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"Almost Home"
Season 7, Episode 8
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Air date August 10, 2014
Written by Kate Barnow
Directed by Jesse Warn
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"Love is to Die"

"Almost Home" is the eighth episode of the seventh and final season of the HBO original series True Blood, and the series' seventy-eighth episode overall.


With his prey in sight, Eric reconsiders his end-game strategies against Sarah. Sookie puts her life at risk in hopes of saving Bill. Lettie Mae and Lafayette urge Reverend Daniels to join them in their V-fueled search for Tara. Violet eyes payback against those who betrayed her, while an old love is reborn for others.


"Do you realize that I have brought some of the most powerful men in history to their knees by casting a single glance? Helen of Troy? Cleopatra? They were shells; beautiful to look at, but hollow once penetrated!"
― Violet

Eric is cured of Hep-V.

Sarah Newlin peers out of the window of the old barracks for the Soldiers of the Sun. She sees several Yakuza members emerge from cars. She backs away from the window, and cowers by a pole, telling her hallucination of Jason that she knows she's going to die that night. She willingly leaves the barracks and surrenders to the Yakuza. Still believing herself to be the Messiah, she presents herself with her arms outstretched as though she was being crucified. She is quickly spotted by Eric, who rushes at her at vampire speed and pins her by the neck against a pole. Pam screams his name and rushes at them at vampire speed, afraid that he will snap again and kill Sarah without thinking, just as he had done with her sister Amber. Mr. Gus and several Yakuza men run toward them. Pam pleads with Eric not to kill Sarah, but Sarah now begs for death. Incredulously, Eric asks Sarah if she wants to die. She replies that she doesn't, but that she has to. The Yakuza take aim at Eric, prepared to kill him to obtain their commodity. In a panic, Pam grabs one of the Yakuza's guns loaded with wooden bullets and aims the weapon at her own heart, telling Eric to release Sarah or she will meet her own true death. Meanwhile, Sarah, who has clearly lost touch with reality, rambles to herself about fulfilling prophecy, dying for others' sins, and resurrecting from death as the, "Princess of Peace." Eric tells Sarah that he has already seen her bleak future as the human guinea pig for the Yakonomo Corporation, and bites her. He feeds momentarily, and then tosses her aside. As the cure takes effect, Eric chuckles to himself as the blood veins begin to retreat from his body. Mr. Gus watches in awe, as Pam smiles in relief.

Sookie and Bill lie together, naked, on the couch in his living room in front of a romantic fire after recreating their first time making love. She traces the lines of his blood veins across his bare chest. Bill asks Sookie what she is thinking about, to which she replies, "Nothin'." He tells her that she is never quiet, and if she's not speaking, then she must be thinking. She admits that she's curious about certain things regarding their past, but that she is hesitant to bring up matters that may dig up harsh feelings. Without the hint of worry, he presses her to speak her mind. Sookie asks Bill the purpose for his intended procurement of her for Queen Sophie-Anne. He explains that Sophie-Anne knew of Queen Mab's intent to harvest all Faeries and human Halflings into the Faerie realm and closing off all portals forever. Sophie-Anne had dispatched Bill to meet with Sookie, determine if she was Fae, and then deliver her to Sophie-Anne to be a broodmare for more Faeries. Sookie is understandably disgusted by this revelation. Bill goes on to explain that Sophie-Anne was once a kind and compassionate vampire, but had become so obsessed with the idea of Faerie blood that she lost much of her sense of reason. Sookie then asks why Bill refused to deliver her to Sophie-Anne as promised. He replies that meeting Sookie had unlocked his long-dead humanity, and he had convinced himself that protecting Sookie would somehow absolve himself of all of the terrible things he had seen and done as a vampire. Sookie rejects his claims of "darkness," and kisses him.

Lettie Mae and Lafayette take another V-trip with Tara.

