True Blood Wiki

Season 3[]

"Bad Blood"[]

Andy finds himself struggling with the lie he has told about killing Eggs. While in Merlotte's Terry recognizes the signs of Andy's struggle, thinking it is because it was the first time he has killed someone. Terry tells Andy he knows what it is like to have just gotten one's "first kill." The cousins share a strange but tender moment trading "I-love-you"s. Tara walks in raving that no one seems to care that Eggs is dead. Andy points out that Eggs confessed to the murders, but Tara is adamant he was no serial killer.

Andy sneaks over to Jason's house since Jason is freaking out over killing a man. Andy tells Jason that he has taken the heat for killing Eggs. Andy convinces Jason that the lie will get past Bud Dearborne but only if they keep their stories straight. Jason explains that he is trying to turn over a new leaf and be the 'New Jason' but Andy tells him that everyone will suspect them of lying if he does not go back to being the 'Old Jason' by adopting the motto of "Conscience off, dick on." ("Bad Blood")

"Beautifully Broken"[]

Jason goes to see Andy about helping Sookie find Bill, but as he approaches the front of the station he watches as Andy is giving a statement to the press about the death of Eggs. Andy was not happy at all when he notices that Jason is there and offers to take him to lunch. Just as Jason and Andy take a table at Merlotte's there is a piece on the news about Andy. This prompts Jason, who is drunk, to make a public toast to Andy. Jason is acting upset that Andy is getting all the credit for killing Eggs. Andy tries to soothe Jason by telling him that he has potential. This causes Jason to profess Andy as his best friend.

Andy drives Jason home from Merlotte's but before Jason can get out of the car Andy gets a call about a meth bust happening in Hotshot. Jason ends up going with Andy and Andy demands that Jason stay with the car. Jason doesn't though and ends up meeting a strange woman who disappears into the woods when he asks her if she is alright. When Jason returns to the car he ends up tackling one of the drug dealers. ("Beautifully Broken")

"It Hurts Me Too"[]

Bud, Kenya and Andy examine a headless, handless body. Andy thinks a vampire did it. Bud has had enough and announces he quits. ("It Hurts Me Too")

"9 Crimes"[]

After Bud Dearborne resigns as Sheriff of Renard Perish, Andy is made acting Sheriff. ("9 Crimes")


Not long after his promotion, he is blackmailed by Jason Stackhouse into making him a deputy. To which Andy reluctantly agrees and is in the process of fast-tracking Jason to deputy, meanwhile Jason helps around the office, washes the police cruisers and typically tells people "I'm a cop...well...I'm almost a cop." ("Trouble")

"I Got a Right to Sing the Blues"[]

Andy is consulted by Sam about reports of dog fights and Andy tells him about reports of dog fights in a nearby parish. ("I Got a Right to Sing the Blues")

"Hitting the Ground"[]

Andy also has to chase Jason out of the station when Jason is trying to get information out of T-Dub about his new love interest. ("Hitting the Ground")

"Night on the Sun"[]

While Alcide is staying with Sookie, Andy and Jason arrive asking Sookie to press charges against Bill for nearly killing her. But Sookie refuses. ("Night on the Sun")

"Everything Is Broken"[]

When Jason shows up at the police station with Crystal they are informed by Andy that Kevin was ambushed the night before after someone called in a report of a man tied up with vampire blood on his person. Jason tries to convince Andy that he should try to tie the man who jumped Kevin with the drug dealers in Hotshot. ("Everything Is Broken")

"Fresh Blood"[]

Andy is at Merlotte's when Tara comes in. She sits down with Andy and blankly stares at him while he prattles on. Eventually she tells him about knowing he didn't shoot Eggs. She calls him a bunch of names but indicates she doesn't plan on ratting him out. Andy admits knowing everything was really Maryann's fault and wishes he could have done something different to keep Eggs alive. He says Jason had no idea what Eggs was doing and apologizes to Tara. ("Fresh Blood")

"Evil is Going On"[]

The DEA goes to the police department preparing to bust Hotshot. Jason tries to convince Andy they need to stop the agents because of the innocent people, but won't tell him why. Jason runs out and Andy tells him that if he warns Hotshot he'll never be a cop. The DEA heads to Hot Shot but leave Andy behind with the charge of getting the head DEA agent, Sgt Mitch Coburn, a pack of Lucky's.

While waiting on the DEA agents to return, Andy is again examining an Evidence stash of V that he is keeping in his desk. He appears to be considering trying it. The DEA brings in Jason, in cuffs, furious that Jason tipped off the Meth/V dealers to the raid. Andy tells Jason he's blown his best chance to be a cop. Jason responds he's okay with it, since he did the right thing. ("Evil is Going On")