answers groggily to find Arlene on the line telling her she is scheduled for a shift today and she is already late. Sookie speaks vaguely after her rough night but tells Arlene she will be in as soon as possible.

As Arlene complains to Terry about Sookie's inability to ever come to work, Terry spots a familiar face when a pregnant woman walks into Merlotte's. He points her out to Arlene as Patrick's wife. Terry doesn't want to talk to her but Arlene insists. Terry reluctantly goes to her and almost spills the beans about Patrick's death. She however is convinced Patrick ran away with another woman. Terry almost tells her that Patrick is dead when Arlene steps in and tells Patrick did in fact run away with another woman. She tells his wife to move on and stay strong for her and her child hoping that will be the end of it. ("The Sun")