Lettie Mae and Lafayette curiously dig in the front yard of Lettie Mae's old house; around them are other holes and several piles of dirt. Little Crystal and her parents look on in silence. Just then, Reverend Daniels approaches and expresses his shock and dismay over his wife's and nephew's bizarre behavior. He immediately apologizes to Crystal's parents, and asks that they keep the incident private, due to Lettie Mae's problems with addiction. Lafayette speaks up and tells him that his aunt is not under the influence of vampire blood, nor is she addicted to it. Lettie Mae insists that Tara has led them there to find something that is buried in the yard. In a flash, James arrives at vampire speed at Lafayette's behest to supply them with more V. Lettie Mae asks the Reverend to take the V-trip with them, so that he may see that they are not simply getting high. He refuses, to which she repeats back to him what he had told her the day they had met: "Sometimes you gotta take a journey, even if it's a blind one." James bites his wrist, and Lafayette and Lettie Mae feed from him. The Reverend looks repulsed, but relents after he watches Lafayette and Lettie Mae stagger toward the house. To his surprise, he sees Tara appear before him immediately. Tara leads the three of them into the house that is aglow with a bright white light, while Little Crystal and her parents huddle together in disbelief.

Tara's father ruins her 7th birthday party.

The trio walk into Tara's memory of her seventh birthday party. Tara and Sookie are little girls, giggling together while sitting on the floor. Little Lafayette joins them and kneels down beside them. Little Tara shows little Lafayette her birthday gift from Sookie: homemade barrettes decorated with colorful ribbons that were made by Sookie's grandmother. Little Lafayette holds the barrette up to his own head and asks if Gran would also make some for him. Lafayette smiles at his pre-adolescent counterpart. A young and sober Lettie Mae presents little Tara with her gift. But before little Tara can open it, her father, Joe Thornton, walks into the house. Nobody is happy to see him. Surprised to see a party being thrown without his knowledge, young Lettie Mae attempts damage control by explaining that she had forgotten to tell him because he had planned to be working late that evening. Joe picks up the remaining unwrapped gifts and demands to know what they are. Young Lettie Mae assures him that they were all purchased at the local dollar store, and that she had bought the birthday cake with her own money. He callously sticks his fingers into the cake and tastes it, asserting that the cake must have cost more than what she could have afforded to pay. Embarrassed, young Lettie Mae tells the children to go home. As the three children head for the door, Joe begins to accuse Lettie Mae of using his money to pay for a party that was purposely kept hidden from him. Little Tara stands at the door, and tells little Sookie and little Lafayette to go on home; the two leave and little Tara watches what must have been a familiar scene: her belligerent father verbally and physically abusing her mother. As he slaps her mother, both present-day Lettie Mae and Reverend Daniels wince at the sight. Young Lettie Mae tells little Tara to go to her room and promises to buy her a new cake; meanwhile, Joe starts angrily searching boxes and shelves for something. He demands to know where his gun is. Frantically, Young Lettie Mae shoves little Tara out of the room.

Jason gets a frightening text from Violet.

Jason and Brigette sit together on the couch in Mrs. Fortenberry's house and flip through an old photo album filled with pictures of Hoyt as a child. Hoyt is packing his mother's belongings into a box nearby. Brigette remarks how cute Hoyt looked in his football jersey, to which Hoyt coldly replies that he was benched the entire three years he was on the football team. Not seeming to notice his attitude, Brigette coos over a baby picture of Hoyt, and sweetly comments that she hopes that their future children inherit his upturned nose. He stops short over her comment about having children. Jason is disturbed by Hoyt's uncharacteristic coldness. Worried for the future, Brigette asks what he means. Hoyt replies that he is not in the mood to be thinking about starting a family while grieving over the loss of his mother. She immediately concedes, and tells him that they should discuss future plans when he is feeling better and can see things more clearly. Insulted, he asserts that he can see things quite clearly, and that perspective future plans seem grim. He goes on to say that he and his mother had left so many things unresolved (the lies about his father's death, his mother's bigotry and domineering nature, etc.), and to possibly repeat history by making the same mistakes with his own children doesn't seem worth it. Brigette is taken aback by Hoyt's anger, and says that she feels that he is taking his anger for his mother out on her. During Hoyt's tirade, Jason receives a photo message from Violet on his phone; it's a picture of Adilyn bound and gagged. He immediately receives another photo message showing Jessica in the same state of bondage. He then receives a text message with an address and an ominous message: "U might want 2 hurry :-)." Jason leaps up in a panic, and tells the bickering couple that he must leave. Brigette announces that she is going with him. Jason adamantly refuses to let her accompany him, stating that he is leaving on police business and that it is too dangerous for her. Not knowing the nature of the danger, she refuses to stay in the house with Hoyt and follows Jason out. As he approaches his cruiser, Jason tells her again that she cannot come with him. She replies that she doesn't care about the hazards of his call. Hoyt follows them out, and tells Brigette not to overreact. Jason calls Andy to inform him of the danger that Adilyn and Wade are in, although for some reason, he does not give an exact address. As he hurriedly talks with Andy, he sees Brigette slip into the passenger seat of his cruiser. As he gets into the driver's seat, he tells Andy that Adilyn, Wade, and Jessica are being held against their will at Violet's house in Monroe. As Andy yells to him frantically over the phone, Jason once again tells Brigette that she cannot go with him. She stubbornly refuses to exit the car, while Hoyt tries to apologize to her. Andy and Holly are still driving back from the lake house in Oklahoma, and tells Jason to get to the house at once. Jason doesn't have time for the annoying domestic squabble; he tells Brigette to buckle her seat belt and drives off in a hurry.

