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Season 3[]

"9 Crimes"[]

"Shit, I'm pregnant again."

Arlene with Holly during a Wiccan ritual

Arlene discovers she is pregnant again. At first she is happy, but soon discovers she had been with child for several months. This leads her to realise she is pregnant with Rene's child and not Terry's. When Arlene tells Terry about the pregnancy, he thinks it is his child. Arlene hastily confirms this. After an argument with Tommy, an upset Arlene tells the new waitress Holly the baby is not Terry's and she doesn't want it. She tells Holly that Rene was pure evil and she doesn't want to bring an evil child into the world. She is afraid that once Terry finds out, he will leave her. Holly asks Arlene if she wants her to come to the clinic with her. Arlene says she thinks it is wrong so she can't have an abortion.

Meanwhile Arlene had to contend with working alongside Jessica, a vampire. To add insult to injury, Jessica also has red hair, causing Arlene to complain. She believes people love giving redheads tips and she's always been the only redhead at Merlotte's". ("9 Crimes")


She and Jessica butt heads several times causing Jessica to glamour customers out of giving Arlene tips.

Arlene eventually confesses the child's true parentage to Terry. She also has asked him to move in. ("Trouble")

"I Smell a Rat"[]

Despite his support and determination to raise the child as his own, Arlene still has serious misgivings. She asks Holly, a Wiccan, for help. Holly and Arlene perform a ceremony in the woods to encourage a miscarriage. Holly warns that it will not work if the child was destined to be born. Days later, Arlene wakes in a pool of blood. Assuming she had a miscarriage, she is rushed to the hospital. However, the doctor tells Arlene and Terry the baby is fine. Arlene is shocked while Terry is ecstatic. ("I Smell a Rat")