Eric, Pam, Mr. Gus, and members of the Yakuza sit in a cleaned-up Fangtasia. Mr. Gus tells Eric and Pam that the estimated time to distribute New Blood is longer than he had originally expected, possibly taking several months up to a year. Confused, Pam asks why the process would be harder than synthesizing regular human blood when Yakonomo employs the same scientists who had invented Tru Blood. Mr. Gus states that the process has already been completed, but the cure works too well. He reveals that he doesn't want New Blood to be a one-shot cure. He wants Sarah's synthesized blood to be so diluted that it would require a lifetime dependency of New Blood to effectively keep Hepatitis V in remission. Mr. Gus goes on to say that this information must never be revealed; Eric and Pam agree to keep silent, but the level of Mr. Gus' crass attitude and extreme greed are disturbing even for this pair.

Violet's bedroom of torture.

Jason and Brigette pull up to Violet's mansion in Monroe. Jason empties a gun of regular bullets and fills it with wooden bullets. He gives it Brigette and tells her to keep the weapon at the ready. Nervously, she asks him if she really has to stay in the car alone. Jason replies that despite the danger of rabid Hepatitis V vampires roaming about, she is still much safer in the car than entering the house of a scorned 800-year-old vampire. Jason exits the car and cautiously enters the mansion with his weapon at the low-ready. He can hear Catholic choir music resonating throughout the house. He creeps through the house, searching for Violet. Finally, she ambushes him at vampire speed and pins him down with her foot on a stairwell. She taunts him that his presence there alone proves that he is capable of being loyal to at least one woman. She proceeds to brag about her power over men throughout the ages. She quickly binds and gags Jason at vampire speed and throws him into the round bedroom where she is keeping her other captives. She asks him menacingly if he wants to see what medieval revenge looks like. In the bedroom, Adilyn, Wade, and Jessica are bound and gagged to various archaic implements of torture. She then chains Jason to a large, wooden X device at vampire speed. Violet then dramatically prances around the room, and begins to detail her plans for torture and killing. She states that she will begin with Wade, in order to force Adilyn to watch her lover be tortured to death with thumbscrews and have his skull crushed with a crank. Next, she tells Adilyn that she will mutilate her with a breast ripper. As Jessica grunts from behind her gag in anger, Violet makes her way over to her while adding that she will kill the Faerie by finally getting to drain her slowly. Violet then turns Jessica around to face the fireplace; Jessica screams in agony from her silver chains. From the fireplace, Violet picks up a red-hot poker that is shaped like a phallus. She tells Jessica that since she enjoys sex so much despite her hymen regenerating after every act, then perhaps she will enjoy being penetrated with the poker every 10 minutes for the next several days. At this point, Violet turns her rage onto Jason, maniacally rambling about how she just wanted her pet not to think or feel, but to simply worship her. Hoyt suddenly appears at the bedroom entrance and shoot hers in the heart in mid-sentence. She slowly begins to disintegrate before exploding in a bloody mess as she meets the true death. Hoyt stands frozen in shock while Jason, still muffled by his gag, tells Hoyt to unchain him, adding, "Nice shot, Bubba." Hoyt unchains Jason, and then unchains a hysterical Adilyn, while Jason unchains Jessica from her painful silver chains, who then collapses in pain. Once free, Adilyn runs over to help Wade and kisses him passionately. From her sitting position on the floor, Jessica stares at Hoyt in astonishment and asks Jason, "Where'd he come from?" Before Jason can answer, Brigette runs in and sees the disturbing sight. Hoyt assures her that everything was okay now, and embraces her. Jessica looks away disappointedly, as Hoyt turns to look at her.

Tara says goodbye.

While still reliving Tara's V-fueled childhood memory, little Tara peers out through the wooden bars in the hallway of her house, watching her raging father still demanding to know where his gun is. Tara, Lafayette, Lettie Mae, and Reverend Daniels watch as little Tara turns and runs into her room and opens her bottom dresser. She pulls out the gun that she, herself, had taken and hidden from both of her parents. As the little girl stares at the weapon in her hands, she can hear Joe physically battering young Lettie Mae, who is now screaming. Little Tara slowly walks out of the room, as present-day Lettie Mae looks at Tara. A frightened little Tara approaches Joe and raises the weapon and aims it at her own father; Joe does not notice, as he is still beating his wife. After hesitating a few seconds, she lowers the gun and runs out of the house, still unnoticed by her parents. She runs into the yard, and begins to dig up the dirt with her bare hands. Just then, Joe storms out of the house, yelling that he was done with his family. Young Lettie Mae runs after him, begging him not to leave, as she does not have the means to support herself and her daughter without him. He doesn't care, and proceeds to get into his car and drive off for good. Young Lettie Mae screams on her knees how she was going to cope alone, revealing the root cause of her alcoholism that would plague her and Tara for the next two decades. Little Tara continues digging, and drop the gun into the shallow hole, and covers it up, as young Lettie Mae wails behind her. As the memory fades, Reverend Daniels digs up the gun with his hands. Tara then apologizes for not shooting Joe when she had the chance. Lettie Mae tells Tara that none of that had been her fault, and that it was not a little girl's job to save her mother. She admits to Tara that she had ruined both of their lives because she did not cope with her problems the way she should have. Tara tells Lettie Mae that it doesn't matter anymore, and that she needs to forgive herself and let her go. Lettie Mae and Lafayette begin to weep. Lettie Mae asks her how she is supposed to move on. Tara tells her to promise her that she will just go on living her life. Mother and daughter embrace for one last time. Tara then turns and walks off and disappears, leaving the Reverend, Lettie Mae, and Lafayette, holding each other's hands as they emerge from their V-trip together.

Hoyt "meets" Jessica.

Jason wraps a blanket around Wade. Jessica comforts Adilyn, who is also wrapped in a blanket. Just then, Andy and Holly rush into the mansion and immediately embrace their children. Wade and Adilyn both apologize for having run off. Andy quiets them both, telling them that there was no need for any more promises or apologies, and pulls Holly and Wade in for a group hug. He then looks up and sees Hoyt standing off by himself. Andy approaches him and, with his voice cracking from emotion, thanks him for saving them. Jason concurs and thanks Hoyt again. Overwhelmed, Hoyt slowly saunters into the next room as Jessica watches. Hesitantly, Jessica follows him and starts to tell him how grateful she is, and thanks him. He can't seem to help himself as his face breaks out into the same boyish smile he gave her when they first met, which, of course, he does not remember. They introduce themselves. Brigette enters and sees Jason sitting alone, still shaken by the events. She sits next to him, and asks him if he is okay. He replies that he doesn't know, no longer appearing to be as uncomfortable around her as he had been. She turns and sees Hoyt speaking with the pretty ginger vampire in the next room, and, with a hint of jealousy, asks Jason who she is. He tells Brigette her name, a little surprised by her demeanor. She then asks if Jessica is Jason's girlfriend. Jason honestly replies that he doesn't know how to describe his relationship with Jessica.

Eric tells Sookie that there is a cure for Hep-V.

Sookie awakes in bed to Bill's grunts in his sleep, apparently having a nightmare. Just then, she hears a knock at the door. Bill does not stir, but Sookie gets up and puts on Bill's robe. She goes downstairs and answers the door; it's Eric. She immediately notices that his blood veins are gone, and is amazed and happy to see that he has been cured. He tells her that he cannot tell her how he was cured, but he wanted to tell her personally that he was no longer infected by Hepatitis V. Sookie answers that Bill has contracted Hepatitis V, and is suffering from an advanced progression of the disease. Eric is upset at the news, knowing that he cannot reveal his knowledge of the cure, but he also is not content on letting Bill die. Sookie begs him to help, not understanding why Eric is hesitating. With dawn approaching, Eric tells Sookie that he will return the following night. Sookie retorts that Bill may not have that long to live, but Eric cannot help at the moment, and flies off. Sookie is livid, and has no intent on waiting until the following night. She takes off running through the cemetery back to her house. Within moments of leaving, Jason and Jessica pull up to Bill's house. Jason tells Jessica that he has to stop making bad decisions. Jessica begins to mention their recent sexual encounter, to which Jason quickly assures her that he has never considered any part of their relationship to be a bad decision. The only things that he regretted were betraying her (he is probably referring to his temporary falling back to hating vampires while he was hallucinating his parents), shooting her in the head, and inadvertently causing her to be interned at the Burrell camp. Jessica replies that she has never felt betrayed by him, and that despite their heady encounters and bad timing, he has always provided her with the very thing that she is looking for at just the right time. He compares the time together as like floating in a bubble, which makes returning to reality much easier for him.

Sookie meets the Yakuza.

Sookie drives up to Fangtasia in Alcide's truck. It is daylight, and several armed Yakuza members guard the entrance. She looks frightened, but exits the truck anyway. The Yakuza members approach her menacingly from all sides. She tells them that she is there to see Eric. One of the guards yell at her in Japanese. She nervously asks if any of them speak English. The lead guard answers in English, and demands to know why she is there. She repeats that she is there to see Eric. He replies that she is very brave and very stupid for coming there; she replies that she is no stranger to that comment. Inside Fangtasia, Eric, Pam, and Mr. Gus discuss the future of New Blood. Pam suggests distributing the product in microwavable cans, rather than bottles. The lead guard enters and begins talking to Mr. Gus in Japanese. Eric and Pam are annoyed by the use of a language that neither of them understand, but both perk up when they hear the words, "Sookie Stackhouse" uttered. Mr. Gus orders them to let her in. One of the guards walks Sookie inside; Mr. Gus looks agitated by the unannounced visitor. She nervously stammers an apology for interrupting, and asks for a moment alone with Eric. Mr. Gus asks Eric who Sookie is. Eric replies that Sookie is a random fangbanger who is obsessed with him. Clearly skeptical of this claim, Mr. Gus orders his men to shoot her. As predicted, Eric reacts. Mr. Gus challenges Eric to explain his concern for her if she's nobody to him. Eric replies that Sookie's brother works for the Renard Parish police department, and her disappearance would attract a lot of negative attention to their location. He then offers to glamour Sookie, knowing full well that a Faerie cannot be glamoured, in order to rectify the situation. Mr. Gus agrees, and stands by to supervise. Eric proceeds to pretend to glamour Sookie, who plays along as the ditzy, lovesick fangbanger. As the charade continues, Sookie hears Mr. Gus' thoughts that reveal that he senses that the display doesn't appear kosher. He doesn't trust Eric and Pam, but decides that there's little chance of them betraying him because of what was downstairs. Eric continues to "glamour" Sookie into forgetting all that she has seen, and tells her that if they should ever meet again, it will be when he comes to her. He then tells her to leave, and Sookie obediently turns around and walks out with a fake glamoured smile on her face.

Hoyt confides to Jason that he is attracted to Jessica.

Jason eats his breakfast at Bellefleur's. He asks Arlene if the eggs have been prepared differently, because they taste better than usual. Arlene asks Big John if he has done anything special, to which he replies that he hasn't. She concludes that Jason is being affected with both the return of Hoyt, as well as finally being rid of Violet. Just then, Hoyt walks into the bar and orders a coffee. He asks Jason if he may sit next to him; Jason awkwardly agrees. Jason asks Hoyt how he's been handling the situation. Hoyt replies that he hadn't slept at all the night before. He goes on to say that he hadn't lost sleep over his mother or Brigette. He then asks Jason if he and Jessica are together. Surprised that he would ask, Jason replies that he and Jessica are not a couple. Hoyt quickly explains that he is not the kind of person who would cheat on his girlfriend, but admits that he is attracted to Jessica. Jason tells him that Jessica is currently dealing with her maker dying from Hepatitis V. Hoyt is moved by this news, knowing that Jessica is experiencing the same kind of loss that he is struggling with.

As Sookie drives back to Bon Temps, she can't stop thinking about Mr. Gus' thoughts about what they are hiding in Fangtasia's dungeon. Unable to stand it, she dramatically turns the truck around and heads back to Shreveport.

Jessica and Hoyt reconnect.

Hoyt walks up the stairs of Bill's house, holding a paper bag. He begins to write a note on a piece of paper, and uses the door to write on. Apparently still awake and having heard Hoyt arrive, Jessica cautiously and nervously walks out of her room and announces that she can hear the person on the other side of the door (her suspicion comes from the fact that it is daytime and someone who comes to a vampire's house during the day, when vampires usually sleep and are most vulnerable is likely to mean them harm.) She asks the unannounced visitor what he or she wants. Hoyt announces himself, and starts to remind Jessica of their meeting. She happily interrupts, telling him that she knows who he is. She excitedly rushes down the stairs at vampire speed, and puts her ear to the door. She tells him that she will unlock the door, and to wait a few seconds while she retreats into the light-tight living room. He complies. Both Hoyt and Jessica nervously try to fix their hair and faces before seeing each other again. Hoyt enters the house, and then proceeds into the living room where Jessica is waiting. He quickly apologizes for his unexpected visit, telling her that he had expected her to be asleep. Jessica tells him that it is okay, because her mind was too active to let her get some rest. He immediately offers her his sympathy for Bill's illness, and gives her a blood bag filled with his Hepatitis V negative blood as a gift for Bill. She is visibly moved by his thoughtfulness and generosity. She then offers her condolences for Mrs. Fortenberry's death, which is clearly not easy considering that Mrs. Fortenberry's final act was an attempt at killing her, which Hoyt knows nothing about. He tells her that he had been very hard on himself for not having been in town during the rabid Hepatitis V vampire attacks. When Jason had told him of Bill's illness, he admitted that he couldn't stop thinking of how much worse his situation would have been if, like Jessica, he had been forced to endure the dreaded anticipation of his mother's death for several days. Knowing this, he decided that he wanted to help her out in any way that he could. Jessica asks Hoyt if he misses his mother. Slightly emotional, he responds that he has mixed feelings. Despite his mother's bad attitude and overbearing parenting, losing a parent makes even an adult child want to regress back to childhood when everything was simple and safe. Jessica is overcome by how well Hoyt seems to understand her and her sense of grief, despite the fact that Bill is still alive. Hoyt politely states that it will be nightfall soon, and he should return to Brigette. Jessica asks how much longer they will be in town. He answers that his job requires him to return the day after the following day. As he leaves, he tells her that she will be in his thoughts. Jessica is overwhelmed; it is clear that her old feelings for Hoyt have returned, perhaps even strengthened.

Sookie discovers the truth about the cure.

Sookie has returned to Fangtasia, but is sneaking in the back way that the Yakuza apparently are unaware of. She uses her Fae light to break through the boarded-up entrance to the tunnels that lead to the dungeon. She enters, and is shocked and confused to see a bound-and-gagged Sarah sitting on the floor. As soon as she removes her gag, Sarah immediately tells Sookie that she knew she was a miracle from the first time they had met. Sookie has no time for her nonsense, and demands to know about the cure. Sarah agrees to tell her if she frees her. Sookie sternly refuses, and again demands that Sarah tell her what she knows. Sarah, still quite delusional, tells her that the two of them have the chance to bring peace and to make the entire world a paradise, but only if Sookie helps Sarah escape. Unimpressed, Sookie simply shakes her head and retorts, "I knew no good could come from you talking." she puts Sarah's gag back on, puts her hand on her arm, and uses her telepathy to dig into Sarah's memories. She sees Eric biting Sarah from her perspective, and watches Eric's blood veins retreat from his arms, as he laughs in triumph. She sees Mr. Gus approach Sarah, telling her that she is very valuable, and withdrawing blood from her neck with a syringe. Sookie removes her hand, and tells Sarah that she is leaving her there, because she won't allow Sarah to ruin the life of anybody else whom she loves. Sookie turns and leaves the dungeon through the tunnels, as Sarah wails behind her.

Sookie returns to the Bill's house just as the sun is beginning to set, and immediately tells Jessica that there is a cure for Hepatitis V. Jessica asks if she is sure, and Sookie assures her that the cure has healed Eric. She tells Jessica that she will explain everything on the way to Fangtasia, but that they must wake Bill now and take him along. Overwhelmed, Jessica asks Sookie if this means that Bill is not going to die after all. Sookie embraces her and tells her that Bill will be saved. Upstairs, Bill is visibly disturbed by his nightmare. In his dream, he enters a bedroom and sees Sookie sitting in a rocking chair, humming and holding a bundle that appears to be an infant. Bill approaches her slowly with a smile, until he sees that the bundle is just a black mass of nothingness. Sookie wakes him from his nightmare, and excitedly tells him that there is a cure.

Bill refuses to take the cure.

Mr. Gus enters the Fangtasia office where Eric and Pam are. He asks if either of them got any sleep; she replies that they rested for a few hours. He tells them that he has to leave immediately for Dallas, but that he will return before sunrise. Eric cordially replies to let them know if he needs anything. Mr. Gus eyes him suspiciously and tells him that the only thing he needs is for neither of them to do anything stupid in his absence. Eric assures him that nothing will happen. Mr. Gus responds that some Yakuza members will stay to be his eyes and ears, and then leaves. As soon as he is gone, Pam follows Eric into the dungeon. She asks if they are about to do something stupid. Eric tells her that Bill is dying from an accelerated progression of Hepatitis V, and that they must obtain some of Sarah's blood for him. Pam seems unconcerned for Bill's welfare and is justifiably worried about the Yakuza discovering them. Just as they approach Sarah, the back entrance opens and Sookie, Jessica, and Bill enter the dungeon from the tunnels. Eric rhetorically asks Sookie why she has once again ignored his warning to wait for him. Upon seeing Bill's condition, Pam's demeanor changes. Jessica rushes at Sarah at vampire speed, and asks her if she remembers her. She reminds Sarah that she had described her as Jason's, "demon whore," and that she had commanded James to rape her in the Burrell camp. She bares her fangs at Sarah menacingly. Bill shouts to Jessica to back off. Jessica retracts her fangs and gives Sarah one last shove. By now, Bill barely has enough strength to walk on his own as he staggers toward Sarah. He remarks that Eric looks much better. Eric confirms that he feels much better, and that they must not tell anyone about Sarah. Sookie quickly assures him that they won't. Bill walks toward Sarah, and hesitates. Pam tells Bill to stop stalling and to cure himself before they are discovered. Bill refuses, and shocks them all by saying that he doesn't want to be cured.



  • This episode currently hasn’t received any awards.


  • This episode does not contain any allusions.

Bloopers and Continuity Errors[]

  • There are no bloopers that occur in this episode.


  • In "Radioactive" Lettie Mae tells Tara that when Tara's father left her it broke her heart and was the catalyst that caused Lettie Mae to start drinking. Tara's father is seen leaving in this episode.


  • There is a flashback to Tara's birthday party when she was a child. Her father comes home and angrily asks how Lettie Mae paid for the presents, and he eventually ends up hitting Lettie Mae.
  • Another flashback shows Tara burying her father's gun in the front yard, and her father leaving her and her mother.


  • There are no miscredits that occur in this episode.


  • "Almost Home" - Moby (ft. Damien Jurado)


  • Sam Trammell, Amelia Rose Blaire, Tara Buck, Aaron Christian Howles, and Jurnee Smollett-Bell are all credited but do not appear in this episode.


  • There are no notes on the title based on this episode.


Memorable Quotes[]

Bill Compton: "Before we met, I had lost all of my humanity, so I accepted this mission without misgiving. But from the very first moment when we met, you reminded me of what it felt like to have my human heart.  The problem was, it was only a memory.  All I had was darkness to give you in return."

Jason Stackhouse: "Well, it ain't no fun thinking about the hard things.  Which is why I spend so much time not thinking.  Yeah, you heard me!"

Sookie Stackhouse: "Even as the cure, you're still the fucking problem."

Memorable Dialogue[]

Hoyt Fortenberry: "Where'd that insane woman come from?"
Jason Stackhouse: "My worst fucking nightmare."




Episode Ratings[]

Episode # Episode Title Viewers (in millions)
#7.08 (78) "Almost Home" 3.34
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